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  1. I can recommend a good place for a picnic take out for such individuals, though a tenner’s discount will possibly make very little difference to the overall cost.
  2. A lot of good, valid points. In terms of the 2% GDP spent, not being honoured by Germany, I think the target was to be reached by 2021, if I’m not mistaken, so there is lot going on besides Trump’s “complain”, just like noted above. I would like to add, Trump must have orders to get Poland and other now developed Eastern European countries into a reliable dollar sphere, and keep them clear off of the euro zone, in case any one of them choses to join in the future, thus weakening the influence of EU financial block on the periphery. With UK at the western wing, Czechia and Poland at the east, perhaps Hungary and Slovakia in the basket it makes a strategic sense for US interest within Europe; it will throw a spanner in the Brussels works.
  3. Just doing some plumbing around the house.
  4. Due to pandemic-infused mega recession, they are preoccupied with slaughtering each other’s packs, as corruption runs deep throughout multiple rungs in the same line of “command”. Ever growing non performing loans of super shit sand castle enterprises are chained together and the bastards will be busy saving themselves and their blood comrades, furiously burying those investments and other undisclosed assets, while shooting at competition. The US has been moving production out on a large scale, while making life difficult for those still operating and collaborating within & with China. Financial services and technology are becoming ever more detached, while dollar, though slowly declining is still volume wise the dominant currency worldwide, making it another headache for the yellow vermin, as they can’t get around that problem. The Yanks have them. On top of it, buying agricultural land and food processing facilities in the West is getting trickier, as states and countries are introducing bans on sale of crucial assets to the wankers. And those already sold could potentially be repossessed, should conditions deteriorate . (crop failures) The pandemic has finally woken up some of those perpetually asleep at the wheel and reminded them about the fundamentals of a real economy, such as food, water, energy, essential medicine and transportation.
  5. There is a conflict of diameter, Punks. A bucket of Vaseline suggests a small, tight and inflexible opening. So where the fuck will the ham fit? Can you see the problem?
  6. I put my money on a Petrie dish sperm sample and a jar of marmite lab fuck up.
  7. That’s terrible. An area most worthy of in-depth academic exploration. Harvard must be fighting Princeton to launch the new department!
  8. They even offer charity snuffs for those short on cash.
  9. With covid extra fat layers, obesity raging at over sixty percent, lockdown neglect etc, the sea of disgusting tuskers flapping on command, would be simply too much to bear.
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