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  1. colonelkurtz

    Trump's Wall (part 4)

    The cunt has missed a trick .. where are all the Dunkin Donuts , Costco, McD outlets at 50 mile intervals ? Calls himself a deal maker entrepreneur . Fuck off and die [slowly and in pain] orange shitgibbon.
  2. Yes , the flabby orange shitgibbon is at all times surrounded by sychophantic cunts and cuntesses whenever he makes any kind of appearance. But the standout bellend has to be the ever present Vice President Pence . Always in shot , this grey haired grinning arsewipe with the perma white grin and adoring fixed gaze on his leader which always belies a look which suggests his lifes' ambition is to lick out his Mr Prezzies arse crack.
  3. colonelkurtz

    Beth Tweddle and other fucking idiots

    Like Weller said "The public wants what the public gets"
  4. colonelkurtz

    Royal Wacky Races

    The last thing the cunt remembers is "Oi Phil get your arse down to Aldi , we're out of bread and milk ".Then .. boom !
  5. colonelkurtz

    Symphony Orchestra Conductors

    That pseudo classical fiddle player .. him of the mullet, penguin suit and permanent smirk. Ponces around the stage to the sound of squelching blue rinse brigades gussets as he does that one the ice cream van plays or the one from cat food commercial or the catchy bits from some Lloyd Webber sack of shit or Lady Di's funeral theme tune.
  6. colonelkurtz

    Actor criticised for taking quadriplegic role

    Well the fat kid from Harry Potter in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is obviously in for some stick.
  7. colonelkurtz

    Ludlow next stop Dignitas

    I'll raise you a Harrogate
  8. colonelkurtz

    Jane fucking McDonald

    Her . That Michael McIntire . Any of the wildlife/cuntryfile presenter bastards . That fucking vicar who was also shit in the Communards . Those two shreiking shouty shouty pre menopausal Cum Dancing presenter women.
  9. colonelkurtz

    Seasons greetings

    The TV midwife thing here at chez kurtz .. never any gash is there ? .. pc gone mad I tell you. Aah well , hello JD my old friend.
  10. colonelkurtz

    sting lute.jpg

  11. colonelkurtz

    Lord of the Cunts

     This has got to trump the OP
  12. colonelkurtz

    Family tragedies

    That Dixon of Dock Green .. what a cunt
  13. colonelkurtz


    You, you .. yes you in the ghastly shirt .. third row along .. yes , you you
  14. colonelkurtz

    Connor McCann

    We had a History teacher called McCann .. didn't teach us very much apart from how to spot a complete and utter cunt .. and he was Irish .. and supported bastarding Leeds.