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  1. colonelkurtz

    Bad Science and those thick cunts at Sky News

    Even Stephen Hawkings' keyboard had a red key which he used sparingly .. when required it simply blurted out " For fucks sake fuck right off you boring fucking cunt"
  2. colonelkurtz


    The leavers never thought this farce through . It was all 'Vote on it Monday, sign it Wednesday , out by Friday'. Not to mention all the dosh coming home and the darkies going back to where they belong. What could possibly go wrong.
  3. Surprised to be told by a pal who has appeared on the show that off screen each of the eggheads are approachable and not at all up themselves ... the Vine cunt however is a different matter altogether and of course that CJ twat is long since gone.
  4. colonelkurtz

    Those that eat whilst shopping in supermarkets.

    A quick 'accidental' twatting to their ankles with your trolley followed by a wholly insincere apology usually does the trick . Just watch as the fat gob full of Monster Munch and diet Coke is spluttered out all over the place.
  5. colonelkurtz

    Lynx Gold advert

    Calm down Madam . . .it's just a commercial. But agree , utter cuntery.
  6. colonelkurtz

    Hot weather

    Hot flushes , irritable , short tempered , judgemental ? .. just saying.
  7. colonelkurtz

    "Art Prodigy'

    Not a single critic/expert has noticed the picture is upside down .. or is it ?
  8. colonelkurtz

    "Art Prodigy'

    The experts say it's the dogs bollocks and worth thousands ... remember Cantonas' sardines and seagulls piss take quote years ago.
  9. colonelkurtz


    Spare a thought for those who live in the Buffer Zones ... East Lancashire,Cumbria,North Lincolnshire,Teeside etc., heroes one and all who have the task of ensuring normal Brits remain untainted, decent and free from the likes of Parkinson,Titchmarsh,Boycott etc [extensive list available] . Build a wall maybe , like the orange shitgibbon ponce wants at the Mexican border ? .. kiss my arse. Sentries and snipers more like.
  10. colonelkurtz

    The cost of spectacle frames

    Anyone would think these outfits are just in it for the dosh despite their sharing caring we lurve you and care about your eyesight puke inducing whimsical adverts. Get yourself down to Poundland before they sell out of their premium range.... they don't even need to do any eye test malarkey.. but do charge you 5p for the bag.
  11. colonelkurtz

    Brown shoes with a blue suit

    Who, who, who slapped John? White face, black shirt White socks, black shoes Black hair, white Strat Bled white, died black [c] Dury I.
  12. colonelkurtz

    The G7 Conference

    They even had to photo shop the dried up hag into that gathering of cunts around the orange shitgibbon
  13. colonelkurtz

    Cunts who can’t merge.

    The practice of merging is a concept far too complicated and sciencey for the usual knuckle headed pigshit thick Brit driver and besides which , actually showing any courtesy or commonsense on the road ,or anywhwere else is a blatant challenge to these stupid cunts masculinity .
  14. colonelkurtz


    These fuckers are the types who appeared on the 70's tv cuntfest known as "Ask the Family" with their equally smug Mummy and Daddy. Now to be seen at any upmarket garden centre or National Trust gaff of your choice or being really edgy by wearing a visi vest and standing a store entrance shaking their fucking bucket.
  15. colonelkurtz

    DIY cunt next door

    There's a clause in our deeds that permits access to our property by the next door neighbour [cunt as it happens , but his wifey has a tremendous rack] should their extension wall require maintenance or repairs .. so what do you think of that .