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  1. Sophie Stevenson

    What makes her even more repulsive is that although news reports state that she is from Stoke, her accent is undoubtedly a scouse one which means she should have a bio hazard symbol tattooed on her forehead to warn unsuspecting men about the high risk of contracting an STD. I feel sorry for the Dutch guy if he didn't take any precautions as she looks the type who certainly wouldn't object to have her back doors smashed in after a few Bacard breezers.
  2. Sophie Stevenson

    This fat trog went to Barcelona and shagged the first foreigner she could find who then invited her to his home town in Holland. Turns out he was just taking the piss! I have to question why she is going on national tv and making a complete laughing stock of herself. Just do the walk of shame and shut the fuck up you ugly slag. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/woman-flew-amsterdam-meet-lover-13735490.amp
  3. Malala Yousafzai

    Does Pakistani dripping with self righteousnessring any bells?
  4. Malala Yousafzai

    Place at Oxford? Why? Because she got the Nobel prize for being politically correct? Her tv interviews remind me of the "socially relevant" episodes of Grange Hill. I will open a crowd funding page supporting a judicial review that will hopefully lead to her deportation.
  5. Bruce Forsyth

    He's dead so the old cunt can't sue me for libel
  6. Sarah Barton

    They are not saying but one would assume she is over 16 or the police would surely be involed.
  7. Sarah Barton

    Quite frankly, I'm absolutely sick of reading about lesbian teachers preying on teenage girls in our schools. It's bad enough that kids are being force fed gay supremacy bollocks and the warped ideology of degenerate transvestites without ugly rug munchers like drama teacher Sarah Barton trying to slide her tongue into people's teenage daughters. If there was any justice in this world she would be publicly whipped for 6 hours and have her face branded. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4774262/Pictured-Drama-teacher-sex-pupil.html#comments
  8. Sir James Munby

    Apparently, I should be ashamed about how this young ADULT has been treated by this country's NHS. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40855771
  9. National Trust facist LGBT cunts

    These wierd cunts have been turning up posing with AK47s and Antifa flags in areas liberated by the Kurdish Peshmerga who promptly told them to fuck off or they would be shot. I can't find the link but Gavin Mcinnes did a 30 minute piss take vid on rebel media youtube page.
  10. The Irish Sea Border

    I believe in a united Ireland........Under British rule.
  11. Charlie Gard's parents

    These are the same category of thick Jeremy Kyle audience member fuckwits who brick paediatricins windows because they think they are the same thing as paedophiles. I personally feel that those responsible for making those threats should be hunted down and slowly fed into a wood chipper along with their scummy relatives so their diseased inbred DNA is completely expelled from the human gene pool.
  12. Charlie Gard's parents

    Is that opposed to being a repressed homosexual and a Walter Mitty like your good self Spunk?
  13. Charlie Gard's parents

    Have you got your puritan's hat on today spunk?
  14. Charlie Gard's parents

    Just been watching the news about these two storming out of the high court because the judge won't let them take their brain dead son to the states for some quack treatment that doesn't stand a fucking hope of giving the poor kid a chance. The Father reminds me of an e fit I once saw on crimewatch for somebody who battered a 90 year old woman within an inch of her life for her pension and the mother looks like a prostitute. It has occurred to me that these ugly cunts could be getting a bit too fond of the limelight rather than giving a fuck about the quality of life of this poor child. If I was the judge I would have held both of them in contempt and locked the fuckers up for 24 hours and then had the doctors who know a lot better than they do explain their son's condition to them again very slowly so even their defective brains can absorb the information. No jollies to the US on the public's sympathy you selfish cunts. Just give your son a dignified death and grieve minus the press attention like most parents do when they suffer a tragedy like this.
  15. New Fathers

    No another god forsaken shithole called Wigan.