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  1. Must have been hard to admit that to Dawn as a 42 year old.
  2. You pollute this site with utter fucking rubbish. You make no sense, you add nothing and are just another pointless fuckwit to push past while I look for something amusing. Get struck by lightning.
  3. Shut the fuck up, you shouty fucking idiot.
  4. Fuck me you are a boring cunt.
  5. Whatever happened in the genetic backwater you grew up in is of no interest to me. The rest of your laboured response however, makes no sense to me. I’m in my mid 40’s, so I’m probably old for this site. You are obviously quite a bit older.
  6. Shielding paedophiles was never acceptable, you fucking dickhead.
  7. As much as I have zero time for Pell and all that he stands for, the case against him was compromised at best. Convicted on word alone and the facts of the actual abuse just don’t add up. There is no pattern of systematic paedophilia, where the abuse is said to have taken place was a relatively high traffic area etc.... His real crime, and one that I strenuously believe he is guilty of, is his moving of known paedophile priests around to evade prosecution, as the protection of the fucking church was more important than the rights of the victims. Yes, he is a figurehead for a morally bankrupt and shadowy closed society and for that reason he was convicted. Whether his hands are actually dirty is a matter of reasonable doubt.
  8. I’d say he is in a variation of a bukkake party. Do you remember the scene in “The adventures of Barry McKenzie” where the colonials he hates so much all piss on the fire in the studio? He’s the fire.
  9. As I type this, I sit in a country born of the British isles. For this windfall of cultural advantage I am grateful in ways that you should also be cognisant of. However, immigration has enriched our country beyond what it may have been had it not occurred. Mass immigration only works if you allow it from worthwhile sources.
  10. And the Aussie has a spectacular Toblerone tunnel.
  11. That's some fucking funny shit! And so original! Although I did smile at the first paragraph. Do better, please. I know you have it in you.
  12. This crab fucker really is ruining this site. I have wiped more intelligent life into a wad of toilet paper. Die of arse cancer in the next half hour please.
  13. Got it. Fucking disgraceful. Having said that, my dog may be a lesbian.
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