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  1. BBC Salaries

    I stick to Netflix at about £ 6.00 per month. The beebs and all the other useless cunts can fuck off. No live tv in this household. Fuck off.
  2. The lack of right to keep and bear arms is fucking shit

    How admirably brave of you. I am glad you are going adequately equipped. I am sure they are on their highest alert level for no good reason, knob.
  3. The lack of right to keep and bear arms is fucking shit

    Fancy a trip to Brussels? I will take a bag of pampers for you, in case you shit yourself. Oh, and don't forget the brolly.
  4. The lack of right to keep and bear arms is fucking shit

    No worries, Bill. But I am sure someone will save your arse. Pffff.
  5. The lack of right to keep and bear arms is fucking shit

    I am in favour of passive defence and make no secret of favouring the Swiss system and trident. You can't stick an army into every corner of everyday life. It's impossible. But you can train people to defend themselves. And I don't think we are a nation of cretins.
  6. The lack of right to keep and bear arms is fucking shit

    Such measures will not be passed any time soon and even if they were, it takes time to train people. As for you, you soft dick poodle, umbrella will do just fine, when the shit hits the fan.
  7. The fucking calamity in France could have been reduced, if the people had the same gun laws as their neighbours in Switzerland. If at least one person in the audience or guards were armed, the carnage could have been swiftly stopped or at least reduced. All the people got slaughtered, no one had a fucking chance of defending themselves. Can't use a wallet against a machine gun, wielded by some crazy fucking, brain-washed tosser.
  8. Mum finds shocking discovery in Iceland bananas

    How generous of you.
  9. so the shiny face cameroncunt ...

    A plane chop-shop?
  10. Fat vegetarian cunts

    This shit is more complicated than Chinese-to-Portugese online translator.
  11. Fat vegetarian cunts

    Delectable. Best savoured in little pieces.
  12. The Workplace Grass

    There are more cunts arriving at these shores, than leaving them, so statistically speaking - the situation is only going to get worse. You have to accept the growth of cuntery in every walk of life, work included, or retire somewhere in the Welsh countryside; buy a little cottage. Just arm it accordingly, before the local cunts come at night and set fire to it.
  13. Flatulence

    There is a niche market for that too...
  14. Paris

    I thought the pig said that.