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  1. Shame you've got depression and everything (though I daresay you've made a few sovs out of the documentaries and TV appearances you've made to talk about it) but if you stopped being such a cunt and actually behaved like a human being with just a soupcon of humour and a dash of self-realisation and a smidge of alternatives to your ghetto-area, pro-European bletherings, then more people might like you and by golly you might even like yourself?
  2. Damning with faint praise. There are 'hard grafters' who play for Northampton Town. They will never play for Manchester City. 'Hard Graft' (after posession of basic motor functions) should be the entry level test for being Prime Minister, not the highlight of her CV. This useless Home Counties marionette preened her way through three years of chaos, merely because 'she always wanted to be Prime Minister' and wasn't going to go without a fight, even when it was clear she had no ideas or vision on what she wanted to achieve or political nous as to how she could achieve anything bar intoning phatic phrases whilst walking round like an outtake from Zoolander.
  3. Keeping people in a persistant vegative state alive by artificial means Yeah it's a bloody disgrace! Much better to do it by non-artificial means like smashing them over the head with a oak cudgel, Ted Bundy-style!
  4. I'm aware of that but saw it as a dog-whistle / metaphorical call to that particular brand of SJW
  5. 'Years and Years''....'a dazzling take on the near furture.....the gay partner....the fun loving single mother with spina-bifida.....the trans daughter....the asylum seeker.....the populist right-wing politicians......fake-news (not from 'The Liberal Left' sources, naturally).....the cliched box-ticking exercise....the emollient comfort-blanket for Social Justice Warriors......the same hackneyd old toot he phones in every time......the lucrative BBC contract......the non-stop (paradoxically) monochromatic take on our 'rainbow' culture......the lionisation of all this as somehow 'brave' when inhabiting a milieu that has a political system, broadcast media and popular culture that demonises anyone who yearns for something different or believes in the importance of individuals over mobs, the primacy of truth over offence, and the necessity of free-thought over his bland, dumb and ill-conceived uniformity.
  6. In all seriousness, I don't think he will become Tory leader. If he makes it onto the two-person shortlist to go to the memebrship, he'll ace it, but getting onto that shorlist means getting a majority of Tory MP's nside and I think there's just too much of an 'anyone but Boris' faction amongst Tory MP's. Not that I actually care, other than having a general desire to be clued up about political issues.
  7. He doesn't need to - haven't you outsourcd that to Macron now?
  8. Are we going to be allowed to fly him in via Irish Airspace once we leave the EU? Varadkar promised this wouldnt be allowed (until he was reminded to wind his fucking neck in since it's the RAF that secure you against Ivan and Co. the Irish Air Force being something that Clunk from 'Catch The Pigeon' put together in a brief moment of clarity)?
  9. The BBC have a 'Gender and Identity reporter'???! Who the hell sanctioned this ridiculous cavalcade of propaganda, and can we get them to stop?
  10. You get blokes who are 'Feeders' - a genuine condition, which basically presents itself as an insecure bloke bagging a hottie and then, to ensure hottie never leaves (either to make her unattractive to other blokes or that she has a heart attack the moment she tries to make a bolt for it) they stuff them full of cake at every opportunity. Without going into great detail, I have a relative who was a world champion athlete. First boyfriend couldn't stand the attention she was getting so, in direct contravention to the dietary regime her governing body developed for her and expected her to stick to, said bloke used to get her 'little treats', which he thought was endearing but was actually an exercise in 'gross (ha!) manipulation. He had to go - and ended up marrying a heifer from Dewsbury
  11. See they're trying to dress up that grasping cunt Sol Campbell 'saving Macclesfield from relegation' as some sort of triumph of the soul.
  12. Jiggerycock

    Danny Baker

    A more thinly-veiled threat I've not seen since bumping into a Burqua-clad beggar down on her luck.
  13. Is this all about wanking?
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