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  1. Here's a test for you. Watch Jenny Agutter as the mother superior and try and remember what she looked like, bollock naked, in Walkabout.
  2. Who is this fucker? She looks like her picture will appear on the news with the sentence ending in "........ before being tasered by police officers".
  3. Well, she don't move much but I've checked her pulse and she's still using up oxygen.
  4. Eric might ask you the year were born and if you get it wrong he won't let you in. Especially if you're wearing trainers.
  5. Can we resurrect this nom? I'm stuck round my mums house and she's watching the shitfest that is The Masked Singer. And part of the panel of judges is this fucking annoying cunt. I'm gonna make my excuses and leave before one of my mum's Lladro pieces goes through the fucking screen. I hate the talent vaccuum with every fibre of my being
  6. I'm pretty sure her pubes were destroyed in those bushfires down under recently. Luckily, firefighters managed to stop it reaching her moustache
  7. Colin Firth is a cardboard cutout, one trick pony, boring cunt. He's so wooden he should be coated every 6 months in Cuprinol.
  8. This ad is now playing literally every commercial break. If you can get through it without throwing something heavy at the TV then you are a fucking hero. I've now heard it three times and I now want to rip my fucking eardrums out of my head. Did someone in the media department really dream this up thinking that the viewing public would actually like this oral shitfest? Whose the talentless little cunt doing the narrative?
  9. I'm sure many men cracked a few out, watching Nova.
  10. I've now got a vision of her and not Crisp winning the 1971 Queen Mother Champion Chase.
  11. He can team up with Gayle from Corrie. They can play Galen and his missus.
  12. I reckon years ago she was at a party and some drunken fop (Neil?) staggered up to her gave her a grope and slurred "You're faaking lovely you are. A real princess" before spewing up in the flower pot. And she's believed she's a princess ever since.
  13. Or 3 time Gold Cup winner Arkle.
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