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  1. Stubby Pecker

    Sadiq khan

    You're a gent ratty, but never mind this shite: I see Claudia Winkleconk gets more cash than the rest of the BBC combined. I bet the collection plate at her synagogue is groaning
  2. Stubby Pecker

    Sadiq khan

    A gay loving Muslim. That's just not right. However, it looks like he's had two giant peckers poked into his eyes, thus explaining their constant blackness.
  3. You've obviously visited the Forest of Dean recently?
  4. The latter is what bill likes to soap up and shove up his arse. He hasn't raised a smile since 2017
  5. Pen don't go in for that wiping shite, billiam; it's back passage was irreparably damaged during Kitcheners Sudan campaign. Never mind the fuzzy wuzzys breaking a British square, pens rectum broke the world record for gallons of Tommy Atkins spunk
  6. That was how he was conceived during that nasty "accident" at Bristol zoo
  7. SC would simply refer to this twat as a "sepo bastard"
  8. I want to see Brand (Jo and Russell) fired from a cannon, on fire, into the House of Commons, taking our as many of the lying cunts as possible Vote Pecker
  9. Stubby Pecker


    Poor Keith. I hope all other nonces go this way but including a savage mauling from wild dogs
  10. This squeaky bollocked, posh boy, chest bearing ponce needs to go the same way as Steve fucking Irwin and no mistake. Not some spectacular mauling from a massive beast or venomous bite mind, something innocuous and very embarrassing I hope. If this doesn't happen he'll be pushed as the new Attenborough when the old cunt pegs it and I want to see animals not this annoying twat showing us how much time he spends in the gym.
  11. Never mind that shite ratty, what about a scots Jew? He'd be tighter than a pre raped gooses arsehole and would support Heart of Yidlothian no fucking doubt
  12. That foot long dump wasn't going anywhere I'll be fucked it I was poking it down with my foot. I guessing you haven't checked the guest bedroom yet? I wouldn't even bother attempting a clean up, petrol and matches are the only way to deal that fucking mess of spunk, shit stained walls and dead rent boys
  13. Stubby Pecker


    The wolf fleece types, matching him and hers and the tyre cover on their 4x4. I investigated getting a set for mrs pecker and myself for a piss take Xmas present by they cost a fair few reich marks I can tell thee Zyclon B wank puffins
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