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  1. Since the chinks got into Africa to build roads and power stations for the despotic leaders, the mass slaughter of the wildlife there has gone through the roof. If you're a dirt poor dusky who's offered a years wages to kill things for the chinks middle man it's a no brainer. Very soon lions will be critically endangered the same as tigers because the bone thick slanty eyed cunts believe eating their bones makes their 3 inch cocks grow a few mm Like I said, I want every single one of them dead. They're a planet destroying plague who will take us all down with them
  2. What did the paedo say to the crying child as they walked off into the woods?... "I don't know why so scared. I've got to walk back in the dark on my own" Thanks to Roy Chubby Brown for this one
  3. Its fair to say I'd drink her piss and use her shit for toothpaste...
  4. Another similar sounding band, Nirvana in pyjamas, Aussie brats Silverchair
  5. #MeToo, but only if she looks like this....
  6. If all those yellow cunts do kick the bucket you can fight the jackals and vultures for your share of crispy beef
  7. I'm appalled this horse faced screaming harpy hasn't been nominated before, but fuck me sideways, she's an annoying cunt. Not content with infesting channel 4s substandard lifestyle output she some how manages to combine the shrill "I did this" voice one would associate with a spoilt 8 year old and an expression that looks some cunt has smeared dog shit under her nose. Unfortunately this fucker has become the template for the yummy mummy types who congregate in places like Cheltenham all sipping their £13 lattes and complaining how hard it is to raise little Sebastian and Jacynta when they've never done a days graft in their lives. I guess at one stage they were quite fuckable but as soon as the middle class kids popped out they quickly morphed into the Allsop clones
  8. @Salty Piss Flap you morbidly obese truffle shuffling cunt, I know you're lurking somewhere no doubt failing to break through roops steel wall of security, so I'd just like to take this opportunity to tell you to go fuck yourself
  9. Whole album is top quality. Good and heavy, a joy to listen to
  10. On a related note, I'm sick to fucking death looking at our bush pig ugly female politicians, the labour ones being the worst offenders to the eye. Why can't we have far more acceptable ones like the Finnish PM?
  11. I was about to start a new nom on the chinkys until you dug this one up old bean. You've more or less said it all; these savage fuckers will kill, torture and eat virtually any living thing they can get their greasy little yellow hands on, the rarer the better. I'm amazed that there is a single wild creature left in the country or the surrounding ones such is their zeal for slaughter and the million upon million of of brainwash fuckers clamouring to stir fry them. Not content with killing their own, the world wildlife is being harvested to feed these greedy cunts. If ever there was a nation of humans that deserved to be wiped off the face of earth it's this lot, all 1.4 billion of them. I'm sure the yanks have developed biogenic weapons that only effect the slantys and nows the time to used them before their barbaric and thoughtless ways destroy the entire planet 90% of plastic polluting our oceans comes from just 10 rivers. 8 are in Asia, 2 in Africa. 6 flow through China
  12. If one of these unfortunate leviathans was off the coast of Tyneside there's a good chance the poor cunt might suck down one of Stephs floaters instead of the aforementioned rancid chip fat. I'm guessing if given the choice Mr Minkie would take the latter.
  13. Bryan Ferry is a total cunt. The only thing that would make one of his concerts any good would be him getting eviscerated on stage while this satanic beauty blasts out
  14. How was the well done tube steak? Did you manage to get the mayonnaise out?
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