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  1. Have you ever fucked a fat bird, Nocti? I take it from this admission of raging pork hysteria that you haven't. During my student days, I danced the rodeo upon many a bucking fat lass, and I'll tell you this; their cunts absolutely fucking stink. Every single one I've had the misfortune to trade blows with, has had the acrid tang of vinegar upon it, a pungent aroma which has made me vomit on more than one occasion, as the vaginal particles hit the part of my tongue at the back of my throat that picks up the leaden sensation of battery acid. Pay your fucking bills and get right fucked, Vanessa, you Giant Jewess fucking slapper.
  2. @The Beast have you been grooming this cunt? I hope for your sake that Drew Peacock is dead.
  3. In years gone by cunts like this would be locked up in Bedlam and left to shit on the padded floors. I don't want to see this sort on the telly or in the street, they make me fucking sick.
  4. I bet they weren't laughing ten minutes later once they'd all been stabbed.
  5. I think we got the message the 48th time you said this. It's almost as if Richard Littlejohn, Quentin Letts and Piers Morgan got together and brainstormed some key phrases that they wanted to input into a Daily Mail bot, but then entrusted Joey Deacon with writing up and delivering the dialogue notes to the developer. Give it a fucking rest, you're not on Luton high street.
  6. They're the saveloys of comedy. You've got a vague notion that you used to like them, but you can't remember exactly why. Then, when you reacquaint yourself with the experience, you're either violently sick or you pretend to enjoy it because you're surrounded by pseudointellectual, deviant homosexuals who wax lyrical about it.
  7. Monty Python was shit and vastly overrated. That's all I've got to say on the matter.
  8. She should count herself lucky that women are allowed to drive without being preceded by a man on foot waving a red flag.
  9. He's an absolute fucking bellend desperate for attention, the right wing version of Lily Allen. His latest outburst involved saying that it was incongruous to see a Sikh soldier in the film 1917. Tell that to the 75,000 Indian troops who died in the trenches, Laurence, you mouthy little cunt.
  10. I don't mean to be a pessimist, but I imagine it's all down hill from here.
  11. Because it's built on top on an ancient Indian burial ground, the foundations of the original Merchants of Spice.
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