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    - Stealing the knickers from your washing line and rifling through your bins
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    Staying one step ahead of political correctness

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  1. Alfred Noakes

    Brexit Secretary

    Feel yourself more like.
  2. Alfred Noakes

    ORAL B

    Shame she has disappeared. If only frank would disappear up his own arsehole, he has been trying to for years.
  3. Alfred Noakes

    The Cenotaph Anorak v2.0

    Get your eyes tested spot, they are failing you!
  4. Alfred Noakes

    Northern Rail

    Try Southern rail they are a whole lot worse, get a car, cheapskate!
  5. Alfred Noakes


    So probably not a Diwali celebration then?
  6. Alfred Noakes

    Samantha Jones

    No. That is what pubs are for.
  7. Alfred Noakes

    Samantha Jones

    2 wraps of coke and half an ounce of weed.
  8. Alfred Noakes

    Samantha Jones

    163 using base 18 as found in Norfolk.
  9. Alfred Noakes

    Samantha Jones

    Shit stirring cunt. Keep it up!
  10. Alfred Noakes

    Shuada' Davitt. aka Sinead O`Connor

    Fucking hell, peace everyone! Cunts
  11. Alfred Noakes

    Shuada' Davitt. aka Sinead O`Connor

    Burn the witch!
  12. Alfred Noakes

    The Cunting Media

    I am represented in many other ways. I am not addicted. I take regular breaks.
  13. Alfred Noakes

    Jess Phillips

    Your very own requiem, hopefully.
  14. Alfred Noakes

    Brexit..the meltdown has begun

    You would know about Arabs, Nigerians and Senegalese to name but a few.
  15. Alfred Noakes

    The Cunting Media

    Almost all the boxes, what about lesbian, transgender and paedo?