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  1. Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    Exactly, as if they all have super-models hanging on their arms! Sarah Saunders is a smart cookie. Considering she sometimes has to defend the indefensible she proving to be a lot more competent than the bad-tempered Sean Spicer who supposedly was a lot more experienced.
  2. Poking the Russian bear

    Boris was actually agreeing with Labour MP Ian Austin who first made the assertion at a Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee. It might appear to be a cack-handed response by Boris, but sometimes a Country's chief diplomat giving it straight carries greater resonance. Consider this; an authoritarian leader who amends his country's constitution to stay in power, whose critics seem to meet untimely deaths, has expansionist designs beyond his homeland's borders and takes advantage of a world sporting event for propaganda purposes. Who am I talking about - Hitler or Putin?
  3. Manufactured Outrage about Cambridge Analytica

    That is CA's greatest defence, though like Facebook it will have a tough time defending the misuse of personal data. As you say, the effectiveness of CA's operation is impossible to quantify but its worth remembering that Trump won an election and the Vote Remain camp lost a referendum against all predictions. As ever, follow the money; CA is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCL, which whilst technically a British concern is connected via a string of shell companies to Robert Mercer, a US computer scientist and hedge fund owner. Mercer, an Alt-Right benefactor is acknowledged to have provided free data analysis to Nigel Farage. One of the CA Vice-Presidents was Steve Bannon who was Chief Executive of Donald Trump's presidential election campaign and for a short time the President's chief strategist at the White House. Admittedly, there are a few dots left to join but as I stated previously, questions need to be answered...
  4. Manufactured Outrage about Cambridge Analytica

    The "dopey youth" will have been left alone. See above.
  5. Manufactured Outrage about Cambridge Analytica

    Indeed, but the point of the CA approach is that you're not aware that your tummy is being tickled. CA's success is about the average Joe thinking he has made up his own mind without any outside influence. That is what is so disturbing. FTR, the "Niggers start at Dover" to the "Ooooh Jeremy Corbyn!" mindsets are of no interest to the CA operation. They have already made their mind up even if they have not articulated such an opinion as psychometric analysis will identify them. The CA mind control only targets the floating voter and those who think they are neutral.
  6. Quaint village pubs

    Luckily, I'm in a good mood, otherwise I'd cooler you for 28 days. See you back on Saturday.
  7. £6 grand for curtains

    I think most films will contain production and continuity bloopers. Troy was simply a well-made sword and sandals epic - it didn't pretend to be anything else. A fleeting "blink and you'll miss it" error by no stretch of the imagination relegates the film to the B movie library shelves. Incidentally, I'm interested to know which play you were watching which persuaded you to have such a jaundiced view of Mr Cox's acting abilities?
  8. Manufactured Outrage about Cambridge Analytica

    ...and its clear to me that most people haven't fully grasped what allegedly is going on. The problem with mainstream news channels is that 30 minutes is set aside for the daily digest of fresh headline content. The MO of Cambridge Analytica is complex and explaining this requires more than the two minute attention span that most news viewers can tolerate. People assume that this is simply another case of targeted online adverts, for example someone searches for a review of say, a Ford Fiesta and reads an article on Autoexpress. Almost immediately the person will be hit with Ford Fiesta adverts not only on news sites but also on various social media sites. That is personally targeted advertising which most people understand and accept as the price for free access to the World Wide Web and its constituent parts. What CA was up to was far more insidious. Part of CA's pitch is that they operate like ghosts - move in, do the job and clear out without anyone realising. CA were given access to the FB servers and trawled the personal data and content of its' users. The data was fed into 5,000 data sets and with the case of the recent US Presidential elections, identified via psychometric analysis, those deemed to be floating voters. The target group was then individually reassessed (again by psychometric analysis of uploaded comments) for basic fears and needs. Those people were then fed what appeared to be non-partisan content which addressed the fears and needs and subliminally manipulated them to vote for Trump. If true, then this was covert mind manipulation on an industrial scale. Nearer home, it has been suggested the same process was used to tip the balance in favour of the "Vote Leave" Brexit referendum. Certainly if one follows the money from the Vote Leave camp to entities associated with CA then questions need to be asked. Now, it has to be said that CA whistle-blowers do have an axe to grind with their former employers and that the Chanel 4 expose simply recorded CA executives exaggerating their case whilst making a sales pitch to potential clients and that no-one really knows outside CA as to the efficacy of their product. That said, there is a lot to be concerned about and for the sake of transparent democracy questions do need to be answered.
  9. Ad cunts

    ...and you did it. Cya
  10. Nazi dogs.

    In this particular case, the offended party and original complainant was The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities who can be forgiven for being a bit vexed.
  11. Bratz

    Be that as it may be, however I still have a problem with punters making sexualised comments about minors.
  12. £6 grand for curtains

    Eh? He may be a lefty luvvie but he is a talented theatrical actor who has won plaudits whilst with the RSC. His subtle portrayal of Hannibal Lecter was far more menacing than Anthony Hopkins' hammy performance. As for B rated films, I presume you include the Bourne films, Troy and others?
  13. Manufactured Outrage about Cambridge Analytica

    I would disagree with the nom's title that the current furore is manufactured outrage. In fact there are some very serious and far-reaching concerns. There are three issues here; firstly Cambridge Analytica ("CA") did not have permission to mine and process personal data with psychometric analysis for the purposes of targeted advertisements. The second issue is that Facebook, at the very least, should have been aware of what was going on. The suggestion is that they adopted a policy of plausible deniability by not checking on contractors when handing out data. Lastly, if the Chanel 4 sting is correct then CA have been involved in some seriously illegal entrapment activities, that is if the firm's pitch to the "Malaysian fixer" was more than sales hype.
  14. BBC Salaries

    IR 35 definition of self-employed is vague to say the least. The "on-air talent" would have been snared if they derived an income from only one source.
  15. Bratz

    I've no idea, my little and somewhat obsessive stalker, but since I have just endured reading three pages of playground drivel subsequent to your post, I'm not sure you're qualified to make rhetorical allusions to maturity.