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  1. Tim Farron Sky Fairy Worshipper

    Instead of holding elections, they choose their leaders by hosting a competitive starcraft tournament. A far more civilized/autistic society if you ask me.
  2. Manchester terrorist bombing

    I reget nothing!
  3. Manchester terrorist bombing

    I've already fortified my house with turrents made from super soakers loaded with liquefied bacon fat. I'd like to see Jihadi fucking John get past that!
  4. My White Trash Neighbours

    I use the term 'White Trash' to describe my neighbours on account of them being both: A:White B:Trash If some Nigerian drug dealers with a taste for load shitty grime music ever move next door, I will be sure to nominate them under the title of 'Black Trash' for the sake of equality. (Ricks blood pressure be damned.) P:S: If you ever liken me to Wordsworth again, I will break into your house in the dead of night and smear my smegma glazed cock over your sleeping face. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. My White Trash Neighbours

    Or in your case, fags in leather bum together. Lol.
  6. My White Trash Neighbours

    Allow me to paint you a picture of this family that moved next door to me a couple of years ago. For the sake of preserving their anonymity I shall refer to them as 'The Shithead Family'. Mr Shithead is your fairly typical white van man with a discounted BAQ toolbox, in that he is a complete knobjockey who swaggers around like a peacock with a fucking ferret lodged up its arse, and with the kind of smug, self-satisfied facial expression that comes naturally from being a delusionally stupid cunt. Being the dim-witted dullard that he is, Mr Shitheads hobbies include: Banging on the walls with his hammer for hours on end. Sawing 2X4s in half for hours on end. And playing Justin Biebers 'love yourself'(I shit you not.) at full volume, in a loop, for hours on end. Mr's Shithead is the kind of woman that has been fucked by so many Chavs over the years, you could probably use her cunt flaps as a makeshift bathrobe, and go urban exploring in her back passage, and has the kind of screechy voice that sounds like a hyena being raped by a particularly feisty elephant. Their feral offspring are as numerous as they are worthless and all seem to have a singular purpose of bouncing footballs against their garden fence in perpetuity.
  7. What is your visualisation of folks on the corner?

    Previously on Doctor Who...
  8. Cunts that deny the existence of Aliens.

    I never knew Roops could be quite so photogenic.
  9. What is your visualisation of folks on the corner?

    I've always envisioned Rev as bearing a striking resemblance to Malcolm Tucker from 'The Thick Of It', our unofficial mascot of the corner.
  10. Asian grooming trials

    I'm sure that they will all have promising careers as 'we buy any car' salesmen after they come out of prision.
  11. Panzys knackered, or is he?

    Is that dipshit still here? I had hopes that the thousand yard staring cunt would have overdosed on pritt stick fumes long before now.
  12. Asian grooming trials

    Someone's awfully salty about being laid off from their dream job as senior quality tester at the fisting butter factory. Did you break down in tears when they gave you the news?
  13. Asian grooming trials

    You do realise that we are talking about a man whose geographical expertise only extends as far as to knowing all the best bumming spots within a five mile radius of his bedsit in Tower Hamlets. The cock smoking cunt probably thinks that all Asians sailed over here from Curryland aboard a raft constructed from the mouldering corpses of sodomized goats.