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  1. Tabloids printing bollocks

    I lived on Mars.
  2. Sheep shaggers

    I'm not a vegan.
  3. Sheep shaggers

    I don't eat meat. So you're wrong you thick cunt.
  4. Liberal Parenting

    Parents? In my day we never had parents. We fended for ourselves from the moment we were born. We had to clout ourselves round the ear when we were naughty. Imagine being rich enough to afford parents? Kids these days don't know how good it is...
  5. Hurricanes all over the fucking gaff.

    The inclement weather the new world has recently been experiencing is due to all the gays. God is angry with them. Punkape in particular.
  6. Our Future Prime Minister

    Choudry works for the men in tights, and anyone who pays him the slightest bit of attention is a fucking dimwitted crab hauler.
  7. New GAYDAR AI

    And.. Manky, you thick twat. You have failed to explain why this is a cunt? Shit nom Manky.
  8. New GAYDAR AI

    Get an avatar you cunt.
  9. Hywel Bennett RIP

    Shelly, that's it.
  10. Jason Osamede Okundaye

    I can honestly say, all of my black mates would call him a cunt.
  11. Hywel Bennett RIP

    He was in some program when I was little. What was it?
  12. Cunts That Fucking Stink

    SE London is fucking packed with Africans who don't use deodorant. It's just one of the many reasons I refuse to use peasant transport.
  13. Cunts who constantly grin

    I know you're happy to see me here Punkers old badger, but calm down, show some decorum eh? You're letting the side down a little.
  14. Cunts who constantly grin

    I cant be arsed to read the whole thread, but has anyone mentioned Richard fucking Branson?