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  1. Bit much to ask of England at the moment
  2. He just stood there and got lbw, even reviewed it as well, was plumb!
  3. Maybe but their bowlers give me a lot more confidence than England's, they can break partnerships and get the job done.
  4. We are a bit one dimentional at best, raiding the one day team to make a test team wont win us an Ashes Series. Roy is crap in test cricket.
  5. Threw that away today, could have had this test in the bag but will lose it now.
  6. Dont want to reopen old wounds by searching for her.
  7. I saw that woman I liked last year this evening, got a half smile but comparing her to the woman I really want is like comparing Rolf Harris to Rembrandt.
  8. Any woman to the woman I really want.
  9. Noel Edmonds turned it round after the same sort of thing happened on one of his shows
  10. Those big security guards and Graham will be out of work
  11. After he got with Yoko I turned towards Paul, before Yoko, John was my favourite.
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