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  1. nocti


    Not unlike yourself, Punks.
  2. nocti

    Gordon Brown

    To be fair, him "getting on top of it" would probably fucking kill it alright.
  3. He used to have one. Every picture he was in showed him chewing the fucker.
  4. Thank fuck for thread necromancy. I was wondering when there was going to be a thread about these noodle-slurping cunts and their latent fuckwittery, now blossoming like bog roll off a head teacher's house. Oh, and their eyes are all to fuck.
  5. Cheers EC. I don't really like to speak ill of the dead, but he was a bit of a fucking thick cunt. He was always looking in black holes, and I can tell you just from looking at a picture of one that there's fuck all in it; and I haven't got any robotic parts.
  6. If you push the end of the empty tube up into your crevice and position the diameter of the circle around your dump valve, it could act as both a gromit/buffer and a sort of piping instrument that may actually alleviate the need for much wiping at all. Hypothetically, like.
  7. MJ, I'm feeling a little worse for wear today. Do you think my temperature is anything to worry about?
  8. My thoughts exactly, Deckers. Stockpiling anything is fucking stupid in itself, but I'd have thought people would at least go for sensible options if they were going to be locked up for a while, like condoms, or even little perks from Ann Summers for when their wives actually do get a headache. The whole shit tickets and wop-fodder panic has gone right over my fucking head. Makes me wonder if people all over the country are just mummifying themselves, necking some farfalle, then wanking themselves into comas.
  9. Who knew the world would get even weirder in 2020? Some chink cunt ate a fucking bat and now I can't wipe my arse. Ratty was right about those bastards.
  10. If only the iron react was still around for this one. For the same purpose of course, no offense Eric. You cunt!
  11. "Could care less" and the vocal fry are making their way slowly but surely over to these shores. Fucking abhorrent, both of them.
  12. To be fair EC, if his purpose is to personify the zeitgeist of America and its culture, they haven't gone far wrong with that move.
  13. Wait, the Elvis impersonators should gang rape Harvey Weinstein? Or get raped by him? Not really a fan of either scenario, nor the mental image that they conjure up, but it's good to have clarification on these things.
  14. nocti

    Tyson Fury

    To celebrate, he is going to treat himself to a nice new set of alloy wheels. For his house.
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