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  1. You got gypsy blood in your veins Bawsey?
  2. I wonder what a minutes silence is like at a Tourettes sufferers conference?
  3. They were talking about it on the Jeremy fucking Vine show earlier and they had someone on the phone from the Tourettes society. I know its cuntish but I was hoping it went something like this: Vine "hello and welcome, so what do you think about this joke"? "Morning Jeremy cuuuuuunt. Well I thought Fuuuck shiiiit piss on your bollocks it was uncalled for waaaank". Unfortunately it didn't happen.
  4. British justice: the best in the world.
  5. Do wot? Do wot? Dowotdowotdowot?
  6. Basically this is what you do if you're attacked by one of these cunts on a horse: as he's coming at you, you step to the blind side of his horse and swing your shovel (pick axe handle is better, better leverage, right Eric😉) right onto his back. The cunt flies off the horse onto the floor and then you can have a field day with the chin less fucking hooray Henry. Or, smack the horse across the choppers, the horse goes down, thus trapping the cunt under it* *As demonstrated by Rifleman Harris in one of the Sharpe novels.
  7. Who's going to get Abbie Normal's brain?
  8. I dropped a mug of coffee in the kitchen last night. It would never have happened if there was no Brexit. Fuck knows what's gonna happen when we come out. Some say that accidents in the kitchen will raise by 70% and people tripping over will rise to record levels.
  9. Then pitch the fucker to the fuckers at the Beeb. And when it does come on, we know who to fucking blame.
  10. I saw someone who looks like him not doing it.
  11. Take smith out of the equation and England will win the whole thing. All the other aussie batsman are ropey to say the least
  12. He'll be wearing a Spurs shirt in January.
  13. I'm against the death penalty but life should mean life. Not "serve at least 15 years", but life. The reason I'm against the death penalty is because by and large, the police can be shite at investigating murders.
  14. Ah yes "M'lud, my client decided to rake the flower bed, but failed to see the deceased reclining amongst the fuscias. She didn't hear him scream because she was listening to Family Favourites on her earphones. A case of accidental death m'lud".
  15. A narcissist? She should be a member of this site. There's plenty of narcissists on here.
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