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  1. cooze


    They're on Love Island, with the rest of the fuckin' no-mark wannabes.
  2. cooze

    Regional Favourites.

    Get your fuckin' coat!
  3. cooze


    If he had a fuckin' bed! A sleeping bag and a few cardboard boxes in the underpass is more his style.
  4. cooze

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    Snowflakes would call it 'cultural appropriation' but then, being bigoted, they only apply it to Caucasian sad-sacks.
  5. cooze


    Jo Brand used to be quite amusing, but lets face it, that's all she has going for her.
  6. cooze


    Actions speak louder than words, put up or shut up, cunt!
  7. cooze

    advert for the katie spunkface price show

    If that cunt Price didn't keep pimping out her children on tv and social media to finance her sordid lifestyle there would be no cause for complaint, so fuck her(although I'd rather not)
  8. cooze

    Royal Navy recruitment advert

    Punkape and his mates get in the spirit of things...
  9. cooze

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    So the entitled bitch is at it again... ' Oh you just have to let me win because I'm a feminist, I'm a mother and it's that time of the month' Fuck off you cunt, you've thrown a wobbler before when you didn't get your own way, you have a history (or should that be 'misstory') of doing it. Next time, try harder, they might let you have a few crumbs from the winner's table. Racket breaking cunt!
  10. cooze

    check out this pile of cunts

    Judas H Priest, they look like the front row of that new LBGT rugby team from 'down under' (if you know what I mean) the All Pinks!
  11. cooze

    Romano Fenati

    Unless he pulls that stunt on a British road in the rush hour, then he'll end up topping a fuckin' pizza, the cunt.
  12. cooze

    Alex Gorrie

    So this fuckwit has his adverts all over the racing pages of British tabloids, touting for business at £1.50 a minute + connection charges, for any gullible cunt who thinks his 'insider knowledge' will help them win a life changing amount of dosh. If he really is 'The man in the know', why the fuck hasn't he bet his whole life savings on a race, won it, then fuckin' retired? He's obviously a first rate, scamming cunt, but even bigger cunts are the desperately deluded sad-sacks who gamble on the advice of his services. BTW, that horse is coming to an Aldi beef pie near you, very soon!
  13. You could always take the train instead. ?
  14. cooze

    My wife

    Go fuck yourself, cunt. That makes seven!