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  1. We can endlessly pontificate over political and societal chicanery and the machinations of government, but what we really need is Einsatzgruppen on the streets to clear up the track-suited walking waste and a nuclear strike on the land of the white flag across the channel to create a toxic barrier. Once we've relieved ourselves of the burden of the 40 a day, shit-smelling benefits-lepers swanning around pound shops in their electric dole-chariots accompanied by their IQ of a Toblerone offspring and the French, I couldn't give a flying dogshit about Maxwell House or Cadbury's Dairy Milk. I have a plethora of neighbours I can quite happy bludgeon to fucking death for their stash if needs be.
  2. I could arrange an initial response meeting for that swarthy cum-flecked bucket-fanny'd sow with the Oskar Dirlewanger Appreciation Society just to break the ice if necessary. Having a uterus like a damaged shipping container isn't commensurate with the vanguard of haute couture, so I suspect Beckham is now reduced to just back-scuttling her. Her sphincter must look like a pustular stoma bag filled to the brim with chopped liver these days. Richard E Grant is a cunt.
  3. To be perfectly honest, I couldn't give a flying cunt if they wear a mask or not, I'm just going to run over as many of these Corona-defying faeces-smeared fucking shitgibbons as I'm able. The Primark-anoraked herd needs thinned out. I want them dead.
  4. I'm not entirely convinced that half a kilo of Baxters Crinkle Cut falling out of your arse presages such an acute condition. Have you tried drinking a good quality drain cleaner? Keep us all updated.
  5. Laura Fucking Kuenssberg? She attended one of the elite Private Schools for Young Sluts in the west end of my home town. From what I gather from my less than salubrious sources, she has a cunt like a flattened ghillie's wader. It'd be akin to fucking an abandoned chest freezer full of defrosted economy brand pizzas...minus the bacterial vaginosis, obviously. Nick Robinson's a cunt.
  6. I'm rather ambivalent regarding this cunt, but I'd probably donate my Tubby Custard up her tubes. However, she looks the type who has a clitoris like an ALDI chorizo, so it'd probably be prudent to just duct tape her to a workbench and give her a damn good throat-fucking instead. Patrick J Adams is a cunt.
  7. Rev

    Sara cox

    I'd probably flip this tiresome cunt over and batter her dung-hatch to be honest. I strongly suspect she's that accommodating at the front that an all-in wrestler could quite easily bungee down to her cervix without bruising his fucking knees. Sarah Cawood's a cunt.
  8. This Bingo from The Banana Splits-toothed cunt needs doused in forecourt 98 RON and fucking torched. Surprisingly, she's fucked that many blokes, her cunt must be like a thawed out packet of Farmfoods bacon that's been tenderised with a 5 Iron. Tony James is a cunt.
  9. He's a fat Thrush-smelling bastard, but he'll hang that pot-bellied fucking lesbian sow Sturgeon. Scottish nationalism is the syphilis of the uneducated puddle-drinking Lego-eaters. They all need drowned in a bucket of cancerous dog faeces. Absolute fucking arseholes.
  10. There's a veritable cornucopia of these fucking tedious shitshows on while we're being forced to socially interact with close family. I couldn't give a flying shit if some second-rate dentally-challenged and virtually titless ex-Emmerdale star opens up a haberdashery oop North with Mr Fitzwalter's primogeniture, heralded in with the blandest of muzak and shuttle-woven brocade-wearing extras cunts in the background. What the fuck happened to good old Dystopian suffering, amputation, spree killing and blood-letting? Have we finally capitulated to the pink-haired leftie fairy bastards, where everything has to be rainbow-flavoured and tainted with the faint smell of hipster semen? Catherine Cookson was a cunt.
  11. I'd quite happily knee-cap the bastard with a wheel brace. He's a total fucking embarrassment.
  12. Her politics stink, but I'd probably fuck Caroline Lucas. That cunt Ian Blackford just needs stabbed in the fucking teeth.
  13. I caught a bit of this last night. This morbidly obese sow exemplifies everything bad about fat ugly lesbians...stupid, delusional, probably has dreadlocks in her underarms, likely tie-dyes her clothes with her own piss and smells of supermarket Brie. One of the other fat bastards should have done the group of chunkers a favour and drowned this cunt in a bucket of cold dog-sick. I want her dead.
  14. Rev

    Chloe Downey

    She's like Les Dawson's aborted parasitical twin, except she lives on a diet of Lego, plasticine and has the IQ of a fucking Toblerone. I want her dead.
  15. Oh fuck, you've cut me to the bone with your rapier-like wit. However, you are correct, I know nothing about golf. It's a game for chinless and gender-fluid poofs. A bit like football.
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