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  1. camberwell gypsy

    Bob Monkhouse

    I went to see Stan and Ollie at the weekend. Good film. Just saying.
  2. camberwell gypsy

    Let Toys Be Toys

    Jeff Chandler
  3. camberwell gypsy

    People using my living room as a garage

    That's like asking Rose and Fred West to put up your daughter for a couple of days!
  4. camberwell gypsy


    I dunno Wiz, it's a pity you don't work on the bins. At least you can throw.the cunt in with the recycling. "We warned him not to lean in to far, but he didn't hear us and....well the next we heard his scream and then his bones crunching".
  5. camberwell gypsy

    Bob Monkhouse

    That young girl weren't laughing when the fat cunt bounced up and down on her bladder.
  6. camberwell gypsy

    Let Toys Be Toys

    Why are you here? You never nominate anything, all you do is slag people off and wank on about how hard done by you are. Just wait until the nurse wheels you to sit by the sunny window and change your colostomy bag. You fucking Walter Mitty cunt.
  7. camberwell gypsy

    Let Toys Be Toys

    Read somewhere that someone asked whether anyone in the SAS ever worked with Grylls. This former SAS soldier asked around former and serving buddies from the regiment about him no fucker ever recalls him.
  8. camberwell gypsy

    Let Toys Be Toys

    As Jack Hargreaves used to say on the nature programme"Out of Town" "it's a conundrum isn't it?" then he'd light his pipe and snare a rabbit. Last of the hard fuckers on telly was old Jack.
  9. camberwell gypsy

    Royal Wacky Races

    What, Greek?
  10. camberwell gypsy

    48 Hours Of Cunts

    You said "Bob Monkhouse, our survey said........... I'll get me TV Times.
  11. camberwell gypsy

    Stupid bird box cunts

    He's a crushed Asian Sorry, a crustacean
  12. camberwell gypsy

    Let Toys Be Toys

    Just had a look at their facefuck page and they say it's a load of bollocks about wanting the "zoo" book banned. Well they didn't say "bollocks" because they are male parts and they would be gender neutral I suppose
  13. camberwell gypsy

    Royal Wacky Races

    Back to Phil the bubble and his stunt driving; are the police still 'investigating'? Because if he is culpable will they make it public? Because you bet your arse they'll throw the fucking book at the other driver if they're at fault.
  14. camberwell gypsy

    Royal Wacky Races

    Three times you posted that Decs. You ok?