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  1. Poaching cunt eaten by lions

    Life can be beautifully poetic at times.
  2. Fanny Chmelar

    I'll pay that one, White van man.
  3. Deaf cunts walking around with their phones on speaker

    I think YOU should stop posting on here. As an Englishman, your command of the language is appalling.
  4. Deaf cunts walking around with their phones on speaker

    Sorry about that Ape. News travels slowly down here.
  5. What is it with cunts trotting around at the shops or any other public space conducting some vacuous conversation with some other cunt by association with the phone on speaker? I don’t give a flying fuck about your thoughts or what you are doing or thinking, so put the fucking thing back on a more discreet setting, or cram the fucking thing up your arse. Attention seeking cunts.
  6. Pugs & French Bulldogs

    You add nothing. You would actually detract from a vacuum.
  7. Pugs & French Bulldogs

    Yeah khawaja has the monkey off his back now! I went to the big bash last night, both of the Melbourne teams. Free tickets through a mate into the MCC. Couldn’t say no. It peaked at 42.6 degrees in my part of town yesterday, so a few schooners of Carlton Draught didn’t even touch the sides!
  8. Pugs & French Bulldogs

    That’s bang on stubby. Fucking useless wheezing sneezing ugly little cunts. Designer dogs pumped out with no regard for genetic issues, just a quick buck for unscrupulous puppy farm cunts. The poor bugger must live a cunt of a shortened life being owned by fashion trend aping fucking hipster cunts who will drop it like a hot potato when the next trend comes along, or when they have a little Tristram or Zara the poor slobbering little bastard will get the arse because it’s poor breeding will make it a snappy little bugger through no fault of its own. Fuck me, I need a lie down.
  9. Alexander Pieter Cirk

    Mental age of about 9. Pretty close, fuckface?
  10. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    I was there today, and England had a good day. Shame it is a dead rubber
  11. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    I tried to post a photo of Melbourne today, my backyard in particular, but the file was too big and I am too stupid to work out how to downsize it. Anyway, it’s 30 degrees, full sun and just enough breeze to be nice. Melbourne can be a cunt of a place, but when it turns it on..... I agree, the MCG when heaving with people is a phenomenal experience. The place just breathes. I am taking my son and a few mates tomorrow. The SCG is prettier, but the ‘G is the spiritual home of cricket in the Southern Hemisphere. Only Lord’s could match it for pure sense of occasion.
  12. Roy Orbison.

    You add no value, humour, or intelligence. Just fuck off, you utterly pointless user of bandwidth.
  13. Roy Orbison.

    Is that the best you got? You got a like off pen, that must make you feel relevant.
  14. Roy Orbison.

    You really are a complete fuckwit
  15. Short wearers in December

    I don’t know what you cunts are on about.