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  1. nocti

    Kendrick Lamar

    Parton is one of the only women that I need to do a double take on, to see for definite whether fake tits are actually photoshopped on or not.
  2. nocti

    Kendrick Lamar

    Rap/hip-hop has recently replaced rock as the most listened to genre over in the gun-happy cholesterol-hoarding shithole US of A, and has pushed its way there by constantly finding ways to bring itself into public controversy. Ignore it. There's nothing to see, and certainly nothing to hear from the shoal of talentless poofter jewellery clad, mumbling spastic cunts. I want the lot of them maimed horribly and shipped into a closed-in festival, at which, you guessed it, Robbie Fuckwit Williams is playing a day long acoustic set, with James Corden introducing each and every song. Wankers. And bastards.
  3. nocti

    Internets 'Wild West' laws.

    Who the fuck has ever bullied anyone on here?
  4. nocti

    wearing a baseball cap and reduced intelligence

    The avatarless fucking cunt was banging on about horlicks not long ago. He's about as French as deodorant, and I hope he gets dick cancer.
  5. nocti

    People who will not be watching the royal wedding

    You are a cunt, spunkers.
  6. nocti

    Bank Holiday cunts

    I was apathetic up until "at home", which coming from you sounds disturbingly aberrant. I hope it gets stuck in whatever you decide to try and glide it in, you filthy cunt.
  7. nocti

    Adverts that make me want to kick the TV screen in

    When was this?
  8. nocti

    A Bonny Bouncing Boy.

    Not that they're strapped for cash, but if they don't fancy forking out for a brand new cot, the one Verne Troyer was using is up for grabs now.
  9. nocti

    Scarlett Moffatt-Cunt

    I can't keep up with all the fucking euphemisms these days. Whatever it is, he's a filthy bastard who needs to sort himself out.
  10. Another sad bastard roleplaying as a wank-happy teenager. Wait a couple of years and you'll be one anyway, you autistic cunt.
  11. nocti

    Paul Fucking Pogba

    I thought it was a plantain? That's what it looked like on crimewatch, although the hastily taken footage was blurrier than a wanker's knuckles. The mockney fucking gimp.
  12. nocti


    Fuck off Spotto you skinny cunt.
  13. nocti


    Self-absorbed, irritatingly omnipresent, literally man-eating warbling fucking ham planet, with an ego almost as big as her appetite. I imagine her sprog has a rehabilitation-based fate ahead of it having Cthulu's fuck-ugly stepsister as a mum, even without being dressed in clothes rejected from the Chernobyl branch of Age Concern. She's the barely-human embodiment of the hieroglyph that the Egyptians used for "hell-spawn salad-fearing cunt", and i hope her cock falls off.