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  1. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Take the captaincy off him, has proved beyond all doubt he cant handle the job.
  2. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    It was shit.
  3. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Its inevitable when you're playing on doctored wickets. Middle order batsmen scoring big runs test after test, its a farce. I would stop touring Australia after this. Murali had the right idea.
  4. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Two wickets down at tea and trailing by 280 odd. England should have abandoned the tour ages ago. I would have gone off injured if I'd been James Anderson at Perth to fuck up their celebrations. Wouldn't have give them the satisfaction of taking all 20 wickets.
  5. Pretentious retired cunts on property relocation shows.

    That they cheated to win but we have the real Urn from all those years ago and we still hold them in England as we were the last team to win a series here.
  6. Pretentious retired cunts on property relocation shows.

    Especially Steve Smith
  7. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    The day she took the helm we lose 0-3 at home to fucking Burton Albion, will probably lose to Carlisle in the FA Cup and get a drubbing at Bramall Lane next week.
  8. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Rolf Harris to Rembrandt Donald Trump to Abraham Lincoln
  9. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    We will lose by over an innings.
  10. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    The blokes a prick, if I found myself having to say anything good about him I'd slit my wrists. I remember his face when India got him out in Calcutta in 2001 and won the test after being asked to follow on, an absolute picture, wasnt so smug then.
  11. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    That horrible looking prick is at the crease as we speak. They will score 600+ in this innings like we did back in 2011. At least Warner is gone but that's as good as its going to get. I would sack Root as captain after this test and maybe reconsider him in perhaps 2020 or something.
  12. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Been to the SCG but I didn't think it was anything special. I would juggle it around and not have it as the New Year test anymore and perhaps change Melbourne from the Boxing Day Slot as well. It changes in England so why not Australia as its all old hat now.
  13. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Wobbling already in this test. These pink stumps are something to do with that prat McGrath, everything he said about England and the English, he marries an English woman. Tosser.
  14. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    I've just been reading about her, she certainly isnt a big hit with the Charlton fans, some even turned up at her house in Belgium when Charlton were relegated. Ticket sales dropped and various other things when she was there. I wouldn't say no to a bit of her outside football though. They won't ever make the Premiership anyway, too inconsistent. A daunting trip to Sheff Utd next week which is another defeat.
  15. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Maybe but I think the Ashes are going to go like they did before where Australia dominate every test. They will win the one dayers and this test in Sydney once the rain clears. I take your word for it that their Rugby Union side are crap as I'm not really a Rugby person. The convicts are in England this summer for a few games, another lost series. They can shove their Urn that they cheated to win as we have the real one anyway and we still hold the Ashes in England as we were the last side to win an Ashes series here.