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  1. One of the logical outcomes of the 'Peter Tatchell-isation' of every aspect of modern life, I'm afraid, which deems every activity HAS to be viewed through the prism of what parts you've got and where you stick them. So a basic interaction such as buying a packet of peanuts now has to come with the vendor assuring the purchaser that he wasn't looking at him in a funny way and that what he does with the nuts is entirely down to the purchaser - and the purchaser signing a sworn affidavit that he was not going to shag the bag of nuts or stuff them where the sun don't shine. Only when all parties agree to this can the transaction occur, preferebaly in a hermetically sealed unit with all parties laminated just to be on the safe side. The buxom model on the 'Big D' poster, whose left tit was just revealed by the purchase of said bag of nuts, was unavailable for comment.
  2. They are also populated largely by a retinue of fuckwits who believe that leaving the EU without a deal would lead to a (possible) 5% reduction in GDP, yet support Extinction Rebellion whose aims would return us to the Stone Age (providing the petro-economy countries have not nuked us into oblivion for sumarly turning off thie income streams). Oh and they are also contemplating a 'Progressive Alliance' (Jesus, what a term!) with the Scottish Nationalists, whose entire economic policy is predicated on the continuing flow of North Sea oil for the world's Internal Combustion Engines. What a load of twats
  3. At what pint did we let professional offence takers, from the middle-to-top of the victim hierarchy, start running the whole bloody issue?
  4. A more well-argued plea for plain speaking common sense, you'd be hard pushed to find. Have a 'like' - but try not to rip your cock off in glee.
  5. People pay them to shut the fuck up
  6. Given a Google Search of 'Gog Magog' brings up the 'Gog Magog Golf Club' at 'Shelford Bottom' as its #1 search result, I think it's sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti
  7. Gary Holton - Off Auf Wiedersehn Pet, but more importantly for the purposes of this thread, 'Heavy Metal Kids' 'cept he was a decent bloke and his band was good in a 70's glam rock kind of way - so not a cunt but an exception that proves the rule? Come on, meet me halfway on this one!
  8. Come on, who's not had a night on the tins - it doesn't have to have been in Carlisle - and, in a moment of existential angst, gone 'fuck it, I'm climbing that cooling tower and no fucker is stopping me!' It only takes a misplaced footing and a rogue bit of plastering and hey presto, you're dangling 200 feet in the air, kecks snagged around your ankles - and you're the '....and finally' item on Border TV's News at 10.
  9. Coming late to this nom, so if this has already been covered forgive me but can't we exhume Frank Zappa and get him to re-imagine 'Bobby Brown Goes Down' as a Christmas ditty (another verse with the protagonist sucking off a reindeer or buggering an elf perhaps?). Sticks it to the politically correct nonentities who want to rewrite classic Christmas songs - as well as providing the soundtrack to Punkape's tawdry life. Double bubble (or Buble) I'd say.
  10. The NHS? Outcomes? Fitness for purpose in the 21st Century? Support and funding for frontline carers? Health tourism? TAXPAYER funded at the point of delivery? Nah - just more fucking 'Jackanory' about how much money each party is going to spunk up the wall on it.
  11. Health Secretary in a Liberal Government? Is that the one that does the ghoulish 'Josef Mengle-style' experiments on the Leavers in the new extermination camps these middle-class autocrats are going to be setting up?
  12. You've got to admire his sense of humour though Claimed the two rent boys that turned up were 'Interior Decorators' and claimed as such on his Prliamentary expenses) - inadvertently being one of the few MP's to be telling the truth although what / whose 'interior' they were 'decorating' is a question for the Parliamentary Standards Committee
  13. In almost every facet, I'd agree, except for this long ago memory of her, 'fessing up live on Morning TV, that in her youth she enjoyed outdoor sex (can't remember who with or its organic status) whacked out of her gourd on Amyl Nitrate. Yeah, I know - pause a second in the hope you've not just lost your dinner all over the monitor, imagining up that horrendous spectacle. Still - a bit of a sort 'eh, even if it was a long time ago.
  14. Looks like Eddie Waring
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