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  1. Cardinal Sin

    BREXIT Part XI

    No just you.
  2. Cardinal Sin

    Findlay Trigwell

    Not all of them, just most. Now where did I put that axe?
  3. Cardinal Sin

    Findlay Trigwell

    Well there is no denying that, but I was 12 when it happened. Some fucker jumping off a high diving board without looking and they collided with my head. Unfortunately it was in the 1970s when people did not sue and the compensation culture did not really exist like now.
  4. Cardinal Sin

    Findlay Trigwell

    Why? I would have hated the lack of money and the arseholes that go there!
  5. Cardinal Sin

    Findlay Trigwell

    So fucking what? I don't see anything particularly intelligent on here. University can produce people so far up themselves that they can see the back of their own teeth. Rather than wasting money on a shite UK degree I learned my first trade as an apprentice and got paid to learn. I have never been unemployed more than a few days and have paid a vast amount of tax so far. If our universities have produced reliably useless fucktards like you and punkape then it was money seriously wasted, I am glad I didn't go as my life has gone more or less to plan.
  6. Cardinal Sin

    Findlay Trigwell

    Like I have said before, I have a very fucked up neck from a fracture years ago that did not heal correctly. My sex life is not as risky, varied, same sex or dangerous as yours.
  7. Cardinal Sin

    Findlay Trigwell

    I never went to University, I started working at 17. I was asking a question about the terrorist scum cow, not confrming any opinion I have. I am registered disabled, I work and draw no state help, so fuck your LGBT wank up your fucking arse. Up your game fucktard!
  8. Cardinal Sin

    Shamina Begum

  9. Cardinal Sin

    Findlay Trigwell

    Did I fuck! Read it again fucking idiot. You just dont get irony. Fucking yank apologist.
  10. Cardinal Sin

    Shamina Begum

    If we show no compassion to those that show none are we not then as bad as them? Just throwing that into the debate.
  11. Cardinal Sin

    Shamina Begum

    I am fed up with people who think we should be made to feel guilty about the actions of people from 100s of years ago. I did not ship slaves, I did not partition India and I did not invade countries and decimate indiginous peoples with guns or disease in the name of trade. We are being held to account for something done many generations ago and it is time to fight back against it.
  12. Cardinal Sin

    Shamina Begum

    I actually feel a little sorry for any individual brainwashed (groomed by modern terminology) into anything like this. She crossed a line by turning her back on the UK that many will not forgive and with the surge of the loud mouthed populist opinion (right wing Sun reading biggots) she will get a harder time than she possibly deserves.
  13. Cardinal Sin

    Joe Root

    It may be too late!
  14. Cardinal Sin

    Shamina Begum

    Another misguided and brainwashed follower of delusion. Is she a victim? Of her own stupidity perhaps. Can you condemn an individual so young for being stupid? YES! I expect some of you will. I am not vegan!