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  1. Stubby Pecker

    Stupid bird box cunts

    True. It would be a disservice to describe the jet black, just about the knee swinging member that Eddie carries around as a mere cock. Especially when he slaps you round the face with it a dozen times then rams it up your arse.
  2. Stubby Pecker

    Bob Monkhouse

    Let hope Neil gets his vile hands on you, gives you a "safe" word, then totally ignores it just as he goes elbow deep, no lube.
  3. Stubby Pecker

    Royal Wacky Races

    Shame he wasn't taking his immediate inbred family for a spin and they all got crushed under an 10 ton lorry. Imagine their mutilated corpses being picked over by scavenging red kites that they're happy to poison, trap and blast out of the sky with impunity.
  4. Stubby Pecker

    Slavery Guilt Complex Bollocks

    In scottys world none of his neighbours dare go on holiday without heavily scrutinising their old dears will and funeral plan
  5. Stubby Pecker

    Cunts who put “sauce” bottle on the table

    I bet you drown your lobster in tescos value brown sauce before wolfing it down, using the correct cutlery of course
  6. Stubby Pecker

    Fat Horses

    Not only are the general population of this country becoming fatter but it also seems the nations horses are as well. Fuck me side ways, you've got to be some kind of utter think shite to have a horse, not exercise it enough and feed the poor cunt too much so that it becomes obese. Half the split arses I work with ride and genuinely feel sorry for the poor nags that have to bear the weight of some of these tuskers. That said, binge eating is probably the only way they can find some comfort in life until the next 16 stone wobbly arsed slag jumps on board for a spine crushing hack up to the village shop for a jumbo sausage roll and a packet of hob nobs.
  7. Stubby Pecker

    Beauty and The Flid

    But not of their descendants girthy jaw breakers
  8. Stubby Pecker

    Captain's send off

    Fuck me wizzle, I reckon my reoccurring rhetoric is having an affect on you at least: my plan to depopulate the lazy, workshy, fat slobby thick cunts of this nation AND restore the rich ecosystem of the North Sea at the same time is along the same lines but using industrial wood-chippers to speed up the process and feed all sea dwelling lifeforms. I'm guessing the day you went train twitching in and flowery skirt and no undies and a gust of wind revealed your swinging maggot is the reason you have an alarmed proximity detector bolted to your ankle
  9. Stubby Pecker

    People using my living room as a garage

    More than a few stretches for you of the arsehole variety when you moor up alongside the Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier you raging homosexual
  10. Stubby Pecker

    21 kids and cunting

    Wordsworth, Shelly, Willian Blake; none of these cunts deserves the steam off your piss Rev' old boy
  11. Stubby Pecker

    The Past Did Not Exist

    Talented rapper and first class raper apparently "where da white wimmin at?"
  12. Stubby Pecker

    Preachy Gillette Ad

    Trouble reading frank? Eyes suck together with spunk again?
  13. Stubby Pecker

    People using my living room as a garage

    Stop your foul whining you prosthetic fanny wearing freak. Get down B&Q for some beefed up home security and a crowbar for when Webby comes a calling. Hopefully you'll cave his stupid fucking skull in but be mortally wounded in the process. @Decimus take one for the team
  14. Stubby Pecker

    People using my living room as a garage

    Good old ratty; just like a healthy eye full of badgers spunk but without the unpleasant process of obtaining it in the first place
  15. Stubby Pecker

    Mark Carney House Price slump fear monger

    This time last year, when you were still pretending to be an octogenarian woman, I'd have launched into a weapons grade cunting along the lines of "the last time you finished something off it was a dozen GI's in Southampton docks as they waited to set sail for operation overlord" However, as you've now settled on the persona of trainspotter I'd not let my kids (or any other cunts) go within 10 miles of, I'll just use the CC SOP of telling you fuck off and drink bleach.