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  1. Rest assured it'll all be sorted out for the greater good down at the Lodge
  2. Well nothing in the constitution prohibits legally held artillery .. what a time to be alive
  3. What these wanabee Barry Fucking Normans with their lah dee dah critiques need is a "On the Buses" binge session.
  4. Even the cars going around and around all afternoon stuff is shit nowadays. What happened to all those crashes and fires like in the old days when a couple of Ernies wearing white boiler suits and flat caps with a fire extinguisher, damp cloth and brush and shovel each was all that stood between deep fried and mangled viewing spectaculars. Todays fanny dancers have cars with auto fire extinguishers , roll bars,padded seats and fucking cup holders for all I know. Stirling Moss .. bald cunt
  5. Why it's preferable to be black than gay .. no need to tell your Mum
  6. .... the " business woman and campaigner" ... yea - right - whatever .
  7. Shitting shit on it
  8. Although in fairness there are so few songs which express the frustration of inaccurate property surveys , the perils of corked Château de prétense or doshing out for a set of BMW i8 tyres
  9. colonelkurtz


    He might well be porking her every night of the week .. while Pops will be cracking one out over her prom picture.
  10. Is there a more gobshited , punchable faced , my shit doesn't stink scouse cunt ?
  11. A bit like someone changing their poncey sounding double barrelled name to something more geezerful .
  12. There Ain't Half Been Some Clever Bastards [c] Dury 1978
  13. Tommy wossisname and the frigging garage doors .. he jast laarves the craawftsmunnship
  14. Smith - Steele , Savile -Thatcher .. same old same old. There was an 'alternative' weekly newspaper in the town [all the rage at the time] which was rumoured to have serious shit on Smith and his cronies possibly awaiting publication . The presses and building were shut down virtually within one week , presumably on orders from the 'authorities'.
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