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  1. Drunken bakers. A modern classic of the comic realm. The one where he gets unbarred from the pub in return for baking pies, then shits in a pint glass and throws it at the dartboard is genius. It doesn’t get the audience it deserves. That, and Scum mothers are simply brilliant.
  2. Stupid Stone Age utter fucking backward cunts.
  3. You wouldn’t fit in it you fat cunt.
  4. She may not have smoked the bat, is the only explanation I can give.
  5. I’m with you there Eric. She was cute in a genuine girl next door way. When will women realise that a good looking young woman will still be a good looking older woman. And I’m tipping us blokes aren’t the ones putting pressure on women to fuck with themselves. Other women take the blame there. Dozy moles.
  6. Yet more socio-geographic musings from our resident bed bound globetrotter. What are your thoughts on Martians? Fat dickhead.
  7. Fuck me, he’s at it again! Goddam asshole.
  8. Isn't this also one of the flaming hypocrite cunts who hammered me and Americans in general FOR our supposed misuse of the English language? Corrected, but the validity of your post overall still stands...
  9. I’ll admit I’ve posted on this forum while pretty pissed, but what the fuck is this cunt on?
  10. Going into a small stuffy room to stare longingly at a brace of fine Cocks takes up far too much of your time, punkers.
  11. It looks like you had plenty of time on your hands then. Shame you didn’t use it to craft a properly punctuated and spelled missive. I had to read it in Downs Syndrome so it made sense.
  12. God presides over our departure not grasping relatives or weak willed sick people... Proof the cunt doesn’t exist if you haven’t been snuffed out yet.
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