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  1. Or it could mean that you do have cancer and the beetroot is just sheer coincidence.
  2. Indeed they are, Ratty. I have been puzzling over the chink virus in Italy and have now concluded on what is causing the high mortality (at least to my understanding). The chinks have been copying Italian designs from the early nineties on. Starting in the early 2000s, Italian industry was being eroded by chinks copying the designs and manufacturing the goods (and selling to German, UK, etc resellers), mainly clothing and accessories, but also furniture etc in China. In desperation, a lot Italian companies resorted to sourcing base materials from Eastern Europe to reduce costs and mass manufacture for the likes of Zara and H&M, but it was not enough - they were still being outcompeted by the Far East - and one by one those companies went bust and closed their factories. The shuttered factories were then being bought out on the cheap by chinks, who also brought over tens of thousands of the vermin to work in them, using imported materials from the mainland China. There are now over sixty thousand of them (plus those extras brought over on passports from those expired ones, who were given resident status) concentrated mostly in the manufacturing regions of northern Italy. So here is the main source of the virus, passing under the radar on to the native Italian Injuns, who are now dropping like flies. They have robbed the Giannis of their living first and now of their lives. Fucking Chinese, Ratty.
  3. During the mostly self-inflicted famine in Mao’s China, cannibalism was rife. Chinks are not very choosy when it comes to comestibles and they certainly wouldn’t share the meat.
  4. 1. A new recipe for Victoria Sponge 2. Arthritis 3. Depression 4. Virus-proofing windows 5. New butlers - replacement of dead butlers.
  5. I go with the squirrels; just make those birds work a bit harder.
  6. I just picked up some news from the beebs; cats and dogs are officially off the chink menu, for the time being. Pangolins, bats and pandas were not mentioned, so I presume fresh supplies will continue.
  7. Under the current speed of extinction and natural resources depletion, humans will be lucky to survive in their hundreds of millions or perhaps a lot less. As you know, we have pushed plants’ grain productivity at the cost of the strength. There may be an extra ten per cent or so to squeeze further and that’s that. I am in two minds about the replenishment of the species, as global warming is changing current conditions and simply adding volume and variety in any one area, without massive human die off and stable climate to balance the chain, may prove futile long term.
  8. They wouldn’t let you in then. A private jet is a minimum requirement. Try India.
  9. The US is keeping a lot of golfing spots open. And with no crazed mob stocking up on guns or pesky covid cases in sight, it is the best place to visit right now. You do own a private jet, I understand?
  10. White Cunt


    Except for nibbles. Bunch of obese, morose fuckwits.
  11. White Cunt


    Pineapple is good for digestion.
  12. One hundred percent agree. You can spray the pads between the punters with a fine mist of surgical spirit, without ruining it. I carry a small spray bottle with me, just to have it handy for such purpose. Good for disinfecting the mask, hands, etc.
  13. Even if you’re young and in generally good health, if you catch the covid when convalescing from any illness or just being worn out, overworked, etc, even if you survive the infection, there may be a long term damage to the lungs and potentially long term disability and a shorter life span.( obviously only some cases) The UK is a highly populated land/s; fast transmission rate would overwhelm the care facility ever so quickly and critical care for those normally healthy, productive lot, with high survival odds would have been nearly impossible to provide. Then you have a lot like myself- on the wrong side of fifty, with some health issue but still fully productive; the possibility of ending up in a hospital raises quite a lot, with much higher odds of dying. I agree about the costly surgeries, life extension treatments for the entitled retirees, I know a few of them. Not only are the surgeries in my opinion a luxury, taking resources from more essential care for younger patients, a lot of these individuals have plenty of cash and multiple properties here and abroad but still choose the “free” NHS, to give themselves on the cheap that extra year or so. Some live abroad permanently and only visit, when health issues kick in. Regarding Asian, African shit holes; late April and May will be very unpleasant.
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