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  1. William T.D. Stickers

    Fixed odds betting machines.

    Amazing. I’ve set a reminder to login on Sunday when you start throwing your shit at the walls.
  2. William T.D. Stickers


    @Logan Paul?
  3. William T.D. Stickers

    Any cunt that sits behind a computer and calls it work

    Should have shortened this further to ‘anyone who works’, you dole scrounging cunt.
  4. You collect jam jars mate, shut your stupid little mouth.
  5. Baws, I consider myself computer-literate and couldn't work out how to embed a gif on this shitty outdated forum software. Enlighten me rainman.
  6. https://media.giphy.com/media/iAIHZypI8xTRm/giphy.gif
  7. William T.D. Stickers

    Scarlett Moffatt-Cunt

    Drink bleach.
  8. You’re a complete fucking nutter. Get off my thread.
  9. William T.D. Stickers

    Cunts who drop their box of leftover fried chicken on the ground and fuck off

    You’re so fucking triggered right now. Henceforth I’m calling you the Gynosaur.
  10. William T.D. Stickers

    Mayor Khan

    I never knew glass could be so fucking fascinating.