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  1. Bar shift starts in 30 minutes? The gig economy can be a bitch.
  2. @Dr Twatmagnet, take this as your first and only informal warning. We have a zero tolerance policy with regards to Rules 12 & 13 no matter how oblique the accusations of paedophilia against fellow punters and sexual references to members' families. @Eric Cuntman, Eric you should know better, being drunk in charge of a keyboard is no excuse. @DrCunt, you appear to have lost your senses in view of last night's petulant rampage so you are off site for seven days.
  3. The most interesting comment in this sad case was by Doolin's defence counsel,
  4. Brexit will mean "the real end of Empire" indeed. The UK shafted itself with the emerging markets when we turned our backs on the Commonwealth in order to cosy up to EU. Foreign politicos should obey the convention of not interfering and commenting on elections held in other countries. Even Obama prostituted himself with his "back of the trade queue" talk 'cos he needed Cameron's endorsement to carry through TTIP.
  5. Well, during the Falklands war Argentina had British-made Seacat and Blowpipe missiles, the odd Canberra bomber and a couple of Type 42 destroyers, not to mention a former British aircraft carrier. The global arms industry is a funny business at times..
  6. No country has clean hands. Both the USA and UK talk the good fight about regulating military end user certificates yet respective trade departments are ingenious in circumventing the rules, mainly with regards to exports to Saudi Arabia. Regulatory authorities seem more concerned over who is bunging bribes to who.
  7. People should study the immediate post war situation. On one side there were the Comecon countries and China who viewed the world map and saw themselves surrounded by Nato/Seato, OTOH "western" countries saw themselves surrounded by the reds and states that had the potential to turn communist. It was all about strategic positioning rather than a need to colonise. Talking of colonisation I would say that all European countries were colonising the rest of the world. Britain, with its navy just happened to be more efficient at it than any one else. America did not colonise to the extent of the Europeans because as a "new" country it missed the boat. That is not to say it indulged in colonisation when the opportunity arose, having grabbed The Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico as spoils from winning the Spanish American War. There was no American "hey guys, we've just freed you from the Spanish yoke, now be masters of your own destiny". Naturally, it would be churlish of me to comment on the trampling of indigenous tribes in America.
  8. Many approaches have been made to the Argentinians with offers of joint ventures into fish stock control (ie excluding the rest of the world from fishing) tourism and oil and gas exploration. Unfortunately, sovereignty of the islands is hard-wired into the Argy mindset so they have rejected everything unless the islands are ceded over to Argentina. One day it might occur to them to get a foot in the door... If truth be known British governments would be delighted to get rid of what is after all, a financial millstone, however with the ghosts of St Margaret and 250 odd British servicemen wafting through the corridors of Whitehall that will never happen as the mantra is that the Falklanders' right to self determination must be respected. If only the mandarins would apply that philosophy to the rights of citizens living on the mainland.
  9. By spooky coincidence I'm putting you in the cooler for 48 hours. May I suggest you use the time for self-improvement by reading, learning and inwardly digesting the rules of the site paying special attention to Rule 5? I've declined the Clitorisallsorts application for puntership.
  10. Well, I really don't want to be involved in schoolboy "my country is better than yours" arguments, a futile exercise as belligerents tend to present a myopic nationalistic POV... Argentina had the numbers and the kit, some of it technologically advanced - Exocet anyone? The Junta also had popular support, though in the end that was short-lived. In truth retaking the Falklands was a challenging task for Britain, not because its military was weak and ill-equipped but its infrastructure had been altered to deal with its NATO commitments and N Ireland. At the time MOD planners and the political masters had decided there was no call to be equipped for old-style colonial wars. In the end old style soldiering won the day. In fact American military commanders were well impressed by the training and spirit of the UK armed forces and reaffirmed the USA's decision to do away with conscription and rely solely on a professional fighting force.
  11. Nonsense. Remembrance Day has nothing to do with patriotism, jingoism, nor the celebration of "victories". Its about remembering the fallen and the industrial scale of lives lost. Its the sole reason why the misappropriation of the poppy motif and for what it stands for sticks in the craw.
  12. You might think this is a purely academic exercise which has little to do with reality, but derivatives of the formula is key to production planning. Datasets used to calculate costs of production run into terabytes, moreso when the end product has many components eg motor vehicles and aeroplanes to name but a few.
  13. Mmm...benchmarking human capital metrics using efficiency ratios...as 'Baws intimated, its all about fractions.
  14. Just to remind everyone that we do not allow quote alteration...
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