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  1. I was just wondering if they've started making fat dolls for fat kids yet. Fat brown tranny ones to be more precise.
  2. Being Unable To Unsee Something

    And some cunts video the event and play it back on their 60" flat screen to whoever they can persuade to watch it. Perverts.
  3. Being Unable To Unsee Something

    They are mostly Frank.
  4. Being Unable To Unsee Something

    Withers, that cracked me up good and proper, you funny fucker.
  5. Allen keys

    My piano teacher had a wooden leg.
  6. Women with hairy armpits

    Especially if they're called Bob.
  7. Allen keys

    I think I dated him once, and his mate, Stanley Knife.
  8. Spineless white people

    Are you a racist by any chance? Oh, and you spelled Cocksmoke incorrectly.
  9. Tattooed cunts abroad

    They probably realise he'll be back. Even Jazz came back. It's like Royston Vasey, you'll never leave.
  10. Tattooed cunts abroad

    He was roops-googled, poor cunt. There's one for the CC dictionary, roops-google.
  11. Tattooed cunts abroad

    I like to think that every one of those chinky tats translates as "kick me if you think I look like a cunt".
  12. Tattooed cunts abroad

    Or Babadook. Anyway I liked our dingdong, what happened to him?
  13. New GAYDAR AI

    So that's how you know where he lives!
  14. New GAYDAR AI

    You are looking a bit Phil Mitchell at the moment though Dec. I think this cunt could do with a weekend away on Frank's boat, preferably in Tampa Bay.
  15. Divorced cunts

    If thine eye offends thee pluck it out.