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  1. No evidence to suggest it is.
  2. The jury's out on that one.
  3. @The XYY Man, this your one and only warning regarding Rule12.
  4. He's where he says he is. @FuckOff, stay off the VPN whilst visiting The Corner please.
  5. Well, no intimidation intended, after all, posts are merely words by anonymous people addressed to anonymous people...yet you still had to qualify your alleged indifference.
  6. I think events have shown you're the last person entitled to accuse others of being a last-word merchant.
  7. Have you counted how many times you answer "rattled" any time you're on the receiving end of a put-down? In fact I was answering a question which considering you've barked out "answer the question" more times than anyone else should make you pleased... Hypocritical nit-picker? I should coco.
  8. Either you are now being deliberately obtuse or as I suspect, you were way out of your depth from the outset. I alluded to the effect of reparations which were bleeding the German economy.
  9. All industrial economies were in a parlous state after the Great Depression. Keeping it simple, Germany firstly introduced a dual currency system (I previously touched on this in previous posts) each to serve an external and internal market. Secondly, it embarked on a policy of self-sufficiency rather like the USA's New Deal programme of public works, the obvious example was the American Hoover Dam and the German Autobahn system.
  10. Didn't you not open your previous post with "You are an insufferable cunt"? You get back what you dish out. Be that as it may, I note there was no informed rebuttal, just a hundred and thirty words of feet-stamping and cliched forum histrionics. As you were, Wolfie... Oh yeah, nearly forgot...
  11. Him? Good grief, his carcass is flapping in the wind, he just doesn't realise it.
  12. If I listen every time the chorus sings then The Corner would be down to three punters. Apologies are neither due nor proffered.
  13. You said that after wishing violence on another and you think I'm rattled?
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