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  1. Cunts Corner Christmas get together

    Who cares, fuckwit?
  2. Sheep shaggers

    Strong liquor, late nights, fatigue and a fundamental lack of brains. They all combined here, by the looks of it.
  3. Divorced cunts

    Fuck me, you toilet attendants really get around!
  4. Shit flinging woman in Bristol

    The fact he pursued a second date is impressive, and testament to the fact he possibly has German blood. Filthy scat coveting pervert.
  5. Mornin...

    Soppy cunts...... Tell me, have you heard of Fatty?
  6. Those who grass.

    You are legitimately batshit crazy. This is all make believe.
  7. You would need more than an elastic band. A drunk Australian? Really?
  8. Cunts who stand too close in queues

    At the shops waiting to pay, and some cunt behind me sidles up within my personal space. I move forward, and the cunt maintains his position just inside my zone. Fucking arsehole. Next time I will just pinch the merchandise and avoid the situation entirely.
  9. Punkape's Message Box

    Not too far from the truth!
  10. Punkape's Message Box

    How are you on Southern Hemisphere geography, 'baws?
  11. Frank Kleftiko (1971 - 2017)

    He misspelled "foetid". That rather takes the edge off a self indulgent rant, don't you think?
  12. Frank Kleftiko (1971 - 2017)

    It was quite an event Bill. And not over yet, I would think.
  13. Aussie vegetarian cunts

    What a shit stirring fuckwit. Clearly having been bred on the subcontinent, where a train will derail before hitting a cow on the tracks has given this troublesome bood bood an inflated opinion of beef. Have a look at the corpulent cunt. Clearly no issue getting nutrition.
  14. Sickipedia.

    My like button won't work, Nocti, but have a written like!
  15. Sickipedia.

    Fucking hell.