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  1. Did you put duct tape around their necks as well? Waste of time if you didn't 😏
  2. Does it really matter which gay bathhouse he got his EU re-programming from? He's still a fucking cunt!
  3. Excellent cunting Judge, this is the reason I pay my subscription (or it would be, if I wasn't getting robbed by those self-serving, arse-hole, EU cunts)
  4. cooze

    Robbie Williams

    You're welcome. Woof Woof!
  5. There speaks the voice of experience, does your boyfriend enjoy your 'open' relationship?
  6. No, but you implied it.
  7. Never mind, you obviously got off, probably blew the copper or let him smash your back doors in.
  8. cooze

    Robbie Williams

    You love Take That, you were distraught when Fat Bob left, you tell your mates you have to take the wife to see them in concert, then secretly wet yourself when they come on stage, fuckin' puff!
  9. cooze

    Egg Boy

    That's a euphemism for a knob, haven't you seen The Grand Tour?
  10. cooze

    Asian Porn

    A normal Saturday evening in Rotherham or Rochdale.
  11. That's why he had to be exterminated, he wouldn't/couldn't toe the party line!
  12. One for the Micks on Paddy's Day, no silent letter, Sean pronounced Shawn, you never seen that coming! Or Guinness, pronounced black-cat-piss. Top'o'th'mornin' to yers! Woof woof.
  13. But surely, being 'liberal' means you get to fuck anybody or anything you want to?
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