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  1. But surely you're used to consuming that sort of fare, a stout defender of everything canine, you and Poochy lock lips on a regular basis. A cunt's best friend...
  2. Says the cunt who has to, by law, follow his pooch around with a bag to collect it's public deposits. Woof woof, Dickless.
  3. This is how you spell Portugal 'third-world-shit-hole' You're welcome 😏
  4. That's what you get for being a show-off. Exhibitionist cunt!
  5. Isn't he that shit cunt that Liverpool fucked-off because he was a feckless foreigner?
  6. cooter

    Uri Geller

    Don't parade your deviant sex fantasies on here, you'll be leaving yourself open to ridicule from some dog loving cunt.
  7. cooter

    Uri Geller

    Ah, Dickless, stop bragging, your dog hasn't got a cock, it's one of those poofy little yelping bitches that queers carry around in a handbag, you know, like you do when you're on one of your mincing patrols around the park at midnight. Do the poor thing a favour, kill it, drop it in the nearest bin, then chuck yourself under a bus, that would be doing us a favour, but that's beyond your capabilities, you've always been a selfish cunt.
  8. cooter

    Uri Geller

    You really are a pathetic sack of shite, Dickless. You just can't leave it alone, don't waste your time projecting your sad, sick, fantasies on me. And don't forget to clear-up after yourself and your pet, it could cost you even more money than you waste feeding the yelping shite machine if you don't. Woof woof.
  9. cooter

    Uri Geller

    Isn't it time to walk your Poodle?, and don't forget to take your shit-bags! Woof woof.
  10. cooter

    Lisa Smith

    She'll love it, she's probably used to getting fucked up the arse.
  11. cooter

    Uri Geller

    Uri had a hand in it (right up to his elbow!)
  12. Congratulate yourself Woofer, for laying the trap, then fuckin' kill yourself, it's gonna be the high point of your existence.
  13. The voices never go away, their accents change constantly, I think it's one of the burdens of living in a 'multi-cultural' society. They all sound like cunts though!
  14. Dog thoughts? Woof woof!
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