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  1. He has always shown how a dim lantern burns in his skull to light the huge abyss of nothing within, an awful nom.
  2. Holy fuck, voice of reason at last. This is the best xmas ever, well nearly.
  3. Early onset? Lady P is 100 years old at least, I would hardly classify it as early.
  4. My candidate in my area was not Lucas as I am in a constituency 6 miles west, we have that Tory cunt Tim Laughton.
  5. I thought you only see a cunt staring back at you.
  6. Fact check. We leased Hong Kong we didn't own it. In this damned election there is nobody I can vote for who is guaranteed to nuke the USA, I feel cheated.
  7. Then you are saying that bestiality is then, as well as stealing from the poor, forcing rape victims to carry children and priests etc raping boys and girls. How fucked up is that?
  8. I think I have identified Salty, the loudmouth redneck.
  9. I divorced one not so long ago.
  10. You need to find a noose and a long drop.
  11. Wow, that hit the mark! Drink paraquat, it tastes great.
  12. Have you ever thought of writing an erotic novel?
  13. "Yitsah joorli hoorleedaye wiv Mwearey". Nuffin wrong wiv the Van Dyke corkernee axcent.
  14. Heartache, lets hope it leads to a heart attack.
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