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  1. nocti

    Ben Wadey

    She's not half bad now. In fact, I'd go far as to say that she's getting better with age.
  2. What the fuck are you basing this on, RK?
  3. nocti

    Dean Saunders

    I don't even know who this wanker is, but irrespective of what shenanigans he's involved in, his first name is Dean. For that alone, I hope the cunt catches fire.
  4. nocti

    The Corbyn Plot

    Reported for doxxing.
  5. nocti

    The Corbyn Plot

    Cunt looks like if Santa fell on hard times. And a landmine.
  6. Neil. Taking on climate change, one wank at a time.
  7. What this pair of wankers have basically done is found somebody that charges £20 less per head. How fucking stoic.
  8. Not bad. I'd have sex with her on purpose.
  9. I'd fuck her now as it goes. She might have her objections, but I'd certainly be up for discussing it. She hasn't aged quite as gracefully as old Mirren, but at the risk of sounding overly sentimental, I'd add her to the pile of septuagenarians that are ripe for rooting.
  10. I was about to mention the tattoos. Another issue with them, is that they either get David Blunkett to do them, or all kids these days just happen to look like Simon Weston's reflection in a fun house mirror. They are, without exception, fucking terrible.
  11. nocti

    Michel Roux jnr

    That's just how he comes across sometimes.
  12. nocti

    Michel Roux jnr

    Co-hosts a programme convincing people to save money by using grated cardboard instead of rice, then blowtorches a broccoli floret and charges 50 quid for it in his (s)wanky fucking poof parlour. More fool the thick cunts who fall for it, but still; what a twat.
  13. Women's rugby is good to have on when you're fucking arseholed. It reminds me why I shouldn't drunk-dial any of my exes. International volleyball is quite the spectacle when the Japs aren't playing. You'd expect a bit of eye candy from them, but I assume they push all the girls whose faces you could plane a fucking door with into playing it, whilst the others fuck off to start those nails-down-chalkboard J-pop groups. The little cunts.
  14. I love how that line precedes such a scathing rant which is delivered immediately after receiving applause, for what seems like a genuinely heartfelt and profound tribute to his son. He wears his influences on his sleeve, but No Cure For Cancer and Lock and Load have some fucking great harangues in them.
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