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  1. nocti

    Elon Musk

  2. nocti

    Shape of things to come

    Spunkers, you cunt. How was the cooler? Did they let you watch the England games inbetween soap drops? Have you upgraded your golf clubs from the ones you got from the Early Learning Centre? Do you still tee off from erect dicks? Have you spoken to MC yet?
  3. nocti

    Football comin home

    Baws you bean-spilling cunt, it took me almost 4 years to figure that out.
  4. nocti

    Football comin home

    Can't see why they'd get a tattoo of the German reserve goalkeeper, but I get your point.
  5. nocti

    Football comin home

    Shame there isn't a toaster in there as well. Probably one just out of shot though, the fat twat.
  6. nocti

    Football comin home

    Likewise, I was having a rather good morning until you showed that fat pompous fucker. He hasn't said anything remotely funny for about three stone. I bet there's only about two litres of water in that bath.
  7. nocti

    Anus horriblus

    That's actually a pretty good attitude to have, Panzy. When things are that fucking dreadful, and everything is literally crumbling around you, I imagine you need a bit of comic relief every now and then.
  8. nocti

    Football comin home

    That alone is pretty funny, but fuck me whatever hashtag or search that links to makes me so fucking glad I hardly touch social media. What a shower of sad, indignant cunts.
  9. nocti

    Football comin home

    I'm not an expert on football by any stretch, but I think it's a different team now.
  10. nocti

    Football comin home

    Two gifts in a minute. Fucking woeful defending. Ah well. Try again in another four years lads.
  11. nocti

    Football comin home

    That's the spirit Neil you fat bastard.
  12. nocti

    Football comin home

    Started off well actually, but I think Southgate's half time talk to him was to pretend he's having a game of heads and volleys with his Gran. At her funeral.
  13. nocti

    Lynx Gold advert

    "Smell like every other cunt on the bus."
  14. nocti

    Football comin home

    Saw a bloke in a Croatia top this morning. I asked him whereabouts in Croatia he was from. He said "Glasgow."
  15. nocti

    WOT, no Brexit plan!!

    Funny how just a few days ago all those primordial England fans were jumping around in Ikea, and now our cabinet's fucked.