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  1. Lord Punkape

    Keira Knightly

    Ian Peter Knightly, a cousin of Kiera, wrote the novel ‘Rusty Bedsprings’. lol.
  2. Lord Punkape

    Anjem Choudary dangerous cunt

    Choudary has been released today and the cost of babysitting this vile, evil cunt is estimated at £2,000,000 a year. What price to pay for Liberal Democracy.
  3. Lord Punkape

    Michael Caine

    Brexit means Brexit.
  4. Lord Punkape

    eruv hazerot

    I’ll stick with my version thank you. Truth is a moveable feast particularly if you look at our liberal socialist politicians.A more embellished or romanticised storyline is often more pleasing to the ear and helps the world go round. The Catholic Church and the truth of the crucifixion and resurrection is something you should focus on.
  5. Lord Punkape

    eruv hazerot

    Are you having a bacon sandwich for breakfast? Calamari foreskins for lunch with Hammas Hummus.... lol lol.
  6. Lord Punkape

    eruv hazerot

    Are you off the synagogue big nose ? Lol.
  7. Lord Punkape

    eruv hazerot

    Balls. I learned to play billiards at my Prep school.Snooker was rarely played as it was regarded as something our kitchen staff did at their grubby working men’s clubs. The relatively modern version of the game was played by officers of the Army in India and brought back to Britain.It was superceded by Snooker only in the 70’s along with Darts and all the fat cunts who play that mindless torpor.Billiards is a far better game and more fun. I couldn’t give a shit who originally developed medieval billiards.The Chinese supposedly played golf in the 1200’s......so what? The Scottish developed modern golf. You may prove to the contrary but my story on the development of games on the green baize will stay the same.
  8. Lord Punkape

    Bugging your own house.

    Wheeltappers and shunters social club for you at the weekend? lol. Oik.
  9. Lord Punkape

    Bugging your own house.

    Lol. Expert analysing from our resident cretin.... Shut up you stupid wanker.
  10. Lord Punkape

    Silly cunts that die in a cupboard

    Reported for family abuse.
  11. Lord Punkape

    eruv hazerot

    Dachau. lol.
  12. Lord Punkape

    eruv hazerot

    Snooker is indeed for oiks. Billiards was the game played in India and still is at my club you ignorant pleb. You would have a cue shoved up your arse at your dogging site.... lol.
  13. Lord Punkape

    eruv hazerot

    We actually have antique voting box inlaid with silver.It was originally brought back from an officers mess in the Indian Army.The ballot balls are made from ivory and are dropped into a area where the hand is covered so anonymity can be maintained for those casting. Fuck off.