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  1. Alfie Noakes


    But football is for irons, ask Brighton!
  2. That's my bearded clam and haddock pastie lunch in the bin, thanks!
  3. No, but I wonder if any of the complaining women have used similar tactics for drying their pike passageways.
  4. I think these days you could win just by shitting in a bucket. Might audition with that.
  5. You have really let yourself go.
  6. I hope you are not making that up. I still shit through my original arsehole, what do you think of that?
  7. I have, something like this with more cobwebs.
  8. I could phone him, after all I like pouring petrol on fires.
  9. No, out there in the real world. A local drunk pensioner (at 9.30 indeed!) with tourettes, I will try and get some footage.
  10. There is a distinct lack of quality new blood and a lot of the older guard like me are just plain tired. New blood is only quality if it can pass the newbie "gauntlet/grand melee". I am off to taunt someone older and more infirm than me. Wish me luck!
  11. I have heard that punkape likes entering drag queens..
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