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  1. You seen to be an expert, even obsessed, with "lavatory systems" which figures what with you being a glory hole seeking sausage chomping cottager Eyes stuck together with spunk again?
  2. When you've finished an evening at the docks sucking off a dozen rough sailors at getting your lower colon stuffed with illegal immigrant cock, what do you spend your tenner on? Answer the question
  3. Never mind this shite Francis- is your offer to baby sit still on the table? I fancy taking mrs pecker to the Warf House and finger basting her on the drive home. You know the address, tomorrow about 8?
  4. Calm down you child. Go and have wank over your special website that Pete has added you to.
  5. Yet again, the gift that keeps giving. It's fair to say every punter here can see you've very little intelligence and can't stop yourself coming across as someone with a mental retardation. I can just see you now getting redder and redder and frothing at the mouth, but be careful-for a house bound gamer like you, this could lead to heart attack or a stroke. Fingers crossed.
  6. You really are quite the cretin arent you and beyond basic education and the ability to communicate with others without making yourself look like a thick cunt? Actually the two countries in question are progressive and streets ahead of most when it comes to conservation and sustainability. Google these big words it it helps as I'm through trying to learn up to mong like you. I'm guessing if they made a computer game which incorporated the collecting of animal shit, you'd spunk your load and wouldn't see daylight for weeks, possibly developing tertiary rickets in the process lol fuck off
  7. As if by magic "it's" post has disappeared- spooky or what? It was the very first derailing reply, the usual nonsensical, unfunny shite we all hate and its free to post in almost infinite quantity, in clear breach of rule 10: 10. Give time to for nominations to be discussed. Posts which attempt immediately to derail a thread either by attacking the poster or the nomination will be removed. I fully expect a weekend for it in the cooler to contemplate the pointless nature of its contributions here.
  8. Put your address on here and a dozen punters will be round to make it 1 day. Here to ease your suffering.
  9. One of the better opening missives, certainly more than my "Ellon John" tirade if memory serves me correct. Still, get drinking the bleach SpunkMagnetTwat and wood chip yourself at the same time just to be safe
  10. Worry not wolfie, I've reported the ball bag tucking freak of nature for blatantly at the first response, derailing this obvious nomination to "name the cunts of the world", something not a single one of it's daily scatter gun posts do. At least 10 other punters have also filed reports to admin so I expect a lengthy ban, especially as a recent precedent has been set for cooler time to several other punters for far lesser crimes.
  11. This turns my piss to napalm and there seems to be fuck all I can do about. Cat (and dog) ownership seems to have gone through the roof in recent years for some unfucking known reason and I'm in the same boot of having to defend our veg patch like fort bloody Knox to stop several cats using it as a shitter. Out of the 8 houses on our lane there are at least 5 or 6 cats and with young kids who we encourage to get out in our sizeable garden at every opportunity, I to have to do the rounds of the usual places to ensure the stubblets don't get the foul disease riddled filth all over them. Recent figures of how many creatures are killed by cats in the UK estimate they catch up to 275 million prey items a year, of which 27 million are birds. This is the number of prey items which were known to have been caught. We don't know how many more the cats caught, but didn't bring home, or how many escaped but subsequently died but this is obviously far higher and must be having terrible consequences for our beleaguered, cat snack sized wildlife. Further education and shaming to cat owners is what required. It's not the cats fault as they're only doing what they're evolved brilliantly to do. I believe both New Zealand and Australia are in the process of outlawing cat ownership and eradicating them completely?
  12. If you genuinely want to meet face to face punkers, I'll happily show you the evidence of my military career and the scientific publications to my name, so you'll find I'm not all that different to my persona here. I'd suggest the same can't be true of yourself as we all know you're the biggest bullshit merchant here. And a raging fucking shit stabber to boot. Lol
  13. Which of the dozen or so glory holes in the the various men's bogs you frequent is your favourite? Which brand of fisting butter would you recommend to your fellow sausagers? What the best thing to bite down on when Mr Umbongo your Nigerian pimp is ramming his 14 inch cock up your battered arse piece? Answer the questions or are you otherwise busy resting a punters nuts on your chin? lol
  14. There is no historical or archaeological evidence for an ancient nation of Celts in Britain or Ireland and the so-called Celtic groups were scattered people with little in common with each other. DNA studies of Britons have shown that genetically there is not a unique Celtic group of people in the UK and according to this data, those of Celtic ancestry in Scotland and Cornwall are more similar to the English than they are to other "Celtic" groups. Its a myth and a lie that those with a Mc or an O' in their names like to cling onto.
  15. Whereas you are in the SBS- Sucking Black Spunk lol
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