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  1. Fucking lying duplicitous cunts, the Chinese regime. WHO is no better. There should be a great big broom going through both of these cunts when this is all over. Not sure what it is like over there, but here there is a massive ground swell of support for a wholesale restarting of many areas of local manufacturing. It won’t be easy, and it will require a paradigm shift in the thinking of consumers, retooling, retraining and many other factors but to be beholden to one country just because we want cheap shit is unacceptable. It will be incredibly difficult, but this can never happen again. Similar sentiments there?
  2. Spot on, Ape. How are they even supposed to play their instruments if they are watching some effete middle aged wanker wave a fucking chopstick around. What a shower of cunts.
  3. Jaysus! A sensible and logical post from panzer! Oi never taught O’id see te dey!
  4. Be careful what you wish for.....
  5. Just from stupid stock, by the looks of it. Let me guess, sleeve tattoos and you holiday in Bali and give the rest of us a bad name? Give it a rest.
  6. Who the fuck is this cunt? You are doing our case no good.
  7. Aluminium melts at 660c. It ran in rivers down tracks, then hardened on roads once the fire front passed, tracing back to the source. It came from cars, that like us, need oxygen to function. There was none. None for the car, and none for the driver. They both “failed to proceed” in clipped English parlance. They left in what was thought was reasonable time. Families of them. This fire was different. It moved so fast. Just imagine what that would be like. So I’m not surprised to see a nom from our regular big noting resident fuckwit espousing his profound lack of knowledge.
  8. That's all I do. Cunts hang towels or put a water bottle on the seat like it is their own personal property. If they are off yapping I just put their shit on the floor and use the machine. When they protest, I make a point of searching the machine before say " I'm sorry, I can't see your name on it anywhere". Fucking CUNTS
  9. This nom had the desired effect really, didn’t it?
  10. I can’t help but feel partially responsible. Awesome.
  11. Make me laugh then. Failing that, make me think. In nearly 6500 posts, you have so far failed to do so. Who is the one trick pony now? Cretin.
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