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  1. Hell is other people Okay, call in Destiny Angel and the Spectrum team on an urgent 'Thread Derailment' mission, so..... 'If you can't say something nice about someone - spread malicious roumours and sign them up to the sex-offender's register behind their backs'
  2. II always think 'King Wank A-Lot' when his name is mentioned on the TV, which was funny when he became Monarch in the 1970's when I was at school - less so when I'm in my dotage and deliver said rib-tickling play on words to my doctor during a consultation in 2020.
  3. I mean at least the Guardian Angels provided a meaningful social service whilst carrying out their fetishistic paramilitary-garb antics
  4. Will Young's brother has carked it and Neil - the big-hearted Christian - wishes it was the toothy crooner that rolled the seven instead.
  5. This is who the entire professional sports industry, political bodies, academia and sections of the very Police force they want defunded, are taking a knee for. Down is up! Black is right! Everything you knew to be true is wrong! Don't argue or try to make sense of it. Sit back spark up a doobie and watch how a world run on grievance politics operates. Have a Coke and smile y'all.
  6. Another mortifying sub-genre here is 'Soundtracks to 1970's / 1980's adverts. So if I go 'Beer at home means Davenports' or 'If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our Club' or even 'Will it be chips or jacket spuds....?' and you get a spazzy twitch and an insane urge to kill everyone in a Pavlov Dogs-style reaction, then you know where I'm coming from (that was Bob Marley 'Buffalo Soldier' btw)
  7. Jiggerycock


    Insidious, vicious and weird little bastards that get right inside your head like manic depression and won't let you go. Right now I've got that godawful bombastic shite from MTV-friendly hell from 4 Non Blondes, 'Speedy's Coming. by The Scorpions and, wait for it, 'My Brother' by Terry Scott, I mean what the buggery-fuck is that all about then? Bloody atrocious
  8. Best edition of 'Rainbow' there ever was
  9. Travel abroad in a sealed airless tube, in the middle (?) of a pandemic because you 'deserve some sun' after all you've been through? It's sectioning, not quarantine you need
  10. Vaguely remember this from my student days ao had a quick Internet trawl and......well it explains a lot of 'mission creep' in many different areas, where people starting out with initially good ideas and motives get pushed to greater, less savuory extremes.
  11. Well, yes - but how do you feel about the politicisation of The Lancet and the WHO, given the political leanings of their Editor and Director General repectively? It's strange that in the world where information is more freely available than at any time in history, our willingness to line up behind dubiously motivated, ill-informed Tin Gods has never been greater
  12. Yeah I clocked that too. "I suffered a brutal reaction to my sending off in the World Cup in 1998 and I had no one to talk to about it" Yeah David - and how did you deal with it? By shutting the fuck up and, (I'm happy to admit this), coming back as one of England's best players of the next decade, becoming one of the most visible celebrities on the planet, winning commercial endorsments left right and directly on the Japs Eye and, if rumour is to be believed, having more blart thrown at him than any man could handle! Maybe the lesson to take from this is not to talk....to share....to confide.....to nurture but to man-up, go 'I'll show you, you cunts' and stick it right back down everyone's throats?
  13. 'Vulnerable' in a news report is my safe word, to end the horror immediately.
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