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  1. You have to adapt to market demands, Big Billy. I suggest two new options for Christmas 2020. Get some of the fakes just like the one in the picture and have some real ones spray painted with water-based, zero VOC, organic paints, for the more sensitive and discerning poofters. And just to get trade going, set up your camp in Portobello, wearing lederhosen and some jingles. You will be rolling in it by Christmas Eve.
  2. Let me remind you about the public/private labour enterprises, which started the NHS trend. And the banking fiasco which led to this overpriced house market now. Granted, tories started the ball rolling but labour took it to another level altogether. I don’t mind paying tax once - but refuse to be fucked multiple times - even when I am dead. So if you don’t have anything else to add - just piss off.
  3. Mrs WC and I voted cons mainly on the basis of Turnip’s crazy inheritance tax changes, but we do hate fucking Boris and it all felt wrong.There is the danger of the NHS and other areas to be screwed further by the Yanks and other moneyed mega cunts, who are very good at what they do. And with continued low interest rates, making more cash available to extract real value, they will be hammering it really hard. Though I am relieved about Corbyn, I am still worried.
  4. Going back to pushing up the daisies.
  5. Spot on. Just make sure your message comes in several brownie dialects. English will do fuck all.
  6. That’s what happens when you put David Blunkett in charge of your election wardrobe.
  7. We should throw their fucking heads into the package.
  8. That’s some in-depth psychological advice. Harvard?
  9. He needed help with translation.
  10. Being a landlord, I would say you voted Cons.
  11. Is that a new wing of Brexit party?
  12. Before our resident Yanks ask this - are you a libertarian?
  13. Do some intensive ball scratching, preferably on the conveyor belt before handing over the change.
  14. Hi Pants, back from Sardinia? Just in time for brown trouser elections.
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