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  1. Indeed, I play golf with a select few....
  2. Reach out for Jesus...Reach out...
  3. I’ve never hunted,largely because I play golf and have other pursuits in Cheshire. If people wish to pursue vermin in fancy dress on horseback...good luck to them. Harriet Harmon is a cunt.
  4. I’m white, privileged and privately educated.I collected jam jar golliwogs when I was at my prep school. Jeremy Corbyn is a cunt
  5. The Krays were paedophiles... Dave Courtney is a cunt.
  6. You got into trouble immediately and were suitably chastised. You should consider your social position and how it impacts upon others.
  7. I see you’ve returned.... but for how long ?
  8. Attenborough’s last attempts to create a legacy beyond tickling baboons and scraping bat droppings off his shoes...
  9. The fires are divine retribution for the way the Aboriginal people have been treated.
  10. Toad in the hole... lol.
  11. Or.... The Dam Busters with Guy Gibson’s dog being played by David Lammy.....
  12. Happy New Year Southerncunt. Are you keeping the home fires burning! Roast Koala bear for dinner ? lol.
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