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  1. You horrible motherfucker!
  2. After a nano second deliberating your opening salvo, I think the puntership as a whole have concluded you're not required here
  3. You need help killa. What the fuck is this shite and how do you even know it exists?
  4. Not even a hint of a ratlike. Give up now man before it's too late
  5. I'd prefer the deep fat fryer treatment and the angle grinder to finish him off. As would bawsy
  6. Unfortunately not penny. Nonces don't mix with the standard prison population. If they did, they'd all be dead within 48 hours
  7. Let's all hope this evil little cunt comes face to face with hardened criminal scum who remove his wind pipe with a sharpened toothbrush. Even the most vile and committed career thieves hate a nonce like every other cunt. The sad reality is that he'll be kept in solitary and then with the other nonces "for his own safety". Fuck him
  8. Finish this cunt bill. I'm on your side
  9. Be careful of the birds that look like Steve Smith (but not quite as much of a cunt) when hanging about graveyards at night
  10. What would you suggest doing with this young lady then we she's returned to the UK? A good ticking off and a free council house to spawn a dozen rat kids and hope she's not planning on fire bombing a maternity hospital? Or bang her up at the expense of the tax payer? We've got enough cunts here already without another who's a potential mass murderer
  11. Next time wrap it round your stupid neck. Next spacker to shuffle in for a piss will be rewarded with sight or your limp corpse
  12. Re my comment about these fucks swimming to the Isle of Man
  13. Thanks for you concern Killa, but I'm far, far away for punkers AIDs ravaged tackle. While he may be total twat, I agree with his sentiment regarding the backward ways of Islam and its need to reform, making it compatible with the 21st (20th?) century and be more inclusive i.e. don't treat women as 2nd class and get rid of this infidel shite. Plus, he come out with some funny "classic punkape" stuff. His war with Ape is unending
  14. Agreed. This was an inevitable matter of time before it happened again and it'll happen again here, the US, Canada etc wherever you want to chose. I fully expect further attacks in the coming days and weeks by nutters encouraged by this. The question is; what are our soft cock, piss weak politicians going to about it? Round up all the dangerous, hate preaching fuckers on watch lists and bang them up for the safety of the normal and sane majority, or sit on their arses suggesting a few more youth clubs would have solved the problem?
  15. Let's hope when you collapse in the street from the inevitable heart attack, the "first responder" will be a massively hung black man intent on fucking your prone arse to oblivion, thus making your last dying moments unbearable.
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