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  1. Was it on Page 3, or in the obituaries?
  2. 'It is understood that all of those involved are adults.' That's ok then. Cunts!
  3. Have you tried cyanide?
  4. Joker

    Naga Munchetty

    Sorry, don't speak the lingo.
  5. It was, as I recall 😏
  6. Lovely! Unfortunately, in those days I had no knowledge of how to do a 'screen grab' 😢
  7. I have a great deal against Greta, she's a paedo, snowflake's ultimate wank fantasy, she's staying, to collect all the ridicule she deserves.
  8. If it's big enough for the remainer cunts in Westminster as well, I'm in.
  9. Maybe they could market their own Manc branded sanitary collection, call it 'Red Devil Jam-Rags', or summat, at least 50% of the country might be interested.
  10. Sorry about that, it's now required by equality law, to improve diversity and ethnic inclusivity. Left-wing snowflakery is a bitch!
  11. Joker

    Naga Munchetty

    A change is as good as a rest. Maybe you should try it, instead of wasting what's left of your miserable existence spunking your drivel all over this site. Oh, but you can't, you're tied to the beloved 'leader board', pole climbing, elitist cunts!
  12. Joker

    Naga Munchetty

    Still got a massive knob though 😏
  13. This nom is obviously verging on iron-ish, but those worthless faggots who pulled on their England shirt and pretended to represent our great country in another pointless football tournament last night really ought to be wearing a shirt adorned with three pussies. The simpering snowflakes got all upset about a bit of racist banter from the opposing team's fans and threatened to walk off the pitch. Are these the kind of emasculated sweeties we want our children looking up to in a time of adversity? They've obviously been spending too much time on social media, reading the surrender-monkey prattling of left-wing, ex-footballist, media whore Gary Lineker. If they wanted to show their displeasure at the alleged racist abuse, they should have done so by hammering the feckless Bulgars by twenty goals to nil. Pussies!
  14. Joker

    Naga Munchetty

    I am not, and never have been 'Kyle', you need to get a fuckin' grip of the facts before you start throwing accusations around, you cunt!
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