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  1. I'm with you. Seeing that they fucking hate commies, I can see them jumping on our side of the current situation, especially with many of them seeing themselves as "caucasian" now with recent developments in DNA studies. They will be a solid ally, and being rather nationalist in their views, are likely to mostly head back when the predicament at home begins to fizzle out. 3 million is a lot though. Hopefully a couple of them jump in and sort my local takeaway out. The black bean, spring onion and ginger has been fucking rank the last couple of times I've had it.
  2. nocti

    BBC News

    I have no doubt that the statement made in their song "Nothing Else Matters" involves black lives as well, the sickening bastards. Makes you wonder how they get away with it.
  3. Is this a cry for help?
  4. nocti

    Gary Lineker

    The absolute fucking shitstorm this has stirred up has been nothing short of magnificent.
  5. nocti

    BBC News

    This seems like a decent umbrella thread to cunt the BBC, so get a look at this... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-53135022 As if BAME people and chutters aren't already over-represented in BBC programmes, including playing medieval folk in period dramas that would have garotted them soon as look at them, our lovely license-funded cunt broadcasters have now just pledged £100m to increase diversity. Expect a re-make of Dad's Army, where Jones is played by a 40 stone black tranny, armed with a vibrating rubber fist, complete with new catchphrase: "They DO like it up 'em!"
  6. Apparently it's now trending on twatter that Beethoven was black, and that he wore white face powder in order to hide his black heritage. It's almost getting a bit ridiculous now. He probably pretended to be deaf too so he didn't have to do fuck all when asked.
  7. My family over yonder are posting a worryingly steady stream of beatings/stabbings by POC youths on young white boys and girls Panz, going against Sinn Fein's wishes that they should not be shared at all. Some might say in some respects it's worse than over here. Any thoughts on that?
  8. The lovely fellows at the SNP are calling for a human rights museum to be built in Greenock to explain Scotland's links to slavery. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/build-human-rights-museum-greenock-22196130 Do they have museums in the North of Africa to explain how, for almost 300 years, people from Scotland, England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Netherlands and other places were taken as slaves by them, a few of which were only freed if they converted to Islam (as the keeping of Muslim slaves is forbidden, of course), but could never return home? Sounds like the rantings of some St. George waving cunt with a carling in his hand, but it's true, yet never discussed.
  9. nocti

    Spongebob Squarepants

    Turns out drawings of sponges can be fans of countergradient horticulture. Plenty of holes to choose from I guess?
  10. The Baden-Powell statue is now set to be removed under fears that it is on a "target list to be attacked." I will personally paypal everyone on here 20 quid, if they tweet out, or publicly announce somehow, that they are plotting to attack Robbie Williams. Think about it. Twenty pounds. That's like... an eighth of a bottle of hand sanitizer.
  11. nocti

    Divvy Yanks

    I hope none of you like statues. Fights soon, methinks. https://www.toppletheracists.org/
  12. I think her upper arms may have solved the quandary of perpetual motion.
  13. Lenny Henry and Robbie Williams to choose heads or tails on a coin flip. The one who gets heads will be fired into space; the other, sealed in concrete and dumped in the North Sea. That would appease me, for a while at least. Then I'd start shooting foreigners.
  14. But Rev, multiculturalism is the tenet of our society, and you cannot maintain a thriving multicultural society with racism present. Oh, and only white people can be racist. Forgot that bit.
  15. Craig David himself thought it was piss funny at the time, even starring in a few of the sketches himself. The shit-bearded cunt. This is all going way too fucking far now. The last two videos I've seen is a young lad in Ireland getting his head kicked in whilst a couple of black people shout "400 years of slavery, motherfucker!" before running off, and moments ago Justin fucking Trudeau bending the knee for the cameras. It's gone past embarrassing into being plain funny now. It's all just so absurd.
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