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  1. Nigel Farage

    That's why I said NET contribution.
  2. Nigel Farage

    Anyone who remembers the negotiation for the handover of Hong Kong should know that the Chinese are utterly ruthless and they have very long memories. They still regard the Opium wars and the unequal treaties as a recent national humiliation. We don't have anything China wants except money to buy their shit. Mark my words negotiating a trade deal with these fuckers is going to be like selling our souls to Satan
  3. Nigel Farage

    Shall I start with the most absurd claim by Farage and friends? £350 million quid a week for the NHS ring any bells? Dominic Cummings the vote leave campaign director has admitted that it was a slogan he pulled out of his arse. Yet they slapped it on buses and hoardings all over the country knowing it was complete bollocks. The UK has never made a net contribution of more than £160 million a week to the EU so where the fuck the other £190 million is going to come from when we are going to be paying anything up to £60 BILLION in a divorce settlement is something that Farage and Boris are having a great deal of difficulty explaining. Or how about free trade with the EU after Brexit? Farage repeatedly said during referendum debates that we could simply walk away from the EU sign trade agreements with Commonwealth countries, the US and China telling audiences that the EU would just sit back and do fuck all because the UK is the world's 5th largest economy. What he didn't tell anyone is that the EU has banned shitloads of products from these countries because they contravene EU safety standards (US beef being one of the most notable) and by having open trade with these countries it is highly likely that our production chain will become contaminated with these products (Chinese baby formula anyone?) meaning that the EU will ban OUR products as well. What is clear is that we are the world's 5th largest economy because we have negotiated trade deals as a member of the EU from a position of strength, something that we won't have when it comes to negotiating with the US and China. As for Farage's claim that the German car industry's concerns will mean the UK will get a good deal, I can only say this, Farage has been ranting for years saying that the EU is slow and cackhanded when it comes to trade deals so why does he think that any deal is going to be swayed by a few phone calls from the Chief executives of BMW, Mercedes and Audi? I would draw his attention to the trade deal recently signed with Canada which took 12 YEARS to iron out and greatly favours the EU. Losing the UK market will eventually be made up by opening up new ones with emerging economies and we will be paying the EU to access the single market with absolutely no say in how it is run. The SNP are being rolled back not just because of talk of another referendum but because people are sick of their spiteful and empty policies. I work with a lot of Scots and they are relieved that Scotland is still part of the UK because Salmond and Sturgeon based their projections of a post independence economy on interest rates remaining low and the price of oil remaining high. Despite the incompetence of Alistair Darling, it was easy for the no camp to dismantle the SNP economic argument. Many Scots were also turned off by the blatant attempt by the nationalists to rig the vote the relentless intimidation of no voters. With Brexit however, it would seem that there has been major shift in opinion toward remaining in the EU now the consequences are becoming clear. Brexit will not effect the flow of immigration because the EU is demanding the free movement of people. Brexit will not mean our laws being made entirely in the UK because relevant laws will have to be harmonised with EU legislation. Brexit will not mean that will be able to trade freely with other nations in the short term because the EU won't allow a former member to run an open shop on it's doorstep that will undercut them. Nick Clegg, for all of his shortcomings, explained this in great detail during the debates. Just because the pound and the stock market are relatively stable at the moment that doesn't mean they will remain that way after next March. Many of the major banks are preparing to register headquarters in Frankfurt and even conservative estimates by the chambers of commerce are predicting the loss of more than 100,000 jobs in the city which will undoubtedly have a trickle down effect, not to mention the catastrophic aftermath on local economies when the multinationals start pulling out. So before you say Crisis, what crisis? Stop reading the Daily Mail and look at what the captains of industry are doing.
  4. Nigel Farage

    I have a crispy £20 note that says there would be an overwhelming vote for remain if there were to be amother vote. Most of the leave argument has been completely demolished with regard to trade with the EU and the rest of the world post Brexit. The utopia of free trade and low immigration that was promised by Farage and Boris the bozo is simply not feasible and I think even they are starting to realise it. For the record, I voted remain as I think leaving is an act of economic suicide and will leave us at the mercy of a rampant Chinese economic superpower that like it or not, will emerge in the next 25 years. Leaving will not stem immigration as being outside the EU hasn't helped the likes of Switzerland and Norway. I have always been of the firm belief that had successive British government shown the political will they could have forced the EU to reform and be more democratic but 13 years of Labour put paid to that. If there is another referendum, I will once again vote remain as I think the previous vote was swung by a bunch of elderly xenophobes who haven't the first fucking idea how the modern world works and still haven't come to terms with the loss of empire.
  5. Deborah Briton and Paul Roberts

    Yet another example of criminal scouse vermin thieving their way through life. I hope he gets fucked in the showers every day she gets her fat ugly scouse mug shoved in a fryer.
  6. Golden Globe Awards 2018

    Anyone who has seen Team America will know what these Hollywood types are about....
  7. Splitarses in the SAS

    It should. There's no Tampax machines on the Brecon Beacons sweetheart.
  8. Splitarses in the SAS

    Spent a couple of amusing weeks with a female Woopert at Catterick. She was so keen to prove herself I think she would of dropped her keks and had a shit in front of the chaps if only we would stop taking the piss out of her. In the end she fucking lost it and started screaming in my face about the hardships she had endured to "earn" her rank. Looking back, it must of resembled the Bigus Dickus scene from Life of Brian.
  9. Splitarses in the SAS

    My cousin was in 40 commando about 15 years ago and told me a similar tale. Did she have some rather incriminating photographs taken of her by any chance?
  10. Splitarses in the SAS

    I see your point but SAS is a different league. I know a couple of real hard bastards who cracked during selection and they had signed up with the sole intention of getting in the 22nd. Some of the psychological shit they put candidates through is nothing short of sadistic. A woman will simply not make it through without it being watered down and this will fuck with the rest of the regiment's morale.
  11. Splitarses in the SAS

    I nearly joined the French foreign legion but I was allergic to the sunblock the french army uses on it's armpits. Lol!
  12. Splitarses in the SAS

    It wasn't the fucking Cheshire Regiment that's for sure. All those faggots were good for was cleaning the shithouses at Chester castle.
  13. Splitarses in the SAS

    I read today that plans are being drawn up to allow women into the SAS. Now, I don't have a problem with this in principle as long as they have to endure the same rigorous selection procedure as men. However, it's pretty obvious that the feminazi fuckwits who came up with this brainwave seem to think that HM special forces can be like a student union where gobby bitches, transgender freaks and other assorted wierdos should be admitted regardless of ability. As somebody from a military background, I can only describe this as a dangerous feminist wank fantasy that will endanger the reputation of the finest special forces group in the world and the lives of its members.
  14. NHS Winter Crisis v64.0

    Euthanize the homeless, labour voting senior citizens, Arsenal supporters and the entire population of Liverpool. We would be the envy of the entire fucking world in no time. All hail Harold Shipman.
  15. Laura Plummer

    I'd flush her head down the shitter and shove a deep heat coated dildo up her twat the rancid little slag.