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  1. CCArchive

    Tony Robinson

    he has a gay voice which drives me mental
  2. CCArchive

    Pete Doherty

    Do I really need to state why this man is a cunt? A waste of human life. Pete just F**K OFF!!!
  3. CCArchive

    Tim Lovejoy

    This cunt is on the tv far too much. Just fuck off Lovejoy you cunt.
  4. CCArchive


    fuks u over bigtym mate.....put a tie on...tata!...i aint putin no fukin tie on!
  5. CCArchive

    Dean Gaffney

    ex-easternder, pock-marked faced cunt.
  6. CCArchive

    Callum Best

    George Best: legend. Callum Best: cunt.
  7. CCArchive

    Jose Mourinho

    Jose Mourinho is a cunt for the reason that he has such a high opinion of himself. NO Jose your not the best manager in the world because your a CUNT!!!!
  8. CCArchive

    Michael Ball

    This man is a cunt, he cant sing and looks like a twat. CUNT CUNT CUNT.
  9. CCArchive

    Justin King

    Sainsburys sucks, everyone go tescos!!! Justin, till u go there your a cunt.
  10. CCArchive


    aka "crane flies"...These invertebrate cunts were only put on this planet for the sole purpose of annoying people. The "thickest cunts" among the insect family. See how many you can "splat" in september when the bastards return.
  11. CCArchive


    Because they act like they think they are a good as b3ta, YOU WILL NEVER BE B3TA, NEVER!!!
  12. CCArchive

    Pair of aces

    Best fucking pair you can start with and i have never won with them.
  13. CCArchive

    Geroge Bush

    For being such a japs eye..
  14. CCArchive

    English Sport

    How can we invent a sport and always be shit at it? England are the biggest football surporters and we are shit at it?? I dont get it.
  15. CCArchive


    Coz there minging, and smelly, and hairy,and cheesy and just yuk!