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  1. The Queen? I thought Laura Kuenssberg was, de facto, in charge now given a) parliamentary democracy is now dead and b) she seems to have launched an effortless coup d'etat given the sanctimonious 'gotcha' crap she keeps coming out with at the daily press conference.
  2. Used to live in Heston in the svelte, ruggedly handsome an generally gorgeous demographic to the north of the A4. We would spurn those Hounslow cunts as one would spurn a rabid dog.
  3. No need, since that's precisely whet the mass-media are doing every ghoulish news bulletin.
  4. Decry 'Parliamentary Democracy' as an anachronism if you like, but it's the best governing system the world has got - and certainly better than the only scrutiny being given to the legislation destroying centuries of civil liberties and crashing the economy on the pretext of fuck all, coming from spam parollogram Laura Kuenssberg.
  5. Is it mandatory for EVERY news item to have a tear-stained NHS or key-service worker imploring us to do what 90% of are trying to do - stay in, don't cough, get laminated. That or pleading for PPE that 'the government still aren't delivering to frontline care workers' like they expected BoJo himself to descend Santa-like down the chimney with a sackful of masks and visors. Next - those 'there is still confusion regarding.....' media cunts. No there isn't! The government are not responsible for codifying the minutiae of your everday life and earning potential. They give you broad-brush advice and, in an 'other-worldly' situation we are all now involved in, trust to your intelligence and sense of social responsibility to undertake a prudent course of action.....a course of action seemingly 99% of us are capable of following and are very fucking far from 'confused' about, you agenda-hijacking whores! Finally, the heroic abnegation of scrutiny of politicians and lip-service to 'the truth' the media re currently undertaking. More meaningless figures on 'the number of deaths from Coronavirus' - and to what purpose? Scare us? Butress the illiberal actions taken by governments around the world? What? Either way please understand the difference between number of deaths WITH the coronavirus and number of deaths DUE to the coronavirus - and if you want to know why this is important, consider a terminally ill cancer patient who catches this dreadful virus. They are in the top-line figures given by the mass media and, whilst tragic, their death was not solely due to the coronavirus. Also, why are the mass media not giving details on the (substantial, if you can track them down) number of people who have recovered from the Coronavirus? Why this obsession with (questionable) headline death figures? Stay scared and complicit you good little droids! This is what a police state is like. It's a state in which the government can issue orders or express preferences with no legal authority and the police will enforce ministers' wishes.
  6. Course they did! It's now 'Stay Home, Protect The NHS, Save Lives' (interesting prioritisation. Anyway......) If that doesn't sort the problem out then I don't know what will - I mean short of getting NHS staff to lean out their windows and scream 'Fuck off you sub-micrscopic infecting pathogens!'
  7. I'm amazed Greta has got time for Covid-19, what with her wanking herself silly now the world's been sent back to the Middle Ages like she and her retinue of Extinction Rebellion fuckwits wanted
  8. Personally I've always wanted to give doctors and nurses the Clap they so richly deserve
  9. What a boon to capitalism this is! Brain-dead little piggies trying for that last Costa / pint / McDonalds / shag with Matressback Melissa for fear of missing out on something. I hope Putin walks up Whitehall, looks at what he's 'won' and calls in the airstrike to lay waste .
  10. Although I bet Neil would regard it as prime fodder for a creative session one wet Saturday afternoon, when this hideousness is all behind us.
  11. Course they didn't die in vain! The government - in an 'industrial-strength hammer to crack a tennsy-weensy nut' scenario - introduced sweeping legislation affecting the self-employed, even those earning several hundred squiddley-diddleys a day.
  12. About 3 years since you ask but I'm puzzled by your non-sequitir? The use of quotation marks around the statement in my OP, suggested it was made by persons unknown. It's juxtaposition with the preceding phrase, viz, 'Oh I went for a shit the other day and the council still haven't been round....' suggests a person from a slatternly household of low social standing, who may be of the mindset that (s)he is beholden to the state, even unto the most menial of tasks, unable (like your good self) to esexcute the most simplest, cloth-eared of tasks, even for comedic effect on what was, up until recently, a comedic website. Ah I see now! You thought I was commenting on my OWN lavatory / cistern set up and mindset vis-a-vis the role of the state in everyday life. Yours sincerely Armitage Shanks
  13. Jerry Sadowitz summed him up. "Richard Branson is a comic book character like something out of the Beano! Like 'Biffo the bear - he has lots of hair....Little Plum - he's a merry chum. Richard Branson - he's a complete fucking wank!"
  14. Trouble is, most of these bampot cunts WANT to be told what to do! "Oh I went for a shit the other day and the council still haven't been round to pull the chain.......ooooh I'm confused. I want Boris to come round personally and tell me what to do! Dumb fucking state-teat-suckling little piggies!
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