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  1. On Cunts Corner? Shurely-shome-mishtake!
  2. He didn't chuck her out, they're now an 'item' (don't tell Sammy)
  3. Joker

    Prince Andrew

    I don't understand why the yellow press are all getting so upset about Prince Andrew, he was only trying to live up to the 'Randy Andy' nickname they gave him forty years ago. Fuckin' hypocrite cunts!
  4. Every cunt should be allowed to fart in a tv interview, after all, most of it is only blowing hot air, for no particular reason!
  5. Joker

    Prince Andrew

    I don't know whether he's guilty or not, it's just that look on his face that seems to be saying "I am a lucky boy, look what I'm doing tonight" She doesn't look too upset about it either, but when there's money to be made...
  6. Joker

    Brendan Doolin

    Says the cunt with the dog-shit themed meme. Laughable!
  7. Joker

    Brendan Doolin

    Are you saying there is a world outside your window? I've heard rumours, bur never been able to confirm them, the tin foil that covers my walls just reflects my face. Now I'm getting worried.
  8. Too late, Neil. They only had one voucher, and I used it on my subscription.
  9. Joker


    A Play-Doh Alice Cooper wannabee with a wonky Bowie eye fixation.. Utter cunt!
  10. Joker

    The Irish

    I am untouchable, I'm a fuckin' Mason! Didn't you get the memo?
  11. While it is gratifying to find that my nomination has elicited so much attention, I can't help but feel my triumph has been somewhat diluted by cunts pursuing petty personal vendettas, instead of commenting on the job in hand. It's rather disappointing, almost as disappointing as Fwank. Oh well, backward and downward. Cunts!
  12. Not that he'd want to!
  13. Joker

    The Irish

    Was she trying to escape from Neil?
  14. Mr Truefitt said the attack had affected his sleep and made him not want to go home "because I know Cleo is not there".He added: "Cleo would always be there in the morning but now she is not. I feel as if a big part of my life is missing." This is skirting the bounds of gayness. Mr Trufitt should think long and hard before making a decision about the purchase of his next pet, maybe something a bit more butch, like an alligator.
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