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  1. It's a disorder with sufferers being very tall, suffer from severe acne and having learning disorders. So I should imagine this cunt to be a cross between that fucker from Manhunter, Tory Boy and Joey Deacon. With a deaf aid
  2. Didn't old films be made of nitrate? Highly flammable I understand. I mean, what the fuck could go wrong?
  3. The Sweeney, Professionals and Minder were Euston Films (I think) so that's why usual faces.
  4. I thought it was mediocre as soon as that Lego faced actress who played Cassandra joined. Got fucking annoying after that. Rodney and her breaking up all the time. Should have pulled the plug after the 'Hull and back' episode.
  5. I thought it was a knitting pattern
  6. And that's why I thought it was a pile of wank fronted by an annoying scouse twat.
  7. As Lt.Bromhead said at Rorkes Drift "Folk do not like reading bad news at their breakfast" or summink. Or was it Chard? Well one of the cunts said it.
  8. Whenever someone dies, they're always "A beautiful person", " They lit up the room" "a great man/woman who will be sorely missed". When I cash in my chips, I will expect the absolute truth from CC members and nothing less. No bullshit, tell it how it is.
  9. Tell you the truth, I didn't know this fucker was still alive.
  10. Those skeletal exhibits encased in a gibbet you see in castles and museums, actually look in better health than Frank
  11. I remember seeing the bloke who played Trigger in a Shakespeare production at the Globe. He was fucking brilliant. Which went against anything he played on the TV. Because he was fucking useless on that.
  12. What puzzles me is that with all these autobahns built, they didn't have any Little Chefs or "Einer Koch's" built.
  13. The cunts who say this are usually Chief Executives who ask some middle management cunt to draft this statement to which a copy of his signature will be applied to it. The middle management cunt then delegates the work to a load of minions who carry out the work. When the praise comes their way and photo opportunities appear, said Chief Executive will extract his fat sweaty arse out from behind his desk and take the plaudits. Well that's how the NHS and local authorities work.
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