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  1. You take that back right now you lying cunt. Salsa night is Thursday.
  2. Well we all know what he does with his cheesy wotsits.
  3. Good evening Frank. Do you salsa?
  4. When all the cunts in the world have been killed or cured, he'll be the last cunt standing.
  5. Clawhammer the cunt Fends. My dead dog would shit on his doorstep, piss himself laughing while watching him clean it up, bite him in the bollocks, and shit on his doorstep again.
  6. That just about describes most blokes I know. I'd rather have a dog.
  7. He will. Ratty knows how to treat a fucking lady.
  8. Missed you too. So I got myself a footstool and I named it Frank.
  9. I vote we hold off on his conviction until the next time Bill Turd Dunker Stickers is behind bars so he has some company.
  10. I tried to write a precis for his first post, but I came up with nothing.
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