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  1. Poking the Russian bear

    Once again there's more than an element of truth to what you say, but it was never going to be reported or received like that. Once Ivan plays the 'Where were you cunts at Stalingrad, when the blitzkrieg rained and the bodies stank' card to the West, Boris' straight talking sounds like so much hot air, no matter that it's the truth. We should have done what Corbyn said for once. Gained hard evidence, built alliances with Europe certainly and America (possibly - though Trump is a thorough-going cretin and a loose canon diplomatically) and put Russia on the back foot. It is simply that the urgency with which our government wished to point the finger of blame was a case of jumping the gun, to our own eventual detriment.
  2. Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    Stick around, you old Love-Albatrosses! If Trumps executive recruitment policy is anything to go by, she'll be back asking 'would you like fries with that?' by Easter Monday
  3. Poking the Russian bear

    Technically what Johnson said will probably turn out to be true, with Putin, bare-chested, twatting the World Cup around Red Square with his cock. However, Boris must have known it would not have been reported like that. It was always bound to come out as 'Putin = Hitler, Russia = Nazi Germany' and the soppy cunt has, once again, put his galumphing great size 12's in it. Fuck me, it takes some special kind of thundercunt to make Corbyn look like a moderate statesman.
  4. TV socially engineering

    Maybe the drama departments and ad creatives are not saying 'this is the way society is' but 'this is the way it should be?' It's Alan Carr BTW
  5. Manufactured Outrage about Cambridge Analytica

    Keep paying their male presenters more than their women ones and they will be. It's always the 'right-on's that are sucking Fascist cock, isn't it?
  6. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Oh it's a woman is it? I thought it was a painting
  7. Manufactured Outrage about Cambridge Analytica

    Again, yes and again, understand it with the depth you clearly have and you are a good few miles down the road to 'mind control 2018' along the lines you've outlined. However, I still stand by my basic premise. Politically, we love having our tummies tickled, our prejudices re-enforced (be it 'Niggers start at Dover' to 'Ooooh Jeremy Corbyn!') and there's very few prepared to invest time getting hands-on and actually reading what these cunts have in store for us if they get over the threshold of Number 10. We're all busy with that whacky selfie or that Facebook posting of our new car or Twitter posting asking for the lyrics of the second verse of 'Don't look Back In Anger' after the next paedocidal terror outrage perpetrated by the religion of peace. CA and their activity just takes all this information and inattention to the big picture, sticks a Bunsen burner under it, sprinkes a bit of cheese on top and sells it back to us, whilst laughing all the way to the cash-machine.
  8. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    ....or sideways. I fear for Applescruff. Has anyone heard from the lad?
  9. Manufactured Outrage about Cambridge Analytica

    And? I don't notice coup and insurrection on the streets as a result of all this. Don't get me wrong, what you say is undoubtedly true, but I detect a sense of ennui amongst the population, based on the premise that whilst we might not like having our (emotional) buttons pressed by a bunch of Algorithm Jockeys, this IS the path we've chosen when it comes to electing our leaders. We're more easily swung by Jeremy Corbyn's hat being a sign he's in League with Satan, rather than having to go through the tiresome work of reading the Labour Party manifesto and deciding if what they are proposing is good for the country. I should know. I actually read all three leading party manifesto's last Election, which makes me cunt of the century, doubtless.
  10. BBC Salaries

    Indeed - and either she is fucking useless or her accountant is, if she's being paid less and having less benefits as a contractor than her (presumably permie) male counterpart.
  11. Clearly a bunch of Tefal-Headed smartarse, mind-control cunts but why are we surprised? We're so busy marketing this idealised notion of ourselves on social media, I mean who cares if it ends up we're getting our buttons pressed like a fucking computer game, eh? It's all about 'how you feel and stuff' nowadays anyway, notwithstanding there's this thing called the Internet that allows you to find out anything about anything within minutes, that it took a trip to the library and a day with the Encyclopaedia Britannica to discover a generation ago and there should be no excuse for anyone not to be well-informed about issues if they choose to be. Cambridge Analytica is just the '140-byte' world on steroids.
  12. Apologists for drink driving celebrities

    'It's easy to judge what you don't understand' (t)whitters the sainted Francesca. Damn right it is - it's one of the things that sets us apart from the animals (that and paying for sex)! Try 'understanding' a child smeared all over the front-bonnet of a celebrity's Porsche and I guarantee there's some mental illness coming at you somewhere down the line......proper PTSD not some pretend 'get out of jail free card' shit either. I am sick to death of the whole 'not understanding mental illness' industry that's sprung up. There's phone-ins, awareness days, every other fucking posting on social media, Harry and Will and their wives rabbitting on and on about it, Alistair Campbell.....Paul Gascoigne.....Frank Bruno...... Not understand it? You can't shut the fuckers up about it!!
  13. Bratz

    Word g'dawg!
  14. UNEEY...

    Another toxic legacy from the Blair government. Everyone should go to University (therefore we'll give every provincial Polytechnic the cachet of University status; bit like calling a coffee maker a 'Barista',.....sorry, they're another bunch of cunts thrown into the wind tunnel with sharpened anvils come the revolution....where was I? Oh yes....). Of course, that meant no real social mobility. Give every cunt a degree, no matter how facile or piss-simple and there's no tangible change, except a bunch of numpties hitting the service sector of our economy with an over-developed sense of self-importance and who are going to tell everyone how it's going to be, because they've got a Third in David Beckham Studies from the University of Ashby De La Zouch. .......except of course, for the smart (by which I mean non-formally educated) cunts. Suddenly the kid at school who used to shout 'Sausages'! and poke his own faeces with a stick at lunchtime? He's gone off to be a carpenter or a sparky or a plumber and is now raking it in, fleecing the David Beckham Studies redundo's. Way to fucking go 21st Century Britain!!
  15. #metoo cunt

    It's allright boys - calm down. We can go around farting and burping and eating beef jerky and picking up big weights and putting them down again and eating fry ups whilst listening to Deicide and drinking Tetley Bitter whilst getting serviced by a waist-high Chinese nymphomaniac (with a flat head to balance your beer on) and the moment some feminist calls you out for being a misogynistic slob you simply inform them that 'you identify as a woman' (or a trans if you really want to fuck shit up) AND THEY CAN'T FUCKING TOUCH YOU FOR IT!! Cheers Corbyn and your 'all-women shortlists' you brick-thick fucking homunculus!