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  1. I bought you slippers for Christmas
  2. Theres nothing concrete in it.
  3. She's obviously not jewish
  4. That's one way of opening your bottle of McKewans.
  5. Not sure. He guzzled Joan Le Mesurier
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/jul/17/govia-thameslink-fined-1m-over-passenger-killed-leaning-out-of-window Simon Brown was travelling on an Express train and decided to get a better view of the passing countryside. So, he stuck his head out of the window. Now , I'm not sure what was going through his mind before a signal gantry went through it but I doubt if it was anything to do with health and safety. The train company Govia Thameslink, have been fined 1 million smackers because it was declared by the court that there was inadequate warning signs informing passengers of the dangers of leaning out of the windows of moving trains. Seeing that Mr Brown was 24 years of age and, presumably, of sound mind, I would have thought it perfectly fucking logical that anyone over the age of 6 does not need signs telling how dangerous leaning out of a window of a train is. I mean, I dont need a sign on clothing telling me not to wear said item whilst ironing it, do I?
  7. Oivey, insult me and break my mothers heart.
  8. Are you still on the Palestinians or are you now talking about gypsies?
  9. Maybe we should say mass for her?
  10. That fat woman probably eats meat. We are told that eating meat raises methane levels. Will she give up her quarter pounders for the environment?
  11. Was you wearing Cheap Sunglasses?
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