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  1. southerncunt

    Any cunt that sits behind a computer and calls it work

    I don't sit in front of a computer very much. I suggest you shouldn't either, if this is the kind of shit you turn out.
  2. southerncunt

    Alabama Rot

    One of urban dictionary’s more polarising entries. Either interpretation.
  3. Why, was he half convicted of theft? Backwards handwiping camel scrubbers
  4. southerncunt

    One born every minute

    We get episodes of that shit out here. It appears you didn't get rid of all of the dregs of society a few hundred years ago.
  5. southerncunt

    The Commonwealth.

    Well into Stage Two here folks.
  6. southerncunt

    The Commonwealth.

    I'm sensing we are getting closer to the start of another famous jazz meltdown. We have passed Stage One; proliferation of pointless posts, and have now entered Stage Two, indignant anger. I will describe subsequent stages as they appear.
  7. southerncunt

    Death after Life.

    This is the psychological equivalent of a car going along a freeway on ramp. You can see it to your left; a normal looking sedan getting up to entry speed. It looks entirely unremarkable. You pay it no attention. A little further on, you begin to notice it, going faster than you, blowing a small amount of smoke as it enters the freeway in the lane in front of you. You notice it blowing more smoke now, you think you even saw a spark come from somewhere under it. Still it gains speed, sparks starting to spew from under it, you swear from this distance you can make out something else. Are they flames? Yes! yes, I think they are! There are flames coming from under the car, licking the wheels and curling up behind it. The flames are all around the back wheels now, but the driver still has his foot mashed into the firewall and he keeps going, speeding ever faster, unaware that he is passing the point of no return. Suddenly for him, but inevitably for you, the rear tyres blow, and the car careens out of control, hitting the guard rail and barrel rolling several times before coming to rest upside down in flames. Shortly after, the leaking fuel tank explodes in a mushroom cloud of paranoia and accusations of grassing and multi id’s. Fortunately, there is nobody else injured. There are many onlookers however, some of whom have seen this before.
  8. southerncunt

    Death after Life.

    Just a hunch.
  9. southerncunt


    Not sure Roops. This to me is a grown woman using an infant to make a sociological point. I have no opinion either way, be it gay/straight/trans/cross dressing whatever, but that is up to people old enough to find their own direction. This is just a child, and one in the public eye whether they like it or not. And that makes her a cunt.
  10. southerncunt

    Death after Life.

    This can only end badly.
  11. southerncunt

    Tranny dragon

    Every now and then you have moments of lucidity.
  12. southerncunt

    April cunts

    Can’t you not post more often?
  13. southerncunt

    Cheating Australian cricket cuntbreeds

    The pide Piper eh? A purveyor of Turkish baked goods who also dabbles in woodwind? You thick cunt.
  14. southerncunt

    Cheating Australian cricket cuntbreeds

    Fascinating. Do you have any actual published short stories?
  15. southerncunt

    Cheating Australian cricket cuntbreeds

    Smith is a decent man who fucked up once. He does a huge amount for junior cricket here and he will recover. Warner on the other hand, has refused to front the media and has only damaged his case with his trademark arrogance. Bancroft was a deer in the headlights. I like how duplessis could sit there and tee off on them, while twice being convicted himself. Lehmann has resigned, and a good thing. The culture under him was aggressive and win at any cost. Not our historic attitude. We have a national attitude of fair play overall, which is why the shitstorm.