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  1. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Proper, you catheter cleaning, minimum wage, commode scrubbing cunt, give me back my fucking likes. Your site is on its fucking arse and you need me.
  2. Meterological Exaggeration

    Proper, I've calculated that I should have 4424 likes in total. Please reinstate these immediately. I won't be posting anything further until these are returned as I refuse to operate under a like to post ratio of 1.51 like some sort of Bill Fucking Stickers.
  3. Meterological Exaggeration

    This is a fucking outrage. @Admin Proper, explain yourself you shyster.
  4. Meterological Exaggeration

    Quincy you fucking cunt.
  5. This topic is now closed to further replies

    Stubby, you tried pulling this shit yesterday until I pointed out your ridiculously high post count for the day. If you love your family so much and and have a real life, perhaps you can explain why since 6 October you have made 200 posts compared to my 60? You're on here all the time, you sad cunt, which is OK, but all you do is whinge and fucking moan about how the site is run and how terribly mean people are. Chill out and stop taking it all so seriously you sad fuck. Now Proper has spoken, he doesn't want to hear anymore of this shit so change the fucking record, even I'm getting bored of it.
  6. Unlikely Opening Lines To A Novel.

    Have you? That'd explain why you've made 15 posts today compared to my nine. Idiot.
  7. Unlikely Opening Lines To A Novel.

    I wasn't going to mention giving you nine "irons", but with your frenzied attempts at mocking me over multiple threads, plus this rambling bollocks, it looks like it had the desired effect. You really should develop a thicker skin, Ding wouldn't have been reeled in this easily.
  8. Liam Gallagher

    For someone so completely obsessed with the rules of the site and dedicated to snitching, you haven't done your research. Dirty, grassing snake.
  9. Liam Gallagher

    Oh God, Neil. You're not one of those pretentious fat cunts who parades around in a T-shirt with a wolf on and thinks that a band has sold out if they dare to make even a pound of profit on a record sale? I imagine that your record collection solely consists of vinyl's in custom made hemp sleeves, produced by some cunt from Glastonbury whose entire musical input consists of experimental whale song and Zulu chant fusion.
  10. Liam Gallagher

    Well they're Irish really, it's got nothing to do with the disgusting hole they were unfortunate enough to be born in. The reverse of the famous Wellington quote applies in their circumstance.
  11. Liam Gallagher

    As much as I absolutely fucking despise the desolate shit-pit that you call home, on a cultural level, especially when it comes to music, you are world beaters, as well as wife beaters. It's considered trendy to knock the Gallaghers, but their first two albums, plus their B-side album, are all absolutely fantastic.
  12. People Who Complete Your Sentences For You

    Mrs. Manky finished a sentence for him at a dinner party once, which also ended with disastrous results.
  13. Liam Gallagher

    Luke, Clique HQ is a right fucking shambles. During the 9 months of your absence I hired young Eddie as our locum scribe. Now the Dewey Decimal system in our archives is all over the fucking shop, and every time I try and locate the minutes to a particular meeting all I can ever find is the screenplay to The Boys From Brazil. Come Home, for fuck sake.
  14. Decking

    But perfect for disposing dead prostitutes under when the back of your Bedford Rascal is a bit cluttered I'd imagine, you deviant cunt.