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  1. Scary Clowns

    More imported American bollocks.
  2. Post Advert Break Recaps

  3. Apple, Yanks, Paddies, EU (again) and dodgy tax bills

    Designed by Apple in California but the Iphone is assembled in China.
  4. Mincing your way to gold. Bunch of poofs

    Why dont you just fuck off and stick one of your golf clubs up your anus so it comes out of your mouth, hopefully stopping all the shit you post you poofter excuse for a cunt.
  5. Football pundits

    Agree hate football and all the cunts that watch and played it by overpaid and in most case complete and utter tossers, like Beckham,Ronaldo, and Wayne fucking Rooney, all first class cunts
  6. The England Football Team

    England football team you cunts must be living on fantasy island, they could not play blow football, overpaid useless cunts.
  7. Cunts who eat tripe.

    What do expect from spunkape the cunt post nothing but tripe end of story, he,she, or it, is just a poor excuse for a cunt.
  8. Is Punkape a fuckwit, or a cunt?

    He cannot be a cunt a cunt is useful, a excuse for a cunt then yes.
  9. Cunts who fuck whilst walking and reading

    Would doubt that even spunkape stated he was good at it,perhaps when he is multi tasking at his fantasy island golf club, multi tasking is for useless so called cunts.
  10. Cunts who drive using their fucking mobile phone

    How the fuck can you multi-task with a brain the size of a Midge you poor excuse for a cunt fuck off to your golf club cretins.
  11. Euro 2016 and that Ronaldo cunt

    A shit and well overrated football player, and a soft-arsed foreign pussy, plus Cristiano Ronaldo takes it up the arse.Cristiano ronaldo is a pretty gay boy who wears make up for fucks sake, I hate football and all the cunts that watch and play it football fuck off cunts.
  12. Fashion Beards

    Who the fuck would even want to enter any golf club with a excuse for a cunt like you there.
  13. People Who Refuse To Eat Bread Crust

    Most probably just cunts.
  14. pie and mash

    Well one of the biggest cunts in the world David Beckham still has a fondness for pie and mash its got to be better that his stick insect wife.This cunt has his favourite pie and mash dish delivered to his private jet ahead of his flight from the UK to America,pity they did not mince him up and put him and his tribe into pie and mash.