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  1. Mrs Roops

    Kendrick Lamar

    The OP was pretty good with the poster displaying a sense of logic hitherto unseen. Perhaps his employers will henceforth be confident enough to allow him to operate the electric gates, but enough of me dishing out compliments. As I said, not a bad nom but such is the nature of The Corner let's hope it doesn't denigrate into yet another farrago of lazy and racially motivated generalisations...
  2. Mrs Roops

    Kendrick Lamar

    Piss-poor and contradictory attempts to justify misogyny aside I was alarmed to read that you seem incapable of making your own sandwich. Perhaps your befuddlement would be salved by reducing the number of ingredients?
  3. Mrs Roops

    Kendrick Lamar

    Well now, aren't these sentiments no different from those articulated - albeit without the street patois - by some of the involuntarily celibate punters of The Corner?
  4. Mrs Roops

    £10,000 Feckless millennial scum handout

    The "snowflakes" haven't "demanded" anything of the sort. The idea originated from the Resolution Foundation, a liberal (small "L") Tory think tank. Just to inflame punters further, the same organisation has just published another Green paper suggesting that homeowners nearing retirement should be forced to cough up £30k by way of equity release to help fund the country's Social Care fund.
  5. Mrs Roops


    It was a shit nom, but not by design as you make out, Walter. We both know that you have found yourself in a hole, so my advice would be to cease digging...
  6. Mrs Roops


    It took you two weeks to come up with an oft-used defence employed by fantasists when they have been rumbled as a Mitty. We still remember your attempt in portraying yourself as a canny director of a property firm arranging £300 million deals. I suspect the reality is you are the floor cleaning machine director.
  7. Mrs Roops

    Internets 'Wild West' laws.

    I'm not sure The Corner would be classed as a social media site. In any case one hyperventilating anonymous punter telling another anonymous punter to "fuck off" will not register even a cursory glance.
  8. Mrs Roops

    People who will not be watching the royal wedding

    "What's trending" on Google is rather dependant on the search parameters you input. I don't know about you, but I saw a very British service in that well-known citadel of Afro-American identity and culture, namely St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. We must be existing in different dimensions as I thought the service was conducted by the Dean of Windsor and the marriage was solemnised by the Archbishop of Canterbury. I take your point about the gospel choir but the token choice of music was restrained considering one half of the betrothals was from across the pond. Its up to you as to why you and others highlight minor points in your passive-aggressive racist tome but FYI the bulk of the music was provided by the very British choir and organist of St George's Chapel, the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, the English Chamber Orchestra and Philharmonia and the very Afro-American State Trumpeters of the Household Calvary.
  9. Mrs Roops

    Corporate whores

    Yet you would probably complain about receiving poor service, which more often than not is due to a poorly trained workforce. Nothing wrong with training seminars, in fact they are essential in fast moving commercial environments requiring adaptability to constant change. I do have issue with firms who spend a lot of money hauling staff to venues so they can listen to motivational speakers drone on with short catchy slogans, "make it happen". They only provide a very short term fix and such events are symptomatic of a greater underlying problem. A good rule of thumb is the more a firm spends on motivational speakers, the dodgier the business model or product...
  10. Mrs Roops

    'Super' as an adverb

    ...could be, we must be syncing.
  11. Mrs Roops

    'Super' as an adverb

    Whilst I have no wish to reinforce your feelings of knowledge inadequacy I have to say there are some individuals here who know what they are talking about within certain fields of their professional expertise. If you had spent more time paying attention at school rather than mess around at the back of class then perhaps you would have achieved more than being a wannabe cop freezing his nuts off outside the pub doors... That said, whilst you may whine about Brexit conversations, you are of course free to upload a witty and enthralling discourse on the flight characteristics of the .177 pellet compared to the .22. It may be that you have previously discussed the subject but due to the insomnia-busting nature of airgun dynamics, I wouldn't have paid attention nor remembered it.
  12. Mrs Roops

    'Super' as an adverb

    Strictly speaking, Punkape has not broken any rules, however, considering his previous record the homophobic homosexual should be keeping his nose clean. I think we will extend the Punkape.exe rules to include not bringing any fellow punters' relatives into the discourse. No doubt he will reflect on this during his next period of incarceration. (More of that later) Reading between the lines, it must be fairly obvious what the fantasist's circumstances are - independently uber-wealthy and refined country gentlemen of leisure is not it. He makes too many technical errors when describing his lifestyle and he has been caught out telling massive porkies; remember sat-navgate? The thread is boring 'cos it was derailed and contravenes the punkape.exe rule. Every time punkape contravenes the rule he is sent down, the sentence doubling on each occasion, consequently its two months cooler time effective immediately. Moving forwards, questions may well be asked as to why the Admins don't incinerate his ass, the answer is/was that he provides entertainment value...of sorts. However, having just read his previous rap sheets I'm thinking the demerits now outweigh the merits in keeping him on. Punkape could do well to reflect on that upon release.
  13. Mrs Roops

    £10,000 Feckless millennial scum handout

    That's terrible. This one incident of poor inter-departmental communication to resolve a plumbing issue is clearly a good reason to close the whole rotten HA and transfer responsibility to the LA. As you're the man with inside knowledge can I ask whether the LA you think best suited to taking on the HA's responsibilities is the very same LA whose previous Chief Executive left with a huge pay off? I say pay off as the LA is calling the payment anything but a "pay-off" presumably 'cos it would require the approval of an external auditor or otherwise be illegal. Is this also the same LA where middle mangers were accused of waging a baseless "vendetta" against several experienced foster parents simply because they were asking awkward questions? Even worse, the same LA, in response to the ensuing furore and accusations of cover-up, declared that they would instigate a robust and transparent enquiry so all well and good, except for some reason the "vendetta victims" (i.e. experienced foster parents who were suddenly excluded from fostering) were excluded from the enquiry and were not invited to make submissions. When the LA relented the victims were given very short notice to make their submissions. As I understand it very few LA heads rolled but it still remains a murky episode...
  14. Mrs Roops

    Baby consent.

    This sort of double-speak often spouted by Remainer talking heads does my head in. Oblivious to the fact that even more people did not vote to remain, they also come up with the equally disingenuous comment that the electorate voted to leave the EU, but not the Single Market and Customs Union. Even worse are parliamentarians who solemnly pontificate that "we must follow the referendum decision" then proceed with a full-on exercise in verbal gymnastics validating the overturn of the vote made by the people.
  15. Mrs Roops

    £10,000 Feckless millennial scum handout

    Punters have listed several reasons behind the housing crisis, all of them valid but I would relegate them as contributing factors. People need to understand two underlying sociological issues which paint a much larger picture. 1/ The breakdown of the traditional nuclear family unit; only two generations ago a boy and girl would meet, fall in love and think through their plans on deciding to marry. They would save with a building society, obtain a property and raise a family and on the whole, would stay together in one house. Couples who could not qualify to purchase a house would secure a guaranteed tenancy with the council. Universal family fracturing has resulted in the nuclear family being much less prevalent leading to an exponential demand of smaller living units. 2/ The changing nature of employment; again, only two generations ago people rarely changed employment - a job was for life. For good or bad that has now changed. The employment market now requires that people be more flexible and above all, more mobile thus creating more short-term demand. These two factors have changed the housing demand paradigm. The supply side to the equation was facilitated by several reactions, some of which had unintended consequences. The main contributory supply facilitators are, but not limited to -. The introduction of no-fault divorces and the relative ease in divorce proceedings. Gordon Brown's pension raids, which was partly responsible for the destruction of the British pension infrastructure, once the envy of the world. This led to people seeking to park their money into secure assets which provided better long-term returns and led to the boom of private landlords, facilitated by... The introduction of the assured shorthold tenancy agreement. The economic "big bang" which led to... the removal of strict demarcation rules between market-makers, banks, brokers, management consultants and accountants. The demutualisation of building societies. So, what's the answer?