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  1. Fuck football and big Jock. I've just had to sit through Castleford being handed their arses to them on a plate by that fat cunt Johnny Vegas's St Helens.
  2. Our Dr always recommended it. Shipman I think his name was. Lovely chap. Always took an interest in his patients. Helped them out with their wills.
  3. Two? Fuck sake didn't learn from the first time?
  4. Sounds like living in Edenbridge.
  5. That's not easy either. Especially if you drop the hammer.
  6. Because british judicial history is littered with poor cunts who were executed because the police were fucking useless.
  7. He wanks as high as any in Wome!
  8. Where do babies come from? Well, that little fucker on the right looks like he comes from Braunau Am Inn, Austria. Boys from Brazil
  9. How do you know? Are you an admin mole here to spy on us? Or are you just looking at Cathedrals?
  10. I remember years ago when I was working at Guys hospital. There were two African Drs waiting for a lift having an argument: Dr1 "It is wombaah" Dr2 "No. I can categorically say it is wombeeeee". And so it went. I'd had enough by this time and told them it was "Womb, W.O.M.B. womb" to which Dr1 said "fuck me how do you know the sound an elephant makes when it shits"? Ithangyow
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