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  1. Stop asking questions, you stupid little cunt.
  2. I imagine that you've got a sore head and arsehole this morning, Frank. What on Earth were you playing at last night?
  3. Get fucked, you old cunt. You're half-dead, so it's no surprise that your musical contributions on here resemble a funeral dirge. léo Ferré, Vangelis, and a multitude of soft-rock, lounge lizard fucking shit. You're the middle-aged sad cunt sat at the back of a student union gig, clicking his fingers and secretly praying there isn't a long drum solo.
  4. Fucking rubbish. Let's start a poll, whose musical contribution was better, Wolfie's, or mine? Salty, you need not apply, you stupid cunt.
  5. "Cos you can't catch me, cos you're so fat, so fuck ya" A song called Miami with lyrics slating some fat fucking cunt, I assumed that you posted it as a subtle dig at our resident Jabba from Florida, Salty. Either way, it's very apt and perfectly timed.
  6. Deliberate or one of life's sweet coincidences?
  7. Decimus

    Gay wedding

    He's lost a good five stone from the looks of it.
  8. Decimus

    Gay wedding

    It would appear that your stupidity is fucking limitless. Do you really think that you're capable of taking on Bawsey and I in a pissing match? Just one of us would be enough to reduce you to a quivering wreck, as demonstrated over the past few weeks. Know your limits and stick to swimming at the shallow end, you armband wearing fucking spastic.
  9. He's been warned by Mrs. R to stop fomenting arguments and rampaging around the site like a spastic in a ball pit. I sincerely hope that this is his last ever evening on this site.
  10. If only, I'm sure he wishes that he'd just imagined your last 1160 posts.
  11. Number 42 on the menu, no doubt.
  12. Decimus

    Gay wedding

    Kill yourself.
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