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  1. Saturday night's alright for fisting.
  2. Charlton Athletic? You'll have social services after you for cruelty.
  3. Menopausal women always ovary act.
  4. Marcel Marceau was a cunt (I'm actually miming this).
  5. Ba de ya say do you remember? Ba de ya dancing in September
  6. I've actually googled him on images and he looks a bit psychotic.
  7. I went with my cousins to see Spurs v Norwich in the mid 70s. All I remember was the Norwich keeper, Kevin Keelan pull off a brilliant save. He leapt backwards and was horizontal and tipped over this screamer of a shot. Absolutely brilliant. Dont know what the result was because I couldn't give a fuck.
  8. Like it in the rough.....ask Punkers.
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