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  1. Happy saint paddys day

    It certainly fucking isn't, you slandering cunt.
  2. Happy saint paddys day

    So am I, my paternal grandfather was from Kinlochleven.
  3. Happy saint paddys day

    My father is from Boyle and my mother is from Tralee. Comparatively speaking, Norfolk is a hotbed of metropolitan sophistication.
  4. The Great Devon Cream Tea Controversy

  5. England World Cup Squad

    Danny Welblack.
  6. Bud Light.... dilly dilly

    You really are a totally unrepentant, absolute fucking bore. I'm praying that cancer sorts you the fuck out, sooner rather than later, and that you subsequently get abused in an end-of-life hostel by a burly Ghanaian nurse. For the final irony, I hope that you are reincarnated as Andi Peters' loofah. Absolute fucking wanker.
  7. This american video on youtube

    With the absolutely pathetic state of our armed forces, I imagine that even Belgium could invade and have Teresa May sucking Tin Tin's cock within a week.
  8. The Great Devon Cream Tea Controversy

    Looks like Roops' cunt, minus the string.
  9. Ad cunts

    The only speed that this junkie cunt experiences is the variety that he snorts up his nose.
  10. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    When there's no one left to fight, boys like us don't shine so bright.
  11. Monty Python

  12. Hard as Fucking Nails

    I'll be dealing with that personally.
  13. Hard as Fucking Nails

    Suck my dick lol
  14. Hard as Fucking Nails

    The only solution is to immediately house every single enemy of the Russian state claiming asylum in this country in Hull. Send the location to Putin, and hope that the collateral damage kills all the fat fucking natives as well. Fingers crossed John Prescott will be at home. Two birds, one stone.