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  1. Italy's highest appeal court has ordered a fresh trial in the case of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher, overturning the acquittals of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito and paving the way for a potential extradition tussle between Italy and the US. First they were found guilty and then acquitted and now this, come on. She "knox" had been in talks to write a book and would have made $4 million out of it she said it was going to be nothing but "the truth".
  2. This dead cunt was president of the NRA and the most wooden actor ever to make a movie. Ben Hur - Ben Cunt more like.
  3. CCArchive

    Oliver Reed

    I want to do a poo at Pauls house, Glade Touch and Fresh my cunt, where do I begin, what a cunt, his mum is a cunt, Paul is a cunt, who ever had the idea in the first place is a cunt, all the people at Glade are cunts for buying the advert in the first place. The only time I would do a shit at Pauls would be if his nan was in the bathroom.
  4. CCArchive

    Andy Peters

    What a total fucking Cocksucking, Brown nosing, Turd Smuggling, Dangle Berry Licking, Ball Cupping Spunk Guzzler! Hairy Nutsack Gobbling, Shit Shifter!mad
  5. Honestly, what an annoying cunt. Watch Homeland. Her character Carrie Mathieson seriously needs shot. Its just a shame that that show is quite good but its ruined by this stupid, annoying, deaf, unruly twat. She has no talent apart from from the exasperated exhale of breath when told she is a tit, total CUNT.
  6. CCArchive

    Tim Shaw

    the bloke loves himself that much he should disappear up his own arse. furthers his career at others expense and humility,not only a cunt but an arsehole as well!chin
  7. So I ordered this special Lyra Heartstrings Pony Plushie on Ebay. What makes it so special is that it has a hole in it's anus so I could relieve my years of sexual frustration, like it was designed for. So I received it from the post and opened it. I was eager to try it out but unfortunately I have to attend a work program. When I got home I found that my plushie's hole has been sewed up. My mom admitted doing this as she thought it was ripped. Fucking bitch! I hate my mother and I can't wait to move to my own place.
  8. Another star gazing old trout ... National Treasure not!bleh
  9. CCArchive


    Writing your thoughts on thinking about thinking, then getting others to think about it. Possibly the biggest load of pseudo-intellectual wank ever.
  10. Retro interfering geeky little bastard who got famous riding the coat-tails of a shit pun (a break from the norm! hur! hur! get it!). And he's also into some kinky shit as the picture tells you. When radish plonks a Marc Bolan into your uterus do you say "Hagiography Zambia?" ooh no you think you want to hit me with such randomness that random andromeda spirals in my mind are flogalogaboggery in yahoo dominance land. Gagging for it with a dominant Elvis cock in the spitfire land of Twister and tangle twister ice creams and tripe handed baguettes with their CDs of the Great Exhibition in Skipton of 1992 when they go and poo on Northside and Northern Uproar albums not realising they were visionary experts of pooing on sisters and sibling-pooing nearly became an Olympic sport but it wasn't because Michael Portillo stole a dice from Finland and wrote a bad song about the Finland dice which nobody liked, though in Paris they sing about Beethoven only between 3 pm and 5 pm on national vanilla slice day, ooh how joyful, yay, let's have a big sing sing song a rama where ned flanders has a table tennis match with stuart miles's conscience. oooh yeah
  11. This guy is a cunt on so many levels. First, he is a little poofter acting in poofter porn. Second, this guy has a reward on his head around the world as he is known as the internet kitten killer! This fucker has at least three videos he has posted on YouTube, and they deleted; one, he tapes a kitten to a stick and drowns it. The second, One Boy Two Kittens, the cunt puts two little ones into a vacuu-seal bag and suffocates them as he draws all the air out with a vacuum. The third, he feeds a kitten to an albino Burmese Python. In each, the sadistic prick plays with them, and lulls them into think he likes them, and then he snuffs them. In the python clip, the little bastard plays with the kitten, and when it notices the snake, he distracts it by playing and the snake strikes when kitty turns it's back. You have to be special kind of cunt to have a bounty placed on you around the entire world.
  12. CCArchive

    The Parky

    Trevor the Parky from when I was a lad has died has died. I have prepared an eulogy.
  13. Out of touch, right honourable cunt.
  14. The star of BBC 3 , the "yoof" channel. Stacey was apparently "discovered" in some 2-bob reality show and has been chosen to promote the liberal values of the BBC bureaucracy. She travels the same ground as Louis Theroux but whereas Louis pretends to be thick and naive Stacey is the real thing! Probably the luckiest dumb cunt since Jamie Oliver. The BBC knows how to pick 'em.
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