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  1. Stephen Kinnock MP

    Fuck me. This'll be the first thing we've agreed on in six years. I want them dead.
  2. Kevin Spacey

    I'm fucking over the moon. I've never liked this cunt and have wilfully avoided any films the prick has ever appeared in. I just knew instinctively there was something about him that was wrong, other than being a screaming arse-butler. Hopefully the bastard will take his own life in the near future; preferably self-immolation on camera. i want him dead.
  3. Cunts who order gay curries

    It's true, I eat the odd curry, not so sure about the fucking prawns, Mr B. Everything out of the sea is a bit gay and ordered in boutique bistros by outright puddle-drinking Commie hipster sausagers sporting Che Guevara T-shits and shit-ugly flat-chested beatnik pink-haired leftie cunt-beard feminists with names like Crispin and Jacinta. It has also been medically proven that there's a link between very hot curries and screaming homosexuality/dog-wanking and that a traditional full breakfast is a measure of a proper bloke's geezerdom. I of course, eat the latter and utterly forbid Eastern food poofery at Rev Towers.
  4. Cunts that care about Yank sports.

    I'm a jock cunt, but I'm glad that fucking IRA-supporting plastic Paddy pikey ginger cunt-stick took a kicking. I couldn't give a flying shit if they're from Scotland or any place else. I want them all dead.
  5. Jemma Beale

    Exactly what kind of red-blooded bloke could even contemplate filling this fucking shapeless aisle-blocker up with his man-diesel? It's the kind of benefits-dependent blubbernaught that gets reported in the red-tops for being found fucking a lame horse, while stuffing double-fried chips up her sweaty, mustard-crusted arse.
  6. Len Goodman

    I'm sorry, but let's not cunt around the shrubbery...this crusty old cockernee slap-headed cock-snorkeler needs put to sleep with a fucking trenching shovel, unless that poof on the judge's bench wants to fuck his crusty old cankered colon to kingdom fuck. I want him dead.
  7. He reputedly shagged her at one point too, Eric. He was one of the hardest fuckers Hitler had at his disposal...rescued Mussolini under impossible circumstances and threatened his two post-war Mossad recruiters with instant execution before they came clean and begged him to work for them.
  8. Birds want equal pay at BBC

    I've heard that this emaciated hawk-nosed cunt's cock is slightly larger.
  9. Birds want equal pay at BBC

    I certainly do. That myopic, voice-not-yet-broken ginger cunt-stick needs his extremities turned into fucking hamburger courtesy of a commercial tyre lever, before being skinned and peeled, then drowned in a bucket of cold dog-sick.
  10. Pigeon fanciers

    Pigeons are cunts. They're just a poor man's seagull (another cunt) in Primark feathers and with flatter tits.
  11. Cunts With Blindlingly White Teeth

    I always thought this Rylan cunt with the electric blue teeth was Katie Price in drag, dressing up as a fucking poof, until she suddenly turned into a fat bastard. As a mincing denizen of the arsehole-end of celebrity, it should come as no surprise that I want the cunt dead.
  12. Labiaplasty

    I can assure you, Mrs R, my intentions were anything but guiltless, innocent or virtuous.
  13. Labiaplasty

    I for one, certainly always appreciated and eagerly awaited your images with breathless anticipation, Mrs R. I'd be happier still if you despatched a few dozen wipe-easy laminates for my personal perusal by return post.
  14. Bloke Locks Wife in Car

    I remember the last time you were there, you knocked up a very accurate sketch of cuntwad, klefto. Good evening.
  15. Sally cuntbreed Jones

    Much like my very good self, she made top of the range guitars sound extraordinarily shite. However, she's a fucking equine-looking bucket-fanny cunt of truly Olympic magnitude and looks like she smells of goat piss. The chase is the process that'll facilitate her shitting her arse in fear. Feeding her feet-first through a bark-stripper slowly until it drags at her knees is but a fleeting and momentary pleasure, but necessary nonetheless. I want her dead.