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  1. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    All hail glorious leader Kim Jong Stubby, eternal victor with record crop yields and excellent submarine technology.
  2. The Sandcastle Day School

    Like all religious people, the holy book is God's divine word and the absolute truth, but it can be followed or dismissed a la carte depending on which bits you like.
  3. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Stubby will go down his usual route of immediately making declarations of sweeping victory nobody else is buying. I think he got most of his techniques from a Kim Jong Il autobiography.
  4. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    @Quincy Cockfingers, by the powers invested in me by the clique, I banish you from our ancient and esteemed society. Your crime, of which you are guilty as charged, is a sustained, flagrant and sickeningly cordial gay love-in with Stubby Pecker. Your heinous actions span multiple noms, numerous comments and several days. In your own words, when you used to be someone on here, "watery shite".
  5. Pegasus Airlines new under sea flights

    It should be a fucking banning, that's what.
  6. Pegasus Airlines new under sea flights

    But... but... but muh jingoism!
  7. Those who grass.

  8. Cunting Australian Flu

    Have you heard of bug-chasers before? Google it, its punkers hobby, when he's not shooting pheasants and pissing his chinos at the Rugby obviously.
  9. Richard Osman

    That's assuming it's not struck by some other piece of space debris in that time. I've no idea the probabilities of such an event, but I'd wager it more likely than PunkApe actually owning a Bentley.
  10. Paranoia on the corner about multi IDs

    I've got 6. Stop talking shit.
  11. Richard Osman

    Reported for being frank's accomplice.
  12. Cunts who think eating spicy food is a direct indicator of manhood

    Aberdeen 0-0 Heart of Midlothian
  13. Richard Osman

    All joking aside, did the police ever give a description of the kidnapper's legs? If they're bandy bow-legged beanstalks perhaps frank did it?
  14. Cunts who think eating spicy food is a direct indicator of manhood

    I never got an apology from you or that other stupid new cunt for posting shit curry noms recently.
  15. Richard Osman

    You're tired and emotional Frank. Take a week off, get a nice villa in France somewhere, take your old friends Jerry and Kate McCann along like old times, just don't leave any kids unattended this time round. You'll come back tanned, mentally refreshed and ready to give a nom a go.