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  1. Richard Branson

    Reported for mentioning family members/doxxing. You webcam IP hunting cunt.
  2. Richard Branson

    Drink bleach.
  3. Richard Branson

    9/10. Love you Ed. Massive fan of your work.
  4. Richard Branson

    Ed, nobody cares what you think. Even about your own replies to what could easily qualify as the shittest nom to ever curse the corner. Fucking kill yourself immediately, but first set fire to your shithole car wash, then console yourself with a pint at the dive opposite. You sad fucking wanker.
  5. Suicide is a cure for this, but only if performed immediately. On livestream. Fuck off.
  6. Ed Sheeran

    Ecstatic to see that somebody has knocked this ginger wailing cunt off his bike. Pity he didn't die, but a good effort anyway.
  7. ...up the wall?
  8. Unlikely Opening Lines To A Novel.

    After clicking to enlarge the image, he stared at the figure intently. The rounded voluptuous breasts almost poked out from the screen, and the come-to-bed eyes seemed to stare directly at him. Beads of sweat ran down the model's curvy, slender body, and the very little she was wearing looked fit to burst right off her. "No chance", said Neil with a grimace. "There's no way I'd fuck that."
  9. Sophie Stevenson

    @Gong Farmer, explain yourself you dirty bastard. In your defense, I always had you down as a wanderer of the lavender path.
  10. Ryan Gosling

    Reported for implied avian noncery.
  11. Frank McGowan

    Nudging your Byronesque romantic palaver aside for a moment CC, and taking into account that, yes, the poof is a pathetically hysterical chutney-hunting fuckwit, have you actually seen a picture of the girl? She looks like she's been jogging behind a gritter; but not very far mind you, it's a tad on the portly side. That being said, I probably still would. I'm not a monster.
  12. Daniel "I'm a trained fighter" Dooley

    This is rather timely. I actually thought about this comment the other day, particularly the "stitch that, cunt" part. The Reverend has quite the knack for making gratuitous violence all the more memorable. Where is the nasty cunt anyway?
  13. Petrol or Service Stations

    Anybody who even entertains the thought of needing to use one of these, shouldn't be fucking driving in the first place. Fuck off. Lol.

    Frank, where's the video?
  15. Flat Earthers

    Me too Alf. Mrs N had a works do last night, so against my better judgement, I took it upon myself to come down off the mountain, and indulge in a bit of self harm by getting some food from the chippy round the corner. I've been scared to fart all day, and that is totally out of character for me.