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  1. Misery at McDonalds

    That was quick you were not logged in! I remember you and I disagreeing on my thinking the dog faced bit was harsh but fair. It was only in the spirit of cunts corner. Perhaps the whore bit was a bit strong and it was at a family member.
  2. Misery at McDonalds

    Ask the autmaster general Mr Cuntybaws. He sees all, knows something and tells all (sometimes).
  3. Misery at McDonalds

    I give you the ramblings of moi.
  4. Misery at McDonalds

    Yes he still is.
  5. Here we fucking go again

    They aren't the French army though.
  6. TV socially engineering

    I don't live in Brighton precisely because raging poofters and idiot greens ruined it many years ago. I am several miles to the West.
  7. TV socially engineering

    You would know (Albert Ross style answer).
  8. Poking the Russian bear

    Look you lot stop derailing my nom. I do few enough of them as it is.
  9. French printers

    The contract for producing the new British passport has gone to a French company. You could not make it up. We have British printers capable of doing it, so another example of poor decisions being made by the idiots at the top. There is a petition, so to stop Wither's crowing about it find it and sign it: - campaign.goingtowork.org.uk/petitions/we-demand-the-new-blue-uk-passport-is-made-in-britain-to-support-uk-jobs?source=unite
  10. Poking the Russian bear

    I meant the other post.
  11. Poking the Russian bear

    Fucking double posting bollocks Samsung pad cunt. Admin please remove the other double posting.
  12. Poking the Russian bear

    A great idea it seems is to upset Russians by comparing the World Cup to the 1936 Olympics. Now I don't want to give our politicians a history lesson but without the Red Army we would be eating sauerkraut and bockwurst for breakfast. They suffered a huge magnitude worse than Britain during WW2, now also able to strike here with impunity. Putin may be a tiny little cunt but insulting the Russians like that has weakened our moral high ground position somewhat. The idiot Boris should be sacked.
  13. England World Cup Squad

    You Leyton Orient fans need a sense of humour. We all have our crosses to bear I suppose.
  14. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    We lost the ashes and he went quiet. Hopefully asleep, forever.
  15. Quaint village pubs

    Leniant or what? I call for an increased sentence.