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  1. Bayreuth Tapestry returns

    Plus its so fucking gash up there, they'd have just given a Gallic shrug and gone 'Eeez 'orrible' and gone home
  2. Bayreuth Tapestry returns

    ...or the Bye-EU tapestry?
  3. Carillion

    Nope - too damn tricksy for me I'm afraid! My tongue in cheek suggestion that Corbyn likes spending other peoples money (either via Fiscal revenue, borrowing or quantitative easing) has been proven time and again, wedded as he is - and all Labour governments have pretty much been since the 1930's - to Keynesian macro-economic theory. Again, your points re tax evaders / avoiders are up for debate (Trump says people who do this are 'smart', which tells you all you need to know about him) and have merit, but I'm afraid they do not counter my point above, that I made in the Jurassic Era at the start of this thread.
  4. The Minister for Loneliness

    See if you can persuade her to spring for a job lot of fisting butter whilst you're at it. As a practical, much needed 'on the ground' measure I can't think of anything better in the crusade to combat loneliness. Not for me you understand. I crave solitude like Fletch did in that episode of Porridge
  5. Carillion

    Getting philosophical on yo' ass but since we (the people) elect our government to serve us and we also engage with them in a social contract in that the taxes we pay will be spent wisely for a common good, I'd maintain it was very much 'our money'. Your points re the Bransons, Starbucks, Googles etc, whilst undoubtedly true, are irrelevant.
  6. The Minister for Loneliness

    Can we also have a Minister for 'Hell is other people, keep these soppy cunts away from me and STOP WASTING MY FUCKING TIME!' please?
  7. The Sandcastle Day School

    Declare a fatwah on Rupert Bear trousers just to be on the safe side
  8. The Sandcastle Day School

    I'm only amazed he chose to impart something as sanguine as 'tie your children to a radiator' as opposed to the 'Go murder t'prostitutes' line he gave to Peter Sutcliffe. It's never 'here's the cure for cancer' is it?
  9. Carillion

    I can't get past your first sentence, let alone deal with the rest of this hyper-punctuated splurge
  10. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    A-a-a-a-a-nyway.... Jason Roy eh? Eh? Eh??
  11. The Sandcastle Day School

    Yeah! Spare the rod - spoil the child Fucking namby-pamby bleeding hearts make me want to throw up. What's wrong with a bit of muscular Christianity and 'The Terry Waite School of Bedtime Sleeping Arrangements' anyway?
  12. Carillion

    Of course he will - until other people's money runs out
  13. Outsourcing

    My original post,..... ......reference this Carillion fiasco
  14. Online Petitions

    What? A dustbin with genital warts, carrying a Bullworker and a sink plunger, shouting 'Exterminate' in a voice like Jimmy Savile's put through a vocoder?
  15. Online Petitions

    Change.org? 38 Degrees? Kiss my fucking hoop, maggots! The same 50,000 drudge monkeys (it's actually probably 2,000 who have developed some Python-based algorithm to bypass the 'Captcha-free' registration process) thinking they're oh-so-important and they're actually achieving something or alternatively, being plain whacky (reference the petition to stop Phil Collins ever recording another album. Laudable, but Collins could buy and sell these cunts lives with the price of his own shitwipes), little realising that the threshold to get this crap debated in Parliament is pathetically low, just to encourage cunts into thinking the democratic process works for them. I hate them more than I hate short paragraphs.