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  1. Salty, a word in your shell like, pal. Despite qualifying your posts by saying that you don't intend any offence to other posters on here with your running down of the UK, I can assure you that whilst we're all keen to run ourselves down, the one thing a British person hates is when an outsider takes a pop at us. The evidence of this is apparent. After you slated us before, you successfully united various members on here in their condemnation of you, members who had spent years at each others throat. After our initial crossing of swords, I've grown to quite like you and I think it's good to have a diverse membership from different backgrounds. But if you carry on slating us and getting wound up by every attack on the US, all you'll do is unite everyone against you.
  2. Decimus


    Thank God that the internet wasn't invented in 1867, otherwise the cunt would have a seven figure post count.
  3. Decimus


    There was another wanker on here a few years ago who would get enraged any time you pointed out that Israel is no better than a rogue state that constantly flouts international law. Funnily enough, he was from London as well. It's a shame that The Judge wasn't about in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust, although I imagine that all the ovens in Auschwitz combined would struggle to incinerate his grotesquely obese carcass.
  4. I was incensed when that dozy bandana wearing cunt knocked on my door, drip in arm and crying about me bullying her. Bab's had more lumps in her tits at the time than a Bird's custard trifle.
  5. She's dying of breast cancer, shove your fucking compassion up your arse.
  6. Just thought I'd clarify a few things here, Bender. Cricket is fucking shit, a tedious game played by sexually suspicious toffs and fat kids not athletic enough to get into the school football team. Fuck off and bore another site with this shit, you utter wanker.
  7. The symbology of this would be amazing. Pen would be the first person in history to sit on the hill and have a longer dick than the giant, and you're the biggest fucking cock in England.
  8. Pen's great-grandchildren have all been blessed with longevity.
  9. It was 12th July yesterday. I imagine that Billy has been up for 24 hours sat in his Union Jack pants and drinking room temperature Carling whilst reliving his glory days in Her Majesty's Maris Piper Fusileers second battalion.
  10. What do you expect, you fucking idiot? You spent years as The Corner's Cerberus, now you just swan in every now and again and take pictures of your fat fucking ankles. If the lunatics have taken over the asylum, it's because you've fallen asleep with your dick in your bin.
  11. I want you to calculate how many posts Ding would have actually made if each one of his multi-quotes were non-spastic, singular ones. I'd only recently surpassed his post count when his profile was blessedly deleted, and that was after he hadn't contributed anything in fucking two years.
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