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  1. cooze

    The Death of John Wilson

    I once caught a Tench in Stanley Park boating lake, Blackpool.
  2. cooze

    Ian Naude

    Why give the fucker an easy way out, make the cunt suffer.
  3. cooze

    Social Prescribing

    Get yer fuckin' coat!
  4. cooze

    Black Friday

  5. cooze

    Christmas lunch cunts

  6. cooze

    Christmas lunch cunts

    Don't tell Frank he'll be slobbering at the very thought of a 'fattened cock'.
  7. cooze

    Stansted Airport

    Why wasn't he watching porn like every other sad loner, was he gay, like Frank?
  8. cooze

    Z List Personalities

    Why would he do that, he's a fuckin' puff, isn't he?
  9. cooze

    Footballers (irons) and their fucking goal celebrations

    I wouldn't bother coming after me, Frank, I'm not that way inclined and I have never been tempted to switch sides. If I'm still here in December I'll still be here in January (obviously if I can find the time from my busy schedule) In the meantime, Frankie, go fuck yourself, you cunt.
  10. cooze


    Well that's how things stand at the moment, if it changes you'll be the first to know, but don't hold your breath (on second thoughts, do hold your breath, for at least an hour, then hopefully you won't be taking any more)
  11. cooze

    Footballers (irons) and their fucking goal celebrations

    I was watching the news on tv last night, there was that 'alleged' rapist cunt Ronaldo scoring a goal, he then ran to the stands and exposed his midriff for some fucking obscure reason, don't know whether he was attempting to expose his winkle to some schoolgirl he had spotted in the crowd or maybe it was some sort of gay come-on for his boyfriend/manager/physio, who knows? Pervy fuckin' cunt. Strange blokes these foreign chappies I blame the EU.
  12. cooze

    Freight trains.

    They do run a timetable, but they don't run to a timetable! Basically you're fucked, you could be sat waiting until the other side of Xmas, but you have plenty of time on your hands, so go for it.
  13. cooze

    Guess the next tax

    If they intend taxing any sort of pleasure then they owe me a massive fuckin' rebate, my life's been as miserable as Morrissey's, cunts!
  14. cooze

    Spice girls announce new work possibility

    NO, I speak form observing the bent cunts on this site.
  15. cooze

    Grenfell Tower

    Good, she's a useless, unfunny cunt too!