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  1. Couldn't give a shit

    Cunts who film police getting attacked

    A shame your gendarmes didn't fight the Boche in 1940, you might not have become a vassal state.
  2. Couldn't give a shit

    Cunts who film police getting attacked

    The police in this country are institutionally corrupt, entitled arseholes who regard the public a nuisance. They routinely fit people up and bully those they can't. I'd buy those lads a pint.
  3. Couldn't give a shit

    Bench memorial plaques

    I was walking along Southsea beachfront yesterday and every time I went to park my arse on a bench and take a swig from my Jim Beam and coke bottle the first thing I saw was the depressing sight of a brass plaque telling the world that some doddering old cunt passed away after a long life. Now it would seem that somebody has decided to take the piss out of this practice... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-46265117
  4. Couldn't give a shit

    Tom Daley getting married - Wow

    Apparently, Gareth has asked that the youth in question to be subject to restorative justice whatever the fuck that means. Something tells me it involves big gay Gazza having this young man stay at his house for the weekend so he can remorselessly sodomise him until all hope of anal retention is lost.
  5. Couldn't give a shit

    Black Friday

    It's not because I can't afford it. I just enjoy the violence. The Yanks started it anyway.
  6. Couldn't give a shit

    Black Friday

    Yank bollocks. If retailers want to have bonanza day for something American then do it on August 24th to commemorate the Royal Marines burning down the White House in 1814.
  7. Couldn't give a shit

    Richard Baker

    I read somewhere that he used to cut the headlines out of the newspapers at the old folks home and read them to everyone in the evening. Top bloke if you ask me. On the other hand those specs he wore made him look like a premium member of the Jimmy Savile arse poppers society so he can fuck off and burn in hell.
  8. Couldn't give a shit

    Ian Naude

    Not only is he a copper but a nonce as well. Small tip of a big iceberg. Lets have another operation Countryman to cut the filth down to size but this time without the cover up at the end of it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-shropshire-46208724
  9. Couldn't give a shit

    Brexit..the meltdown has begun

    Not so. Maggie would have used her blocking veto on the EU council to prevent any meaningful legislation from being passed and suspended free movement until the EU sorted its border security out thereby nullifying 60% of the leave argument and the need for a leave referendum in the first place. Unlike your filthy corrupt politicians, she actually cared about her country.
  10. Couldn't give a shit

    Brexit..the meltdown has begun

    Not so. If Maggie was still around she would have told the EU to fuck off under the threat of bankrupting Ireland's economy if they had tried this shit with her.
  11. Couldn't give a shit

    Brexit..the meltdown has begun

    The idiot's guide just for you...
  12. Couldn't give a shit

    Brexit..the meltdown has begun

    It will never happen shithead. May is about to be torn to pieces and the deal will never get through parliament as the DUP won't support it nor will the eurosceptics. The worse case scenario is we will turn into the world's biggest tax haven right on Europe's doorstep. One or two sections of the economy will go tits up but imagine all that money that will be coming home from our overseas dependecies like the Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. Conservative estimates are that 45% of the world's wealth flows through our financial system Mick. It's called the hidden empire.
  13. Couldn't give a shit

    Brexit..the meltdown has begun

    You're the citizen of a non country that will soon be colonized by Bongobongoland. In light of your reduced status within the human race, your participation is not appropriate. Now fuck off and get those pigs mucked out Mick or I will give another sound thrashing.
  14. Couldn't give a shit

    Brexit..the meltdown has begun

    Looks like May hinting at another referendum folks. My money is on a remain landslide now that Farage and Bojo have been exposed as utter charlatans.
  15. Couldn't give a shit

    The Death of John Wilson

    My sources tell me he was found tied up wearing lingerie and had an orange stuffed in his gob.To make it even more sordid, the barely alive mullet that was found on the floor needed an emergency stomach pump to drain copious amounts of semen. Fuck it, he's dead! I can't be done for libel.