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  1. This one is fucking my head up. All nicey nicey and everyone's being nice to it. Where's Wolfie to tell it to fuck itself?
  2. In my opinion a beard should be, as Tom Baker as Captain Rum says, "big enough to hide a badger in, aaarrrrrrrrgh".
  3. Sounds like Bognor Regis where I'm fucking holed up at the moment. Except here I'm surrounded by fat cunts wearing Portsmouth shirts and Eastern Europeans. I'm here for a 70th Birthday party. Its fucking grim Decs.
  4. Everytime I see this fuckers fizzhogg on the TV I have to take deep breaths because if I dont, I'll be going through TV screens like Pen goes through sock puppets.
  5. Like the Famouse Five, do The Furious Five have a Dick as well?
  6. Just dont ask for froth. Especially down the Walworth Road.
  7. Gregg's has come a long way since those days Eric.
  8. You're not doing yourself any favours here, you know?
  9. As Al the mayor in Pelham 123 said "Shit piss fuck".
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