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  1. Keith would have no doubt called him a black cunt, kicked him in the bollocks and probably gone off and fucked his mrs
  2. A 1000 mile wide tsunami of nuclear waste, human shit and unexploded mines that engulfs the entire country would do it for me. I want every single one of the evil cunts dead and the world will be better for it.
  3. If you do decide to slit your own throat (and the entire CC and no doubt every cunt whose ever met you, including your parents, hope you do) be sure to video it and post it here. We could all do with a good laugh.
  4. A gradual lessening of economic dependence by most democratic nations and the chinks becoming untouchable when the truth comes out about their underhanded tactics. State sponsored criminal activity, medalling in elections, brutalising it's own people and bullying their neighbours- all things the yanks did and still do. Hopefully they'll kill each other off.
  5. I'd like get mind of a child Harold and nail him to a tree. One that's about to be passed into an industrial bark shedder
  6. Yes I know there's another recent nom on the chinks so fuck off, but new "no shit Sherlock" revelations from the FBI will hopefully reinforce what evil, insidious rittle cunts they are. Any cunt with half a brain and the barest knowledge of history can see that the chinks since their revolution have been bent on at first subduing their own through genocide, starvation and brainwashing, and now attempting of fuck over the rest of us and dominate the planet. Their state machine is essentially at war footing against the whole word even to the extent they're actively trying to sabotage and undermine international efforts to combat their bat flu. The yanks, however, seem to have had enough of this shite and a new Cold War is about to start from which there will only be one winner. Time to give 'em some of their own medicine in the form of a killer bug that targets only those of a jaundice hue
  7. One of the noblest of birds, I'm sure you'll agree, but with a face only a mother rook could love Fuck off
  8. Indeed. There was a lot more to Major than just the grey suited dork the media made him out to be. In order to make it into politics and get to the top they all have to be ruthless bastards to a certain degree, that's why there are very few nice guys in government. If a grease-ball like Maxwell really did tell the UK PLC to go fuck themselves (because he'd been their and others rat) you can bet your arse they weren't going to take it lying down- they made an example of the cunt "By Strength and Guile"
  9. I believe this was why he was banned for life by Admin yet is allowed to slither back in a do exactly the same.
  10. Thanks to that nasty little Joe Pesci cunt, I know what I'm going to do to cooler inmates when I become top mod.
  11. The Israeli and UK governments were probably in collusion over Bobs greasy ways and biting the hands that fed. The only ones capable of knocking his off at sea would have been RM SBS, then off to Eilat for a free holiday
  12. Sam "Ace" Rothstein, most of the cunts on the BBC or Sky news...
  13. Fucking bravo. The vile jabba was a first class cunter. His brilliant use of the English language in the comment you quoted shows this to be true. I'm going to start a new thread just quoting some quincy classics to teach some of the fuckers here the standard to which they should aspire. If anyone can locate this slumlord and convince him to come back I'll suck you off for a fiver.
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