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  1. This whole car racing malarkey is shit nowadays.What happened to the good old days when a couple of boiler suited flat capped Ernies with a fire extinguisher and damp rag each was more than sufficient to deal with deep fried mangled carnage. Todays fanny dancer cars have roll bars , fuel cut off devices , fire and crush resistant materials and probably combined cup holders and trinket trays for all I know. Stirling Moss ..bald cunt
  2. Apparently young Reg always yearned for his Dads approval or any signs of encouragement regarding his chosen career and lifestyle choice back in the day. Well , if Mr Dwight senior was merely disappointed in his lads antics back then he must have been looking on in apoplectic fucking rage at the state of things in the intervening years.
  3. yerfugginwotmate - translation ; Salfordian .. I beg your pardon
  4. Decent haircut , nice suits , cool sunglasses, good dancer .. so not all bad
  5. Men with mainly men mates - Jesus , Hitler , Tommeh , Caligula, Al Capone.
  6. Torn up Daily Mirror on a nail in the lavvy at my Grans .. what do you think of that you mardarse muurican fanny dancers. Soon it'll be " and how are you t'day , I sure hope you've cleansed your post evac anus the way your uncle Hiram showed ya "
  7. Rest assured it'll all be sorted out for the greater good down at the Lodge
  8. Well nothing in the constitution prohibits legally held artillery .. what a time to be alive
  9. What these wanabee Barry Fucking Normans with their lah dee dah critiques need is a "On the Buses" binge session.
  10. Even the cars going around and around all afternoon stuff is shit nowadays. What happened to all those crashes and fires like in the old days when a couple of Ernies wearing white boiler suits and flat caps with a fire extinguisher, damp cloth and brush and shovel each was all that stood between deep fried and mangled viewing spectaculars. Todays fanny dancers have cars with auto fire extinguishers , roll bars,padded seats and fucking cup holders for all I know. Stirling Moss .. bald cunt
  11. Why it's preferable to be black than gay .. no need to tell your Mum
  12. .... the " business woman and campaigner" ... yea - right - whatever .
  13. Shitting shit on it
  14. Although in fairness there are so few songs which express the frustration of inaccurate property surveys , the perils of corked Château de prétense or doshing out for a set of BMW i8 tyres
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