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  1. Getting On Stationery Escalators

    You take that back right now you lying cunt. Salsa night is Thursday.
  2. Getting On Stationery Escalators

    Well we all know what he does with his cheesy wotsits.
  3. Getting On Stationery Escalators

    Good evening Frank. Do you salsa?
  4. Getting On Stationery Escalators

    When all the cunts in the world have been killed or cured, he'll be the last cunt standing.
  5. People far too emotionally invested in their dogs.

    Clawhammer the cunt Fends. My dead dog would shit on his doorstep, piss himself laughing while watching him clean it up, bite him in the bollocks, and shit on his doorstep again.
  6. Where the fuck is deebom?

    At the very least you're stuck with a nasty pecker.
  7. Where the fuck is deebom?

    Cheeky cunt. Still got a goose superglued to your microcock have you?
  8. People far too emotionally invested in their dogs.

    That just about describes most blokes I know. I'd rather have a dog.
  9. You could have at least sent out a search party you lazy cunt
  10. Err, what kind of snatch do you have then Eddie?
  11. Paranormal Investigators

  12. Coronation Street Cunts

    He will. Ratty knows how to treat a fucking lady.
  13. Coronation Street Cunts

    I know
  14. Coronation Street Cunts

    Missed you too. So I got myself a footstool and I named it Frank.
  15. Cunting jury service

    Aka nobgobling cockshite.