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  1. Decimus


    The purpose of my trip to the boot is to attend the wedding of a friend, who in his infinite wisdom, has decided to have it Sorrento. It appears that it's a popular wedding destination for British couples who think that just because they regularly eat alphabetti spaghetti, they somehow have an affinity with Italian culture. Sorrento, Naples and the whole mezziagiorno is the Dolmio sauce to Tuscany's truffle-infused sophistication. Despite having an inexplicable reputation amongst the chattering Crawley classes as a hub of class, it's a fucking shit hole. Half the buildings are crumbling and dilapidated, and the local populace are of a filthy, swarthy appearance and mentality more in tune with the Middle East. My mind was made up on this halfway inbetween being cornered by a growling stray dog on the way to my hotel and noticing bare-footed children playing down a rubbish strewn side street. Fucking disgusting.
  2. Decimus

    Stansted Airport

    Unless you were going to turn up nine hours before your flight,which apparently only a cunt would do, it was a pretty empty gesture on your part. A shame really, I'd have liked to of introduced myself to your egg-shell thin, bald, liver-spotted head. Come meet me when I get back on Wednesday, 12:05, it'd be nice to chat. Stand at arrivals with a Decimus sign and I'll pop over for a "chat". You can even bring the wife... Mr. Roops.
  3. Decimus

    Stansted Airport

    I'm in "The Cabin", you greasy cunt. If I see you, I'm genuinely going to hurt you. Badly. I'll make it easy for you by pointing out your error, my flight leaves at 6 not 7. Come in and shout my screen name, Withers style, and I'll be sure to make myself known.
  4. Decimus

    Stansted Airport

    I'm fucking furious. I've got a flight out of this fucking shithole to Naples at 6am. As I'm going solo I decided to take the Stansted express rather than drive. Due to limited times, I picked one that would give me plenty of wriggle room in case of unforseen delays such as the fat fucking slob at the wheel having a heart attack. Upon arrival, I find out that nowadays the departures area is closed after the last flight of the evening. So after three fucking hours of travel, I'm forced to sit in the arrivals area where there's no fucking pub, a closed Burger King, and dozens of other fucking idiots like me who weren't aware of this policy.
  5. Useless, work-shy, enabling fucking cunt.

  6. It's a poor attempt on her part to recreate a previous slur that was made on here. I'm not sure if you were posting regularly at the time, but at some point during 2016 she wasnt a mod, and I christened her sycophantic cabal of Ding, Manky MikeD, alongside her, as "The Bore Four". Never was there a more apt name.
  7. I'll tolerate many things. Your endless meanderings about nothing much at all, your current kid-gloved, part-time antisemitism whilst the rest of the faith gives Zionism a proper kicking, and the fact that I'm 97% sure you're Frank. But this fucking shit is beyond the pale. Retract or be damned.
  8. I don't care if you don't like Oasis. I don't care if the guitar intro is a blatant rip off of T-Rex's 20th century boy. This is a fucking tune from an era-defining band at the top of their game.
  9. I feel like 1930s era Churchill. I'm trying to warn you all of an existential threat to the site's existence, yet the creature known as Pen is still being appeased with direct responses to its shit along with likes. Likes that will only serve to encourage it to become even more prolific with its outpourings of fucking garbage. The next time any of you log on and the last twenty posts are either BBC news links or Gyppo suggesting various ways she can retrieve her coat, don't say that I didn't warn you. Utter fucking cunts.
  10. Oh dear. @Mrs Roops despite the fact that you've obviously nailed your colours to the mast of the lame horse in this race as opposed to the "furious five", I take it that you'll follow your own guidelines and remove said likes plus extend the French cunt's ban?
  11. In all seriousness though? How the fuck has it happened? I've been pretty quiet this week compared to usual, and as soon as my back's turned for five minutes it's suddenly third on the leaderboard. This is fucking unprecedented. I've blocked it but I'm still assuming that its content is as fucking abysmal as ever, so I'm a bit baffled. Has the membership had a collective fucking stroke? If anyone can be arsed to give me a break down of the trannies received likes this week I'd be grateful. The most serial offender is in for a fucking right kicking.
  12. You know that the site's gone to shit when Pen's made it onto the leaderboard for the first time ever in eight years. I've really got nothing else I can say about that.
  13. Pen appears to have had a reprieve. The members have spoken and I'm in the minority with my opinion that it's single handedly killing the site. Delete your account and I'll do mine at the same time. I can't take this fucking shit anymore.
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