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  1. Susan Calman

    I've never heard of the cunt. From what I've read about the flabby bastard thus far in the thread, she needs her bollocks amputated with a paving slab. Then she can fuck off and drop dead.
  2. Bournemouth Borough Council

    Is it just me, or could the homeless problem not be actually solved relatively simply by summarily executing the piss-soaked cunts?
  3. Sign Language at Pop Concerts

    To be fair, all of the cunts in Little Mix are fuck-ugly sows. Although Blubberella with the leg tattoo probably has a cunt like a ripped out fireplace, she's still the only one I could be coerced into emptying my clackerbag into. The rest can fuck off and drop dead.
  4. Luke Goss

    Has this slap-headed cunt’s voice broken yet? In his acid-washed denim warbling days, he sounded like Calimero with his fucking jacobs in a vice. He should be humanely subdued with a post hammer. I want him dead.
  5. Flo & Joan Nationwide Ads.

    I couldn’t be persuaded to fuck either of the talent-resistant fuck-ugly lesbian cunts. Having two self-congratulatory unwashed femtards scissoring each other’s curtains into a froth via the medium of song is a fucking strange way to sell banking. They can fuck off and drop dead.
  6. Mark E Smith

    I did, Gypo.
  7. Mark E Smith

    No, I didn’t.
  8. Mark E Smith

    What’s not to like?
  9. Mark E Smith

    Yeah, I quite liked The Fall too, Gypo.Didnt he sing half his last tour from the dressing room of the venues because he couldn’t be fucking arsed getting on stage?
  10. John Barnes

    Football’s for fucking poofs. This Barnes cunt can fuck off and drop dead.
  11. Lily Allen

    Caroline Flint. The only reason I Tweet the cunt is because I'd quite like to fuck her.
  12. Lily Allen

    This shrivelled and bollock-eyed libtard cunt blocked me on Twitter when I asked when she was going to make good on her promise of eating a goat live on tv. She needs her extremities cut off with a pair of secateurs and educated with a 16 oz ball-peen hammer...then set on fire. Her father’s a fucking bellend shit-gibbon too. I want them dead.
  13. Sign Language at Pop Concerts

    This cunt mother should be set on fire. The fact that she thinks it appropriate to sue because she can’t fucking hear at an event that is 50% audio is like some cunt with a pilot licence suing easyJet because he’s fucking blind. I want her dead.
  14. Sign Language at Pop Concerts

    Oooo...I dunno. It wouldn't take much more than a Kit-Kat and a bag of Cheese and Onion crisps to persuade me to fuck the piss out of her. Obviously, I'd have zip-tied a freezer bag round her neck half an hour before penetration.
  15. Stephen Kinnock MP

    Fuck me. This'll be the first thing we've agreed on in six years. I want them dead.