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  1. He was fined £1,700.
  2. Can't disagree with that. The death penalty doesn't seem to have acted as a deterrent in the USA.
  3. Well firstly, I viewed the Major's query as rhetorical and secondly, he resorted to an LCD quip 'cos that's the best his self-styed "thinking out of the box" intellect can muster. The notion that you could position yourself as some sort of father figure is risible and lacks resonance, not least because I am in my mid to late forties whereas you seem to have a late teens approach and outlook.
  4. @Major Cunt, I've lost count the number of times you've hitched a lift on someone's else's coat tails but dealing with you is like playing a kitten with a piece of string and a laser light. I won't embarrass you further on the outcomes of previous tussles but I'm fearful of a knock on the door from Social Services Vulnerable Adults action team if it happens again.
  5. Stop acting like a stroppy teenager, your post screams, "aw Mum, not in front of my friends, I've a reputation to maintain".
  6. Its an understandable emotion to be sure, fortunately the administration of justice can not make it personal and emotion has no place in sentencing guidelines.
  7. Interesting cop-out. Possibly you thought about it and came to the conclusion that execution for retribution's sake is not a good idea? I suspect you're a rather touchy-feely soul at heart, besides Billy has stuck his head above the ramparts...
  8. Whilst I have no wish to detract from your civic-mindedness in saving the tax-payer the costs of sending you on to the next life, you haven't actually answered the question.
  9. At this rate we'll be able to book the loft function room and hold the CC AGM.
  10. Let's play devil's advocate here... supposing that during your stoner days you developed a severe personality disorder, say some sort of paranoid psychosis, and you wake up to find you have slaughtered your nearest and dearest. You are now of sound mind and obviously will never harm anyone again. Are you saying that for the cause of retribution - for that's what you seem to be suggesting - that the authorities should tie you down on a gurney and administer a lethal injection?
  11. Calm down Highspeed, you should care as it is the Attorney General, who as the country's senior law officer, has the authority to refer the case to a higher court for resentencing.
  12. I've no idea and neither do you. The point I was making was that British courts have always taken what other judicial systems would deem as an enlightened view in cases of a mother committing filicide. The press have described Ford as "materialistic". Was that a passing comment by a witness or was that indeed a major behavioural trait? What part did rejection and a sense of betrayal play? The problem here is that we've only read a short summary of the court proceedings of what must have been a hearing (there was no trial) that covered some extensive and heavy-duty considered opinion on which the judge made a decision. Lets see if the case is referred to the Attorney General.
  13. Indeed, British courts have always deferred to compelling psychiatric evidence in cases like this. Lets see if the CPS or any other interested party submits an appeal of unduly lenient sentencing to the Attorney General.
  14. Dunno about that, sounds like a bad case of indigestion to me.
  15. Nah, humble pie was on the menu and you scoffed the lot.
  16. You must be Snatch's older brother or dad 'cos only someone from that family's gene pool could have written a risible post as ill-thought out as yours. Explain yourself.
  17. Could be, these days I'm lucky to visit once a month despite Roops' Towers only a few minutes walk away.
  18. Dunna fret, pet - FWIW I do have some sympathy for your POV but you did your well-received post no favours when you asserted, As it transpired, deliberate misgendering is not a criminal offence, let alone "100% fact". The lesson here is don't become a social media victim of manipulative agenda's dressed up as fact. I've said it before and I'll say it again, when it comes to social media, users are not the viewing customers, they are the product. Pre-internet punters knew where news media stood when it came to political agendas eg, Daily Mirror & The Guardian = left wing, The Sun & The Daily Telegraph = right wing. The printed press no longer have the influence they once enjoyed and everybody with something to say is now in on the act via the www. Its not only Muslims who can be radicalised so check and verify everything that impresses you on YouTube et al.
  19. No smart-arsery required. Its a shame you didn't read the entire Quora thread and related links since a lot of content was at pains to say that misuse of pronouns was not a criminal offence. As I said before, deliberate misgendering can only be taken into account if incitement to violence, "hate speech" or prejudice was proven. As for your two examples, there was more to this than meets the eye. In the first case the comedian ripped into a severely disabled child singer who was a minor celebrity. Part of the comic's act was to bemoan the fact that the child was still alive despite the medical prognosis regarding his life expectancy. "Why is he not dead?" The child who was old enough to understand what the comic was saying needed psychological counselling as a result. The child's family sued for damages and for good measure reported the comic to the Human Rights Commission who in turn referred the matter to the independent Human Rights Tribunal. The comic's rather lame defence was to blame the victim stating he would have dropped the material from his act had the child's family asked him. The second case is a bit more problematic. A table of lesbians heckled the comedian during an act and as expected the comedian answered back with several standard lesbian joke retorts. The situation should have ended there but the two parties met after the gig and violence was allegedly used by both sides. Since violence was used, the lesbians successfully argued that the comedian's actions were motivated by homophobia.
  20. The answer, should m'learned colleague choose to give it, may surprise you...
  21. Oh no. One of my fav watering holes is The Weighbridge Inn, down the hill from Minchinhampton, Stroud. They serve up the excellent 2 in 1 Pie, half beef pie, half cauliflower cheese - absolutely superb, especially on a cold winter's day.
  22. Shocking. Did either case involve deliberate misgendering?
  23. Have to say, that's some impressive doublespeak. Mrs Roops has neither the time nor inclination to visit the site every thirty minutes 24/7. --o0o-- I think it must be pretty obvious why the CC Moderation Service takes a dim view of punters throwing around accusations, suggestions or inferences, no matter how oblique, of paedophilia. It creates too much ill-feeling and its not worth the inevitable fallout and aggro. I think its worth reminding, yet again, that the purpose of The Corner is to name the "cunts of the world" and to discuss/provide opinion of same. Naturally, given the nature of the site, discourse can become a little heated but there appears to be a few individuals who think that Cunts' Corner is primarily about slagging each other off. We would rather have a daily count of 50 posts of insightful and informative content than 150 post of insults. The sad part is some punters who quickly revert to the lowest common dominator think they are being original and witty. Let me disabuse those people of that notion - we have seen the insults many, many times before and such behaviour is frankly, tedious.
  24. You can't, its a case of shoot the message, not the messenger. Punters wishing to rip into anything she has pontificated about and which is in the public domain is acceptable, but schoolboy name calling and other pejoratives is a no-no.
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