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  1. North Korean cunts

    Appearance is everything nowadays .. one look at Supreme Leader Adored By All Trump and you just know he smells of piss.
  2. Alan "Nasty" Nash.

    This is exactly the kind of thing that the EU will ban , so no surprise that the vote went the way it flid did.
  3. Cheap bastard screwdrivers

    Confucious say .. If it good enough for plough blade it good enough for afterburner nozzle or reactor containment shielding.
  4. Luke Howard

    That Richard Clayderman is lovely and even nicer than that Liberace .. my nan told me ... and he's not a scruff .. and she was in his fan club.
  5. Wasteful People

    " ..... visited a lovely artisan bake shop ..." come on Wiz , just say Greggs ffs.
  6. Novelty wallpaper

    "This wallpaper is dreadful.One of us has to go" .. Marty Wilde or Adam Faith ?
  7. Charlie "Dopey Cunt" Alliston

    Another being a compulsory smack around the kisser with a torque wrench
  8. Middle Class Rugby Union Fans

    "rugger" ..says it all doesn't it ? .... league style "passin n' twattin" if you please !
  9. Goodbye, Nelson.

    Good nom Decs . Even as a lefty I agree that yesterdays heroes so often become todays twats and vice versa. All the dedicated statues , plaques , and memorial fucking bouncy castles for all I care are history , nothing more nothing less. We learn from it and move on in our own particular direction. I mean , we watched the Dunkirk film last week and can you believe it , the railway carriages used in one scene were the wrong vintage for 1940 ! ...what a fucking liberty !
  10. Geoffrey Boycott - Black And White Minstrel

    This cunt has always been a cunt - is a cunt now - and will forever be a cunt. In fact , is probably the origin of the word cunt.
  11. Eclipses R Us

    Prepare for millions of stupid bastard yanks to go mental as anything over a solar eclipse. Credit will no doubt be given to Supreme leader adored by all , Emperor of Muurica Trump for organising this truly awe inspiring spectacle. Unfortunately the gays,black and dusky types ,non blondes, Toyota drivers and all other enemies of the state will not be permitted to witness this , his most biggly displayment of solar beautifulness. While Brits in general react to an eclipse with "so fucking what " - prepare for mass crowd whooping , praise the lord hysteria , end of days wailing and record sales of "complete and utter cunt " caps.
  12. Bruce Forsyth

    My late Gran , much against the perceived Forsyth fan stereotype was known to mutter "There's a nasty bastard under all that flashy , I'm everyones friend , Mr Showbiz persona"
  13. Cunts with freckles

    That sounds like an alternative opening line to Stairway to Heaven Robert Plant , Midlands troubadour or Brummy bastard
  14. Coffee Shops

    Just asking for a 'black coffee please' gets you a look as though you've just shat on the counter. On the other hand give your name as Jeremiah Eritrea Anchor Chain the Second and watch the cunt write that on the cup.
  15. Good Game , Good Game

    Allegedly a long standing and successful entertainer [wannabee Sammy Davis Jnr. if you ask me] and although I shouldn't speak ill of the dead , I will. By many accounts he had an on/off switch from the famed amiable mode when the cameras were rolling and audiences fawning as opposed to the original el twatto otherwise. Although that can probably be said about numerous other cunts.