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  1. Child murder has more meaning when done by a woman....
  2. No. Which cannery do you have arrangements with?
  3. The whole English and European brassica crop is fucked so you can forget your sprouts at Christmas as well. Ape will just open another tin of beans. lol.
  4. Model helicopter 🚁 enthusiasts... Stobart spotters... Is there any difference or do cunts of a feather flock together ? lol.
  5. Some good news...the cauliflower crop is on it’s arse. Britain is experiencing a cauliflower shortage after extreme weather killed off much of this year's crop.Excellent news as this disgusting vegetable stinks and promotes vile intestinal gases. Heavy rainfall in June destroyed crops in Lincolnshire, and alternative European supplies wilted in last month's heatwave. In addition largely migrant workers pick these revolting vegetables so they might as well fuck off as well. lol.
  6. I wonder how Blakey would have sorted out the driver... lol.
  7. You illiterate cunt....and a thick wanker.
  8. I’ll bet Ape had beans on toast at his wedding reception in the local working men’s club.... lol.
  9. Backstairs Billy was a homosexual.... Lol.
  10. The Scots have been plotting for generations against their English masters but remain serfs and oiks. Stick some garlic in your deep fried mars bars and fuck off. lol.
  11. At my early primary school I was educated by nuns and they lectured all of us on the evils of Ian Paisley. How right they were as well....
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