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  1. Mustard on spleen is a dream of the kamerad.A malleable transfer of mildew and spice nestling in remnants of paralysed poignancy.....
  2. Earl of Punkape

    Tom Allen

    You seem to be running a campaign against homosexuals. Well done.
  3. Hello Alan and welcome. Nice first nomination. Did you leave school when you were 10 ?
  4. “Diss” is a place in East Anglia. Use the Queen’s English or fuck off. Are you a Jamaican drug dealer?
  5. These people really are a complete sets of twats, pumped up with their own self importance and effusing relentless drivel onto the airwaves often at the licence payers expense.There is no end to the list of these outstanding wankers from the 60s to today.Preposterous turds like Tony Blackburn with his affected trans-Atlantic accent, Noel tosser Edmonds and the arch-pervert and bonker of the dead and disabled..Jimmy Savile.Gargantuan cretins like ********** and Kenny Everett festooned us for years with verbal horseshit whilst conducting depraved private lives. Danny Baker is a recent example of how these cunts find it impossible not to be a cunt of the highest echelons effortlessly.Chris Evans has leeched millions out the BBC and other gullible fools for his banal badinage and pointless piffle. Is there a DJ who isn’t a cunt ? Fuck off.
  6. You would never be Prime Minister because of your pet ferrets... lol.
  7. Have you had a hip replacement? lol.
  8. What proportion would you put on this proposed supposition of yours ?
  9. Give time to for nominations to be discussed. Posts which attempt immediately to derail a thread either by attacking the poster or the nomination will be removed.
  10. Rules Give time to for nominations to be discussed. Posts which attempt immediately to derail a thread either by attacking the poster or the nomination will be removed. Reported.
  11. Not at Royal Cromer Golf Club they haven’t.....
  12. Thanks for your report from the Pink Negro Club in Lagos.... lol.
  13. Not forgetting Roger de Courcey and Nookie Bear.
  14. Why do you have Frank Bruno as your avatar? Similar IQs ? lol.
  15. I think you should explain....
  16. How do you fit in all your visits to Tesco dressed as Jimmy Savile?
  17. You should support our crumbling Christian democracy by condemning the activities of homosexuals and by going to Church on a regular basis.The Christian tradition teaches that the only place for sex is within a heterosexual marriage. Reform yourself and become a happier person.
  18. Have you managed to sort out your erectile dysfunction issues because of your various palsies ? Try a visit to the zoo... lol. Fuck off as well.
  19. Hopefully you will be “on the doors” over the weekend where you might be glassed and stabbed simultaneously.
  20. Onasanya massively queered her pitch by not resigning as an M.P immediately after her appeal. Forcing her own electorate to a recall petition to get rid of her, to which they turned up in droves, further illuminated her egotistical arrogance, vanity and incomprehension of British culture.Her antics may have been acceptable in Nigeria.... where she should consider returning to with all possible haste.
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