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  1. That's because, thanks to Thatcher, they're sat on their arses watching the Jezzer Kyle Show all day (or they would be, if it hadn't been cancelled)
  2. Which percentage are you in?
  3. And you never got out of the habit.
  4. PREMIER LEAGUE stars are playing a game of keepy-uppy — over designer underpants. The footballers say they are being pressurised into splashing out by fashion-conscious team-mates. One former star said: ‘Calvin Klein is the perceived pants for a footballer and if you’re not wearing it, I am afraid you are in trouble.’ More proof (as if it were needed) that footballers are irons.
  5. Not only batting, he also does their hair and make-up, lovely!❤️
  6. 'Is London the new Glastonbury?' Do you mean 'is it full of middle-class cunts with a shit taste in music'? Most definitely.
  7. You may have thought that being an 'egghead' he would've realised that getting fucked up the arse and swallowing copious amounts of jizz on a regular basis would have serious consequences, just ask Deci...
  8. But surely you're used to consuming that sort of fare, a stout defender of everything canine, you and Poochy lock lips on a regular basis. A cunt's best friend...
  9. Says the cunt who has to, by law, follow his pooch around with a bag to collect it's public deposits. Woof woof, Dickless.
  10. This is how you spell Portugal 'third-world-shit-hole' You're welcome 😏
  11. That's what you get for being a show-off. Exhibitionist cunt!
  12. Isn't he that shit cunt that Liverpool fucked-off because he was a feckless foreigner?
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