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  1. Happy saint paddys day

    I'm sure you will getting spit roasted by a couple of Syrian "refugees" when you've finished your bottle of meths.
  2. This american video on youtube

    Now now Pansyknickers! Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups....Rather like your conception.
  3. This american video on youtube

    In fine form thanks Mick. I have too much ready cash to warrant the need for a credit card. No doubt you have a lot of experience with credit card debt and selling your house at a rock bottom price to some Nigerian who then rents it back to you at an extortionate rate. I know things are tough for Ireland at the moment but some of us are raking it in old son.
  4. This american video on youtube

    Piss off. You would just bore the fuckers to death with self pity or kill them with food poisoning from your rotten spuds.
  5. This american video on youtube

    The easiest way to shut way to shut the yanks up about this kind of thing is to remind them that they have never won a war against us and have never won a war without us. (Always draw particular attention to the burning of Washington in 1814, that really makes their piss boil)
  6. Cunts who assume other cunts read the Daily Mail

    Now now Pansyknickers you should show your Anglo Saxon overlords more respect or Oliver Cromwell will come and get you. Looool!
  7. Cunts who assume other cunts read the Daily Mail

    Ah Pansyknickers, there you are! Surely you're not still trying to convince us that somehow Ireland is a wonderful economic prospect after the demolition job I did on you last week? Or would you like me to inject some more REALITY into your retarded fantasy world that you've created for yourself?
  8. Ken Dodd is dead

    He was a scouser. I'm glad he's dead. I hope Stan Boardman and Jimmy Tarbuck die within the next few days so I can piss myself laughing at Liverpool going into full grief junkie mode.
  9. Ad cunts

    Perhaps your natural sense of subservience brings you to the conclusion that politicians are your "betters" but I certainly don't share that sentiment Mick. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you not having any aspirations in life but I suppose somebody has to dig up potatoes and muck out the pigs.
  10. Ad cunts

    Does this meet your viewing pleasure darling? MwahXXX
  11. Ad cunts

    If you had a pair of balls you would reply to me directly but as you didn't I can only assume that you're a poofter like your teaslop Leo. Mwah.XXX
  12. Ad cunts

    Try "Laffin" at this.....
  13. Ad cunts

    Here are some more wise words for you Pansyknickers......
  14. Ad cunts

    I've got plenty more for him where that came from. The cunt will wish he was born under the Union Jack when I'm finished with him.
  15. Ad cunts

    That's because you're a thick bog warrior unable to grasp the obvious. So who is deluded exactly?