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    But football is for irons, ask Brighton!
  2. That's my bearded clam and haddock pastie lunch in the bin, thanks!
  3. No, but I wonder if any of the complaining women have used similar tactics for drying their pike passageways.
  4. I think these days you could win just by shitting in a bucket. Might audition with that.
  5. You have really let yourself go.
  6. I hope you are not making that up. I still shit through my original arsehole, what do you think of that?
  7. I have, something like this with more cobwebs.
  8. I could phone him, after all I like pouring petrol on fires.
  9. No, out there in the real world. A local drunk pensioner (at 9.30 indeed!) with tourettes, I will try and get some footage.
  10. There is a distinct lack of quality new blood and a lot of the older guard like me are just plain tired. New blood is only quality if it can pass the newbie "gauntlet/grand melee". I am off to taunt someone older and more infirm than me. Wish me luck!
  11. I have heard that punkape likes entering drag queens..
  12. A dribbling fucktard returns to posting, oh joy!
  13. A strawberry in a strawberry yoghurt once when I was a mere boy.
  14. A spunk stain doesn't count either, you filthy pervert.
  15. I think you were here before and you were behind this devoid of brain cell previous incarnation
  16. It is Lena/Moi. Baws sussed it out a while back.
  17. Only if you like balls banging against your chin.
  18. Until you find the tied back cock and balls!
  19. You have made me throw up in my mouth with the very mental image of such a hideous occurrence.
  20. I would like to boil your head in a red wine reduction.
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