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  1. The only man in history to wear AIDS and a stupid fucking waistcoat worse than you. Fuck right off, you cut-price Toad of Toad Hall cunt.
  2. Decimus


    Let's hope that he hits you then, with a devastating right uppercut to your hairy fucking windpipe.
  3. Not yet, but I've got three months until the useless old cunt finishes his next revolution.
  4. I desperately want him back on top form, fuck knows I'm giving him enough ammunition to work with. Sadly the cunt keeps coming up short. RIP Frank Kleftiko, chuck yourself into your shit bin and set it alight.
  5. Marvellous. Me and a few of the boys are travelling down to my mate's house in Basildon tomorrow for a sesh. We're going to start off the day taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane by playing four player Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64. Come four or five, it's off to The Beehive for a few swift halves and maybe a few lines. To finish off we're then going back to my mate's for the Ruiz Jnr v Joshua fight. My money's on the fat lad. There. Now do something with the above and make it fucking good.
  6. I don't fancy your chances. Idiot.
  7. Humans appear to be more interested in mutilating their genitals and turning themselves into abominations against nature than worrying about little things like infant mortality. What a shower of fucking cunts.
  8. Decimus


    Baws has the resident jock angle sewn up on here, and Frank's got the role of boring fantasist fully covered. There was never really any chance for Jacko.
  9. Decimus


    With the best LTP on here, plus a constant presence on The Leaderboard, you'd think that you'd follow my alleged lead and go back to replaying all your greatest hits. If it's such a winning formula, why have you instead persisted with that other awful dog shit material that you first piloted in 2015?
  10. Decimus


    You were also top for a few days four years ago, what's your fucking point?
  11. It's stock catchphrases and dated observational comedy that tickles Salty, if he's laughing at anything it's your act, not mine. Get rid of him permanently by Sunday and we might be able to reach some sort of understanding that allows you to continue on here for the foreseeable future.
  12. If the price of being at peace with oneself is tolerating and encouraging a man who communicates via bold italics and memes, I'm not willing to pay it. Shame on you.
  13. I hate this tedious wanker, and I can't believe that you've yet to put one of your bespoke jester shoes up his fucking arse. The man's been going turbo Jazz for months and you haven't made so much as one derogatory family member reference to him.
  14. What part of "try working on the quality" don't you fucking understand?
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