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  1. Just to clarify, the American legislature, "Congress" comprises of a lower house, "The House of Representatives" and the upper house, "The Senate". Either house can instigate legislation (except in matters of revenue and taxation which only the HoR can introduce) There is no fast track which can bypass the HoR. Whatever the outcome this is gesture politics and in all probability be impossible to enforce.
  2. Twice is less than 24 hours. So much for seeking help...
  3. As I previously intimated, sabs come from all walks of life, all socio-economic classes and professions. Whilst there may be the odd student, anarchists are not welcome. Aside from being physically fit, sabs need to be disciplined and focus on the crew's safety, protecting the quarry by any legal means and recording evidence for submission to the authorities with a view to obtaining a criminal conviction. The last thing we need is a sab going rogue by instigating violence. You appear to have a fascination with tory ladies and members of the WI. I won't enquire as to what event in your life piqued your interest but I append an image for your delight and delectation. Regrettably, its not recorded if any of the ladies last experienced carnal knowledge around the time of Goose Green, or indeed were "gagging for it" at the time the photograph being taken.
  4. Ah, the terrier men, usually recruited from estate workers and rural council estates, usually found tearing up and down country roads on quad bikes with terrier boxes, nets and spades fixed to front and back of the their favoured mode of transport. Hunt masters are beginning to rein them in 'cos their predisposition to violence doesn't look good in the on-line PR war.
  5. Slapped you down many times, King Billy. You are the saggy arse.
  6. You really should refrain from making assumptions based on nothing in particular. Anyone can join a hunt so long they have a horse, a little riding skill and some money. Anti-hunt sabs are from all walks of life and are far removed from jam and Jerusalem as can be.
  7. Spooky, I have a compulsive urge to slap people who regurgitate half-baked nonsense gleaned from bonkers YouTube vids.
  8. Yes that remains a mystery. It could be something in the viruses RNA (sic) that makes males more predisposed to contagion or something more prosaic like men paying less attention to personal hygiene. I'm sure the answer will eventually come out in the wash.
  9. Well no to that as you probably know. As for fox-hunting I abhor cruelty to animals. I have no issues with hunting as long as hunters are prepared to eat what they kill. Fox hunting with hounds causes unnecessary suffering in the name of sport and despite what the Countryside Alliance says, provides zero conservation benefits.
  10. Partially correct. Punters are given a bit more leeway but rules concerning paedo allegations and members' families have always been subject to zero tolerance.
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