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  1. Jiggerycock

    Yes Cymru

    Say that again, except this time spit out the mouthful of sperm
  2. Hipocracy {noun} definition a system of government of the whole population by a wealthy hip elite, who can buy the law and who are convinced they know best
  3. Jiggerycock


    David Vine would all but bring himself off about 'Luxembourg's Marc Girardelli' on Ski Sunday, back in the day.
  4. Fair fucks on this nom and if I can just interject with 95% of cunts who wear 'Ramones' T-Shirts without having a fucking clue about sniffing glue or going down to the basement. These cunts are worse than Communism Gabba Gabba Fuck Right Off, cunt!
  5. Okay but....Justin Bieber's got a new single coming out soon, so, always look on the bright side, eh?
  6. Didn't realise their fans all subscribed to Grinder.
  7. Jiggerycock

    Ben Wadey

    EEEEEEEEeeeeehhhhhhhhhahmay-a-beeee itz becoz oim ah Lan-Dan-Ah Vat oi ahm sach a CAAAAAAAANT
  8. Jiggerycock

    Ben Wadey

    baht vey still lahv a good awl knees ap dahn va Queen Vic, chim-chimminee me old cogger.
  9. I'd take it too - because even though we might have been asked to follow on, there'd have been no time left (with scores like that) to bowl us out a second time, so it had have been on to the Oval and see what happens there.
  10. Jiggerycock

    Ben Wadey

    Wellard Wasn't he once caught sniffing another dogs' cobblers? Dead giveaway that, surprised you didn't spot it.
  11. Jiggerycock

    Ben Wadey

    One day they'll write a film about us - and Ron Jeremy will play me (a hairy little fat bloke with a cock the size of Somerset) Cheese it you rebels!
  12. What if Scotland win it? Okay, you need serious amounts of mind-bending drugs to even imagine it, but Christ they are such pricks to lose to, especially if you're English, where any victory is trotted out like it's Bannockburn all over again.
  13. Smith is world class and has been the difference between the sides. This pantomime booing has got to stop - it's pathetic frankly.
  14. Jiggerycock

    Ben Wadey

    It's bollocks innit? The number of black characters in 18th Century Cornwall (Poldark) and 19th Century London (Ripper Street) only to be buttressed by the woke principles of the heroic lead characters against the nasty racist (i.e. entirely in keeping with the mores of the time) villains. We've had a white muslim convert in Eastenders (Islam being refered to as the religion of peace, obviously), so keep ticking those boxes boys....oh and girls.....oh not forgetting trans-gender and 'women with penises'... and .....hey, it's getting a bit crowded in there isn't it?
  15. Jiggerycock


    YEAH! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Take that and rewind it back!
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