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  1. What comes out of a cat’s nose ? Mewcus. lol. Fuck off.
  2. From Crux. Catholic commentary. Frank Brennan, a prominent Jesuit priest known to be at odds with Pell on political and theological disputes, after the sentence was announced said that “Should the appeal fail, I hope and pray Pell, heading for prison, is not the unwitting victim of a nation in search of a scapegoat.” During the sentencing hearing, Kidd himself stressed that Pell is “not to be made a scapegoat of the failings of the Catholic Church,” and admitted that there has been “a witch-hunt or lynch mob mentality” surrounding Pell and his trial. He condemned this, saying “it has nothing to do with justice.” George Yao, a prominent former politician under the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) in Singapore and a member of the Vatican’s Council for the Economy, defended Pell, voicing hope that he would be acquitted. Pells appeal has a good chance of success.
  3. Under Islamic law the flying of model helicopters 🚁 would probably be regarded as decadence and blasphemy. You would be reduced to flying a kite wearing a dish-dash,which would conveniently hide your stockings and suspenders... lol.
  4. The eradication of the Hadith would indeed be a start as would the policing of all Mosques in the West by a religious Inspectorate for the monitoring of their proclamations and other activities. The continuing failure of Western Democracies to challenge unreformed Islam head on only creates and emboldens the reactionary anti-Islamic zealots.
  5. Christianity is what has given us the ability to intelligently and civilly evolve despite it’s hijacking at various historical points by various dynastical hierarchies for their own ends. Islam was once influential, welcoming and educative but has been on a backward and destructive spiral for centuries.It must reform itself or have reform thrust upon it.
  6. Hopefully the Martians will be practicing peaceful Catholics who don’t have abortion on demand and who condemn homosexuality and political correctness.
  7. You’re quoting fiction.....how original.
  8. You should point your finger at Mecca and Medina and the hierarchy therin that promote and oversee the bizarre interpretations and evils of the Koran. Or just fuck off to Ann Summers in Bradford and buy yourself a blowup goat..... lol.
  9. Islam digs it’s own huge hole by failing to reform itself.Everywhere in the world where you have large scale Muslim populations you have subsequent islamification and subjugation of non-muslims. Coptic Christians in Egypt have been slaughtered and marginalised and Islamic hierarchies don’t even shrug....
  10. It appears one of the gunmen might have an Australian..... Over to you Southerncunt....
  11. If the New Zealand Government had forbidden the building of these Mosques then these people wouldn’t have been killed.They might be happily herding goats 🐐or camels 🐫 in the Djebel. Islam in it’s existing form needs to radically change.It creates discord, strife and violent chaos wherever it manifests itself. I hope you attend a Christian service over the weekend to pray for those killed and wounded and also for the perpetrators who are as much victims of unreformed Islam as those on morgue slabs. Fuck off again.
  12. When I first saw the headline and saw 49.....I thought it was a usual rugby result for the All Blacks. There will be more attacks on Mosques and Islam as it fails to modify and evolve from the primitive and claustrophobic edicts and dictats of the Koran. Fuck off.
  13. I thought you might be at Cheltenham getting shagged against a wheelie bin behind a downmarket catering tent by one of Tyson Fury’s Uncles... lol.
  14. “Mate”.....What a dreadful term or form of address. You’re either an Australian pleb or you’re a peasant. Which one is it ?
  15. Your immigration policies have been well controlled and Australia has plenty of space to accommodate global riff-raff.All the new cunts who arrive help to continue with the steady persecution of the aboriginal peoples.
  16. Have you had any software problems with your model Helicopter 🚁 ? Why don’t you attach a petrol bomb to one and fly it into the Finsbury Park Mosque? lol.
  17. They were forced into doing that by the Russians....
  18. Most of your posts are the philistine meanderings of a constipated cretin with measles. Fuck off.
  19. Many of the “indoctrinated” Hitler youth were de-radicalised along with many adult Germans.
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