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  1. Isn't this also one of the flaming hypocrite cunts who hammered me and Americans in general FOR our supposed misuse of the English language? Corrected, but the validity of your post overall still stands...
  2. I’ll admit I’ve posted on this forum while pretty pissed, but what the fuck is this cunt on?
  3. Going into a small stuffy room to stare longingly at a brace of fine Cocks takes up far too much of your time, punkers.
  4. It looks like you had plenty of time on your hands then. Shame you didn’t use it to craft a properly punctuated and spelled missive. I had to read it in Downs Syndrome so it made sense.
  5. God presides over our departure not grasping relatives or weak willed sick people... Proof the cunt doesn’t exist if you haven’t been snuffed out yet.
  6. Potatoes are not brain food, Scotty. This is not the first time panzer has demonstrated that.
  7. At the very least, your parliament is making our joke of a parliament look almost normal. Fucking hell.
  8. The illusion here, my fuckwitted friend, is why you are obviously English but choose to assume the nom de plume of firstly a fictional Australian serial killer then a Maori who likes punching people. The virtual world suits you. Does your real world measure up?
  9. Coming to the sand belt, are you? My neck of the woods. Enjoy the heat then, you fucking bullshitter. Maybe you can borrow someone else’s clubs. I’m sure you are well used to having a shaft in your hands that is not your own.
  10. How do you like them apples, you cunts? Lowest first innings total since 1948. And you were only gifted the World Cup by an appalling umpire. So you can shut the fuck up about it now. True colours.
  11. Remove stars from the flag? You fucking imbecile. Do you even know what they signify? In other news, we are far from “yank lite”. Fucking bell end.
  12. southerncunt

    Danny Baker

    I’m glad you are having fun. I’ve only just had the misfortune to peruse some of your recent output and I can assure you that you are the only one enjoying it. Try harder, billy big shot. Your current output is rubbish.
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