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  1. If this was a social media post, you would become the subject of viral outrage for your blatant prescriptivism (which is of course tantamount to racism), and would be up against the wall before you could say "Justice for Fritzl".
  2. nocti

    Robbie Williams

    On the contrary, the only thing I'd tap my toe to is his death rattle. You silver-tongued lothario.
  3. nocti

    Robbie Williams

    He's not yet been around long enough to leave a huge enough phallic imprint on the same leaderboard of cuntitude that the Robbies and Lennys of this world inhabit. I must admit that his bellendery is extremely potent though, his false sanctimony shining through like Rolf Harris's torch through a playschool window. Give him enough time, and airplay on Absolute Radio that the fucking idiots at the place I'm working at insist on piping in all day, and I'm sure I'll be hunting him down to provide a complimentary tour of his own arsehole, a relaxing acid bath, finished with a sauna in an incinerator with built in belt-sander massager.
  4. I'm aware that we've strayed off the beaten path here as far as the thread topic is concerned, but I do need something clearing up as it's been left a little vague. Does Roadkill like Banksy or not?
  5. nocti

    Robbie Williams

    The only way I want to see the cunt swinging is in his wardrobe with an orange in his mouth. About as entertaining as root canal surgery during a health and safety briefing. If there was an award for world's biggest complete and utter fucking cunt, he would be the trophy itself.
  6. Rather than living it, you fucking charlatan.
  7. I genuinely anticipated someone having a go because i was serious for a moment, you cunts. I too, like most people on here apparently, have bad days and don't really feel up to it. My son had a seizure yesterday, and I completely forgot to slap my fitbit on him. Few miles down the fucking drain there.
  8. I'm glad that's out in the open now, Roadski. I can lay the conspiracy to rest, peel the tinfoil off my bollocks, and wait for my payslip from Princess Di, who has actually been funding this herself, living as an agricultural mechanic called Dave in Barrow-in-Furness.
  9. Out of curiosity, whilst it's obvious that due care has to be taken with what the site allows to be posted, and many submissions have been edited/deleted because of this; has this ever been done by request from outside parties/authorities?
  10. It's one thing if the women decide to cover themselves up, but forcing a young child to be dressed as a bear is a fucking outrage.
  11. It's a no from me, Olly. We're coming up to lunch time, and I like my yolk runny.
  12. nocti

    The French

    ...tue toi.
  13. Masquerading fucking cunt. I'd say "Give that man an Oscar", but he'd probably end up shoving it up some young girl's arse.
  14. "In his youth, Michael Owen was literally a greyhound." - Jamie Redknapp
  15. Fourteen replies, and not one of them alluding to this cunt's lack of avatar. Standards are falling faster than James Corden's handglider around here and it needs sorting the fuck out.
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