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  1. So it's goodbye to that long held image of him dribbling spunk all down Holly Wallabies rack then .. what an utterly incosiderate bastard he is
  2. Best sentence of the year by far - Just surprised [ then again, maybe not ] that the question has never been asked. Although when your up against Love island or Whispering Dave Attenborough every bit of morbid voyeurism is a big plus particularly when the C4/5 big fat cheque is dangled in the Trust managers face.
  3. Why are they all such scruffy bastards ? .. not decent haircut, complexion or even a smart pair of chinos between them. At least that Herr Hitler had the nous to get Hugo Boss on board with the SS outfits
  4. Spike Lee should be accusing the arse off him for cultural appropriation .. oh ! - hang on
  5. colonelkurtz

    Grenfell Tower

    There'll always be HS6 to fall back on [Skeggy to Whitehaven] to keep the consultancies and experts busy for years to come
  6. " Try to imagine the pleasure I would take in caving Carr's head in " Sean Lock.
  7. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/im-helicopter-here-costs-550-17542667?fbclid=IwAR2-3UmyXTJ-iu6NGB5ANCE-xyaYjAvY_puypGRzd6wYJYJOO511JgQfY4A When you just hope and pray for a main rotor catastrophic failure
  8. Absolutely Spot on Jiggers .. I have an Indian pal who does bat for the other side and yet in all the years I have known him he has never once felt the need or inclination to go full mardarse about how he is under represented , victimised or suffered serious discrimination. That one sentence from your post is his view almost word for word . I do admit to having had occasion to call him a glory hunting City supporting twat .. but to be fair somethings do need saying.
  9. Never argue with a recycling centre Obergruppenfuhrer .. they all have Doctorates in Materials Science from Keele
  10. It's the unedited version that's worth a watch, with Junes closing line " Yes , that 's all very well Derek but what do you say to a quick blow job while the dogs not watching .. I'll even take me teeth out "
  11. colonelkurtz

    Mike Brewer

    Brewers so called unrehearsed off the cuff encounters when he clinches his imaginary deal and says " old aaht yer ahnd " you can just see the look from the punter that says " You complete and utter fucking shithouse cockerney twat ". Come to think of it that's the expression on Big Ed's face most of the time and especially as he wields his torque wrench or welding torch in the vicinity of Brewer.
  12. colonelkurtz

    Celine Dion

    Sir John Cooper Clarkes Ma
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