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  1. The ugly and stupid

    Fun trivia fact. An 8 inch man key can unlock manky's arsehole.
  2. The ugly and stupid

    By looking it up on a map, do you mean you gormlessley stared at a Fisher Price My First Globe for a few minutes?
  3. The ugly and stupid

    A great point, except that the Forest of Dean is in Gloucestershire. Idiot.
  4. The ugly and stupid

    If you're in favour of eugenics, the most productive thing you could do for society is kill yourself, you fucking stupid cunt.
  5. Meterological Exaggeration

    I speared him right up his velvet little arsehole with a pitchfork this morning in the garden. Off to the great molehill in the sky.
  6. Gretchen Rubin

    Stubby is about to lose his shit about the difference between meteorological and geological in the other thread. Calling it now.
  7. Meterological Exaggeration

    Is this nom about the hurricane or Stubby Pecker's rampant bullshit?
  8. Meghan Markle

    Admittedly I only got a 2.1 degree from a Russell Group university, but I never saw anyone get a First who was almost totally illiterate and incapable of putting thought to paper. Although I suppose there's a 'first' time for evryfing?
  9. Decking

    Concreting ones garden is a fucking disgrace. Shit nom.
  10. Cunts whose front doors open outwards

    Eric makes manky look like an SAS veteran.
  11. Cunts whose front doors open outwards

    Then there's pathetic cunts who've never done a day of military service who spout this kind of fucking nonsense with an air of supposed authority.
  12. Pissing all over the place.

    The most common cause of this is a very small pube splitting the stream. You learn something new every day.
  13. Burying a Brady

    Brady is going to get a better send off than when you die. Does that ever bother you?
  14. Grassing cunt

    Why has this nom been moved to the open corner, without explanation from admin? I'd like to cite several cases to contest this decision, namely Decimus vs. Roops (2016), Stickers vs. Fatty (2015) and Ding vs. The fictional ethics committee of North Yorkshire (2017).
  15. Battered and Warm

    KFC are now doing an inverse burger too, where a piece of bread is sandwiched between two bits of chicken. This is why the terrorists hate us.