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  1. colonelkurtz

    Scarlett Moffatt-Cunt

    "Queers and Steers ! " ... "Five Foot Nine ! "
  2. colonelkurtz

    Cheating Australian cricket cuntbreeds

    Another blubbing twat on the news this morning. To gloat or not to gloat ? Ha Ha fucking Ha
  3. colonelkurtz

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    The PM Turnbulls' statement for public consumption that "cheating is beyond belief" ... this , from a shitting politician ffs.
  4. colonelkurtz

    Here we fucking go again

    Bet the arsewipe entered the store by the exit doors ... you can always tell.
  5. colonelkurtz

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    Vanessa Feltz and Donny Osmonds lurve child .... and grade one cunt . Mrs Kurtz will not be at all amused at my dissing Donny.
  6. colonelkurtz

    Ken Dodd is dead

    nul poins
  7. colonelkurtz

    Apologists for drink driving celebrities

    Dodgy Russian and fuckable daughter get sludged , shite so called celeb gets shitfaced .... . What shall we run with boss ? ... Basically anything that diverts attention from NHS in meltdown or defenceless toddlers decapitated in Syrian air strikes. Politicos and media - cunts one and all swimming in a sea of shit.
  8. colonelkurtz

    Ken Dodd is dead

    Our Cilla is a bit slow on the uptake with her "lorra lorra luv" tribute.
  9. colonelkurtz

    Sirmofarah hissy fit

    Nashnull tresh Sirmo is really up himself these days isn't he . Coming over all drama over a security check at some German airport .How very dare a mere airport jobsworth seem fit to question a knight of the realm , a check made even more traumatic due to the racist motive. Who the fuck does the scrawny cunt think he is ? .. Elton Frigging John ?
  10. colonelkurtz

    Dan Walker

    Roll on the day when we at last get rid of all this EU infringements of our imperial system , get back to blue passports , banish driver only buses and trains and make Green Flash the only permissible choice of school PE footwear.
  11. colonelkurtz

    Stowaways who plummet from aeroplanes

    Typical lah de dah Peruvians ... underside of a trailer or slashing a curtain sider not good enough for you then , just has to be a 767. You frigging poseurs.
  12. colonelkurtz

    Cunts who leave abusive notes on Ambulances

    Let's hope her other neighbours on the street take the time to pop round and have a "friendly chat" with the skankblob scrubber. She probably views all this a her chance of fame on some reality shitfest excuse for a TV show and even more depressing some sack of shite producer will be thinking exactly the same.
  13. colonelkurtz

    Orr eh .. calm down laa , calm down.

    Chinese authorities have demanded "severe punishment" for a man who allegedly stole the thumb of a terracotta warrior statue on display in the US, Chinese state media report. This will be the stuff that's due to be exhibited in Liverpool later this year then .. just saying
  14. colonelkurtz


    Getting a good coat of looking at as we used to say at Brize Norton
  15. colonelkurtz

    Sir Robert Deveraux

    Us Brits have a long tradition of brown nosing when it comes to the rich and famous . God forbid we start acting like johnny foreigner and get all uppity and actually physically protest about this kind of thing . Besides we have an endless supply of shite tv "talent" shows , cheap booze , celebrity mags to keep the customer satisfied .. what's not to like . Not forgetting the prospect of a future PM who will make us regard the past 7-8 years as the good times.