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  1. She is a vile lefty cunt with a massive chip on her shoulder. A kiwi I work with wants to slowly remove her teeth with some rusty pliers.
  2. The entire video is on a certain site I won't name as I've heard the thought police are trawling the web looking for somebody to fit up (ahem) I mean arrest for schadenfreude. Shocking stuff but doesn't even touch the wanton savagery of Bataclan.
  3. Well it looks like Friday prayers were answered, just not theirs.
  4. Geographically but not economically and that was mainly due to the Sykes-Picot treaty that carved up the Ottoman empire between the UK and France. Throw in German SW Africa, most of what is now Tanzania and New Guinea you have some worthless desert, a few Tanzanite mines and a jungle full of cannibals not to mention a certain religious fault line now known as Israel. All this for the paltry sum of of 2.1 million empire dead, a wrecked economy, Europe laid waste and British prestige terminally weakened. From that point on the British Empire was a paper tiger and the Yanks, Japs and subsequently the Nazis knew it. Why do you think Chamberlain climbed up Hitler's arse at Munich? Why do you think the Japs overran SE Asia so easily? Why do you think the Yanks treated John Maynard Keynes with utter contempt when he went to Washington with the begging bowl? Why do you think the Yanks practically took military control of Australia post Pearl harbour despite it being clearly within the British sphere of influence? Answer: Britian was fucked.
  5. I saw that post and pondered a response but you already had it covered. This chap obviously requires some time away from the Daily Stormer and few months in his local library's non fiction section.
  6. Roops has rage quit on me or gone in full retreat up her own arse just about every time we have tussled. On Islam I fucking destroyed her, on sexism toward men in the justice system she had to completely change the subject when asked to answer one simple question and on Brexit I effectively demonstrated that she is fucking clueless when it comes to global economics, so your conclusion that she has kudos over me leads me to believe that you're a fuckwit as well. Your persistent reference to masturbation reveals your peculiar fascination with the subject. I'm merely asserting my dominance over you by describing my superior manhood as you are clearly a very insecure person. As for my being in solitude on New year's eve I will say only this... you're assuming that only one person is posting!! Mehehehehehehehehehehehe!
  7. The US did indeed profit greatly at the expense of the UK during WWII but what many people fail to realize is that Britain failed to repay debts owed to the US from WWI which is why they refused to enact the Lend lease Act until our gold reserves were exhausted. Decimus is correct in that the British Empire was in terminal decline pre WWII. There were many reasons for this but the main one for me was the huge debts incurred during WWI. Prior to the First world war Britain was the world's largest creditor, afterward it was the world's largest debtor. This was exacerbated by Churchill's disastrous decision to return the UK to the gold standard in 1925 which paralyzed the economy and left it heavily exposed when the depression hit. You also need to consider the fact that India, the lynchpin of the empire, was already on the cusp of home rule which was inspiring various other nationalist movements. In short, the empire would have collapsed regardless of WWII as it was a luxury that could no longer be afforded.
  8. Yet another one of Roop's bumboys humping my leg. (Yawn) Your interest in my sex life (which is fantastic due to my exceptionally large appendage) is most disturbing however. Are you a pervert or just a raving queer?
  9. Is that fucker still alive? He looked close to pension age in the 80s.
  10. Stop bitching like a faggot and resume self harming with that razor blade you fucking Pussy.
  11. The cunt is looking at 70 years and that's just in Illinois. State charges are likely to be brought against him in New York as well where sentences in triple figures are dished out for this type of behaviour. I predict Mr Kelly's colon is going to be thrashed on a regular basis for the rest of his days.
  12. You make it sound like some effort is required to terrorise you and your bumboys! Lol!
  13. On the eve of international stroppy bitch's day, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you bitches that everything you have is because you open your legs for the MAN in your life. Enjoy your day off from doing the ironing tomorrow but make sure you put in an effort to catch up on Saturday.
  14. This utter cunt must be so fucking broke that he can no longer afford to hire a decent publicist anymore. Whoever advised him that going on US national television to deny being a pervert despite documentary evidence that he married and fucked a 15 year old girl was either having a laugh at his expense or thick. His nervous breakdown mid interview was funny as fuck. I'm sure the interviewer was trying to keep a straight face.
  15. Cue uber cunt DJs...."Pioneer", "ground-breaking" blah blah bollocks.
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