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  1. I’ve seen better looking Rooks...
  2. What plans ? Are you going to a pride march together? lol.
  3. I’d like to drop you into the Lion enclosure at Longleat.
  4. Oh dear.....did you crash your model helicopter 🚁 in high wind today? lol.
  5. Your father’s mates were rotten apple scum from the lower decks and you are of a similar ilk. Their opinions and yours are the absurd bleatings of maligned serfs. in addition you’re an imbecile.
  6. Friends of mine have served in the Navy with Prince Andrew and played golf with him.They said he was a sound chap. You on the other hand won’t have any such social connections and are only too eager to jump on Andrew’s various peccadilloes to satiate your ongoing envy, bitterness and shallow insignificance. Sod off.
  7. The reality is that every justifiable criticism of him for being a twat and criticism of any other ethnic twat is turned by him into an an attack on people of colour and howls of racist. No one would propose him for any of my golf clubs because he’s an odious penis.Wheras Rishi Sunak or Tom Cleverley would be welcomed without the faintest bat of an eyelid. He’s a self absorbed arrogant turd.At Wimbledon one year he was given prime tickets for the centre court Royal box for which men are required to wear suits, shirt and tieThese requirements are well known and sent in writing to all those fortunate to be invited.Hamilton turned up in jeans, jacket and a tee shirt and was refused admission....excellent.The wanker then had a meltdown and stormed off no doubt wailing about racism and other imaginary slights. Utter tosser.
  8. You were asked first....answer the fucking question imbecile...
  9. I’ve never been to Uppingham nor heard of the person to whom you refer... Get stuffed.
  10. I’m sure you’ve tried.... lol.
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