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  1. It was Decs who brought up "ancient fucking history" but no worries... Anyway, its Bank Holiday weekend - a time on The Corner where tradition dictates that the site's divas flounce off with requests to "delete my account" or other announcements about post strikes, sabbaticals and now it seems, blocking people. I would disagree that "feuds generate traffic" One-off arguments with the occasional meltdown does make the site interesting but long-term, incessant bullying by the same people and gang mentality has the opposite effect. When Decs and his clique were kicked off, traffic, hits and post count went up markedly. Considering your own history at The Corner your position on people returning with new ID's is hypocritical to say the least. "Sweat of [your] balls"? You're having a laugh - you don't have any 'cos they're in the small items compartment of my handbag...
  2. It seems it was the "men in grey suits" that finally did Mrs May in, no doubt after receiving early exit poll results. TBF, Mrs May was a hard grafter and understood the political game, but like Ted Heath lacked the public persona to carry the people with her. Listening to spads who convinced her to repeatedly trot out "strong and stable leadership" didn't help either. In truth Mrs May was in an invidious position, the country was divided and the UK's negotiating position with the EU was weakened by politicians who refused to accept the referendum result which in turn emboldened the EU negotiators and their political masters. The country needed a forceful conviction politician like Mrs Thatcher as a consensus PM would never be able to deliver the goods.
  3. Not too long ago, Decs made Sleeve a member of the "Bore Four" yet here we are , two strange bedfellows holding glands snug under the duvet comforting and reassuring each other in their justification of trampling over Rule 7. Now, you two duplicitous dicks may well carry on with the wailing and stomping of feet but you don't get to decide who is in and who is out. I despise bullies so carry on with using the block facility so you don't have to read what offends you and just STFU.
  4. No worries, I don't see a hissy fit, merely guess-work fuelled by bigotry presented as fact. "Women love the gays" but you have no idea as to why. I'd say women are relaxed in the company of gay men for reasons that must be obvious but I'll let you stew on that one. What followed was a diatribe of esoteric conspiracy theories that apparently you have knowledge of. The reason why your OP was edited was far more prosaic - it contained an inference that In my opinion was libellous. If I were the liberal harridan you describe then the entire post would have been deleted.
  5. Mssrs @Eddie & @Witheredscrote have been coolered for various comments made on both the Main and open Corners. That said, I'll also make the following observations... @Wizardsleeve, you need to calm down - you seem to have more vendettas running than anyone one else on this site and your presence here is becoming toxic. I would suggest you remove your signature comments before I or the other Admins do it for you. I would also suggest to the Furious Five that the campaign to ostracise a punter has had the opposite effect of what it set out to do. They all have gone about it the wrong way due in part to the instigators being ill-disciplined and having planet-sized egos. "Look wot I just did, let's talk about it" . As I said before - retarded.
  6. You're welcome. A bit disingenuous there Judge, that wasn't exactly all your words...that particular phrase in its entirety was the problem.
  7. Um...Years And Years is a warning, not a celebration of how the human condition may evolve if society continues the way it is going. The "trans" daughter is a case in point; she's embracing transhumanism, not transgenderism, something that appals even her right-on parents.
  8. The only difference between digital and analogue is the number of values that the signal transmits. If your Heath Robinson kit was on the same frequency as the emergency services then it could very well interfere the with emergency services near the pirate transmitter.
  9. On the contrary, Major. Digital and analogue signals can be transmitted on the same frequency. In such a conflict the stronger signal would swamp the other. I wonder how many lives your illegal indulgence inconvenienced.
  10. Mrs Roops

    Ramadan 2018

    I discussed this with several Muslim colleagues, those living at or near the polar ends of the hemisphere fast according to times at the equator though British Muslims generally break the fast from 20.00 to 03.30 hours. Diabetics, the sick, nursing mothers, children and menstruating women are exempt from fasting rules.
  11. A pointless question if I may say so. Of course I looked it up. I don't memorise the technical minutiae of everything. I'm aware which countries are known for fast internet speeds and LCS's new home isn't one of them.
  12. I'm a tribal Tory but will be voting for the Brexit party as a protest for the theft my referendum vote. Nothing galvanises an MP's sense of honour more than the threat of losing his well-paid seat.
  13. On mobile connections in built up areas maybe (world ranking rated 6th) but on landline connections the average is 33.28 Mbps (world ranking rated 60th)
  14. You would be fairly wrong. Add another year to your calculations. At least. --o0o-- All you guys with your paranoia-driven suspicions are usually way off the mark. Seizing a random clue and giving it far more weight than it deserves doesn't help either.
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