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  1. Anything x factor related, Cowell should be drowned in a vat of his own rancid piss.
  2. Was the winner a fat cunt by any chance?
  3. The fairest way to do this would be to call body parts a name pertaining to the sex of the person who posses them ie, Adam's Apple because it's on a male. An Adam's Apple on a woman doesn't (or shouldn't) exist, so that's that sorted. An Adam's Apple on a tranny is irrelevant because they can't decide which side they play for, and nobody gives a fuck what they want anyway!
  4. He got lucky, the 'slope' owner of L.C.F.C. died in a helicopter crash, a couple of years ago before the virus took hold. A right fuckin' disappointment.
  5. Joker

    Rick Stein

    Hugh Hefner?
  6. It's just there as an indication of how far he can shove it up the arsehole before the fistees eyes pop out!
  7. He/she/it might've had a 'thing', whether or not it had long hair isn't my concern, go ask Punkers.
  8. Limehouse, east London, you say, doesn't surprise me, southerners are cunts (unless they're cunts from oop-north, on an away-day, in which case, they're still cunts)
  9. Is this cunt 'blacked-up' for a theatre roll or has somebody given him a coat of Cuprinol?
  10. It's not the title of one of Punker's 'under-the-counter' video's, is it? The ones that get circulated in the locker room at the golf club.
  11. Ferry the bodies out into the sea, chuck in a few gallons of pigs blood and wait for the sharks, it's hot enough!
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