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  1. Mrs Roops

    Businesses that get you to work for them For Free

    I think McDonald's get a bad rap. They are very simply a low-margin, high volume business that gets it right. The business model is all about standardisation and efficiency delivering a low cost product on demand. Its not as if anyone is forced to eat there either - there are plenty of places to go where one can take four to six times to consume a meal at six to ten times (or more) the price of a fast food chain. Social interaction with the maître d, sommelier, waiters and door man is free though gratuities is expected. It appears that "McDonalization" was coined by a sociologist writing a thesis bemoaning the depersonalisation of the masses by bureaucracies applying one-size-fits-all rules leading to the "homogenization of cultures due to globalisation". Looking at the way the UK govt is applying Universal Credit to replace a range of benefits to the EU standardising and codifying every aspect of life in 28 countries is just two examples of this.
  2. I respectively disagree. This place is right up my street - a local watering hole with a bit of individual character and not another anodyne pubco house.
  3. Mrs Roops

    Shape of things to come

    Bear in mind that the final outcome of Brexit negotiations have not been finalised, however in the event of "no deal" then most UK/EU trade will survive albeit under WTO rules. I think the case of potential damage to trade deficits is overplayed. That said, no one is too sure how Sterling rates will behave after agreement is reached.
  4. Mrs Roops

    Shape of things to come

    54.7 %. (For benchmarking integrity I've quoted both stats from the CIA World Factbook)
  5. Mrs Roops

    Shape of things to come

    Precisely. One of the reasons the UK should leave the isolationist protectionism of the EU is the ability to make deals with the rest of the world. Eire is not allowed to do that, which may explain as to why 57% (and rising) of Irish exports are within EU borders. It could be argued with some justification that EU member states are isolating themselves from the rest of the world.
  6. Mrs Roops

    Shape of things to come

    That's fine, Panzy, but why say you're "just a neutral observer izall" when clearly you're not?
  7. Mrs Roops

    Shape of things to come

    Two years?! This isn't a change of parish council. Think ten years at least.
  8. Mrs Roops

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    I have to say, I'm starting to feel a little guilty about this. It good sport I 'spose but he's hardly a quality sparring partner. I should lay off, otherwise social services (vulnerable adults team) will be knocking at my door.
  9. Mrs Roops

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    Physician, heal thyself...
  10. Mrs Roops

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    You may be intrigued but I am not. You're just another bar-fly braggart who would be totally out of his depth within 15 seconds of conversation.
  11. Mrs Roops

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    OK, you got me. I'm a shelf stacker (dry goods) at Tesco. In the meantime eat shit, you must be getting used to the taste by now...
  12. Mrs Roops

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    Now you are entering my world... Sir Barry is not registered as a parliamentary lobbyist. The only reference I can find of him is when Lord Brooke of Sutton Mandeville mentions that he has received a letter from your dining companion in which he presents his commiserations over the recent death of Lord Sandy Bruce-Lockhart (former chairman of English Heritage) and expressing regret over the loss of a Parliamentary Bill which dealt with (amongst other matters) Stonehenge. (Hansard House of Lords, 11 December 2008, Column 530). You utter, utter fraud.
  13. Mrs Roops

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    I would imagine that the "dinner conversation" would be limited to, "would sir be taking petit fours and coffee in the bar or drawing room?" Professor Sir Barry Cunliffe is an renowned archaeologist who was very briefly temporary chairman of English Heritage, otherwise he served as one of many members of the organisation's Ancient Monuments Advisory Committee whose sole remit is to provide technical advice on the importance and preservation of 400 ancient monuments and sea wrecks which has bugger all to do with the planning regulations with regards to listed buildings, which in any case is now the regulatory responsibility of Historic England. I would have thought that an experienced RICS qualified surveyor and as Sir Barry's dinning companion you would know that? Don't worry that's a rhetorical question. (That means you don't have to answer it) You would also know that planning officers would apply objective, not subjective reasoning in interpreting and enforcing planning regs but that's just bye the bye. As for the Stonehenge Visitor's Centre, this is a purpose built structure erected some 1.5 miles from the monument which replaced a disparate collection of huts and portakabins which again has bugger all to do with the alleged interior and exterior work to a 16th century farmhouse. MC, I have to say you are the most obtuse, intellectually challenged and truth deficient fantasist moron that has graced the hallowed halls of The Corner we have seen in a long time. Come back Snatch - all is forgiven.