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  1. Please attend an Asian wedding deep in Taliban territory. Bring bacon buttys for guest snacks and don't forget to update your will
  2. Drink bleach you massive fuckwit
  3. Alcoholic fucking idiot you mean
  4. And wanking off Sasquatch? Say it ain't true motherfucker?
  5. If said crown is to nestle on his kidney spotted bonce the wig of frank will need another application of glue/withers spunk and the chin strap tightening up to the last hole. Unless it's a paper one his spindly pipe cleaner legs will fold quicker than his own will power when walking past a noted rent boy hang out. What a horrid fucking queer
  6. I'm guessing you haven't made to a spoons in while drew? Staggering out of your bungalow and wading through the empty cider cans and soiled man nappies must be a fucking nightmare when constantly pissed out of your skull?
  7. I'll volunteer to put any cathedral to the torch if frank and withers are in the cunt. Sucking each other off no doubt the rotten poofs
  8. That smell is friction burns emanating from your well drilled arsehole you ridiculous, pole smoking homosexual
  9. This site would benefit greatly if you took a long and extended break from posting your unfunny brand of angry little man rubbish
  10. Steady on old bean. When he goes balls deep up fattys wrong un when the poor bastards chained up in the caravan after 12 hours washing cars, he always insists on putting a long wig on the swarthy little cunt. That counts as fucking a bird in his book.
  11. As for you, fucktard, in whatever darkest African shithole you come from, amphibians were probably shoved up your arsehole to ward off bad juju.
  12. I'd rather be labeled someone who gets sexual gratification from water lizards than a backward fuckwit who beats their starving horses to death for fun.
  13. More than likely doc, wearing Waffen SS standard issue y fronts in the style of Dirlewanger and Kaminski Brigades
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