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  1. southerncunt

    People who post stories just to stir up shit

    I am enjoying this topic too, MC. In years past, one had to visit a lunatic asylum to observe the wretched creatures within. We all get to see you doing much the same thing without leaving our homes. You are outcunting nobody. The only thing you do better than anyone else on here is pull your dick.
  2. southerncunt

    People who post stories just to stir up shit

    I was wondering which of the Village People you were. Thanks for clearing it up. If you could just proof read your posts before you decide to put them up for the amusement and pity of all of us then that would be great. You spectacularly thick fuckwit. I've wiped more intelligent life onto a sheet of bogroll. Go back to playing Jenga at your sheltered workshop for the genetically backward.
  3. southerncunt

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Mullets? You were over here in the 80's? And it is spelled "abbo's".
  4. southerncunt

    People who post stories just to stir up shit

    The fact that you stated that you work in property seals the deal for me. Any of the other presumptive effluent that flows from your braying fucking trap is just icing on the cake. You make your living (if indeed this is true - your track record of utter bullshit is impressively long and varied) by selling something that you have no input into the value of and make your money, leech like, from the good business decisions of others. And to state this like a badge of honour marks you as an absolute beacon of arseholery. You are the biggest cunt on here, by far. Not a funny cunt, not an interesting cunt, not even a strange cunt. Just a cunt.
  5. southerncunt

    Sir Christopher Chope MP

    Reported for being a dumb cunt. Something you are obsessed with being.
  6. southerncunt

    Celebrity NHS frontline tv programme

    You have an inner cunt as well? I hope the inner cunt can spell and make sense, rather than be a bullshitting big noting nonsensical fuckstick like the outer cunt is. Come on inner cunt, show us what you’ve got!
  7. southerncunt

    Highly educated but useless cunts

    Fuck me sideways Pen, I’ve come across people like this. Spot on. Have a like. But don’t get used to it.
  8. southerncunt

    People overly enamoured with japan

    Not surprising. The sites biggest wanker has a theme song.
  9. What the fuck are you on about? You have jumped the shark as far as fuckwittery is concerned. Pointless cunt. And just imagine, you were the sperm that won. Natural selection has failed in your case.
  10. Multi quoting time wasting teenage fucking spastic. Fuck off. Then when have done that, fuck right off again.
  11. southerncunt

    Wheeler dealers

    In English please. When you sober up will be fine.
  12. southerncunt

    Scaremongering Brexit bullshit

    I'm in. I'll even take an unpaid position.
  13. southerncunt

    Scaremongering Brexit bullshit

    Well played sir. I haven't been insulted on genuine kindergarten fashion since....... Well since I was in kindergarten! You're done here, dickhead.
  14. southerncunt

    Scaremongering Brexit bullshit

    I just don't know where to start on your reply. You really are a stupendously thick fucking idiot. Really. And I mean in the context of this site dedicated to counting people, you are a beacon of fuckwittery. You add nothing. You actually subtract from this site. Are your parents first cousins? What's your excuse?
  15. southerncunt

    Cunts that name their cars

    You might have added "old bints" because lo and behold Pen was the first responder.