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  1. It would be much easier in the long run for the royal whore to accept that she is getting fucked just like any other “subject” in the country. At least she’s getting properly compensated for the services rendered.
  2. To be fair, you can only thank our Moon Walker fuckwit Treeza for this outcome.
  3. If only. The dinghies are loaded with African and Asian clientele, mostly lucking any skills, IQ above 75 and personal hygiene routine. The only Nike this lot is wearing is what they picked up in Calais or other tent city from garbage.
  4. She could have done herself some favour by at least matching the colour of her crappy underwear and some support in the bra for those saggy tits. Actually fuck it, her head in a gas oven as she stands.
  5. Not so simple anymore, but under the migrant-friendly EU directive, they may end up squatting in your quarters, Panzy. Just saying.
  6. No surprise there, really. There will be a substantial backhanded envelope from several arm suppliers, keen to offload some rusting overstock on the gullible Ottomans. It should be quite entertaining, especially for Krauts, when more displaced hoards arrive at the border.
  7. He picks what feels familiar.
  8. All I recall of old Phil is that he is greedy, self serving alcoholic. Is this shirt chrome plated?
  9. Hard to tell, but I will keep you posted.
  10. Does she fit the criteria? I’m still traumatised by the experience.
  11. But not in the same place. And it’s herpes, not herpees, fuckwit. Lol
  12. Had some blood tests yesterday at the local phlebotomy department and today my arm looks like I have been on heroin since early childhood. What’s even worse than my aching decrepit old limb is the experience of it all. The fumbling young Male Student Pre-Nurse was doing an extensive target practice, before finally botching the whole job and sweating like a pig. Jesus. For starters, a nurse should be a fit, young, heterosexual, attractive female with a slim waist, pearly smile, fresh scent and perky breasts, an essential feature for close contact needling to reduce pain and inflammation. I shall make my request next time.
  13. Though it’s hard to excuse any myopic cretin living on this poky septic island from calling it a pond, we have to forgive our brothers in arms this little Faux pas. If we challenge them to think, there will be no one left to protect our oil. Let’s not go there.
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