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  1. Prince Harry

  2. Prince Harry

    Fuck off
  3. Prince Harry

    How exactly did we help to create this, it's just the ramblings of a fucking idiot, anyway like he's ever gonna turn up, fucking retard
  4. Prince Harry

    I have a lacky called Ed who will service it for free
  5. Prince Harry

    How can the thickest cunt on this site be having a go at me, go an hang yourself soppy cunt
  6. Prince Harry

    You're a legend Pen, you wanna suck my chubby
  7. Prince Harry

  8. Prince Harry

    I bet thats got you moist
  9. Prince Harry

    Audi R8 V10, not just any penis, I'll have you know
  10. Prince Harry

    Nah, lost me know
  11. Prince Harry

  12. Prince Harry

  13. Prince Harry

    What's this place coming to? A shine in the Palace, whatever next, a woman Prime Minister I suppose!!!!!
  14. Prince Harry

    That's a projected figure monkey foot
  15. Prince Harry

    Yeah in Kuwait, fucking Taliban drivers, still the mortars sorted thos cunts right out!