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  1. Russ Putin


    He is such a rank amateur. Probably lives in one of punkape's cast off cardboard boxes.
  2. Russ Putin


  3. Russ Putin

    Safaa Boular

    I thought you were commenting on judge's posts.
  4. Russ Putin

    Peter Stringfellow dead

    Only because he fancied women younger than himself or you.
  5. Russ Putin

    Peter Stringfellow dead

    Why? He was a very generous raconteur. Many men may be jealous of his renowned pork swordery and think he was a lucky cunt. But why do you think he was a cunt?
  6. Russ Putin

    Scaremongering Brexit bullshit

    They were all brown 2 months out of the show room and in the rain.
  7. Russ Putin

    Goofy Teeth

    That's better.
  8. Russ Putin

    Goofy Teeth

    Withdrawl of the only funny thing you ever said. Pathetic, weak, out of touch and contradictory, you dont even deserve to be called judge. A figure less worthy of respect would be more appropriate, how about calling yourself magistrate or the solicitor? Would you like to suck my dick judge?
  9. Russ Putin

    Safaa Boular

    Oh no! Although my ex missus nickname for my cock was "ouch".
  10. Russ Putin

    Safaa Boular

    Apparently the damsel Safaa was internet married to an ISIS "fighter" and was stopped from travelling to Syria. She had planned a gun and grenade attack on the British museum when she was 17. Her withered old crone mother and ugly sister, also pictured, have other charges and convictions involving planned knife attacks and aiding and abetting. Should give them to some tooled up military widows and female squaddies.
  11. Russ Putin

    Safaa Boular

    This little picture of fun has been jailed for plotting terror in the UK. She is part of the first female terror cell convicted in the UK. Fucking little cunt needs a good kicking every fucking day along with her two ugly siblings. Rot you fucking despicable little scum buckets, you won't see paradise, it ain't there you deluded fucking little witches, I want you dead more than you want me.
  12. Russ Putin

    Goofy Teeth

    I knew it would be as hard as herding cats.
  13. Russ Putin

    Goofy Teeth

    Why repoort(sic) that? The judge actually said something funny, CB help us here, is this a first for the judge?
  14. Russ Putin

    Northern Rail

    In the 1980s I worked as an electrician for Network SouthEast, I witnessed appalling wastes of money everywhere. For example, they used to send 10 men in a crew van to change a light bulb in a signal. Any form of nationalisation can fuck up in many ways, but in the case of our railways, it would be less of a fuck up if run properly for the benefit of the user and not the owners (shareholders). Now where are the keys to my Trident?