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  1. southerncunt

    Cunts who ask you if you have a spare cigarette

    What a parade of cerebral heavy hitters in this nom. Really cutting edge stuff.
  2. southerncunt

    Cunts who ask you if you have a spare cigarette

    I agree with the sentiment, but you're still a twat.
  3. southerncunt

    Dentist cunts

    Did you use your personality to sedate them? Fucking non entity.
  4. southerncunt

    Dentist cunts

    You cunts go to dentists?
  5. southerncunt

    Cunts who eat their own earwax

    This is what happens when cousins marry.
  6. southerncunt

    A Haunting In Norfolk

    ...... BronyKeith with a katana and a boner.
  7. southerncunt

    A Haunting In Norfolk

    I got a laugh out of that. Have a like.
  8. southerncunt


    And fucking cross eyed to boot. The hits just keep on coming! Kill it with fire.
  9. southerncunt

    Fucking Scum

    Fucking hell, that's fascinating!
  10. southerncunt

    Fucking Scum

    Welcome, sean. In future posts, please leave the banality to a minimum, and you'll do just fine.
  11. southerncunt


    Natural selection just isn't doing its job anymore. What a smug looking cunt too.
  12. southerncunt

    Gosport Hospital

    My father was terminal with pulmonary fibrosis a few years ago, and as the power of attorney I was offered a dose “he would not wake up from” and I took it. To see a proud, strong man in that state was unbearable, so the option was exercised. Like you, ‘baws, I got the distinct impression this was a regular, if not advertised occurrence. Mercy sits outside religion. It exists however, at a purely human level.
  13. southerncunt

    Shroud of Turin fake

    So recent research seems to back up earlier studies that suggest it is a medieval fake. No shit.
  14. I’ve been fairly drunk in my time, but at no stage have I ever been tempted to slap together a pile of shit like this nom. Sort yourself out, Snowy.
  15. southerncunt

    Old Cunts In Hot Weather

    Is it really too much to ask to apply some basic punctuation and grammar when posting on this site? I hate to be a grammar nazi, but if you have a fucking colonial picking you up on it, it’s probably time to have a good hard fucking loook at yourselves.