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  1. colonelkurtz

    Brown shoes with a blue suit

    Who, who, who slapped John? White face, black shirt White socks, black shoes Black hair, white Strat Bled white, died black [c] Dury I.
  2. colonelkurtz

    The G7 Conference

    They even had to photo shop the dried up hag into that gathering of cunts around the orange shitgibbon
  3. colonelkurtz

    Cunts who can’t merge.

    The practice of merging is a concept far too complicated and sciencey for the usual knuckle headed pigshit thick Brit driver and besides which , actually showing any courtesy or commonsense on the road ,or anywhwere else is a blatant challenge to these stupid cunts masculinity .
  4. colonelkurtz


    These fuckers are the types who appeared on the 70's tv cuntfest known as "Ask the Family" with their equally smug Mummy and Daddy. Now to be seen at any upmarket garden centre or National Trust gaff of your choice or being really edgy by wearing a visi vest and standing a store entrance shaking their fucking bucket.
  5. colonelkurtz

    DIY cunt next door

    There's a clause in our deeds that permits access to our property by the next door neighbour [cunt as it happens , but his wifey has a tremendous rack] should their extension wall require maintenance or repairs .. so what do you think of that .
  6. colonelkurtz

    People who will not be watching the royal wedding

    Is it on the telly ? ..will Primark be doing Royle family outfits .. will dogs be painted red white and blue .. will A&E depts be fully prepared for nans who can't shit from over excitement .. will Alan Titchmarsh explode ... will Concorde and a Lancaster bomber do a fly by .. Is it on at Wembley or the O2 ?
  7. colonelkurtz

    We all live in a yellow Submarine

    More than likely "I am The Walrus" , but again in Danish , obviously
  8. colonelkurtz

    Rioting Scousers at Alder Hey

    in every report on this fiasco all I see is a screen full of faces that say " There's gorra be some dosh in all of this" . I also wonder when is the nipper getting his ears pierced ?
  9. colonelkurtz

    Owen Shitting Wilson

    They think we don't notice these things ... fucking pervs
  10. colonelkurtz

    Owen Shitting Wilson

    I always envisage him turning to her at the end and saying " So, do you fancy a quick fuck while the dog's not looking?
  11. colonelkurtz

    Owen Shitting Wilson

    Now that this cunt has outgrown his foppy west coast dude & older but last chance trendy hip uncle image or the bloke who was always knobbing the films "mom" character back in the day. He now finds himself well and truly at barrell bottom promoting a sack shit furniture chain on the box. A cunt and a fucking murrican cunt !! You'd never get Ray- you caant - Winston lowering himself to that kind of shit like adverts for male grooming products or cement mixers on American tv
  12. colonelkurtz

    Scarlett Moffatt-Cunt

    "Queers and Steers ! " ... "Five Foot Nine ! "
  13. colonelkurtz

    Cheating Australian cricket cuntbreeds

    Another blubbing twat on the news this morning. To gloat or not to gloat ? Ha Ha fucking Ha
  14. colonelkurtz

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    The PM Turnbulls' statement for public consumption that "cheating is beyond belief" ... this , from a shitting politician ffs.
  15. colonelkurtz

    Here we fucking go again

    Bet the arsewipe entered the store by the exit doors ... you can always tell.