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  1. Jiggerycock

    Sun bingo advert

    When he can pull himself away (ha!) from his 'manage a un'
  2. Jiggerycock

    Over-specific travel information

    Any analy-retentive little runt on here committed the entire UK motorway (and the major A-road) network to memory? Good, then you're the only cunt that knows what 'Congestion at Junction 19 on the M1' means in reality
  3. Jiggerycock

    John 'knob jockey' Barrowman

    Craig Revel-Horwood can call anyone he likes 'Dahling' and it's regarded as an endearing affectation (which it actually is, but try being a clean-nobbed old hetero bloke and pulling that stunt to a woman on TV)
  4. Jiggerycock

    Antonio Bramante

    He's Canadian, so what can you expect? A more lily-livered, pastel-coloured foppish bunch of inadequates, right at the vanguard of political correctness and social justice, you will not find anywhere on the planet, including Shoreditch. Kiddie-whipped fucking invertebrate!
  5. Jiggerycock

    Attention Seeking Cunt

    I'm Barking Mad me I bloody love the place!
  6. Jiggerycock

    The Ladywood Primary School Dog

    "Enunciate for Christ's sake! And stop saying 'Innit' - it makes you sound slovenly. Your characterisation needs working on, your plot sequencing is simply awful and as for your diction, well, it sounds like a Harp Seal being attacked by Canadian trawlermen. ....and yes, stop lisping you fucking little poof!"
  7. Jiggerycock

    Attention Seeking Cunt

    Like fuck he is. It's Pazernacker in a rare moment away from his Doritos-and-cum encrusted keyboard. You never bought into all that fake Paddywhackery bollocks did you? His real name's Piers and he comes from Godalming.
  8. Jiggerycock

    Christmas lunch cunts

    Joe Weider anabolic megapack (''the key to greater definition - and turns your cock into a clitoris"), with a Whey and Banana shake, half a dozen choline and inositols, some dessicated liver tablets and a handful of ketamine chewables.
  9. Jiggerycock

    Social Prescribing

    I knew I'd heard it somewhere before. The photosynthsize thing was half-remembered from 'The Young Ones' too Sometimes - fuck it, a lot of the times - this stuff really does write itself
  10. Jiggerycock

    Social Prescribing

    Or the cunts could just take responsibility for their own corpulence, carcinogen uptake and general well-being? "What!!? These Marlboro King Size don't contain Vitamin C? I'm sure I read something on Instagram saying they did?" "I can't move out of my armchair and need to shovel cheese into every orifice because I've got a thyroid problem" (It's always a fucking thyroid problem with these Barbapapa clones) "My Sky-Q is on the blink so I think of got PTSD - you've got to write me a sick note!" "I start to photosynthesize if I see daylight, so I have to stay in bed all day with the curtains closed"
  11. Jiggerycock

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    He's a better chucker
  12. Jiggerycock

    Brexit Secretary

    What's the fucking point this far down the line? There's no wriggle room - it's either take it, another referendum or WTO. You may as well get the best AI robot you can find and let that have a crack at it
  13. Jiggerycock

    Inappropriate people advertising products

    You haven't a damned clue where this is going. No one does, so spark up a doobie, sit back, strap yourself in and watch the show just like everyone else - including and especially us that are actually affected by this. And please stop jerking off - you'll go blind.
  14. Jiggerycock

    Brexit..the meltdown has begun

    Think it was more like him being thrown under a bus by his boss. It doesn't matter. This is all going nowhere and at present I can't see anything other than WTO rules. Or another referendum, the 'Leave' vote gerrymadered to ensure we return to the EU. but that's not a return to any status quo and just kicking issues down the road.....and if anyone thinks the UK is getting back on anything other than the most punitive terms, then I've got some glass hammers, skyhooks and tartan paint to sell them The present plans are dead in the water. There's no more wriggle room on any renegotiations. Neither side will budge form their red lines. What's the alternative?
  15. Jiggerycock

    Inappropriate people advertising products

    Of course there was but we've been through that time and again. Still, it gave you another opportunity to trot out your clich├ęd, rib-tickling play on words, so, well, I'll set 'em up and you miss the point entirely.