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  1. That’s a very unorthodox definition of an incel. I’m not sure I agree with it.
  2. I owe you a like. Most people in Ereptile’s state last night would have sobered up this morning, felt embarrassed, and wound their neck in. But it seems the stupid, sexually suspicious little nerd is back for round 3.
  3. Then put your pecker away and stop beating it to Mr Dorff?
  4. Great reference. But no, just copious amounts of spice.
  5. Do try and keep up Ape. I made this point already. Your membership to the clique is still very much probationary at this stage.
  6. Roops that little cunt just hacked me.
  7. Enlighten us. What you been up to chief? Pissing the skidders off the toilet bowl?
  8. I’m not sure a typo really detracts from the content of my post. If you want to play that game though, I’ll fucking destroy you, you barely literate greekling. My mission is to make you extinct. My record is second only to our esteemed moderator Roops. I take partial to full credit for many scalps including prolific posters DingTheDoggie, MikeD and Snatch. Despite being a bunch of fucking morons of the first water, they were all head, shoulders, dandruff flecks and all above you.
  9. Take a seat over there. We need to talk about this pram son.
  10. Just when you think things couldn’t get any more embarrassing for young Ereptile, he’s found support from CamberwellGypsy who is awarding cunts to all of my posts. Inagine your biggest supporter being a man who pretends to be a gypsy woman online.
  11. Because it has username and password fields? Fuck me, we’ve got a veritable Sherlock Holmes.
  12. You already said this once before. Merely mentioning them or parodying them is not copyright infringement or an offence against their intellectual property. Additionally, suggesting gamers who are not directly affiliated with GW may be nonces is also not something I can see them having any legal recourse against. Otherwise I imagine anorak companies would of had a field day. Stop talking shit about things you barely understand. Stop making threats you can’t deliver on. Stop being an almighty spastic.
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