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  1. What, they use the same programming language as every other site on the 'net? Aside from you talking unadulterated bollox, you ought to be aware that some punters, cruel bastards that they are, are obviously trying to induce you into a meltdown, so calm down, leave the site and come back in a few hours.
  2. I really shouldn't have succumbed to his latest troll-bait. Punkers is a catholic as much as I'm a Jedi knight. As for his other posh boy nonsense he makes too many errors - remember sat-navigate?
  3. Hang on Punkers, you can't pick and choose what your deity created - you've previously stated that God created everything, yet when it comes to a "wrongun" who clearly isn't wired up correctly from the outset it suddenly becomes "nature's" responsibility. Now, if you put forward the go to ecclesiastical argument that God's designs have deliberate flaws to test God's children to resolve then that's fine but by blaming "nature" you are in fact denying the existence of God.
  4. No, I don't think I am rattled, save for the Russian spambot that seems to be trapped in the report facility. I must say I did chuckle at the way you described yourself as having "audacity". Certainly something seems to be at play but "audacity" it aint.
  5. No apologies due or forthcoming from me, RK. Have you not considered that If an alternative viewpoint is not proffered and hammered home then this site might resemble an EDL/NF offshoot? The alternative is that I say less and strike out considerably more content. The third option is that The Corner is forcibly closed. What would you prefer?
  6. I'm sure many views are formed from personal experiences - it would be odd if they weren't. Now I had a very positive experience with a Spanish hospital locum and a dreadful experience with a eastern European doctor, neither of which has made me have a generalised opinion of each individuals country's training. However, if a punter has a history a racist viewpoints, using racist pejoratives etc then in all likelihood their POV is going to be somewhat questionable.
  7. Not at all, just speaking from experience. Police frequently abuse dispersal orders and seem to misunderstand what constitutes "disturbing the peace".
  8. There was a time when I wasn't a mod. As expected, the usual suspects crawled out of the woodwork sniffing a kill. I survived.
  9. I haven't advocated putting political correctness before patient health and care. I will query a punter's motivation behind a POV though.
  10. Probably not, but some police officers take advantage of the average citizens ignorance of their rights.
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