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  1. Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill Randy bachman and Fred Turner
  2. He should never have taken the stabilisers off, faggot!
  3. Steve, trying too hard with the Pete Townshend moves, sad!
  4. kylie


    You're a sad fantasist, are you Frank?
  5. I wouldn't, Lorraine's an EU apologist jock cunt, she can fuck right off, the cunt.
  6. I would (and so would Neil, hopefully not at the same time)
  7. The thing is this, some of the cunts you mention have had a beard for years, others are cunts who just jumped on the beardy bandwagon because it was fashionable to do so, they are even bigger cunts for being so gullible, following fashion is gay, as you well know.
  8. I wouldn't want to speculate about what Neil and Daryl get up to in the marital bed!
  9. Changing a shit stained nappy isn't one of the nicest chores (just ask Frank's carers) the brainless cunt should've put her in the washing machine first, failing that a dishwasher would've sufficed.
  10. The flannel bedaubed, Canadian, guitar thrasher.
  11. Neil Diamond is a cunt (so is Neil Young, for that matter)
  12. But are you telling us everything you did?
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