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  1. colonelkurtz


    He might well be porking her every night of the week .. while Pops will be cracking one out over her prom picture.
  2. Is there a more gobshited , punchable faced , my shit doesn't stink scouse cunt ?
  3. A bit like someone changing their poncey sounding double barrelled name to something more geezerful .
  4. There Ain't Half Been Some Clever Bastards [c] Dury 1978
  5. Tommy wossisname and the frigging garage doors .. he jast laarves the craawftsmunnship
  6. Smith - Steele , Savile -Thatcher .. same old same old. There was an 'alternative' weekly newspaper in the town [all the rage at the time] which was rumoured to have serious shit on Smith and his cronies possibly awaiting publication . The presses and building were shut down virtually within one week , presumably on orders from the 'authorities'.
  7. As a kid I would sit through Ask the Family just to hear my old man mutter stuff like " You condescending patronising know all middle class twat" .. and that was just at the presenter.
  8. .. not to mention the Daily Express headline announcement and 15 page full colour centrefold spread and Nicholas Witchell struggling to contain his outrage stood standing outside some posh twat mat unit.
  9. The cunt has missed a trick .. where are all the Dunkin Donuts , Costco, McD outlets at 50 mile intervals ? Calls himself a deal maker entrepreneur . Fuck off and die [slowly and in pain] orange shitgibbon.
  10. Yes , the flabby orange shitgibbon is at all times surrounded by sychophantic cunts and cuntesses whenever he makes any kind of appearance. But the standout bellend has to be the ever present Vice President Pence . Always in shot , this grey haired grinning arsewipe with the perma white grin and adoring fixed gaze on his leader which always belies a look which suggests his lifes' ambition is to lick out his Mr Prezzies arse crack.
  11. Like Weller said "The public wants what the public gets"
  12. The last thing the cunt remembers is "Oi Phil get your arse down to Aldi , we're out of bread and milk ".Then .. boom !
  13. That pseudo classical fiddle player .. him of the mullet, penguin suit and permanent smirk. Ponces around the stage to the sound of squelching blue rinse brigades gussets as he does that one the ice cream van plays or the one from cat food commercial or the catchy bits from some Lloyd Webber sack of shit or Lady Di's funeral theme tune.
  14. Well the fat kid from Harry Potter in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is obviously in for some stick.
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