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  1. A classic heavy hitting nom that a virgin incel like 404 could only dream of.
  2. My post to like ratio is second to none, you tumor riddled, 25 hour a week, pension at 39, car burning continental fuck wit.
  3. This is honestly one of the worst posts I’ve ever seen. A real stream of unconsciousness.
  4. I’ve always considered Quincy’s tall stories about nights on the nosebag to be a load of fabricated watery shite. He’s a true Scot; he’d smoke spice and rack up speed even if he could afford high quality Yayo.
  5. Quincy had that deadly combination of both working in property, and loving sci-fi, which meant he was always going to die in his early 30s an unloved, perverted virgin.
  6. You really are a marvel of modern science. The first man to be born with no bollocks, contract terminal testicular cancer, and live without getting it treated for 15 years.
  7. We can’t all be astronauts Eddie. Glad you’ve realised your dream though.
  8. Thank you for your topical response. Did you report her to social services?
  9. I’m not dignifying the sordid proposal you PM’d me during my absence with a response. Be gone.
  10. Imagine how insufferable RickB would be at Glastonbury, walking around in the sun like a shimmering ape, so rock hard over someone playing a vintage Stratocaster he has to crack one out in the portaloos. And don’t get me started on steeley Dan, standing near the drum and bass tent declaring loudly ‘its not real music because it hasn’t got instruments in it’
  11. Erecting a low-end Homebase shed in Fatty’s garden doesn’t count as a leasehold.
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