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  1. Cunts who leave abusive notes on Ambulances

    Let's hope her other neighbours on the street take the time to pop round and have a "friendly chat" with the skankblob scrubber. She probably views all this a her chance of fame on some reality shitfest excuse for a TV show and even more depressing some sack of shite producer will be thinking exactly the same.
  2. Orr eh .. calm down laa , calm down.

    Chinese authorities have demanded "severe punishment" for a man who allegedly stole the thumb of a terracotta warrior statue on display in the US, Chinese state media report. This will be the stuff that's due to be exhibited in Liverpool later this year then .. just saying
  3. Accidents

    Getting a good coat of looking at as we used to say at Brize Norton
  4. Sir Robert Deveraux

    Us Brits have a long tradition of brown nosing when it comes to the rich and famous . God forbid we start acting like johnny foreigner and get all uppity and actually physically protest about this kind of thing . Besides we have an endless supply of shite tv "talent" shows , cheap booze , celebrity mags to keep the customer satisfied .. what's not to like . Not forgetting the prospect of a future PM who will make us regard the past 7-8 years as the good times.
  5. Getting a prescription

    I find the 10 minute sit and wait the perfect opportunity to be judgemental and guess the ailments of cunts being served.Maybe clap, systitis, squits,bleeding piles.Be it the smack heads scuttle , the pensioners trudge or the sports/sexual deviant injury limp , the general demeanour is usually a giveaway.
  6. Clare Balding

    Not a lipstick lesbo but the bbc's acceptable face of nice W.I. home counties munchers
  7. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

  8. Spice girls announce new work possibility

    She's from Yorkshire ... how delightful.
  9. Jonathan Hart

    Now that's the really strange thing ... that was our second choice but we went with Scab instead
  10. Jonathan Hart

    Our dog died on the same day as her ... creepy or what
  11. Cunts with new cars

    Couldn't be more pleased for you and glad you like it
  12. There is a distinction , in that the late Mark E knew it.
  13. Jessica Moor & Nick Knowles

    That short arsed Irish twat on this cunts DIY shows, the one who thinks he's just the "cutest little paddy y'ever did see , do you not tink so missus" .. don't know his name and don't care but the cunt needs a fucking good twatting with a length of 4x2.
  14. Alison Saunders

    and has pens .. many , many pens
  15. The President’s Club.

    They had better be paid at least or better than the National Minimum Wage or there'll be a fucking outrage.