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  1. Racist BAFTA's

  2. Racist BAFTA's

    Did you mean they? Cunt
  3. Met Police

  4. Met Police

    You’re all a bunch of soppy cunts, now Go kill yourselves
  5. Lauri Love

    Get back to work boy, I have my eye on another motor, and it won't buy itself now will it!!!!!!
  6. Cunts with new cars

    Eddie is a pikey, but a filthy rich pikey, we have so much money it’s quite frankly embarrassing but hey ho, now fuck off you soppy cunt
  7. Cunts with new cars

    Work for free? Bought the motor with part of the quarterly dividend shit head
  8. Cunts with new cars

    He said monthly payments? Paid in cash the soppy cunt
  9. Cunts with new cars

    You can do better than that Stickers!!!!!!
  10. Cunts with new cars

    Is that another name for your lady garden?
  11. Cunts with new cars

    The green eyed monster strikes, I can’t help it if I’ve got more money than sense, in fact I’ve got more money than anyone I know except Eddie
  12. BBC Salaries

    Why would anyone pay a woman the same as a man???
  13. Cunts with new cars

    Bus Wanker
  14. Cunts with new cars

    Of course
  15. Cunts with new cars

    I didn't I done them in the Albanian car wash where they work, only cost 17p extra