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  1. The cunt Beckham has apparently shaved his head, hopefully in readiness for his trip to a concentration camp, I can hardly wait for those pictures to appear on his Instagram account (his gold teeth should be worth a few bob too, as a donation for the NHS)
  2. There are plenty of black men in 'lady's gardens' around where I live, it's a rite of passage to be 16 years old single-mother with a mixed-race child.
  3. I found a lovely cardboard box for making a mask out of, I couldn't figure-out what to do with that piece of junk that was in it...
  4. You'd need to bombed on something to listen to that pair of cunts!
  5. I see the cunt Beckham (or his publicity machine) have been spunking on about his £20M apartment in Miami. I'm sure that's going to make us all feel a lot better in this time of crisis!
  6. That's her massive, rampant cock, trying to escape her thong.
  7. Not to Dave, he's 'got something' on the landlord! 😉
  8. Could be worse, they could be floating out of his trouser zipper (the kinky cunt)
  9. Dave? That bloke down the pub, always sits on his own, nursing half a shandy, 'cause everybody thinks he's a cunt!
  10. Now, now, no need to get upset 🤡
  11. One of the greatest tragedies of this pandemic is that not one of the Beckham clan have croaked (yet)
  12. That was Geoffrey PALMER, try Google (or mumsnet) that's what it's there for!
  13. Joker

    Alan Merrill RIP

    Apologies, I thought you were a fuckin' expert on music matters, obviously I was wrong (I should've realised that when I read the comment, if you're going to judge a musician's artistic worth by whether they're 'fuckable' or not, your music collection must be in a very sorry state)
  14. Joker

    Alan Merrill RIP

    So, why was he a cunt?
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