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  1. southerncunt

    Cunts who don't know how cool katanas are.

    I miss him as well, Eric. He had some fucking hilarious moments.
  2. southerncunt

    Short wearers in December

    There is a "Letterbocks" if I've ever heard one.
  3. Left wing fruit cake movements like the LGBT and ANTIFA are successful because they show complete intolerance to any cunt who opposes their view. Correct. The left hate like no other. The willingness to bray racist, sexist, and increasingly the willingness to shut down criticism of religion (traditionally only western religion, Islam and its wonderful track record of human rights is apparently free from scrutiny) is the hallmark of the current mainstream media. This is all a cycle that none of us will live to see turn full circle.
  4. southerncunt

    Juan Guaidó

    Post something witty or funny, or fuck off. I suspect your lack of intelligence makes you impervious to criticism.
  5. southerncunt

    Instagram Beauty Boys

    And you can fuck off too. Pointless fucking idiot.
  6. southerncunt

    Juan Guaidó

    Who the fuck are you?
  7. southerncunt

    TROYE SIVAN (who?)

    How’s things, R-soles?
  8. southerncunt

    The Raisin

    Both the OP and the specimen in the picture are stupid cunts.
  9. southerncunt

    Cunts who use Bisto

    Entertaining. Lol. Fuck off
  10. southerncunt

    Cunts who have pet Rats, Hamsters or Gerbils

    Bottom didn’t do as well here, neither did filthy rich and cat flap. Young ones was and still is a cult show. “Have you had enough, Nazi, or do you want some more?”
  11. southerncunt

    Cunts who have pet Rats, Hamsters or Gerbils

    In the episode “Bambi” if I remember correctly. The Young Ones was utter genius.
  12. southerncunt

    Cunts who have pet Rats, Hamsters or Gerbils

    Ahh, that’s Toxteth again....
  13. southerncunt

    Cunts who get massive Xmas bonuses

    In life as well, I’d wager.
  14. southerncunt

    Wanker students who do nude calendars

    I’ve always been a resolutely heterosexual man, but this disturbing visage has me questioning my leanings. Thats my wanks gone for at least a week.
  15. southerncunt

    UK immigration WHITE paper

    I was worried the corner was getting too intellectual. Thank God you turned up. Fuckhead.