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  1. Stubby Pecker

    ORAL B

    I'm guessing you find this highly erotic?
  2. Stubby Pecker

    ORAL B

    I'd suggest for this cretin and other pointless cunts like Albert and pen, a whole bottle of harpic shoved up the arse would be the way forward. Then set on fire
  3. Stubby Pecker

    The Cenotaph Anorak v2.0

    Shut the fuck up you stupid slag and get on with bathing with the toaster
  4. Stubby Pecker

    Inappropriate people advertising products

    I was about to follow suit and suggest panzy baby would be doing the same, but we all know he smashes the backdoors off of the elderly ladies he can drag into his nondescript grey van and the awaiting, stained rape mattress
  5. Stubby Pecker

    Footballers (irons) and their fucking goal celebrations

    I wouldn't go with that angle wizzo; franks immune from a telling off. He once told me he knows where I live and he was coming to kill me and my family, much to the amusement of the admin team, what with them being a pack of cretinous fuckwits with all the charm of an abortion bucket full of week old "matter" Fuck them all
  6. Stubby Pecker

    'Sir' Lenny Henry

    Keep your friends close and your enemy's closer. Granted, I hate your Vichy, Jew shopping carcass and would happily see you beheaded by one of the millions of swarthy Algerian cunts your leaders can't control. However, if we force confirmed bore decimus into pant pissing meltdown, the cooler and eventual suicide, I'll dress in a goose suit and suck you dry
  7. Stubby Pecker


    Oh no you fucking don't! I want no part of this poofery 'ev- remember "a dogs not just for Christmas"
  8. Stubby Pecker

    Northern Rail

    I want you dead
  9. Stubby Pecker

    The Cenotaph Anorak v2.0

    Beef curtains thicker than JCB tyres?
  10. Stubby Pecker


    I'm guess you know this by the hilarious handed down withers family tale, of when your ancestors shopped a dozen hook nosed cunts to Gestapo back in the 40s?
  11. Stubby Pecker

    'Sir' Lenny Henry

    You won't have the luxury of going down with the ship as I'll take great pleasure in making you walk the plank into a shit filled lagoon of your own making. You're not even going to meltdown stage, just straight into meek surrender. Weak cunt
  12. Stubby Pecker

    'Sir' Lenny Henry

    Keep an eye on your PM's, scrote sac, I feel some snake like activity from bubba the runt in the next few days. If I was a total cunt I'd screenshot the grassing ones he's sent to me- that'll prove to the spazmos in the clique that he really can't be trusted.....
  13. Stubby Pecker

    Fixed odd betting online

    A tear to the japs eye old bean and no doubt about it!
  14. Stubby Pecker

    Northern Rail

    That deserves a like, but you're not fucking getting one. But I think this one shows promise if he can break away from dull niche topics and make me laugh. Awaiting his next post.
  15. Stubby Pecker

    Fixed odd betting online

    Old jiggers may be a colossal tool but when it comes to all matters equine ejaculate, I think you need to consult punkers and/or frank