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  1. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/im-helicopter-here-costs-550-17542667?fbclid=IwAR2-3UmyXTJ-iu6NGB5ANCE-xyaYjAvY_puypGRzd6wYJYJOO511JgQfY4A When you just hope and pray for a main rotor catastrophic failure
  2. Absolutely Spot on Jiggers .. I have an Indian pal who does bat for the other side and yet in all the years I have known him he has never once felt the need or inclination to go full mardarse about how he is under represented , victimised or suffered serious discrimination. That one sentence from your post is his view almost word for word . I do admit to having had occasion to call him a glory hunting City supporting twat .. but to be fair somethings do need saying.
  3. Never argue with a recycling centre Obergruppenfuhrer .. they all have Doctorates in Materials Science from Keele
  4. It's the unedited version that's worth a watch, with Junes closing line " Yes , that 's all very well Derek but what do you say to a quick blow job while the dogs not watching .. I'll even take me teeth out "
  5. colonelkurtz

    Mike Brewer

    Brewers so called unrehearsed off the cuff encounters when he clinches his imaginary deal and says " old aaht yer ahnd " you can just see the look from the punter that says " You complete and utter fucking shithouse cockerney twat ". Come to think of it that's the expression on Big Ed's face most of the time and especially as he wields his torque wrench or welding torch in the vicinity of Brewer.
  6. colonelkurtz

    Celine Dion

    Sir John Cooper Clarkes Ma
  7. So this vicious waste of space pleads guilty to attempted murder last August and it's also now revealed his father made efforts to draw attention to his OCD,ASD and fuck knows what other disorders his precious disadvantaaged little arsewipe suffers from. The cunt's called Jonty the father's called Piers - say nofuckingmore - how very apt then that the cuntstick felt compelled to choose the Tate Modern to exercise his rights as a mental health sufferer to attack an innocent kid. Dread the thought that the attack could take place in say a KFC or other such uncultured riff raff surroundings . After all it's important to maintain standards and not give the wrong impression when acting like a complete and utter arsewipe , I mean , what would the neighbours think. Also, don't get me started on the frigging eyebrows .
  8. colonelkurtz


    An oily fucking squirt who's made an art form of cuntery , is shithousery personified and possessive of a face so deserving of a rapid meeting with a length of Howdens best rough sawn 4x2 .
  9. It's that time of year again when, without irony the BBC milks the fuck out of the annual shitefest known as 'Chilren in neeed' aka the gathering of Z list self ingratiating cunts who find time in their hectic schedules to lecture us ordinary folk and ponce around being 'wacky' and scrounge in the name of charridee for the sake of some snot nosed little shit somewhere or other. When it's all over they'll depart in their Mercs and private helicopters safe in the knowledge that the latest PR wheeze has gone down a treat with the oinks who eagerly await the next episode of Strictly Arsewipes. What better excuse to binge rewatch Sons of A all evening could there be.
  10. This whole car racing malarkey is shit nowadays.What happened to the good old days when a couple of boiler suited flat capped Ernies with a fire extinguisher and damp rag each was more than sufficient to deal with deep fried mangled carnage. Todays fanny dancer cars have roll bars , fuel cut off devices , fire and crush resistant materials and probably combined cup holders and trinket trays for all I know. Stirling Moss ..bald cunt
  11. Apparently young Reg always yearned for his Dads approval or any signs of encouragement regarding his chosen career and lifestyle choice back in the day. Well , if Mr Dwight senior was merely disappointed in his lads antics back then he must have been looking on in apoplectic fucking rage at the state of things in the intervening years.
  12. yerfugginwotmate - translation ; Salfordian .. I beg your pardon
  13. Decent haircut , nice suits , cool sunglasses, good dancer .. so not all bad
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