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  1. The far left are more of a problem, if you ask me. There can be no deviation from their rigid dogma without risking censure or even criminal proceedings for being racist, antisemitic, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic or sexist. You're not allowed to debate the core tenets of their interpretation of modern identity politics, because opinions are dangerous things that only bigots possess. Children must be indoctrinated from an early age to be accepting of different genders, religions and races and to show tolerance, whilst also being encouraged to show no acceptance or tolerance for any opinion that runs contrary to this. There's nothing left wing about any of this shit, it's totalitarian, fascist, authoritarian bollocks and as a man who considers himself to be a classic, left wing liberal, I refuse to be associated with it. It's been said before but it rings as true as ever, the new left is the old right.
  2. Decimus

    Ivan Gurga

    Of course it is. Who on fucking Earth would pretend to be a middle-aged, dyspraxic, dancing cunt who dresses like a 12 year old boy?
  3. Decimus

    Ivan Gurga

    He's not that many shades darker than you on the Dulux chart, you greasy Berber cunt.
  4. Decimus


    I'm not surprised that you took it literally and didn't pick up on the Brian Clough reference. Billy got it. You're not as clever as you imagine yourself to be. Fucking idiot.
  5. Decimus


    Tiny dancer, no amendments necessary.
  6. Decimus


    No, it was "Please let your son go down on me".
  7. Decimus


    True story, Elton John met me in 2005 outside a petrol station in Norwich shortly after performing a concert at Carrow Road. His driver was filling up his car and Elton and I exchanged a nod through the window.
  8. Not really, reducing you to a limited amount of Google hits would leave you devoid of much to say, which I'm sure most would agree would be an absolute blessing. As for the whole googling thing being a myth, you react every single time someone mentions it. If I reacted to every comment made about rubber stamps or clipboards, I'd lend credence to the idea that I'm a stereotypical LA drone. I think you protest a bit too much about something that apparently isn't true.
  9. I suppose it would come down to a futuristic Rumpelstiltskin battle of wits. I'd use the text interface to ask the Roops AI a series of questions using an ever more complex formula to maximise the chance of a Googlewhack. Eventually, there'll come a point where a layered question within a question within a question will produce a no hit Google search. The resulting feedback surge would destroy the Roops AI and the ship, putting me out of my misery after spending five years arguing with a know it all fucking cunt.
  10. Decimus

    Gina Miller

    Yet they both look eerily similar in all Daily Mail articles:
  11. Decimus

    Gina Miller

    "The people didn't understand what they were voting for!!!!!" Only the people who voted leave though, eh, Gina? I wish this cunt would disappear up her own stinking cunt and spontaneously combust at the next Liberal Democrat party conference, preferably whilst sat on Chuka Umunna's lap.
  12. It really is a shame. Not because I have any sort of fondness for Arsenal, but because I absolutely despise Spurs, and anything that would stick in their fans collective massive fucking beaks is a bonus to me.
  13. I'd be more worried about your lot if I were you, at the moment it's a stretch to imagine you as an established top six club within the near future, never mind regularly qualifying for the champions league. As a Norwich fan, I'm happy with the odd scrap here and there. I can't imagine your lot being happy just scraping a Europa league spot every year, though.
  14. I fucking well do. We won the milk cup in the same year, which would've guaranteed us European football. After the scousers being naughty boys, we ended up with fuck all but a dodgy tin cup.
  15. I'm not sure if you've ever heard this as it isn't common knowledge around these parts, but we beat Bayern Munich 26 years ago.
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