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  1. If I had to make a guess - the Beebs are downplaying the plague news with a highly irrelevant to most people helicopter crash story. They tend to do that a lot.
  2. One that eats it for lunch.
  3. The Yellow Plague is of no importance to most readers.
  4. Under Breaking News - as if it was of some importance to anybody. Let’s hope no wildlife was harmed when the brownie crash landed.
  5. To complement her new product, she should call it “Rosie” together with her picture from “Shallow Hal”.
  6. Harvey Weinstein will be buying crate loads to make his cell smell like home.
  7. I don’t want even want to think what gets through our borders. It’s probably claimed “for own consumption” when caught red handed. I wish it were blow or weed instead. All flights should be cancelled, in perpetuity preferably, from that septic pool.
  8. Why are you typing the nom’s title in capital letters? Is it to impress the public or just to make sure that the drivel gets swallowed and somewhat digested Di-like?
  9. Good question, but I think we both know the answer to it.
  10. And what they don’t trap and consume immediately, gets freeze-dried, pickled, stuffed, shredded and hanged. To be rubbed, smoked, swallowed, sucked and creamed on their cunts. For medicinal and good luck purposes. Savages.
  11. It won’t make another doubling, but even without it, the whole planet is vastly overpopulated anyway and in my opinion- completely fucked. Now mainly Africa is churning out brownies at four to five per female on average, down from seven or so, which is pushing numbers higher the most. All developed countries are below replacement rate and have been topping up their numbers with migrants. People do live longer in richer countries and getting more decrepit as many push well beyond seventy five or eighty, but that doesn’t make much difference long term. Majority of population growth since the fifties/sixties or so is down to Middle East, Asia, South America and Africa. Hence the growth in numbers and collective “IQ”.
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