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  1. No it’s child fucking porn and you’re defending it which makes you on par with Jack Dromey and other “PIE” devotees. You’re horrible, warped and probably deformed.
  2. Post-coitally you would be consuming the faeces of Margaret Beckett with a garnish of whipped David Lammy semen on top.
  3. I’ve no doubt you would fuck Dianne Abbott and consume her faeces on a regular basis.
  4. Teddy Kennedy had a few of those at Chappaquidick.... lol.
  5. You disgusting transgender fuckwit with measles.
  6. Reported for defending cunts who post child pornography.
  7. 1 hour ago, Ape said: Reported for including children in a pornographic context. Ape is a disgusting, grotesque lump of stinking dogshit.
  8. Reported for including children in a pornographic context.
  9. You need to imbibe heavy duty drain cleaner then inject it. Fuck off mosquito-brain.
  10. Were you out today flying model helicopters 🚁 with your anorak pals before attending a special needs barbecue with Tesco “reduced to clear” off-cuts of putrefying meat with beans and chips? lol. Fuck off.
  11. You should top yourself over the Easter weekend. Buy a chainsaw then use it to cut off your own head...then we’ll party to celebrate. Eat dog shit.
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