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  1. What a ridiculous farce of a fucking name you have given yourself, you completely useless parody of a man.
  2. With withered emaciated worms for legs like yours, I am not surprised you cannot stand. RIP Mike fucking D.
  3. What a load of arse! Victimless comedy just isn't funny, fuck them, fuck them all.
  4. The time to recognise when you are a spent force is well past, Alfie is dead, so should you be!
  5. He was cremated. I was buried at sea off Newhaven.
  6. Drugs did not kill me (although the painkillers for my broken ankle were a bit hooky and hard to stop), the state of the posts on this site did.
  7. I spent One Night in Budapest, she said she was a dancer.
  8. She wouldn't leave me alone either, but I think it was a frank sock puppet.
  9. It is when it is someone you don't care about!
  10. But football is for irons, ask Brighton!
  11. That's my bearded clam and haddock pastie lunch in the bin, thanks!
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