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  1. I agree with Jugs on this one. What a pile of unmitigated wank. Can I delicately suggest that the poster delete its account and shit off.
  2. Rev

    Captain's send off

    She could have given the £4k to me and I'd have done the right thing via the medium of dropping a paving slab on the cunt...then fucked the utter piss out of the owner to cheer the miserable fucking sow up. Two birds, one stone, courtesy of Reverend Coitus Solutions Inc.
  3. Rev

    Cunts who put “sauce” bottle on the table

    Real blokes don't mind a bottle of HP occupying a space on their table. It is the condiment brand-leader of unequivocal heterosexuality. Cunts who use the Brasso'd hand-me-downs legacied to them by their departed urine-soaked nan are generally the type who advertise their adeptness in orally emptying the clackerbag of their gentleman callers.
  4. Rev

    Captain's send off

    To be fair, I'd have put that slack-jawed brindle cunt to sleep with a trenching shovel before it could crawl and fucked the paraurethral ducts out of it's owner as my Plan B. At least her fucking bedsheets will no longer be streaked with barely digested Chappie dog-shit and the piss-stains will fade from her couch. I wonder if it's too soon to ask if she's up for a bit of anal.
  5. Rev

    Preachy Gillette Ad

    It is alas, the kind of emotional incontinence prevalent among the delicate and self-entitled generation of the walking waste. If some cunt riles me in front of any of my offspring, I reserve the right to educate them and Sparta-kick the bastard through the nearest plate glass window, or banjo the cunt under the front wheels of a black cab without any hesitation or forethought of hurting their fucking snowflake sensibilities. Those man-bun sporting homosexuals at Gillette can fuck off and drop dead.
  6. Rev

    Ironically introducing a song

    If you listen to Bodies, just after Jonesey's intro and just before Cook's single drum beat, you can just about hear Sid's single bum note contribution to the album. He really was fucking useless.
  7. Rev

    Ironically introducing a song

    I spoke to Degville once thinking he would be a complete prick. In person, he was quite a decent bloke...although his back catalogue defines him as a complete and utter cunt. James just needs to die. Any bloke who slipped Street-Porter a length should be set on fire.
  8. Rev

    Philip Schofield

    I'd be reasonably happy if this twee, piss-soaked and pretentious wine-collecting arse-butler bastard dropped fucking dead on air; although he could redeem himself by kicking that sperm-swilling Willoughby cunt right up the fuck-lips before stabbing her in the fuckin teeth.
  9. Rev

    Ironically introducing a song

    They've recently teamed up with Billý Idol and that Tony James cunt who I once slapped the shit out of to form Generation Sex. I'd go to see 'em for Jonesy...and hopefully to smash a dimpled pint tumbler in the James cunt's neck.
  10. Me too ratso. Those halcyon days of furious and malevolent cunting have now passed. Old-time cunters like Flinty and Blanco won't have access to the internet from their Cat AAA cells. You, me and good old Jugs seem to be the only remnants of that delightfully fucking appalling era.
  11. Rev

    21 kids and cunting

    She most likely has a fanny like a yeti's welly by now. Her successive kids must have to abseil down the cunt's uterus.
  12. Rev

    Beauty and The Flid

    I'm up for that shit. Just send me your odds on favourites and I'll have their fucking thumbs off with secateurs, drown them in a bucket of cold dog sick and set them on fire...for a small fee. All terms and conditions apply.
  13. Rev

    Beauty and The Flid

    I suspect she's a cock-hungry she-baboon waiting for some other cunt to sweep her up out of Davros' good arm, while she spends his DLA on anal beads and catheters. Let's be honest, it's not like he's going to be sweating and grunting over her, pounding away at her hamster any time soon.
  14. Rev

    Cunts failing to attend Church at Christmas

    I'm not so sure about this. If that Nazarene sandal-tramp prick was still kicking about today, he'd be seen as a self-contradictory Commie bastard who also advocated for gender-fluid snowflake cunts and had Diane Abbott on speed-dial. There's fuck all wrong with STDs in any case. It's a gentleman's rite of passage.