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  1. camberwell gypsy

    Antonio Bramante

    A young Keith?
  2. camberwell gypsy

    Cunts who film police getting attacked

    I've always admired the courage of frenchmen. Particularly after the liberation when they rounded women up all over France, many on trumped up charges of collaboration, shaved their heads, stripped them and paraded them in the town's streets. Many had the shit kicked out of them as well. Vivre.
  3. camberwell gypsy

    Cunts who film police getting attacked

    What's 'Niggas', the Nigerian Gas Company?
  4. camberwell gypsy

    The meteoric rise of Ranesh Ramanathan and Richard Ayoade

    I've actually bumped into him a few times in Dulwich Park when I'm walking the pit bulls.....er.....sorry Spaniels and he's a nice fellow.
  5. camberwell gypsy

    The meteoric rise of Ranesh Ramanathan and Richard Ayoade

    How as Richard Ayoade been racist?
  6. camberwell gypsy

    Antonio Bramante

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-46243072 This snowflake parent has decided that it's not his fault that he has to take his kids every two weeks for a McDonalds "at the urging of his children". It's McDonalds and their advertising. Apparently, there are parents that are angry because McDonalds has a hold on their children's stomachs. So he has brought in some shyster lawyer whos only too happy to wring a few million from a multi national, because a group of parents are too shit scared to tell their children that they can't have a McDonalds. I can't be asked to go into details about the gripe but it just seems to me, yet another "blame everyone else" for piss poor parenting.
  7. camberwell gypsy

    Richard Baker

    Nor from Dick and Fanny Butcher
  8. camberwell gypsy

    Christmas lunch cunts

    I feel sorry for Terry. Everyone wants to eat his chocolate orange.
  9. camberwell gypsy

    The Death of John Wilson

    Trust you to spool things
  10. camberwell gypsy

    The Death of John Wilson

    What I liked about him is that you never saw him angling for compliments! * *Ive never heard of him. I just wanted to do a lame fishing joke. I'll get me sou'wester.
  11. camberwell gypsy

    Attention Seeking Cunt

    I agree with the gentleman. Let's have a people's vote: ram the placard up his arse or not?
  12. camberwell gypsy

    Z List Personalities

    Isn't that the Batmanjelly woman? Looks like her
  13. camberwell gypsy

    Social Prescribing

    Good idea. Some of these fuckers come into us and need to be told to get exercise.
  14. camberwell gypsy

    Richard Baker

    "Left"? Never had any in the first place.
  15. camberwell gypsy

    Brexit Secretary

    Whose your avatar? Is it Jimmy from "Jimmy Jimmy" by the Undertones?