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  1. life- like child sex dolls

    So long as he's female and has a pension book.
  2. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    I don't clear anything with any of my moderators, they do what the fuck they like with impunity and without redress.
  3. life- like child sex dolls

    That's just sick. They must at least be in possession of a pulse and have lukewarm blood running through their varicose veins.
  4. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    Just had a count up of TMS users in the back end, 25 members to the site with 11 regular posters. Just noticed a new member that I didn't know we had who's extremely welcome. We're on lock down for the duration, hounded by journos after a scoop so can only admit new members via the back door for now. As a site we're still news worthy so staying under the radar until I've grown a pair balls big enough to come up. It's not the first time we've had to go lock down and won't be the last, it goes with the territory and something have to live with if we intend to keep going. To be honest we keep the site going out of spite as there's nothing more our dastardly arch enemies would like more than to see us disappear.
  5. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    I do post on TMS. I'm just more interested in what other people post on here, broadening horizons and all that, hence me starting these threads. The music threads on TMS is organised into categories, classical, funk, country, rock, etc, you name it, so that it can be dipped into on demand, we must have thousands of tracks by now, you could spend a lot of time browsing through it all, we've got a whole library of material, it's just what we so..... the boring cunts we are.
  6. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

  7. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

  8. life- like child sex dolls

    I'm waiting for the geriatric model to come on the market complete with sagging paps and withered loins.
  9. Cunts corner music exchange III

    Spliff, check. Glass of claret, check, Sofa, check. Cue the groove,
  10. Frank's memorial preparations

    Really? Ask Wolfie and Snatch, you'll get more of the story from them as I had little or nothing more to do with it other than what I've told you. The conversation that led to them asking me to ask him back is still on the CC page on TMS, all of it. I can even give you the PM's from Snatch and Wolfie on the subject but I won't, they will remain private.
  11. Frank's memorial preparations

    Roll on Brexit when the arrogant cunt is fucked off back to Blighty, you can fucking have him back.
  12. Frank's memorial preparations

    There's not much to say really. His fit of rage happened over a few days. I didn't actually ban him from the site, I just deleted his account along with a load of other inactive accounts a couple of weeks after the regretful event surmising from the tone of his PM's that he wouldn't be poking his nose around to door again anyway. It wasn't until a couple of the blokes on the site asked after him that I mentioned that I'd deleted his account, they then asked if they could approach him with a view to bringing him back on. I didn't have a problem with that but said that they'd be wasting their time, I was right, he didn't want to come back, instead he took to cunting them both on here last night. He's basically fucked off a group of people that genuinely liked and respected him, even I did. If that's how he chooses to treat his mates you can imagine what he must be capable of regarding his enemies.
  13. Frank's memorial preparations

    Suck his smeggy cock you cunt.
  14. Frank's memorial preparations

    No fuck him, he's a twat and not worth my time and energy, an embarrassing childish toxic twat. He's embarrassed at least one my members, probably more before savaging an innocent bystander in a PM, and then had the sheers arrogance to demand a reply from me, I don't fucking think so. He's a back stabbing snide, that's all there is to him, a gobby back stabbing snidey shitcunt that would sooner kick you in the bollocks rather than call you ambulance if you needed one.