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  1. .....or speak like the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins.
  2. Skateboarders are cunts. Especially the skateboarders who can't fucking skateboard. You've seen them; the twats who keep trying turn but can't.
  3. Lawrence of Arabia wore one but he was a hard bastard.
  4. Good ole Lilly Allen has been shooting her gob off again. This time the 'never be slaves' in Rule Brittania. Yet another middle class twat with a guilt complex
  5. Another chance for me to have a go at the middle class
  6. Thing is though Eric, is the cunts who believe that are fucking English themselves. It seems to be a middle class guilt complex.
  7. Two German industrialists, one was Max Warburg, told Kaiser Willhelm that Germany could take over Europe economically. There was no need for a war.
  8. I'm sure there's enough cunts who have awards with the words 'Empire' in the title, who are racked with guilt.
  9. Luckily the Argentine command hadn't figured out why most of their bombs just bounced off the decks of the British ships, even after The Graudian decided to print the reason, the fuses were set to detonate at a different height, thus nearly giving the game away. It's a pity the shitrag weren't done for treason. The cunts.
  10. Yeah but you did lose to Vietnam. That's a bit like Real Madrid losing to Norwich City reserves in the European Cup.
  11. You're forgetting all those soldiers with The Black Watch and The Queens Rifles
  12. Isn't he the fat, third rate opera singing cunt, who won the X-factor?
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