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  1. Who do you think Cardinal Sin is? Are you truly that thick or am I missing something?
  2. Also most juries are full of poorly educated arseholes. I should know I have served on two.
  3. Alfie Noakes

    Theresa May

    Is that it? Care to share those deliberations that lead to your startling revelation with the forum?
  4. I agree, how fucking rude! Perhaps face, bacon slicer and salt as a first step for this one.
  5. You should have the spear of destiny thrust upon you.
  6. What about punters who get wasted?
  7. I have never in my life seen anything more stupid than you. Stupid little cunt.
  8. Richard Wilson (Victor Meldrew) was the doctor. Christopher Strauli was also in it.
  9. Try Havant or Waterlooville.
  10. Pot calling the kettle black. Your intolerances know no bounds. Michael Jackson guilty as charged, probably took lessons from Jimmy Savile and the BBC.
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