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  1. I'd quite happily knee-cap the bastard with a wheel brace. He's a total fucking embarrassment.
  2. Her politics stink, but I'd probably fuck Caroline Lucas. That cunt Ian Blackford just needs stabbed in the fucking teeth.
  3. I caught a bit of this last night. This morbidly obese sow exemplifies everything bad about fat ugly lesbians...stupid, delusional, probably has dreadlocks in her underarms, likely tie-dyes her clothes with her own piss and smells of supermarket Brie. One of the other fat bastards should have done the group of chunkers a favour and drowned this cunt in a bucket of cold dog-sick. I want her dead.
  4. Rev

    Chloe Downey

    She's like Les Dawson's aborted parasitical twin, except she lives on a diet of Lego, plasticine and has the IQ of a fucking Toblerone. I want her dead.
  5. Oh fuck, you've cut me to the bone with your rapier-like wit. However, you are correct, I know nothing about golf. It's a game for chinless and gender-fluid poofs. A bit like football.
  6. I'm with Gypo here. These blubbernought bastards are a drain on our taxes. When I become emperor, these fucking calorie-laden slab-crackers will be publicly bludgeoned through a bark-stripper, their screaming remains set on fire and the flames put out with a golf shoe. Cunts.
  7. Rev

    Stacey Dooley

    It certainly seems to have lost its verve and intensity Ratters. Skorzeny would have bull-whipped some life into it.
  8. Rev

    Stacey Dooley

    T'is indeed Ratso.
  9. Rev

    Stacey Dooley

    I'd fuck the piss out of the ginger sket if that's any help.
  10. Fat cunts are too busy horsing down their Boneless Banquets to notice blokes bungee-ing down their uterus. They probably don't even feel us scraping out their Thrush with a saucepan. Cunts.
  11. Rev

    Fucking Seagulls

    Fuck me. I actually remember writing this nom. Seagulls are still cunts. I hit one of the arseholes a month or so ago on the M77 on my way to work and noticed a still moving shape amidst a cloud of white feathers in the rear view mirror. I just took a sip of coffee, turned up the volume on my Spotify and congratulated myself. Rush - Jacob's Ladder, if you're wondering.
  12. That ginger communist lesbian cunt Wee Burney McSturgeonson knows fine well that the majority of us Scots fucking hate her and her party of learning difficulty bastards. When I become emperor, I'll execute the head-nodding cunt by stringing her up by her dessicated testicles.
  13. Rev

    100 not out!

    Ah yes. There was always a heady scent of Thrush around that cunt.
  14. Rev

    Ross Greer msp

    Correct. ...along with every SNP MP/MSP bar two. Cunts.
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