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  1. One of the gentlemen in question was completely dismissive of my wife's concerns. Despite the fact it was her giving birth, he tended to address me more frequently, and also seemed to want me to validate what she was telling him, almost as if she couldn't be trusted. Now, he might just be a complete fucking cunt, or, it might be because culturally he is from a society where women are treated as second class citizens. I would suspect the second, although I could be entirely wrong. I also heard a conversation between a black, African nurse and another lady on the ward. She was asking about the woman's "husband" and was told that actually, they weren't unmarried. Instead of leaving it that, she commenced an interrogation, why not, will you etc. When told that the lady thought the institution was redundant, she proceeded to argue against it with all the vitriol and bile of a happy clapping fundamentalist Christian. Again, she might just be a cunt, and she might not be from an evangelical African society. Again though, I suspect the latter. I have no problem with being treated by foreign doctors and nurses, I know that they are vital to the NHS, and I'm sure that the majority of them are very good. I'm just speaking from my most recent experience, and I found that our treatment was better at the hands of British doctors and nurses.
  2. We had an awful experience with two members of staff, both black and African. They both aren't fit to work and treat British patients. I'm coming at this purely from the point of view that there was a culture clash, plus a language barrier which I believe will end up endangering peoples lives. I haven't got a problem with foreign medical professionals purely on a racial basis. What I do have a problem with is the NHS employing members of staff with pidgin English who hold on to cultural attitudes that are anathema to 21st century medical practice. Saying that, the treatment we received at the end of the process from local, British staff was second to none and they were a credit to the NHS.
  3. I doubt that even the most liberally debauched, deviant fucking pervert, whose depravity literally knows no bounds, would ever consider tonguing your festering arsehole. Virgin cunt.
  4. Decimus

    Robbie Williams

    You fucking like him, don't you?! You queer, toe-tapping cunt.
  5. We've got a saying in Norfolk, if you're going to take a shit, do it in Suffolk.
  6. I'd rather have my child in a hospital staffed by Dr. Crippen, Harold Shipman and Beverley Allitt than run the risk of contracting Weil's disease in your ancestral family hovel.
  7. I've got a nomination brewing about NHS staff at my local hospital, the James Fucking Paget. I believe that @The Beast has had the misfortune of treading its filth strewn corridors.
  8. Decimus

    Robbie Williams

    Oh well, it could be worse.
  9. Decimus

    Egg Boy

    Is it an apostrophe? Idiot.
  10. Decimus

    Egg Boy

    I don't know about all that. Personally, I think if you're being a stupid fucking gob shite, the least you deserve is an egg smashed into your idiot fucking head.
  11. I imagine that reptile's hands are completely crippled from 12 years of constant wanking over Super Mario and his porn star tache. If he's physically capable of pulling a trigger then I'm Alan Partridge.
  12. I'm off to the Butcher Bhoy tonight, Drew to get off of my fucking face on poitín for St. P's. Why don't you pop in. Make yourself known at the bar and I'll stand you a pint on the condition that I can immediately smash it into your stupid fucking face. Sláinte.
  13. Decimus

    Dead: DSMO

    Fucking hell, I forgot about that sloped-browed fucking Neanderthal. I shudder to imagine the state of the Mocking Shop if he's one of its top talents. Are you still on it? Give us a snapshot of his latest philosophical musings.
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