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  1. I’ve found one of your better noms here....it got 6 replies. If you’re going to attack our gay brethren leave it to the experts. lol. Fuck off.
  2. Are you the Guy Gibson’s dog or the gay ginger spastic ? lol. Fuck off.
  3. AIDS clinic tomorrow for you ! I’m playing golf 🏌️‍♂️ lol.
  4. You boring peasant...take your ferrets for a walk to the gay quarter..... lol.
  5. You boring cunt. Everything goes up the arse.... Hopefully you will soon contract tertiary mumps. a
  6. Dr Cunt is probably a “dodgy” janitor at an abortion clinic (extermination facility)...... lol.
  7. I bet you would be useless in a fight with your fat,podgy darts arms... lol.
  8. Your criticism has no balance.The Catholic Church has saved billions of both lives and lost souls.It is the cornerstone of our world’s development. You won’t accept this because you’re homosexual and the Chuch teaches that this is wrong. Sour grapes on you part chutney ferret.... lol.
  9. What type of evidence do you have for this ?
  10. I’ll bet you and Fred West were related... lol.
  11. Rasoul your Morrocan bumchum would beg to differ...
  12. Happiness for you would be an old whaling station and an ancient harpoon fired up your backside from short range... lol. lol.
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