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  1. Bill Bill Stickers? Withered WitheredScrote? idiot idiot.
  2. I bet I’ll laugh harder when I see your diabetic bloated corpse being wheeled past on a gurney during an ITV segment on coronavirus in Dulwich, you mockney fraud.
  3. We’d have plenty of labour to pick crops if you silly cunts hadn’t of voted for a half baked idea of brexit. I’m not going to be told to sit and think by a man who thinks he knows more than the WHO by virtue of having an A-level. You’ve proven around this whole coronavirus affair that you’re a thick, reactionary cunt. One of the timeless morons who’s inhabited human society since we climbed down from the trees on the Savannah. You’d have been the first out rioting when they changed the calendar format in the 18th century, thinking you’d had 11 days stolen from you. You’d be a Luddite smashing up the printing press or a caveman bemoaning the evils of stone tools. Shut the fuck up and remember your station, you village idiot cunt. Some supply lines are at risk, but I sure as fuck won’t be listening to you for your third hand, poorly relayed information on the subject. You illiterate mouth breathing glue eater.
  4. Another post where you compare foodstuff to jizz. Its 2020 Monumental. It’s perfectly ok to be openly gay now rather than dropping these covert signals.
  5. Games Workshop more specifically. If I ever got a threatening legal letter from them, I’d counter sue for all manner of things related to the noxious smell of BO permeating from the envelope.
  6. I’m amazed you have the audacity to show your face on here after the hiding you got last time round.
  7. It’s nice you refer to the other inhabitants of your bedsit as family. How many of you are living in flat 97c now?
  8. If there’s one thing that isn’t going fix the coronavirus, it’s giving a demented old benefit scrounger a national platform to pontificate on meaningless shite.
  9. Explains why you’ve been watching a lot of it then.
  10. I would of thought a glass eyed, jingoistic idiot like you would be relishing this? You can go back to the days of ration cards, malnourishment, and the blitz spirit you’ve wanked yourself dry over your entire life. You could set up your own Dad’s Army regiment full of other geriatric boomer idiots. Together you can combat Chinese scientists or European bureaucrats or whoever else you’ve decided is the malevolent cause of coronavirus this week, who may be trying to infiltrate the home front.
  11. I’ll have to bow to your superior A-level knowledge on the matter.
  12. Call 111 and ask to be triaged to the mental health team. Stupid fucking cunt.
  13. I’ve still got it Eric. You’ve got to give me that. If I persevere I’ll overtake that sad sack of shit Ape, to reclaim a rightful position on the all time leaderboard, before the end of lockdown.
  14. I’ll happily accept peer reviewed publications. I don’t reckon Judge has a JSTOR subscription, do you?
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