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  1. One assumes a Q5 is some kind of industrial strength brush cutting tool capable of taking on the most densely forested minge? Carbon steel blades and a V8 engine
  2. Cheers Frank. Even though Gareth is a raging bandit he was still a fucking quality rugby player and Lions skipper. I hope you sleep well at night knowing your filthy fucking AIDS has done for a bloke, albeit a puff, cherished by the savage taffs. I am, however, shocked a hulking althlete allowed himself to be back scuttled by a pipe cleaner legged, emaciated cunt like yourself.
  3. In shock news no cunt finds surprising, ex rugby "legend" has revelled he's got gay bummers disease. I guess due to all the spunk shot up his arsehole since he decided he prefers licking a big hairy ball bag to grabbing a pair of tits whilst entering a nice moist fanny. Unfortunately with today's drugs he'll live a normal life and won't be able to pass it on to his numerous partners and kill off the shit stabbing cunts. He's got a nasty Cheshire strain apparently
  4. Every cunts has seen this sort, wearing some poncy shirt festooned with motor sport sponsors, probably believing they worked the pits for Barry Sheen. I even saw one sad twat today with matching baseball cap. I'd also like to extend this to fuckwits with "Ohio state university" or "Tokyo street crew" t shirts, for example, knowing full well they can't find said places on the map let alone visit them. Death is too good for either species of cunt
  5. If I were about to get buggered by half a dozen illegals with a touch of the tar brush, I would hide. I'm sure your tactic is waving your arse cheeks at them and screaming "I'm free!" in a camp suggestive way, you horrendous poof
  6. Stubby Pecker


    I'm calling bullshit on that billy; every cunt knows he uses swarfega as his lube of choice when about to enter fatty, yet again. The marmalade is just a smoke screen for his human trafficking business
  7. Stubby Pecker


    Leave @Eddie out of this you racist bastard
  8. You've got to have thought Anderson with his ability to swing it late, both ways at will with virtually no discernible change in action would have got that smith cunt a few times. We've been beaten by one man, a proven cheat, take away his runs and the rest of the Aussies wouldn't score runs in 2nd div county cricket. Overall the batting by both sides has been piss poor and the fast bowling top class, yet take away smiths runs and we'd have won. If only archer had played the first test and nailed the cunt on the neck an inch higher
  9. Let's all fucking hope so William, but every cunt here knows it won't be. The rabid old minge flasher just can't help herself
  10. @Wolfie I hope this slander from a confirmed and committed homosexual isn't going to go unanswered?
  11. Stubby Pecker


    Not a man until you've had a tan (thus making fatty the manliest man at the car wash)
  12. Pilchard gusset gambler
  13. Stubby Pecker


    Agreed Major C, probably why Epstein accidentally committed sucicide when the cameras were turned off. I'm sure the coroners report said he hung himself whilst overdosing and shooting himself in the head 20 times (took time to reload) Andys relationship with teenagers is an old one and the accidental bodies will keep popping up until we've all forgotten I'm betting his relations aren't keen on uncle Andy offering to babysit
  14. Apparently Warner has admitted to Ponting (also a massive cunt) that he did nick the ball that he didn't walk for, thus confirming what a cheating piece of fucking shite he really is. It makes he very happy that he's had a hopeless series and any other player would have been dropped after the 3rd test. My only hope is that Archer does a Phil Hughes on him in the second innings and he goes down like a sack of shit- shortly followed by the same to Smith, cracking his skull clean in two with is poisonous vile brain spilling out on to the Oval pitch.
  15. Stubby Pecker


    Big mates with convicted paedo and full time dead cunt, Max Clifford, just sayin'
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