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  1. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Paul Raymond, one of the UK's most successful pornographers was Roman Catholic.
  2. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    I'm sure some of them are which is why anyone seeking gender reassignment has to go through a period of psychiatric evaluation. In answer to your question, people don't seem to realise that sexual identity is not the same as sexual preferences. One does not necessarily determine the other.
  3. Shitty Computers

    Utter bollox of course. We'll put your hissy fit down to the frustrations of spending the day working with a PC that's almost as temperamental as you.
  4. Meterological Exaggeration

    Oh dear. I've lost count the number of times you wished for the death of MikeD whilst pursuing yet another of your tiresome vendettas. Well, you got your wish - with Halloween upon us its sorta ironic that the ghost of Mike has risen from the grave to bite you where it hurts the most... Spooky.
  5. There is no record of this.
  6. This topic is now closed to further replies

    No, this is beyond tedious.
  7. Liam Gallagher

    Don't knock African chant fusion - sometimes it works very well. Here's a version of Kyrie Ellison like you never heard before or indeed, could imagine.
  8. This topic is now closed to further replies

    All of you. We really have heard enough on the subject. We all know the issues, no-one is adding anything new, so stop it.
  9. Decking

    I'm sure it does. I think I picked up a few cans of the stuff at Homebase.
  10. Decking

    Treat the decking with anti-slip wood stain, it works a treat.
  11. Grassing cunt

    ...as I said, this is getting tedious.
  12. Grassing cunt

    You have a point. The thread was raised as a warning shot to a punter (he had disabled his mail box) who was abusing the report facility. Not for the first time we underestimated the pitchfork crowd mentality.
  13. Grassing cunt

    Ding is not in the cooler. Perhaps he's on a self-imposed extended sabbatical.
  14. Grassing cunt

    Everyone is going around in circles. This tedious and somewhat hypocritical as the vast majority of you have availed yourselves with the "Report" facility including some punters who profess to never having used it. Please use the site for what is was designed for rather than busying yourselves with the management of The Corner.
  15. Good. Your case wasn't going anywhere in any event.