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  1. Are all Orangemen perverts in bowler hats ?
  2. Please protect yourself and other end users if you’re going to sin. Which University did you attend?
  3. People like you would never pass the interview or be even considered for one..... lol.
  4. That was a party political statement by Britain First.
  5. What an excellent place for the Coronavirus virus to start and get a grip on the ghastly seaside shithole of Brighton with its writhing mass of hand-wringing Liberals, mad environmentalists and sodomites.. Hopefully the virus will crank up to full throttle when it encounters the myriad of pre-existing conditions amongst the sordid populace. Fuck off.
  6. You’re dead. Stop posting then...
  7. He’s a disgusting, predatory homo who left his sham marriage to fully embrace degeneracy.
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