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  1. Rev

    Naga Munchetty

    I have a penchant for dark-skinned ladies, but not this fucking bugger-lugged crew-cut sea-donkey cunt. She looks like the Scottish Cup dipped in gravy. She can drop dead.
  2. Rev


    I see a few of these shit-lipped brony motherfuckers slouching their way to college from my work, where they no doubt take a course in weaving their eighth gender partner a roll-neck sweater out of their delicately plucked arse-hairs, before weather-proofing it with their own piss. It's about fucking time some cunt pushed an Act through parliament to the effect that these Thrush-soaked molluscs can be cleansed with fire, before the whole UK is overtaken by this utter fucking poofery..
  3. Rev

    Ministry of Suicide

    I fell asleep about fifteen minutes into Deadpool. What a load of unmitigated shite it was. Ryan Reynolds is a dreary fuck-trumpet and I want him dead.
  4. Shower of pastel-haired, gender-fluid, spoilt leftie cunt-beards should be turned into blancmange with a fucking tyre lever. I want them dead. Cunts.
  5. Rev

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    Exactly the same, ratters...just without the attendant Thrush.
  6. Rev

    Shahmir Sanni

    Never heard of the cunt. Sounds like fast-food eaten in a shithouse. He can fuck off and drop dead.
  7. Rev

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    She may have eyes facing quarter to three and I'm not entirely sure she has the mouth for teabagging. In fact, she kind of reminds me of that fucking appalling sow Kim Woodburn, but I'd still douse her in ball-chutney. Probably.
  8. Rev

    £6 grand for curtains

    I have a vague idea of the Cox cunt's acting ability, however, as a person, he is an outright politically naive fucking wanker and an SNP bastard ignoramus. He/they claim to be the voice of all of us Scottish cunts. They're not. In fact, they are haemorrhaging donations and support faster than Fred West could dig a fucking hole and the support base is dwindling down to the unemployable/pharmaceutical-dependent/self-entitlement shower of shit that will never pay tax that they started out with. They are fucking bastards. I hope that sanctimonious pot-bellied ginger Commie lesbian at their helm drops dead, along with her "beard" husband. Combined, their salaries are in excess of £300k per annum...how remarkably socialist of them. Last week the cunt said "We are ready for any chemical attack". What the two bob cunt actually meant was that she's ready to accept help from any UK agency in that event. She and her shit-cunt government weren't even ready for two inches of snow the week before and the country came to a fucking standstill. Fuck off Cox, you pock-marked shithouse.
  9. I’m pretty sure John Lydon gave a radio interview in ‘77-78 where he said pretty much the same thing. It never aired, but I think it’s on YouTube somewhere.
  10. Rev

    Bud Light.... dilly dilly

    I can’t drink any of that fucking Yank piss. Budweiser, Coors, Pabst, Miller...they’re specifically designed to be drunk by raving homos. Fuck off and drop dead.
  11. If he’s struggling with mental health issues, the comedy-foreheaded Northern cunt shouldn’t knock back a few vodkas then get behind the wheel of a fucking car. Would these bastard snowflakes be quite so forgiving if it was discovered that Jimmy Savile had mental health issues? Fuck off.
  12. Rev

    Susan Calman

    I've never heard of the cunt. From what I've read about the flabby bastard thus far in the thread, she needs her bollocks amputated with a paving slab. Then she can fuck off and drop dead.
  13. Rev

    Bournemouth Borough Council

    Is it just me, or could the homeless problem not be actually solved relatively simply by summarily executing the piss-soaked cunts?
  14. Rev

    Sign Language at Pop Concerts

    To be fair, all of the cunts in Little Mix are fuck-ugly sows. Although Blubberella with the leg tattoo probably has a cunt like a ripped out fireplace, she's still the only one I could be coerced into emptying my clackerbag into. The rest can fuck off and drop dead.
  15. Rev

    Luke Goss

    Has this slap-headed cunt’s voice broken yet? In his acid-washed denim warbling days, he sounded like Calimero with his fucking jacobs in a vice. He should be humanely subdued with a post hammer. I want him dead.