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  1. nocti

    Cunts who film police getting attacked

  2. nocti

    May I strictly come dance in Africa.

    While possibly not the biggest pile of shit I've ever seen, it's certainly the biggest today, and I've already read this morning's paper. I'm with Baws. It would serve you well to destroy all evidence that this ever happened. It's fucking dreadful.
  3. nocti

    The Death of John Wilson

    "John Wilson, who was appointed MBE for his services to angling..." Jesus fucking wept. They really will dish these out to any useless cunt won't they? I'm actually wondering whether I might have one knocking about the house that I forgot about. RIP, obviously.
  4. nocti

    Northern Rail

    Thanks for the clarification. I got confused when it didn't rhyme with tits.
  5. nocti

    'Sir' Lenny Henry

    @Decimus Shall we?
  6. nocti

    Jess Phillips

    Ghastly ain't it Decs? The only thing I'd want to see flicked on this Steptoe-looking cunt is the switch on her life support machine.
  7. nocti

    Grenfell Tower

    Surfing is making its olympic debut at Tokyo 2020. They get some pretty good waves in East Asia apparently.
  8. nocti

    Spice girls announce new work possibility

    Is it not poor form to pass a direct quote from the Poet Laureate off as your own work, Neil?
  9. nocti

    Brexit..the meltdown has begun

    My ring piece would like a word with you.
  10. nocti

    Bill Hetherington

    I'm all for giving the newbies some shit, but fuck me...
  11. nocti

    Bake off fucking cunts in the Final

    Lesbian or not, I'd rattle the fillings out of the one far right. I bet our resident pervert, who shall remain nameless, would fuck all three of them, possibly before allowing the camera crew to all defecate into his mouth.
  12. nocti

    Fat Cunts Who Eat In Public

    You're lacking subtlety and bite of late, Withers; appearing suddenly without warning or anything to offer, then disappearing again, much like a blood blister after a rather sneaky yet exuberant wank in the toilets. Everything ok?
  13. nocti

    The Irish KKK

    Miserable cunt of an article. It's halloween! I saw a guy this morning dressed in tattered clothing, fake blood pissing out of him, the windscreen he was halfway through genuinely looked smashed in as well. Blood curdling screams, shouting for help, etc. Fucking brilliant it was.
  14. nocti

    Shuada' Davitt. aka Sinead O`Connor

    I bet her brain is the only part of her that has been washed in the past few years, the nauseating, four-wheel-homed, spud-necking, limelight-starved filthy old fuck.
  15. nocti

    Shuada' Davitt. aka Sinead O`Connor

    I reckon it'll bomb. Godspeed MikeD. Gone, but unfortunately not forgotten.