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  1. When one such "tragedy " - lol - occurred locally , a plod mate tells of having to resist the urge to include in the incident report that never before had the deceased victims arse been in such close proximity to his face.
  2. Balloons and "tributes" .. at the spot where some half wit boy racer cunt - " he were a lovely lad e' was" - had a fatal coming together with a perfectly good tree or garden wall
  3. I'm a bit concerned at Mrs Kurtz's "ooh .. mmm " reaction Peter Patel !
  4. Jessica Rhianna Mogg looks like a right goer
  5. But Vera was responsible for millions more wank soiled and spunk crusty WD issue Y fronts than the screeching old bat from Rochdale.
  6. There's insults and there's insults, but fucking hell CBB show some humanity ffs .. scouse ! ..the lad' s Wythenshawe born and bred
  7. Woman .. " Go on love , twat him and I'll deck the baldyhead arse wipe hiding behind him whoever it is "
  8. colonelkurtz

    Mrs McCann

    That's the beauty of bulk buying
  9. colonelkurtz

    Mrs McCann

    Then and ever since it's been " It's not as though they're the types who nipped down to Wetherspoons and left a young child alone is it ... I mean you only need to look at the John Lewis clothing ensemble"
  10. Aka The Massed Ranks of the Sanctimonious Fucks ... bound to be more than a couple of Gabriella's, Toby's and Hugo's in there.
  11. Put on a medley of Gary Glitters Smash Hits with the amp turned up to 11 .. that'll learn 'em.
  12. I hope the two old cunts across the street read this.... fucking annoying self righteous pricks. They won’t see Xmas... Free tv licences , prescriptions and bus rides ... what's not to like !
  13. Make sure you've got some empty Lucozade bottles and Lady Tenas wth you
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