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  1. And charms. Candles with mantras are also essential.
  2. Facts are neutral. They are the solid state of our accumulated knowledge. I don’t think I need to go any further here. Give me the chains of more facts. I will carry them happily.
  3. Thank Christ for that. Sorry, can’t hang around for too long. Off to my pixie godmother for a curry and a game of cards.
  4. My mind is firmly placed in facts, not in “spiritual” speculation, even though there was a lot of effort on behalf of my parents and other contributors to fudge it up with such nonsense over many years.Now I certainly do not conflate fantasy with science, never had, a trait which probably made me into a prematurely old, boring, solidly attached to this planet cunt. I don’t believe in pixies, God, trolls and I don’t have faith of any kind. I am free. I am glad you understand why individuals have “faith”. It’s a comforting creation of one’s deluded mind. Opiates of the masses. A free and plentiful optimism fountain. Feel free to have a drink. In reference to people of poor education who also lack critical thinking, I meant people who didn’t attend school and were brought up in backward shithole regions of the world. You elevate high scientific achievers, who had “faith”. Their clever brains, primed with education and extremely hard, obsessive work produced the great results. You can throw in the “faith” placebo effect, if it makes you any happier.
  5. Faith is wishful thinking. Faith operates on the fantasy island of human imagination. Faith is wishing for a desired outcome without rational basis. The only positive spin on faith is as a motivational aid for those who really need it. It has no place in science. A lot of scientists in the past and even now in the 21st century, have been in straight jackets of assorted “faiths”, due to funding (and upbringing). One doesn’t bite the hand that feeds one, or provide ample cash and facilities. For God and Queen, or other bollocks. Is it not really telling how many atheists send their children to faith schools, those schools which perform really well ? Do they declare themselves for what they really are? Of course not. It’s a wonderful thing that we in the UK are slowly becoming a secular society, every year further away from this inter generational thinking menace, even though immigrants from “faith” riddled countries are making the task a lot harder, with various brain washing facilities popping up in the country. A good example of a misguided man with faith in alternative medicine is the late Steve Jobs. After hoping and looking for a cure in all the wrong places, he finally turned to western medicine, by which time it was way too late to treat the cancer effectively and give him decent survival chance. All the money in the world and faith. Look where it got him. One rich daft deluded dead cunt. But as an an open minded cunt, I am willing to accept any fantasy concept, once we can repeatedly test it and prove it’s validity beyond any reasonable doubt.
  6. I wouldn’t want to put my life in the hands of any scientist with “faith”, which invalidates standard scientific procedures of repeated and peer reviewed testing and conclusions. It’s the homeopathy of modern times. Placebo effect at best. As to our level of knowledge, we have made huge progress in the last few thousand years and of course even more since the beginning of the industrial revolution, so I don’t accept that we know very little. There is a way to go, provided we don’t go extinct in the meantime, but we have made huge progress as a species. When it comes to the “faith” junk science, I have witnessed it’s destructive and dumbing effects in my own family and I am more than grateful to my teachers and general education for enlightenment which it provides. Faith can fill the void only for the lack of education and critical thinking. How some logical and intelligent people buy into it is hard to explain. Perhaps it stems from from the brainwashing in childhood, which the person never free himself/herself from. It’s hard to overcome for some, clearly. Scientists with “faith” - what utter hypocrisy.
  7. It’s not just the beebs acting silly cunts. All of the “mainstream media” were parroting this gibberish before any cunt has actually checked the facts. A bunch of Tourette’s turkeys.
  8. They should ban these fucking programs in the land of lard. All it does is makes the obese bastards cook and nosh even more shit than they manage daily . Yeah, let’s make the cunts eat ten thousand calories instead their usual seven, they will feel so good and proud now that they baked all that crap themselves. The NHS is fucked long term, but let’s not spoil good viewing numbers for now. Cunts.
  9. People are using religion to fudge up and pink-glass the simple fact that our existence has/has not as much meaning as that of other animals. There is really nothing special about Homo Sapiens Sapiens, but giving it the magical “faith” spin, seems to make life more palatable for many. People prefer delusions to facts.
  10. And how do you check you are not getting duds?
  11. Why make a fuss, I don’t know. The tiny amount in circulation will hardly come into contact with your average punter, unless he works in the City and has a penchant for coke. Most of the notes will be held by Russkie pricks, chinks and assorted illegal shit purveyors. Might as well stick a mugshot of Yeltsin or Escobar on it.
  12. White Cunt

    ORAL B

    But not at the same time, genius.
  13. White Cunt

    The New Royals

    1. Speed is amphetamine. 2. Amphetamine has no plural. When is your Nigerian/Kenyan flight taking off?
  14. White Cunt


    Help for schizophrenia, fucker.
  15. White Cunt

    The New Royals

    Could you further elaborate on the connection between 1984 and the royals? Have you actually read the book or have you simply leached onto a concept, which is completely unconnected but sounds posh, cretin?
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