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  1. Why not. She'd be damn sight more interesting than Mayday.
  2. Does one of the benefits of the Freedom of Norwich is that he's allowed to herd his cock over a bridge?
  3. I've got to come out of my shell.
  4. Just knock the fucker out.
  5. Gaw blimey stroike a loit guvnor. Yous a propah gent an" no mistake.
  6. Here you are Neil. Happy Easter.
  7. Hopefully it will get rid of thick cunts via the 'Darwin' theory
  8. Claart not clot. You're not from these parts are you?
  9. Probably because the local school has too many black kids
  10. To stick themselves to the Chinese tanks would they use Gollira grue?
  11. Thing is, the UK is doing a lot to cut down on emissions. It's India, China and USA that's the culprits. Why don't they glue themselves to a tank on Tiananmen Square? Now that would be worth seeing
  12. Fucking idiot Thompson doesn't think what air travel is doing to the planet though, does she? Ropey fucking actress as well.
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