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  1. I reckon old Emily's flaps have a piquancy of oven-fresh Bakewell Tart. She needs pinned down to her news desk and throat-fucked. Dustin Hoffman's a cunt.
  2. I'm out of the loop on the internecine feuding on here, but had my day brighten immeasurably upon learning that one of those Commie AntiFa/BLM fuckwits managed to get his empty head flattened when the statue he was pulling down burst his skull like an over-ripe turnip. I do hope it's life-changing and that he spends the remaining time he has left pissing and shitting into a bag. Michael Schumacher's a cunt.
  3. This ginger cunt-stick can fuck right off. There's as much chance of me apologising for being white as there is of black people apologising for rap music and innit culture. They can take my knee and blooter it up their swarthy fucking dung-hatches. Sidney Poitier is a cunt.
  4. Rev

    Mrs McCann

    Old news now, but I'll similarly never tire of looking at her rather jaunty tits. Ten years from now the cunts will be scraping the pavement in front of her and her soggy labia will be slopping around her fucking arthritic ankles. But for now I'd still empty my clackerbag down her neck.
  5. Far from wishing to diverge from the quite cerebral political discourse regarding Ms Patel here, if it's of any help at all, I'd bruise her fucking kidneys black and blue all night long.
  6. Rev

    David Icke

    This alien-felching spastic-knuckled IQ of a fucking Toblerone, kwashiorkor-bellied mullet bastard needs glassed with a dimpled pint tumbler and relieved of his fingers and toes with a pair of blunted secateurs. Any cunt with the sartorial elegance of Savile should be blinded and knee-capped with a paving slab. Magnolia-toothed Lego-eating bastard. Richard Dreyfuss is a cunt.
  7. Yes. She's little more than a Fagin nose on legs these days and let's face it, her brake pads likely reek of bin juice and yeast, but I'm not an ungenerous man. If push comes to shove, I could turn her over and thrash her soundly up her giblets.
  8. In no particular order, it'd be McGuinness, Henry, Ball and the Baker cunt...who I've never heard of, although I'd like Henry to suffer rather more slowly than just a simple bullet wound. Would a trenching shovel be part of the deal? I'd fuck the sugar-free McCall cunt, out of sympathy more than anything else...before dismembering her and torching her still warm corpse, obviously.
  9. It's that David Tennant in glasses looking absolute cunt Peston I'd like to nail-gun to a fucking table, before relieving the smug prick of his extremities with a pair of secateurs, powdering the bastard's shins courtesy of a tyre lever and setting fire to his screaming remains...naturally. I want him dead.
  10. Who'd have thought that the least funny of the Goodies would have aged into the insufferable old Green-voting nature-felching arsehole that is Bill Fucking Oddie? I'd quite contentedly turn the fat bearded, terminally dull, piss-soaked cunt into blancmange with a paving slab.
  11. Have you forgotten Toberglory-hole, the gender-fluid, non-binary and furry-breasted Asian Trans womble? An absurd, pastel-haired snowflake with a predilection for internet-bought Chinese oestrogen, chastity cock cages and zoo porn.
  12. Rev

    Lisa Fucking Riley

    Indeed, Mr B. I suspect her sweaty drapes are much like an old laundry bag stuffed with curdled and rather gamy honeycomb tripe. The fucking sea-hag probably lactates pure beef dripping after her breakfast pint of lasagne. Let's arrange her sudden death.
  13. I'd have fucked the paraurethral fluid out of that bint Jane, but apparently that pair of bearded, yellow-dungareed wank-puffins that danced with her were making her air-tight before I'd reached double figures.
  14. This too fat to fucking breathe, mis-shapen, fuck-ugly, cunt like a ripped-out fireplace, talent-resistant Blubberella sow needs to retire from public life. She's stuffed that many calories down her fucking neck, her anal prolapse must look like a burst boxing glove. I'd set this fucking land-whale on fire it weren't for all the Greenpeace lesbians and beardy cock-snorkeling lefties whining about the catastrophic damage the fumes would cause on several continents. I want her dead.
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