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  1. OK I am bored - thanks for the lols - Admins please delete me (I can't seem to self terminate).

  2. CCArchive

    The Parky

    Trevor the Parky from when I was a lad has died has died. I have prepared an eulogy.
  3. Out of touch, right honourable cunt.
  4. The star of BBC 3 , the "yoof" channel. Stacey was apparently "discovered" in some 2-bob reality show and has been chosen to promote the liberal values of the BBC bureaucracy. She travels the same ground as Louis Theroux but whereas Louis pretends to be thick and naive Stacey is the real thing! Probably the luckiest dumb cunt since Jamie Oliver. The BBC knows how to pick 'em.
  5. I know the ol Bear is not topical at the moment but as he's not been nominated I thought this stupid wank stain deserved a crack. Travels about the world making out he's a survival expert eating dirt and shit to survive but when the cameras off, tucks into a four course fucking meal that Rosie O'donnel would struggle to finish. When the ratings are low he pulls stunts like drinking his own piss and inserting stick insects up his back nine to repair a shattered kidney. Fake as Pamela Anderson's tits but half as watchable. Bear Grylls, your a massive massive cunt.
  6. CCArchive

    Home Office

    The UK Home Office is a completely useless collection of cunts. They are absolutely hopeless at protecting this country from immigrants. On the Home Office website they have the audacity to ask "How Secure Is Your Home? Fill In Our Scorecard To See." We all know how secure our borders are...fucking ZERO. For your interest the current terrorism threat level is Severe This means that a terrorist attack is highly likely. We all know which cunt in particular to thank for that Jacqui Smith. Cunt of Cunts.
  7. that total cunt has made a tv series out of kissing peoples arses that are building there own house, and has now decided look what i can do, and come up with a new series called kevin mcclouds man made homes, in which he shows how clever he is by making houses out of "free rubbish" but fails to tell you the stuff cost fucking thousands to salvage and clean, this mans Cuntishness effortlessly strides across all known boundaries.
  8. Whilst I am against the break-up of the UK, I agree with some tory thinkers in that the UK parliament should take the initiative from that Fatty racist scum Alex Salmond and call a referendum at an early date for the Scots to decide whether they want to go it alone of not. If they choose to breakaway so be it but lets make no bones about it, make it a clean break and build a forty foot high wall along the border complete with barbed wore and gun enplacements.
  9. Back in 1981, this cunt thought "OK, how do I carve out a career in comedy? I'm a lefty, so that's a good start; if I shout and swear a lot and say everything is crap, that should con enough right-on wankers into laughing. Rasputin's done the long hair thing, so I'll shave my bonce and be a crazy Russian wiv a stree' accent" And, talentless arsehole that he was, it worked. Now he's pretending to be a motoring journalist, by talking about himself and occasionally mentioning cars, and fuck me, the Telegraph have fallen for it. It's a travesty of justice that this cunt didn't drink himself to death in 1993.
  10. CCArchive

    bill cosby

    Bill Cosby - America
  11. Hot off the press. The decision to award the West Coast Main Line franchise to FirstGroup has been cancelled due to flaws in the way the process was conducted. That is...cancelled, not postponed. Civil servants have been suspended. Back to the drawing board. Something stinks here. Corruption?...surely not....Get Branson out at any price? Maybe. I wonder who has a finger in the pie of FirstGroup? These procurement processes have been a mess, look at public utilities and the NHS and the whole of public transport ...... buyer beware!
  12. These dirty cunts should be wiped out to meet the choir invisible. Sitting in the car eating my Chicken New Orleans and soup this morning when one of these albino Lancaster Bomber cunts lets go of its payload and hits my fucking windscreen and still has the fucking cheek to hang around for my fucking crusts. I threw what morsels I could spare into the bus lane in the hope the insolent bastard would get flattened, along with its Tardis of a colon. Fucking disgusting loudmouthed web-footed bastards. Bit like the over-painted whores in TOWIE, but without the dazzling blue teeth or tits. Cunts.
  13. this bearded cunt gets right on my tits strutting round his set like a fuckin peacock asking inane questions about the contestants strategy how can you have a fuckin strategy in a game of chance you moronic self promoting preening half witt and is there realy another person on the other end of the phone as i dont believe anyone would want to speak to you cos you are a 5 star 24 carat CUNT
  14. This dead cunt was president of the NRA and the most wooden actor ever to make a movie. Ben Hur - Ben Cunt more like.
  15. Italy's highest appeal court has ordered a fresh trial in the case of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher, overturning the acquittals of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito and paving the way for a potential extradition tussle between Italy and the US. First they were found guilty and then acquitted and now this, come on. She "knox" had been in talks to write a book and would have made $4 million out of it she said it was going to be nothing but "the truth".
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