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  1. Shitty Computers

    Foresooth, thou art a cunt, methinks!
  2. Shitty Computers

    That's your Rediffusion portable telly Pen. You bought it in 1962 when that nice Harold McMillan was PM. Remember?
  3. Shitty Computers

    I understood approximately 1% of that. But one thing that always makes my shit hang sideways was the fucking photos on the box or package of smiling cunts lounging about on sofas operating whatever was in the box or package you bought that doesn't do what it's supposed to fucking do.
  4. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    You are John Bobbitt and I claim my custard creams

    There's so many alter egos on here I don't know who the fuck I am sometimes. There's a bucket in the corner.
  6. Good final lines to a novel

    Camberwell Gypsy was the last of the CC members to die after drinking the poisoned Champaign. "Frank you b b bastard" were her last words as she pitched forward, face first into the large bowl of Eton mess on the table she sat at. Frank smiled, surveying the scene before him. Dead CC members were lying all over his large dining room. He walked over to the Juke box and punched some buttons. The room filled with the opening strains of 'Pick up the Pieces's' by the Average White Band. Frank continued to smile as he danced around the room. What a fucking night it had been. From the novel: Frankie goes to Holyrood by Sir Alec Bedser
  7. Pissing all over the place.

    You need to stop going with old prozzies
  8. Pissing all over the place.

    What the fuck is a bog roll tower?
  9. The all new insult the impaired thread

    He probably was
  10. Lotto millionaire Jane Park

    Peters and Lee still going I see.
  11. Lotto millionaire Jane Park

    I do hate these selfies. I don't think they realise what pouting little tarts they look.
  12. Lotto millionaire Jane Park

    Waking up next to a merchant seaman? Sounds like a normal morning for punkers
  13. Good final lines to a novel

    Pen looked at the framed picture of Frank on her sideboard. Soon she will be with him again forever. "I'm coming my love" she said, in a faltering voice. She then placed the revolver in her mouth and pulled the trigger.

    What does the title mean?
  15. People WHo Have To Wear Name badges and Hair Nets

    The man in your avatar wouldn't need to worry about a hairnet.