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  1. There really has been an influx of fucking idiots to the site just lately. Has somebody posted a link to here on a baseball forum or something?
  2. I'm feeling a bit embarrassed actually, because I should really know this one.
  3. nocti

    Gay wedding

    For someone so acutely aware that AIDS is spread about by botters, you seem awfully frightened of catching it Punkers.
  4. Salty, if drinking just one makes you this belligerent, I suggest your Dad hides his bud lights somewhere you can't reach them. Like on the floor, you fat cunt.
  5. Getting a bit mawkish there, mate. Marry the cunt why don't you?
  6. Mental if it's true. As lovely as her mouth is, I'd certainly settle for her fanny.
  7. This will forever perplex me. I actually want this explained more than any philosophical meanderings concerning our place in the universe. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he isn't a practitioner of countergradient horticulture, as he swiftly went on to throw one up Sandra Bollocks before settling down with some Swedish sort, but there's clearly something fucked about him. Liz Hurley, in that era especially, was pretty much unrivalled as queen of the wank bank.
  8. Told you mate. Bit ropey weren't she? Forgot about the mullet; sure sign of a fucking bean rubber.
  9. Pat Sharp wasn't the best looking bird by any stretch, but I'd have probably rooted it. Although rumours at the time suggest that she could've been a bulldyke.
  10. We need another serial killer or something; give these thick cunts something to genuinely worry about. Plenty of candidates on here, although it won't take long for the case to be closed when the victims are all found with a toilet duck bottle hanging out of their arse.
  11. Yet I'm told to "fuck off somewhere else" when throwing myself around Costa by my own cock, having spotted some millennial Mother breastfeeding. If some isolated copse isn't "somewhere else" then I don't know what the fuck is. Woods/parks have been the place of choice for the perspicacious dirty bastard since the dawn of time. If you don't like it, get a treadmill and a VR headset you moaning cunts.
  12. The bar staff example is a good one. There's one that works in a pub local to me that, to her credit, has quite a pretty face, but a body that orion's belt would be too tight for. I blame the Kardashians for all this bollocks. I could just about put up with fat-shaming being frowned upon, but being a ham-planet is nothing to be celebrated.
  13. Well, this is the thing. People like Decs and myself would get shut down almost immediately, if even allowed to have an opinion in the first place, as our point of discussion would come from an alleged position of privilege and therefore be biased to fuck, or at least be angled in our own favour. Not that I have much to say these days other than "fuck off" anyway, but it would be nice to at least have the chance to say it to somebody of a different racial background live on TV.
  14. I actually miss Keith at times. He was a bit like Punkape, only self-aware, and occasionally funny.
  15. nocti

    Yes Cymru

    Now this I take no issue with whatsoever. If it wasn't for hearing the accent when accosted by homeless people in London, or Rob Brydon mentioning it every third sentence whenever the cunt is on TV, I'd forget it was even there.
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