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  1. southerncunt

    Anjem Choudary dangerous cunt

    Remove religion from everywhere.
  2. southerncunt

    Forced To Share

    Read the account of nurse Bullwinkle to see what utter barbarians the nips were.
  3. southerncunt

    Bishop fucking Auckland And Other Deliverance Towns

    Poorly dentitioned mouth breathing barely upright humanoids who appear to have drawn from a gene pool the depth of a fucking mirage aren't just restricted to quaintly named villages and towns in England either. The entire western suburbs of pretty much any city in Australia can furnish you with an elegant sufficiency of such unfortunately fecund creatures.
  4. southerncunt

    Top spec cars / Top spac drivers

    You may even like to kick us off with a “cunts corner black cock lovers” section. Fucking LOL
  5. southerncunt


    “Hey Wang, don’t tell them you’re Jewish, I think this club is restricted!” I’ll give the Jews one thing, they don’t mind taking the piss.
  6. southerncunt

    Tampax spillage accident cunt

    Fools and their money.......
  7. southerncunt


    I'm aware this is hardly a recent revelation, but it's still breathtaking.
  8. southerncunt


    You really are batshit fucking crazy, 'eaveans.
  9. southerncunt

    Useless scientists

    That’s you cunted then. All we need to know now is “Do European squirrels like to fuck Asian squirrels up the arse” and we have the perfect rodent analogue for Cotswold dwelling shitcunt diction averse fuckwits like yourself.
  10. southerncunt

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    I was referring to the letters in page of The Age, a beyond contemptible leftist rag. I get mine myself, giving an abo money and an errand tends to lead to $1.80 missing.
  11. southerncunt

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    Spot on.
  12. southerncunt

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    Yes, he has. Proof, as if any more was needed, that you can't win when satirizing these days. He is historically a pretty clever bloke and rips the shit out of both sides of politics here, something out politicians deserve more than most. This trend has to reverse at some stage as I believe it is not the prevailing public opinion, as evidenced by the letters in page of the paper that printed it. It is more the result of the communication saturated society we live in that gobshites who would have traditionally been rightfully ignored in a social setting can jump on twatter and give an earnest and informed 150 character assessment of just about any complex issue you could think of. Cunts.
  13. southerncunt

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    What a fucking storm that is over here. It's a caricature, for fucks sake. Anyone would think he'd gone and drawn Mohammed. She's a petulant cunt, and ruined the possible one and only grand slam for her opponent. Do African Americans have bigger lips than Caucasians? By and large, yes. Does she have an enormous arse? Without doubt. Did she act the cunt? Absolutely. All the left media over here are busy telling us what we should be offended by, as fucking usual, but the public comments in the left leaning Age newspaper were overwhelmingly of the opinion that it's more making fun of her behaviour, not her physical depiction. Take that, you cunts.
  14. southerncunt


    I'm no longer interested in her comedic talents either.