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  1. Jiggerycock

    My left foot.

    8-Ace? "Ah luv mah kidz - 'as why I bray 'em, evun the lirrul spazzy one!"
  2. Jiggerycock

    My left foot.

    It's an imperfect world and most people (clearly none of you unfeeling cunts, who wouldn't piss on someone if they were allergic to piss....civillians....'normals' I mean) try their best to accommodate the less fortunate, doing the best they can largely in trying circumstances. Unfortunately, we're also living in the age of 'the unreasonably over-entitled' Happily, if you subscribe to the 'See the person - not the disability!' modus operandi, you're well-equipped to deal with this, since a cunt in a wheelchair (or in this case, a kid in a wheelchair with cunty parents) is still and always will be, a cunt.
  3. Jiggerycock


    Another load of EU-inspired red tape, designed to ensure fuck-all gets done, very slowly Sorry about the 'Pen-esque' lack of detail but like the constipated mathematician, I'm sure you can work it out for yourselves. I'd love to add granularity but I've got a fuckload of forms to complete, that will never be read, but will keep some pen-pusher in work for eons and stardates. Just remember this when Remainers start crapping on about job losses
  4. Slightly higher bar than 'If Israel takes offence then it's a hate crime' but point taken
  5. Jiggerycock

    France to fine men up to €750 for wolf-whistling

    What about having us laminated at birth, forced to wear grey sexless tent-like garments in case the opposite sex gets offended by a protuberance of some kind - oh and a world-wide, thought-control mob to effectively police any miscreants to the glorious gender-beige future (you could call it 'Twatter' or something like that)
  6. Jiggerycock


    I bow to your knowledge of this industry. It just seems we've swapped a state monopoly for a private monopoly, with no real 'competition' in any meaningful sense of the word, to benefit the passengers.
  7. Jiggerycock

    Chinese Medicines (again)

    As a splint or aphrodisiac?
  8. Jiggerycock

    Chinese Medicines (again)

    It's always some near extinct exotic animal that'll sort out these throwbacks with their shrivelled cocks. It's never 'inject your old chap with the boiling hot centre of a McDonalds apple pie'. Why not? It'd have the same effect 'cept a few examples of nature's glorious biodiversity might get to eke out a few more precious years of life.
  9. Jiggerycock

    wearing a baseball cap and reduced intelligence

    To complete this nom's Cunt Top Trumps it's 'baseball cap on (sideways, for the true British Kite Mark of Imbecility) sucking on a Chuppa Chup lolly'
  10. Jiggerycock

    No Brexit deal 'will up fish and chip prices'

    You missed the point entirely! There's an actual job title, filled by a sentient being (not a made-up hologram from LSD-induced hell) of an 'Animal Protein Analyst ' ...and he works for Rabobank ..........and his name is Beyhan De Jong It's over for this site. You cannot get anymore cunty than this
  11. Jiggerycock

    The Mutation Of The Left.

    No no NO! We live in fine, progressive times Thanks to the enlightened interventions of Messrs Blair (especially that grinning pixie cunt), Brown, Cameron and May, the statute book and the principles that once informed it have undergone a radical makeover. Gone are all those toxic masculine/patriarchal attacks on victims (now a protected group consisting of anyone who claims to be one) like the presumption of innocence, due process of law and of course those horribly male, horribly white criminal statutes - you know, the ones that insisted that, for justice to be served, and to ensure that no one was wrongly convicted, criminal acts must be spelled out with the utmost precision. As wealthy resentful liberal (and Liberal) ideologues have told us, that was nothing but a recipe for racism and all the other neocrimes a more progressive approach to law-drafting has recognised - all the phobias the patriarchy are guilty of, like homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia and now, thank God, humourless, sourfaced phobia. Now miscreants can be banged up and given criminal records not for their deeds, but for how someone else feels about the words they use. And the fabulous thing about this? The more adept at taking offence you become, the more offence you see around you! It's the gift that keeps on giving! And, as progressives see any expression of humour as a form of assault, the new era of joke crime promises to purge the land of humour-villains (heartless beasts who don't seem to care that while they're busy laughing, hundreds of feminists are at home coping with cystitis) forever
  12. Jiggerycock

    'Super' as an adverb

    Super! (In the style of David Harris-Jones, 'The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin')
  13. Jiggerycock

    'Super' as an adverb

    Yeah well - 'some fall on stony ground'. I'm happy to play the percentages and throw myself at the mercy of a self-appointed taste-arbiter like yourself.
  14. Jiggerycock

    'Super' as an adverb

    Why not set up a nom called, ooooh I dunno 'Repetitive fucking homophobic drivel' say where you and (your apparent best friend) Punkape can go form a fisting daisy chain of mirth? Fuck it, all the other twats who enjoy that kind of thing can go on there as well. It'd be like Lemon Party (and don't pretend you don't know what I'm on about) for Cunts.
  15. Jiggerycock

    'Super' as an adverb

    Behold the field in which I grow my fucks! Thou will see it is barren