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  1. Jiggerycock

    Gigi Wu

    'Topless save for a bikini' Right up there with 'fighting for peace' and 'fucking for virginity'
  2. Jiggerycock

    Moon Gazers

    'Wild-eyed space lesbian' {chortle}
  3. Jiggerycock

    Let Toys Be Toys

    Bit 'Ipswich Lorry Driver' isn't it? Manners, please.....
  4. Jiggerycock

    Let Toys Be Toys

    Yeah! Bear Grylls? Fucking lightweight!
  5. Jiggerycock

    Let Toys Be Toys

    Sort of - but then again, I'm inclined to let these cunts run away with themselves until they end up down a logical cul-de-sac, hock deep in their own stupidity. So you get men who identify as women being sent to a womens prison - and then (well colour me fucking astonished) committing sex crimes against the female inmates. On a slight tangent, you get the Green Party, being all 'progressive', pallying up with the Scottish Nationalists, because, well, they're 'progressive too' to bring down the nasty Tories - even though the SNP's whole existence is based on oil for the internal combustion engine.
  6. Jiggerycock

    Bob Monkhouse

    Okay so this is all about personal taste but whilst we're on the subject, neither Charlie Chaplin or Tommy Cooper were even remotely funny, in fact old-time comedians were absolutely fucking dreadful! Someone's had a go at Ken Dodd already - good! Cught something on TV about him the other day, with the usual bollocks arse-lickers come out with about his 'timing' (like anyone can actually explain what that means), segueing into 10 minutes of his 'act' which was the most self-indulgent, tumbleweed-inducing, load of cock I've ever witnessed - and that's a veteran with all Cunts Corners back-catalogue to compare with.
  7. Jiggerycock

    Royal Wacky Races

    Bet they didn't do a narcotics test on him. Ripped to his tiny little tits on acid - odds on!
  8. Jiggerycock


    .....and that's when the work really starts
  9. Jiggerycock


    Well quite. Shafted by our lot or taking it like a pornstar from Pierre and Fritz, I mean what a choice!
  10. Jiggerycock


    MPs made it clear that they regard the EU's agreement as unworthy of consideration, and Juncker's and Tusk's 'assurances' (in their joint letter of 14 January) as hollow and meaningless. It's odd - in fact insane - that so many of them draw the conclusion that because the EU is so untrustworthy......we should stay in the EU.
  11. Jiggerycock

    The Past Did Not Exist

    A decent centre-forward for West Ham and arguably the Trojan Horse for 'players of colour' in the modern game - but what he's got to do with it I've no idea
  12. Jiggerycock


    I think how shit May's WA was (past-tense entirely apt) was the only thing the paramilitary wings of both sides could unite around
  13. Jiggerycock

    The Past Did Not Exist

    I think you're confusing 'Black People' with 'Use of the word 'Black'' .....you silly old cormorant
  14. Jiggerycock

    Dr James Watson

    Hey - let's try and reduce it to one though!
  15. Jiggerycock

    Preachy Gillette Ad

    Hmm. Coming on top of (oooh err missus!) https://www.boston25news.com/news/trending-now/traditional-masculinity-deemed-harmful-by-american-psychological-association/903599150 we get the picture. Masculinity is a bad, bad thing. Traditional male qualities like courage, self-reliance, competitiveness, stoicism, personal ambition and a love of adventure are ‘psychologically harmful’. Think bench-pressing my own bodyweight, a huge mixed grill, a day at the races and a pissing up the wall contest is in order