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  1. Rattled. Varadker will be President soon once we’ve fed you into an all Ireland set up. Northern Ireland is simply a province of lower-class squabbling nutters with revolting accents. Fuck off scum.
  2. She’s not your Queen,she’s our Queen. You have Ian Paisley junior as your Monarch. Fuck off.
  3. Parsnips are cattle food although for several cunts on here they are probably a staple foodstuff as well as being utilised for debauched activities.
  4. I have every compassion for victims. You want to take pleasure from the method of dispatch of their tormentors. That puts you in the same bracket as Huckle... You have the brain of a courgette...
  5. In which case you would be in incarcerated and be able to put into practice your preferred activity of dishing out illegal justice by murdering mentally ill inmates.... You would have enjoyed the SS Kessler Noakes. Fuck off.
  6. No he wasn't or he wouldn’t have behaved as he did. He was sick and you should have compassion for the ill.
  7. Which “Thousands” have committed serial murders ? You grossly exaggerate to promote your warped gospel..
  8. But not so had they committed a serious crime against you or your family... Durrrr......you hadn’t thought about that had you ? Mollusc brain...
  9. Our atheist society will always throw up evil oddball cunts every now and again.The nutter who committed these crimes was odviously sick with paranoid schizophrenia or a similar complaint.Such people shouldn’t be fed to wolves or self appointed legal arbiters from the criminal classes. You with your concentration camp zeal would seek to enjoy the process of terminating such people. You should be watched and put under supervision yourself. Fuck off.
  10. Let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the the death of Kings.
  11. The rare greater horseshoe bat has been recorded in Kent for the first time in over a hundred years according to the Bat Conservation Trust.
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