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  1. Couldn't give a shit

    Hurricanes all over the fucking gaff.

    The shame of his homeland's capitulation to the barbarian horde must have truly overwhelmed him. Unfortunately, it's common when the Irish are taken to task over their backward ways for them to retreat into solitude with the pigs and their close cousins where they will eventually emerge with either spastic kids or a criminal record for bestiality. Pansyknickers is like a used tampax. Bloodied and no longer worthy of any use.
  2. Couldn't give a shit

    Hurricanes all over the fucking gaff.

    He's too busy preventing himself from being cuckooed out of his house by a horde of Somali immigrants shipped over for the 2040 plan. I've heard on the jungle drums it's like Rourke's drift on his street.
  3. Couldn't give a shit

    Internets 'Wild West' laws.

    This is completely unworkable and unenforceable. Obscure hosts, search engines and proxy networks based in far flung jurisdictions will render this poisonous peace of legislation useless before it even reaches its first rejection by the House of Lords. The only people who will be shitting themselves are facebook and Google who know this type of shit will create competition for them that will refuse to be policed.
  4. Couldn't give a shit

    Ramadan 2018

    I thought I would use this nom to take the opportunity to remind everyone that May 20th is Everybody draw Muhammad day which is when the free world reminds the religion of piss that we don't give a fuck if they're offended! Here is one of my personal favourites from previous years...
  5. Couldn't give a shit

    Dame tessa Jowel

    That was but a trickle. Liebour put adverts in the Islamabad Times inviting every Tom, Dick and Abdul over with the promise of a free house and benefits while turning a blind eye to mass rape of white English children. Blair, Brown, Jowell and the rest should have been executed for treason.
  6. Couldn't give a shit

    Dame tessa Jowel

    Good riddance. She was a lackey of Blair and Brown during the 1997-2010 Labour junta which waged a campaign of terror against the white majority in this country leading to the anarchy that we have on the streets of the capital today.
  7. Couldn't give a shit

    flying rats

    I've got a .177 Webley Raider with a quantum silencer. That fucker is a made to measure pigeon murderer. It's also wacked a few grey squirrels, two foxes and my neighbour's evil little cunt of a cat. The only problem with it is my Mrs turns into John Rambo whenever I let her have a go.
  8. Couldn't give a shit

    Windrush cunts

    Which bore would be suitable for the Abbotoputomus obeseticus? https://news.sky.com/story/windrush-scandal-diane-abbott-says-all-roads-lead-back-to-theresa-may-11360123
  9. Couldn't give a shit

    Fergie Pops a Brain Artery

    I hope the red nosed pisshead dies and the fair weather morons who call themselves man utd fans kill themselves in their grief for the cheating bastard.
  10. Couldn't give a shit

    RNLI & its Safeguarding Risks

    The poisonous harridan should be bound, gagged, taken from her home under the cover of darkness then taken out to sea and fed to the first available shark. I bet the ugly fucking slag looks like this...
  11. Couldn't give a shit

    Daughters boyfriends and son-in laws

    I came home from work early one day to find my daughter's new boyfriend lounging on my sofa with his hand in the waistband of his scruffy tracksuit bottoms. Quickly after catching the distinct aroma of skunk weed from him I gave him the option of leaving gracefully through the front door or I would show him through the back garden where I keep my extremely anti social bull mastiffs. He took the sensible option and for some reason hasn't spoken to my little princess since.
  12. Couldn't give a shit

    Rioting Scousers at Alder Hey

    The filthy vermin are at it yet again. This time they took the day off from grieving for chicken carcasses in order to make everyone else's life a misery at Alder Hey hospital. Not only did they block roads into the hospital but tried to storm the place but were held back by police. This was supposed to be a protest against the termination of life support for 2 year old Alfie Evans who has an untreatable neurological illness. Even the European court has refused to intervene as it agrees with his doctor's prognosis. The child's father looks like a smack head and the mother reminds me of the thieving bitch who used to rent a house from my Grandad and had to be evicted because the local plod were raiding it every other week. When will these fucking simpletons learn that doctors do not allow children to die unless every form of treatment has been explored? The police should have baton charged the fuckers and trampled them with horses before giving them a further hiding at the local nick. I hope they all get charged with violent disorder and given harsh sentences. Dirty fucking bin dipping scum.
  13. Couldn't give a shit


    Have we invaded your "safe" space my precious snowflake? Perhaps you should raise it at your next Momentum meeting.
  14. Couldn't give a shit

    YANK CUNTS DON'T DO IRONY (do they?)

    Brain's faggots used to take 45 minutes in the oven. I wonder how long this one took barbecue method?
  15. Couldn't give a shit

    Scarlett Moffatt-Cunt

    Is it just me or does she look like Private Pile from Full metal jacket in a wig? Sadly R Lee Ermey has now passed away and isn't around to give the obese tub of dog shit a dose of reality.