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  1. White Cunt

    The Netherlands

    I am surprised you are still reading my posts and commenting on them. Just can’t resist, can you genius?
  2. White Cunt

    Patisserie Valerie.

    They are getting more and more chinks paying for the privilege, so hope the Frogs will squeeze them for the shit accordingly.
  3. White Cunt

    The Netherlands

    The Dutch must be seriously shitting bricks about Brexit. Served them right, the cheap, tight, selfish fucking lot. They can take their caravans and fuck off to Greece. No offence Gyps.
  4. White Cunt

    pretend suicide cunts

    Great dish for cuff links and lucky charms.
  5. White Cunt

    this morning

    Amsterdam a good place to get started.
  6. White Cunt

    Not Having A Shit Before Going For A Run

    I will bequeath the honour of being the shite master to your woodland self.
  7. White Cunt

    The Netherlands

    Was he selling wholesale tulips from the back of the lorry?
  8. White Cunt

    Bugging your own house.

    Since you have strapped him to a Zimmer frame with heavy duty duct tape there is no danger of that happening anymore.
  9. White Cunt

    The Netherlands

    Less boring than Belgium but more fucking addicts,
  10. White Cunt

    Not Having A Shit Before Going For A Run

    Have you considered moving closer to a more familiar environment where some fucking animals roam and shit freely, like for example Croydon or Rhyl? After doing the business you could wipe your piles’ hole with some second-hand crack foil or a discarded condom.
  11. White Cunt

    Tory partay

    Quite an achievement with an electric one.
  12. White Cunt

    this morning

    Just have a little chat with her, kind of what you have scribbled. I guarantee priority.
  13. White Cunt

    this morning

    Have you seen your GP recently? If not, you should make an urgent appointment - you’re completely losing the fucking plot.
  14. White Cunt

    Patisserie Valerie.

    He should have dealt with it before the check in at Luton.
  15. White Cunt

    Patisserie Valerie.

    Twat is so you.lol.