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  1. Stubby Pecker

    Elon Musk

    Having reluctantly visited Bangkok for a few days on the way back from somewhere much nicer, I have absolutely no desire to repeat it. The number of old Europeans you see with young, albeit ugly Thai woman is a sad sight. Indeed, a month or so before this I bumped it's some filthy german cunts in Darwin who had only gone there to renew visas for their next paedo trip to SE Asia- they all but admitted it. It's rife.
  2. Stubby Pecker

    Shape of things to come

  3. Too late flake, I'm on the return to the promised land of the 'shire after the most pointless meeting of all time and having to listen to more bare faced lies than MongTwunt could spit out in a month of Sundays. We'll have to dine under the Golden Arches in you're fair city another time. Please accept my most sincere apologies One assumes FRANKS right sock is used exclusively for knocking one out now that mings corpse is beyond further use?
  4. Stubby Pecker

    Shape of things to come

    You've nailed it there potato boy. Those vindictive EU tossers will make it as difficult as possible for the UK to have an amicable split and retain as little of the privileges of being in the club gave. This is purely a deterrent to others for wanting out; if and economy the size of ours can be made to scream and our leaders be seen to be making a right balls up, then tin pot back waters like bog land or Spain, for example, will keep their spunk encrusted lips shut and take whatever they're told to (5 million afghan, Eritrean and Boko Haram goat husbandry technicians for example....) Anyways, my plan of claiming asylum over the water is still very much alive. One assumes you still agree on our proposed house swap? Mrs Pecker and the Stubblets probably won't notice, just don't let the rural silence deafen you.
  5. I'm currently at glawster station pen, about to leave the promised land for some Black Country favela. Do I jump off at Cheltenham Spa, hot foot it to the college ground and spend the day watching our boys make hay against the hapless Sussex and their much vaunted Barbados born pace attack, or continue on my scientific endeavours to Brum, pausing only to imagine your disgusting wannabe hermaphrodite body crushed under the 9:13 to Great Malvern?
  6. Stubby Pecker

    Elon Musk

    For a while I've been hearing these 2 words together and never paid it any notice. However, I've recently discovered this Elon Musk is a person. Further research suggests he's some kind of billionaire rocket man type who thinks his money and self-righteous "I'm going to save humanity" attitude allows him to speak his mind, including calling one of the cave rescue blokes a paedo. But the fundamental reason why he's a cunt is his completely stupid fucking name.
  7. Never mind franks alleged wrong doings with the tiddlywinks, I too have a train journey to make tomorrow to Birmingham of all places. I'm not that bothered about slag offspring ruining my ambiance as I'll be completely shit faced on the way home after a afternoon on the piss with snowy. Any cunt kids will be vomited on.
  8. Stubby Pecker

    Shape of things to come

    Youwer' just getting back into my good books uncle Iam ape, but now please head down Barton street on your next visit to glawster for a brutal arse raping from the multi coloured natives, you tedious fucker
  9. I'm sickened by you Francis, sickened. Either you've managed to get yourself a another wife via a magic of a taser, strong rope and a hidden strong door in your garage or you're spending your evenings with a corpse?
  10. Archive footage of how frank got his hands on "Ming" in the first place?
  11. Stubby Pecker

    Shape of things to come

    Firstly, I can't be fucked to read 3 bastard pages of this shite so if one of you cunts wants to summarise the developments of this thread so far, be my guest. Secondly, old spudbaby, you might be on to something here with you're brexit predictions. However, you forgot the fall of the government, the coming of the devil (cor-bin) and possibly mass civil war and genocide (paddys first into gas chambers of course). Two of these will probably happen, an old Irish tenner if you can guess both. Thirdly, why do you give a fuck? Or is it a virtual stick you'd like to beat us evil English cunts with for all those centuries of oppression we forced upon the noble mick?
  12. Stubby Pecker

    Topless men

    Rule 5 Reported
  13. Stubby Pecker

    Mark Boon

    I think flubber can fight his own battles without you holding his little Beadle style hand. The clique isn't NATO "an attack on one is an attack on all" so piss off No sleep for me you pathetic little runt, more papers to peer review. Sorry about the home truths bit, but it really is a different world the other side of the Wye.
  14. Stubby Pecker

    Older men in shit clothes

    Long term mallingering cunt. Jail?
  15. Stubby Pecker

    Football comin home

    Throw yourself on the tracks in your spunk stained anorak you stupid fucking cunt