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  1. With a bit of luck it will migrate to the corner and wipe out all of you cunts
  2. Indeed, made that cunt millions, to be fair I have stolen them back but that’s not the point!
  3. Eddie is dead to me, he was banging Roops but still couldn’t get me an early release from the cooler, what a CUNT
  4. Lol lol, fucking child, finish your homework and fuck off
  5. I say anyone North of the Thames can fuck off,
  6. And who exactly are you? PRICK
  7. You still rear ending under 12’s panzer?
  8. Exactly, all these years and all you cunts missed it, tits to die for but not as hairy as Roops
  9. ? Eddy hasn’t got a cock dickhead, read between the lines, he is a she ffs!!!!!
  10. I will when you use proper words you soppy illiterate cunt
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