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  1. I have never seen or could imagine such a disconnect between Parliament and the Electorate that put them there, and which they purport to serve. Sure there were jokes about MP's and the desire to become a politician should immediately disbar one from ever attempting it, but by and large there was a measure of respect (maybe never overtly enunciated but even if it was of the 'it's a shit job but someon's got to do it' variety). Now? People are saying that social media has had an enabling effect on keyboard warriors and from there it's just another stage of lunacy and inadequacy to resort to the murder of Jo Cox. This is all entirely possible. Magically revert to a utopia of a Twatter / Facebook / Instgram - but crucially, and I cannot stress this strongley enough, NOT CC - free world ('cos we're all loveable rogues in here) and Anna Soubry might be able to rest easy at night. ....or MP's could actually be venal, self-serving, pompous, sociopathic, careerist lobby-fodder, who cannot cut it in the real world. I know where my money is going
  2. The lexicon of Brexit will be an interesting footnote when we are all worm-food. The easy use of 'Fascist' and 'Far Right'. 'Hard Brexit' (never 'Hard Remain' however). MP's who wish to enact the will of the British electorate branded as 'rebels' and of course the youth (and arts establishment) trying to convince themselves they're free-thinking anti-establishment counter-cultarilsts still when they're the obedient propaganda wing of a clapped-out oligarchy that millions hate
  3. Ah yes, the invariably idealistic, high minded, faultless and irreproachable young, who as we all know are invariably right about everything. Led by Vince, Heseltine, Major, Corbyn and Blair. Did you miss Lord of the Flies?
  4. Yeah - they've had a go at Peppa Pig for calling 'Firefighters' 'Firemen' I mean who knew that Peppa Pig was an agent of sexist represssion and in the pay of the Establishment? Hang on.... 'Peppa Pig'.....? Shouldn't that be 'Peppa Sow'? FASCISTS!!!!!
  5. Jiggerycock

    Egg Boy

    {chortle} Yes, how does one refer to the culprit and the victim in this situation.? I went with 'Egger' (and would have used 'Eggee') but this seems more cumbersome than a gored robot and, as you have identified, leaves one wide open for the rib-tickling play on words that you have so adeptly highlighted.
  6. Jiggerycock

    Egg Boy

    I like politicians who react like Human Beings and not robots whose public relations software chip overrides the basic flight or 'kick him in thebollocks' response us 'Normals' have. Besides, who the fuck is that 'Egger'? I think even Audley Harrison might have taken him out, the soft-as-shite little I don't know what.
  7. Best four days of the year. I'm in profit. The Old Butchers in Stow On The Wold serves the best steak in Gloucestershire and if Stand Up And Fight wins the Foxhunters today I'm off on an orgy of self-destruction that would make George Best shit treacle. Enjoy your 'you don't have to be mad to work here (but it helps)' drudge, redundos! I'm off riding the Freedom Moped straight outta Compton (turn left and it's by the pub near the cemetery)
  8. Yeah of course! It all starts making sense now since at one point she said she was going to be going to America soon to make it big there. I think she meant 'supersize' since she should be a hit with a nation whose arses are bigger than Nebraska
  9. I saw her last night on Jonathan Ross. What deos she actually do? I couldn't work it out
  10. Yeah! Or 'Vitas Gerulaitis was a) An American tennis player or b) a type of vaginal yeast infection?" "Oooooh that's a tricky one. Toblerone?"
  11. Specifically, women (it's always women) on game shows who utter this phrase, even being forearmed with the knowledge that they're pretty much going to be asked a question about sport. If you don't want the re-enforcement of gender stereotypes LEARN MORE SHIT ABOUT SPORT!
  12. Pull a stunt like this on the witness stand and it's 10 years of the potting house scene from 'Scum', clear as day.
  13. You've got the handset - but have you got The Jack?
  14. This is the equivalent of Joey Barton retiring from playing for England ever again. A 'meh' factor of 10
  15. Think it was the effect of the ring-stinging Vindaloo she had last night, personally
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