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  1. Stubby Pecker

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

  2. Stubby Pecker

    Dirty cunts who can't piss straight

    I'm not talking about hermaphroditism, lady boys or chicks with dicks- I'll leave that to you my Black Country crab friend. I'm on about your standard bog and the piss on the seat, rim and floor. Dirty, filthy fucking cunts. The urinal is round the back of the unit by the hedge.
  3. Stubby Pecker

    My left foot.

    You're dead fucking meat.
  4. Stubby Pecker

    My left foot.

    Trying reading it again you weapons grade fucking thick cunt. Drink bleach immediately after.
  5. Stubby Pecker

    Dirty cunts who can't piss straight

    Filthy fucking cunts who decide to spray the work bogs with piss every five bastard minutes then proceed not to clean it up. We all do a little tinkle on the side now and then but most civilised humans make good their stray piss drips. Not the fucking rotters at my place it seems. However, as there are only 3 blokes there I suggest one of the split arses has been sneaking in, when the smell of shite and crab paste gets too much in trap one, to practice pissing while standing up it seems. I want these piss sprinklers dead.
  6. Stubby Pecker

    My left foot.

    Please put your "left foot" the live rail next time you're out trainspotting with your spazzy mates, who are almost certainly all nonces.
  7. Stubby Pecker

    My left foot.

    I'd suggest a backward miscreant like yourself wouldn't hesitate going twos up on it with your bestie Neil.
  8. Stubby Pecker

    Fergus Wilson

    Let it go man!
  9. Stubby Pecker

    No Brexit deal 'will up fish and chip prices'

    Awful grammar. You used "you and MC" twice in the same sentence. I'm amazed your bastard doppelgänger Bertie wasn't all over this, after all it's ok to critique ones self for being a cunt occasionally. Try punctuation and sucicide you boring old crone.
  10. Stubby Pecker

    No Brexit deal 'will up fish and chip prices'

    When I saw mong Cs comment this immediately came to mind, but the curry sauce bit obviously means he gets his sausage action from the Burford Balti regular as clockwork
  11. Stubby Pecker

    DIY cunt next door

    I couldn't agree more. Pointless wastes of metal, plastic and petrol. Wiz, have fucking word with yourself. Better still, employ some skinny Somali cunt to rake up the leaves, pansy would do it for 3 quid
  12. Stubby Pecker

    Hurricanes all over the fucking gaff.

    Either that or he's banging one out over the thought of smashing the backdoors off some haggard welsh slag
  13. Stubby Pecker

    £10,000 Feckless millennial scum handout

    It's great when I'm proven 100% correct
  14. Stubby Pecker


    Are you ok @'eavensabove? You seem to have taken to role of blithering fucking loony cunt to the next level
  15. Stubby Pecker


    I'm glad my life and it's obvious mystique does it for you webby. Please continue to enthral us with your balls to the wall, action packed adventures in the world of East Anglian housing authorities and it subcontractors. Say hi to lard arse at fag break.