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  1. With an auto pilot Tesla tech.
  2. White Cunt

    Free Bus Passes

    The other day you made a nom, from which I presume you use public transport, even though my thought was, that you only work at stations handing out leaflets. So make up your mind you stupid cunt about your presence in those locations. There is of course the possibility that you just seek sexual relief in public toilets, now that old George has croaked it and created a gap in the market. You disgusting little ferret.
  3. One little pig princess Eugenie, spawned by “I will sell you access to the old hog, anyone ” Andrew and his weight watchers ex, will soon be roasted by a non descriptive tequila flogger, one Jack Brooksbank. The nuptials will of course come courtesy of the British tax payer, no expense spared, Andy announced . So my dear cunts, your wallets will be indirectly tampered with, without your permission or any benefits for you.. Enjoy the upcoming circus festivities. Why spend money on fire-proof panels, if you can spend it on the royal vermin, me thinks.
  4. White Cunt

    Middle Class parents on holiday

    And when grown up, they all go into politics.
  5. White Cunt

    Obsessed career cunts

    These lobotomized individuals would be better off in countries where robotic precision, order following and no questions asked work mandates are prized the most, like in Germany. On the other hand, in the age of automation and lower productivity, we can use these drones for our own benefit. After all, having very few vices to feed, they are replacable, low cost productive assets.
  6. White Cunt


    Change of tack, possibly. The old “crash and claim” motif is getting a bit old in the tooth. This looks like a novelty “sue you gullible fuckers” brownie scam. Was the bitch from Rotherham ?
  7. White Cunt

    Dentist cunts

    I’m not sure, but can time it for you. Do you also require visual aid?
  8. White Cunt

    Italian bridge construction cunts

    Italians should stick to construction projects they excel at, like shoes and women’s handbags. Anything of higher complexity should be outsourced. Designed and built by cretins fiddling the specs and then left to rot, in a way it’s a miracle this shit didn’t happen before. It’s hard to tell which sector is more corrupt, lazy and incompetent, this is a more tragic example of Giannis inc.
  9. White Cunt

    Dentist cunts

    Were you molested by her tits? Is that it? Perhaps you should try my all bald male dentist, with big hairy arms, huffing and puffing sweaty cunt? Worst part is I feel obliged to use his services, cause he is a mate.
  10. White Cunt

    Cunts who wear face veils

    They wear thongs, plastic claws and a ton of makeup, these days. Wearing a veil could backfire by getting stuck and suffocate the cow there and then.
  11. White Cunt


    I prefer to speculate in tulips.
  12. White Cunt

    Couples Who Dress Alike

    My local cross dresser goes shoe shopping with his wife. But I haven’t seen them wearing a matching pair yet.
  13. White Cunt

    Flashmob cunts

    Handing out free leaflets seems like hard work there, Punky. You don’t need the extra stress. God bless.
  14. Do you do house calls?
  15. Local Jehovah’s witnesses may be interested.