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  1. cooze

    Alcohol Free Spirits

    'my inner circle' Is that your ringpiece or your vagina?
  2. cooze

    Alcohol Free Spirits

    Why don't they make spirit free ghost stories? Then the snowflakes wouldn't get frightened.
  3. cooze

    Gemma Collins

    Are those the ones she ate, with some Fava beans and a nice Chianti?
  4. Cheeky cunt, I always bring a Kleenex with me.
  5. cooze

    Captain's send off

    Who said anything about animal rights? I just object to deluded 'animal loving' cunts keeping them as pets, and thinking they're doing them a favour.
  6. cooze


    I don't give a fuck, as long as I ain't being told what to do by some garlic breathed, sausage munching, granny shagger in Brussels. Those cunts in Westminster can be dealt with later, we have the means, it's a damn sight harder to get rid of those shit barnacles over the channel.
  7. cooze

    Captain's send off

    Fuck you, my problem is with 'pets' in general, animals should be free to roam, not kept in cages or houses as some excuse for lazy, fat cunts to get off their fuckin' arses and go for a walk.
  8. cooze

    Dr James Watson

    That was a freak of nature, a once in a millennium occurrence, don't let it spoil a good nomination, you're almost pandering to the snowflake, Guardian readers.
  9. cooze

    Captain's send off

    Is it too late to say, I fuckin' hate dogs?
  10. cooze


    So there you have it, your vote was irrelevant, whether you voted leave or remain, that shower of self-serving parasitic cunts in Westminster get to play around with politics and do whatever the fuck they want, just remember that the next time you're invited to cast your vote, it means NOTHING!
  11. cooze

    Ironically introducing a song

    A faggots representation of punk, all image, lipstick, powder and paint, Valley of the Dolls, indeed, cunt!
  12. cooze

    Preachy Gillette Ad

    WTF do you expect, faggots are running the world, and when they're not their boyfriends are!
  13. cooze

    Stupid bird box cunts

    That's your 'house boy' that is. So far, I've managed to avoid Sandy, she doesn't do MILF vids (unfortunately)
  14. cooze

    Ironically introducing a song

    It wasn't irony, it was honesty, they're fuckin' shite!