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  1. Charles Manson

  2. Charles Manson

    An accy including Ant,Dec and Geoffrey Boycott gets my money.
  3. Cheery cunts first thing in the morning

    We have a Canadian neighbour [fit as fuck as it happens , but I digress] who appears to have a pathological urge to chirp " And how are you today" at any given time of day. Even my sarcastic "Fuck off Yank" reply is laughed it off as "Your quirky Brit sense of humour"
  4. Jo and Billy Martin, of Chorley.

    What's all this "Jo" and "Billy" malarkey then ? .... we'll have proper names if you don't mind ! What's the world coming to when Joanne , Josephine or fecking Jolene for all I care and this here William have the brass neck to offend our sensitivities by foreshortening their names. Shocking , absolutely shocking.Hanging's too good for them I say.
  5. Entire families into the same shit.

    Judith Chalmers,Esther Ranzten and Sue Lawley must be turning in their graves.
  6. Joseph Birch

    So not an all bad story then.
  7. Australian same sex marriage cunts

    A box for the above should be incuded on all ballot papers. The "spoilt papers" description has always sounded like someone has wiped their arse on it .... now there's a thought !
  8. Hijab wearing Barbie

    In the interests of inclusivity where's the buggy pushing , vape smoking , Greggs scoffing , sweaty arse crack , Sports Direct dressed 15 stone skankblob . A sure fire Christmas must have and role model.
  9. Lulu

    I never could tell the difference between Larry , Gary , Harry or Sally
  10. Lulu

    She was married to a Bee Gee ... the one with the big gnashers and shit haircut and shit voice .. or was it The Wurzels
  11. Christmas

    I became an athiest immediately after watching that sack of shite when it first came out.
  12. Hand cream cunts.

    There's lovely
  13. Hand cream cunts.

    Nitromors in the Swarfega dispenser was always a top wheeze at RAF Coningsby workshops washroom.
  14. Road works

    The motorway signs "My Mummy works here blah blah blah " ... well she's a lying bitch , because I've never seen any fucker "working" here.
  15. Brexit, Breaking News, Wear Your Poppy Pride ETC Forums

    The appeal is definitely in danger of being hijacked at worst by some with dubious intent and at best even becoming some sort of bizzare fashion statement. All of which puts the RBL's role at risk of being overlooked.