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  1. Yalda Hakim shits all over her. Gorgeous.
  2. I bet you still last 30 seconds.
  3. 16 to 135. Keep up the good work there chief.
  4. I’m flattered by the effort, you top notch mentalist.
  5. He’s Hawaiian, numbnuts.
  6. Someone get this man a regular gig!
  7. Still cheap compared to here. I gave up when a 25 pack of Dunhill was $8.60. $24 now.
  8. If social distancing makes you bash your missus, you were a cunt to start with.
  9. Giving up posting would be harder, but would benefit more people. Passive banality and all that, old chap.
  10. Tinfoil hat wearing mentalist. Up your game, I’m not impressed yet.
  11. And they have ruled it out, have also ruled out any Chinese consortium from buying it. There has been a subtle but definite change in the way China, and where to for them from here is being reported in the mainstream media. I’ve a feeling this won’t be forgotten, or forgiven for a very long time.
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