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  1. Mrs Roops


    ...in other words, you can't answer the question
  2. Mrs Roops


    As a punter who does "quite a bit of research" could you kindly explain how "the whole mainstream media is owned and controlled by Zionist Jews" ?
  3. Mrs Roops


    One thing the Labour party has in common with the BNP is that they are both currently under investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Is there systemic discrimination within the Labour Party? Probably not, but there is an unwillingness by the leadership to root out anti-Semitic elements by the Project Corbyn team. Baroness Hayter was right in describing the bunker mentality gripping the great leader's inner cabinet with allegations of withheld and deleted correspondence.
  4. I've reinstated the cumulative total so like your past business endeavours your efforts have come to nowt. Try that again and you are off the site.
  5. I've yet to find a female who finds gay male porn interesting.
  6. Any man conditioned by the porn paradigm aint worth Jack.
  7. That's right, I'm sliding off the chair as I type.
  8. Whilst I have no wish to pander to your masturbatory daydreaming, I have been told on more than one occasion that I'm a dead ringer for PJ Harvey.
  9. Everything bar sperm count and brain scan. I suspect I would be underwhelmed.
  10. Frank's forte used to be subversive understatement. Its a British thing unappreciated across the pond. Unfortunately it also went over the heads of most people at The Corner.
  11. Aside from being utterly pointless, you're showing yourself up to be a bit of a big girl's blouse. One mo' thing; Please direct your superior intellect to the site's rules giving special attention to item 12 otherwise I might be a tad unpleasant in future.
  12. Mrs Roops

    Jamie Spencer

    Unbelievable, the butt-hurt git has just applied for another account. Brett, come back in a couple of months, hopefully by then you'll understand what the site is about.
  13. Mrs Roops

    Jamie Spencer

    Brett, your account is terminated.
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