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  1. Noakes the navigator

    The Digital Revolution

    I would have thought the odd punter and his Nigerian pimp would talk to him occasionally.
  2. Noakes the navigator

    Middle Class parents on holiday

    Oi, I have heard Eric used in some fucking dodgy places.
  3. Noakes the navigator

    Golden showers.

    Lads, lads?
  4. Noakes the navigator

    Top cunts cards

    Every post you make reminds us why we are all inevitably better than a one trick pony like you.
  5. Noakes the navigator

    THE biggest cunt ever

    I have seen less plastic in a carrier bag.
  6. Noakes the navigator

    Oliver Worthington

    Polzeath, you poor cunt!
  7. Noakes the navigator

    Cunts who ask you if you have a spare cigarette

    Not only is he as thick as shit but blind too!
  8. Noakes the navigator

    Obsessed career cunts

    I know we have not agreed on much before, but if I could give you 2 likes for that I would.
  9. Noakes the navigator

    Cunts whos lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth

    I am going on a 3 day trip to my front garden next week frank, there is no place like home.
  10. Noakes the navigator

    Cunts whos lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth

    "Alf out", fuck, seriously? LOL.
  11. Noakes the navigator

    Jessica Fletcher, interfering cunt

    I was a real warrior once, something a little turd like you could never be and if you really torture cats and other innocent creatures then you are a just a small dicked, non entity and ineffectual little spastic with a very low IQ using words like faux you raging homosexual. I do not watch TV, as that propaganda machine produces complete fucking retro retards like you. You insult a whole generation of people who fought Hitler, oh and by the way we won! Loser.
  12. Noakes the navigator

    Obsessed career cunts

    My father and most of his generation fought wankers called Nazis, just fuck off, your kind are the ones who should be extinct, especially you. I am coming to get you.
  13. Noakes the navigator

    Jessica Fletcher, interfering cunt

    I will find you and I will kill you horribly, you filthy scum. Kill yourself before I do. I found out where you live.
  14. Noakes the navigator

    Cunts who drink bleach

    Was he from your special school?
  15. Noakes the navigator


    Bollocks, that explains punkape's rise to the leaderboard. I call it doing the ironing, oh well no more then.