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  1. Noel Edmonds turned it round after the same sort of thing happened on one of his shows
  2. Those big security guards and Graham will be out of work
  3. After he got with Yoko I turned towards Paul, before Yoko, John was my favourite.
  4. Very strange woman, I always seem to find them somehow.
  5. Not as yet but they were going to send out a search. I'd tell Nantes to fuck off.
  6. It's dicey but I do get a lot of praise.
  7. I did get told that I was the most commited person in a 65 people workforce including the manager so the last nine years have meant something I guess.
  8. I'd tell Nantes to fuck off.
  9. I'd tell Nantes to fuck off.
  10. I just saw that woman I liked last year, fuck me she is weird, walks like she has crapped herself and had somehow timewarped into 2018.
  11. I wish I'd stayed in Australia I miss my tradesman days I met so many cunts in 2009 Comparing any woman to the woman I really want is like comparing Rolf Harris to Rembrandt. I'm staring a P45 in the face
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