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  1. The Minister for Loneliness

    Good Evening WizziPoos .. how are you?
  2. The Minister for Loneliness

    Could someone give me a rundown on today's events please?
  3. Bayreuth Tapestry returns

    If King Harold had been wearing Raybans he would still be alive.
  4. The Lost Mariner

    Surely a cunt and if this man is still alive (he would be 91) he is still a cunt. His story is related in Oliver Sacks's book "The Man Who Mistook His Wife or a Hat". Psychologists and their ilk are some of the easiest people to deceive.The lost marina's tale was that in 1975 in spite of being 49 years of age and having served in the US Navy from 1943 until 1965 he had no memories after 1945 and was now totally unable to remember things for more than a few minutes and did not know the date or time of day. Yet strangely in the home in which he lived he was able to tell that his lunch was ready and to know that it was lunch and not some other meal that was being made ready elsewhere in the home and find his way to the dining room without any problems. The lost mariner was nothing other than a crafty sly cunt, and Dr Sacks was a dopey cunt for believing that the lost mariner was "lost".
  5. Carillion

    Did your bottom smart when your mum smacked it?
  6. Carillion

  7. Piles

    Serves you jolly well right.
  8. Bayreuth Tapestry returns

    The frogs killed hour 'Arold
  9. The Minister for Loneliness

  10. The Minister for Loneliness

  11. The Minister for Loneliness

    I think that some of the regulars will be rather cross about this.
  12. Carillion

    They are entirely relevant as they affect our perception of the payment of taxes and how they are used. Tax avoiders/evaders are thieves and should be seen and teated as such, but because of perceptions about tax we fail to see them as such.
  13. Cunting Australian Flu

    I go into a local surgery to drop a neighbour's repeat prescription off. I sit down for a few minutes to listen to the five old cunts sitting in the waiting room moaning about their ailments. One has got "Australian Flu" and is sniffelling a little (actually a common cold at a guess) and moaning about how late the doctor is in seeing her. I venture to suggest that she has not got Australian Flue and that going to the pharmacy to get a 20p pack paracetamol would be the right thing to do. That is met with "my husband paid tax all his life, its all these east Europeans using our health service".
  14. Carillion

    You forget about the people who avoid paying the taxes that they should pay. Large corporations,certain wealthy individuals .. a certain beardy gentleman comes to mind. The owner of the Daily Mail and the company itself does not pay uk tax. Corbyn might be a cunt but there is a better chance that he and his ilk will pursue the tax avoiding/evading cunts. Tax actually pays for services that are provided. It does actually cease to be "our money" once we pay it just as the money we pay for food and other essentials and services ceases to be ours once we hand the money over.
  15. Nigel Farage

    Its only about 12 miles across that North Channel, they should have built a bridge.