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  1. You've clearly never driven your mobility scooter outside of the confines of whatever Godawful East-End slum you call home.
  2. P, I've been an avowed Irish nationalist for most of my life. I've demanded a united Ireland countless times on here before, and have crossed swords on the matter with a diverse amount of members, from Cuntybaws to Ding. It's testament to how much you fucking piss me off that I find myself siding with Billy in every argument you have with him, despite him being more orange than David Dickinson's scrotum. Fuck off, you irksome tinker cunt.
  3. I think I've just found my next multi-ID, "YardApe". A devout Rastafarian from Cheshire whose crack den is inside a mini windmill on a Crazy Golf Course. Young YardApe raped and stabbed his way through a private Borstal and can't spell for shit as he's as fucking thick as his alter-ego, @Earl of Punkape Lol.
  4. Make sure you turn the light off afterwards, or you'll be getting a knock on your door from Extinction Rebellion.
  5. Unless the Coronavirus wipes out every little yellow cunt in China, anything our country does, no matter how stupidly extreme, will make fuck all difference to the planet's climate. As long as Wilbur Wong and Fred Foo Yung continue to breed like rabbits whilst burning coal and tiger cocks at unprecedented levels, turning the bathroom lights off in Leamington Spa after taking a shit will do fuck all. If Greta Thunberg and David Attencunt want to save the planet, they should stop hectoring us like children and start persuading the sexually deranged Chinks to put something on the end of their three inch maggots.
  6. Agreed. I like the cut of your jib, young Slim, so maybe we can start brainstorming on how to put the Great back into Britain. I've got a few ideas, feel free to add to them. 1: The mandatory wearing of a poppy, 365 days a year, at all times, NO EXCUSES. Anyone caught in public without one will receive an on the spot fifty lashes for a first offence, and instant execution for a second. 2: Jeremy Clarkson to immediately become PM with life long dictatorial powers. 3: The English Literature curriculum's reading list to solely consist of The Daily Mail and Playboy magazine. 4: The recriminalisation of the disgusting perversion of homosexuality. 5: No more blacks. Rule Britannia.
  7. I think Goldhagen has a point, the Jews have been despised in Europe and beyond since time immemorial. Where I disagree with him is on the reasons why. Despite their protestations and constant bleating about unwarranted antisemitism, the Jews have historically brought condemnation down upon themselves. I can't think of any other minority that has been as utterly despised in human history. This hatred is endemic to countless cultures, so logically the problem must be with the Sons of David, not with everyone else.
  8. Let's just stick with 'stupid northern cunt'.
  9. If we must have a token darkie inhabiting one of the great offices of state, I'd much rather it was Javid than that other dusky fucking idiot, Suckdick Khan. At least Javid doesn't allow thousands of black savages to roam the streets whilst packing more steel than the entire city of Sheffield.
  10. I had to check the screen name twice when I read it originally, as I assumed that it was you who'd put this shit up. Are you his scriptwriter?
  11. I had to double check that I hadn't logged onto the Der Spiegel website whilst browsing the BBC news pages this morning. One of the first things I read was an entire article devoted to trying to provoke ancestral guilt over the bombing of Dresden. Funny that whenever the Holocaust or other examples of German nastiness are reported, the BBCs articles are lite on assigning any guilt to the Kraut nation beyond one megalomaniacal nut job. I didn't shed a single tear reading about 25,000 dead teutons or the horrific ways in which they died, and I suspect that modern day Germans aren't expected by their own state media to flagellate themselves over Nazi war crimes. The BBC can shove its exercise in generating collective shame on this nation up its fucking arse. The murdering cunts had it coming after Coventry and London, and my only regret is that more of them weren't killed. No surrender.
  12. Stickers, you bone idle fucking cunt, have you been hitting the beak at unprecedented levels?
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