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  1. Who do you think Cardinal Sin is? Are you truly that thick or am I missing something?
  2. Also most juries are full of poorly educated arseholes. I should know I have served on two.
  3. Alfie Noakes

    Theresa May

    Is that it? Care to share those deliberations that lead to your startling revelation with the forum?
  4. I agree, how fucking rude! Perhaps face, bacon slicer and salt as a first step for this one.
  5. You should have the spear of destiny thrust upon you.
  6. What about punters who get wasted?
  7. I have never in my life seen anything more stupid than you. Stupid little cunt.
  8. Richard Wilson (Victor Meldrew) was the doctor. Christopher Strauli was also in it.
  9. Try Havant or Waterlooville.
  10. Pot calling the kettle black. Your intolerances know no bounds. Michael Jackson guilty as charged, probably took lessons from Jimmy Savile and the BBC.
  11. That is great news, isn't it?
  12. Another one who hid in plain sight.
  13. Alfie Noakes

    Keith Flint

    He could have duetted with you playing the Maroon Bassoon.
  14. You fucking idiot. Like accelerating towards children crossing the road in your imaginary TATA 4X4 Range Rover Poppadom after a few drinks in the Liverpool Arms, do you?
  15. I thought Gyppo uses Kate Bush as her avatar.
  16. It was a usual thick humourless punkape reaction. Your post was way above his head.
  17. This century's Boy George, but with a lot less talent (not saying Culture Club were talented either).
  18. Fuck, what is the point in this? Water is wet and the desert is dry, move on nothing to see here. If there was an afterlife there would be a special place for politicians, fraudsters, cheats, psychopaths and you Stevie Nutsack. Do try and find out personally if there is an afterlife, very painfully and soon, very soon.
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