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  1. I imagine that after spending the afternoon endlessly rehashing and editing his material, he's already feeling pretty low about himself. On top of that, the unspontaneous fucking cunt is now firing off posts that look like they've been written by that spastic who went missing in Malaysia.
  2. You're upset. Don't come back to me until you've reacquainted yourself with the Caps Lock button.
  3. I'm relying on you to get it right first time, I don't expect to have to sit and wait whilst you fumble about editing your post a dozen times like a fucking amateur.
  4. I'd expect you to pull a last minute edit on some part-time fucking wanker, but not on me. Two other reasons. He detests King Billy and he laughs at my posts. I'm only here to cause trouble and to entertain, so what's not to like about him?
  5. He doesn't have a stupid fucking username for a start.
  6. Listen, cunt, you've been around long enough that I expect you to know the drill. If and when I decide a newbie has outstayed their welcome, I let my displeasure be known. Generally, The Corner will then follow suit, as with King fucking Billy. You're wasting your time manufacturing some tired campaign against MC, I like him and he's here to stay. Fuck off and play with KB.
  7. Decimus

    Best fringe joke

    If anyone else is considering logging on at three in the morning whilst drunk and in the middle of a hissy fit, read the above shit and reconsider. Judge, you're a fucking embarrassment "mate".
  8. Have you bought any grouse or pheasant from Nettles recently?
  9. Decimus

    Best fringe joke

    Yeah, too fucking right. Have these cunts never heard of free speech? It's all shits and giggles and Snowflake this, SJW that, until someone calls you a nonce, isn't it? Thin-skinned, hypocritical wanker.
  10. I imagine that you're the go to guy for all things esoterical on The Corner, what with you looking like a cross between Russell Grant and Davros the Dalek. Lol. Fuck off.
  11. What have you had for breakfast this morning, Judge? Sausage I'd wager, a big jumbo one. Lol lol. Fat queer cunt.
  12. Decimus

    Jason Marles

    Do you fucking want some?
  13. Decimus

    Jason Marles

    He's welcome to put in appearance at my house, along with his baying pack of bloodthirsty hounds. I haven't seen the ginger cunt yet, but I don't own a dog and the shit I stepped in in my back garden wasn't from a cat. If I catch the fucker, he'll be wishing he bumped into some posh cunt dressed like a twat instead of me.
  14. Oh look, Richard Littlejohn has suffered a catastrophic brain injury and joined The Corner. Wind your neck in you little cunt, or I'll find you and shove my Article 50 up your clich├ęd, tattered arsehole. You've been warned.
  15. It's relatively normal for a man of 47 years to have a bit of meat on his bones. I'm probably not the first person to say it, but you'll never be the whip-thin lead singer of a trendy young indie band. Give your eating disorder back to the Olsen twins, start dressing your fucking age and accept that you're more Rick Astley than Alex Turner.
  16. Fuck off, Arthur, you nonsensical part-time fucking wanker.
  17. With this display of deviant criminal intelligence, we now know why it was Steve Wright that was banged up for life and not you. The next time I brutally rape someone, I'll PM you instead of wasting thousands of pounds on legal representation.
  18. Decimus

    Owen Jones

    Weedy faggot Owen Jones has gone and got his bent fucking skull kicked in on a night out. What's worse, instead of doing what he does best, taking it like a man, he has decided to publicise and whinge about it. You reap what you fucking sow. This little wanker has spent the past three years aggressively trying his hardest to overturn a democratic referendum by labeling everyone who didn't vote his way a racist or an idiot. If The Corner wasn't only frequented by a dozen or so fucking weirdos and was read by a national audience, I'd fully expect to never be able to set a foot outside my door without someone beating the living daylights out of me. If you want to wind people up, be ready to deal with the consequences. Jones should only open his mouth to suck cock in future if he can't handle the inevitable repercussions of trolling 17.4 million British voters. I hope next time he's put in a fucking coma.
  19. I tell you what does fucking work on Geordies... 3-1!!! Yelllloooooowwwwssssss
  20. Shut your fat fucking gob, Ironside. If your opinions on the justice system held any weight, you'd still be in uniform and not trotting out your amateur Daily Mail shit on here whilst simultaneously shitting yourself from the comfort of your reinforced mobility scooter. Idiot.
  21. Yeah right. I'm sure you'll be getting away soon, Lunn Billy. Lol
  22. I'm out of likes for the moment MC, but your stalwart faith in me shall be suitably rewarded this evening. Billy has been running around like the cock of the fucking walk for a week, safe in the knowledge that I was firmly behind bars and couldn't pull him up on his absolutely fucking shite output. I've been back a day and already he's a quivering mess, Lol'ing himself into a frenzy and then slithering off into obscurity. The cunt was putting out dozens of posts a day in my absence, but a mild battering from me on my return and he's nowhere to be seen. No doubt he's off on another trip abroad. "Lunn" Billy, more holidays than Judith fucking Chalmers.
  23. Shirt-lifting, more like, you whoopsie faggot cunt.
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