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  1. Gong Farmer

    life- like child sex dolls

    So long as he's female and has a pension book.
  2. Gong Farmer

    The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    I don't clear anything with any of my moderators, they do what the fuck they like with impunity and without redress.
  3. Gong Farmer

    life- like child sex dolls

    That's just sick. They must at least be in possession of a pulse and have lukewarm blood running through their varicose veins.
  4. Gong Farmer

    The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    Just had a count up of TMS users in the back end, 25 members to the site with 11 regular posters. Just noticed a new member that I didn't know we had who's extremely welcome. We're on lock down for the duration, hounded by journos after a scoop so can only admit new members via the back door for now. As a site we're still news worthy so staying under the radar until I've grown a pair balls big enough to come up. It's not the first time we've had to go lock down and won't be the last, it goes with the territory and something have to live with if we intend to keep going. To be honest we keep the site going out of spite as there's nothing more our dastardly arch enemies would like more than to see us disappear.
  5. Gong Farmer

    The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    I do post on TMS. I'm just more interested in what other people post on here, broadening horizons and all that, hence me starting these threads. The music threads on TMS is organised into categories, classical, funk, country, rock, etc, you name it, so that it can be dipped into on demand, we must have thousands of tracks by now, you could spend a lot of time browsing through it all, we've got a whole library of material, it's just what we so..... the boring cunts we are.
  6. Gong Farmer

    life- like child sex dolls

    I'm waiting for the geriatric model to come on the market complete with sagging paps and withered loins.
  7. Gong Farmer

    Cunts corner music exchange III

    Spliff, check. Glass of claret, check, Sofa, check. Cue the groove,
  8. Gong Farmer

    Cunts that give you a good kicking

    The fuckers didn't ban their own weapons.... the cunts.
  9. Gong Farmer

    Cunts that give you a good kicking

    If Jackie Chan can call it 'Drunk Style' then so the fuck can we.
  10. Gong Farmer

    Cunts that give you a good kicking

    Funny you should mention heads shots because that's what he took and ended up in out patients the next day, I've never felt so guilty. I was suppose to meet up with him for a beer the next day but it turned out we both had hospital appointments. We're still good mates, just awful sparing partners.
  11. Gong Farmer

    Cunts that give you a good kicking

    I like the toolbox analogy. There's hundreds of different types of Pencat and the techniques within each so all you can do in concentrate on what you're good at. I did some weapon training in the beginning but settled for the only weapon you can legally carry on your person, the belt that keeps my trousers up. I figured that I'd be wasting my time with anything else, knife, baton, sticks, staffs as I'm not likely to be walking around with any of those but I'm always wearing a belt and I pretty damn good with it, that's Pencat Silat, being resoursful with what's at hand. A lot the weaponry used in pencat silat is based on domestic and farm equipment as the Dutch introduced a weapon ban during their occupation of Indonesia so they Incorporated and integrated what they had into the art, a fascinating history that makes it all the more interesting. I gave it up a few years ago, too many broken bones and injuries over the years but I'm still equipped to look after myself if needs be. I've only ever had to use it once in vain which is a result in it's self.