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  1. Where was the porn? I see you are calling me a nonce, this time you are well and truly reported, your mind is sick and twisted and it's you that needs help.
  2. The inference is in your mind only, that is anime not child porn, your soul (if there was such a thing) must be badly damaged.
  3. Someone isn't very good at this are they? Cuntwing just fuck off and dribble over someone else's carpet while you lick their windows clean.
  4. I know, I was gutted it wasn't more serious too.
  5. Not on the defunct and bankrupt NHS. It is only until my ankle sets then up and about on crutches. Nothing to see here.
  6. The only sad thing is that a firefighter is hurt. Another creaking edifice, that like the religion it is from is past its usefulness. I am British and therefore will naturally taunt the French.
  7. Your only impediment is still retaining the ability to respire. What has eavens' lad got to do with it? Are you looking to cross a line or just wanting to go out for walkies?
  8. That would not be advisable, I am stuck in this wheelchair for another fucking week. I got a news topic on here before you, jealous or something, hardly an achievement?
  9. It is sad for historical architecture and the beautiful Paris skyline, but aren't those tears from receiving a fisting from Withers?
  10. So, what? You senile, at death's door old fool. Why oh why were you not inside?
  11. I have never had a nom go hot so quick before, well ever actually!
  12. Shoreham, the Amsterdam of the South Coast.
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