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  1. kylie

    Jason Marles

    Never met anyone called Jason who wasn't a cunt!
  2. kylie

    Owen Jones

    Won't happen, their faces will be hidden, due to GDPR privacy laws.
  3. I stubbed my toe getting out of bed this morning, Brexit again!
  4. kylie

    Owen Jones

    Jonesy's problem is, he's a media whore, he craves the attention, so anything that gets him publicity is a win-win situation, even if it means losing a few teeth or couple of broken bones.
  5. Blame Brexit, it gets the blame for every other fuckin' thing that goes tits-up, snowflake cunts!
  6. I wasted a minuscule part of my precious life on the first five minutes of this Kathy Burke bulshittery, until some cock-sucking slag form Love Island appeared, that was my cue to switch channels. Don't these no-mark attention seeking cunts get enough free publicity?
  7. So that's why they revoked my 00 licence, snowflake cunts!
  8. I've had a look in one of Caroline's cabinets, lovely selection of antique, wooden dildo's, various lengths and widths, enough to accommodate all applicants, wasn't impressed by the chastity belt, gone a bit 'rusty' by the look of it, obviously not been used for a long time.
  9. Sounds like you're about to take a dump in a back street , has that Vindaloo got to you already?
  10. Absolutely none, how queer!
  11. Granted it's a cuntish thing to do, but if it wasn't for fuckwits like this we'd have nothing to complain about and, as long as he isn't doing it for fraudulent purposes, the authorities should let him make a cunt of himself. Many people have changed their name and gone on to bigger and better lives, Elton John, George Michael, Freddie Mercury...er...I think we see a theme developing...oh dear!
  12. kylie

    Google Camp

    Where's those Boeing 737 Max's when you need them?
  13. I object to that most strongly, I'm a fully fledged cunt!
  14. 'Rat-font' is the new black, it's hip and happening, get with the programme Daddy-o (obviously, only cunts follow fashion, so luckily you missed the boat)
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