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  1. All This Halloween Bollocks

    Tool shed.....
  2. Coarse fishing

    You also watched series 3 or 4 of red dwarf you scamp!
  3. All This Halloween Bollocks

    I'll be carving a pumpkin and a squash marrow thing mrs pecker grew in the garden if only to avoid eating the vile hunks of stingy mush. I'm then going to tell the kids the tale of Dracula then make them watch the hilarious (to me at least) Evil Dead 2 Any trick or treaters will get an apple....bowled at pace off my long run, a beamer as well
  4. Coarse fishing

    Correct wolf, see my 11th hour edit required thanks to my flid fingers. Sea fishing=tasty food, fly fishing=stealth, guile and skill. Sitting down the canal=strongbow and sports direct
  5. Coarse fishing

    Not catching a nice fish to feed yourself and family but sad fuckers who sit beside some desolate canal or purpose dug pond to catch some non native carp with alarms, radar, carbon rods and god know what else to make it the most unfair of contests. Do these social outcasts marvel at the early morning tranquility the dragonflies skipping on the surface or the reed warbler as it sings lustily from the thicket? Or do they sit with their mates amongst the mouldy dog turds drinking cider, pissing in the river waiting to impale some poor cunt fish (probably for the 100 time) then chucking their old line and weight in to tangle or be eaten by a swan. Cunts. Sad, boring, unimaginative cunts.
  6. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    I've tried to stay clear of this trite argument. There's no way a practising catholic that he claims to be would tolerate the genocide, murder, rampant wanking and painful death for the cunts of the world that are regularly discussed on these pages. It's a wind up and he sticks to the script very well. He has more capacity to take a slagging than there is room in his his spunk filled anal cavity, ripe with bad AIDS.
  7. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    Time I posted this lovely little number I think. The way the bass, guitars and drums merge into an impenetrable wall of shear noise at break neck speed along with the indecipherable lyrics, shouted not sung, makes it a real joy
  8. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Frank you vile, rancid, dog turd of man, your cum swapping partner deciumssss has slunk off probably to slough his skin again, an unintended metaphor if ever there was. This place is perfectly fine without the trio of benders who also seem to a thrown their toys out when they don't get their way. Since you've returned, however, it's suddenly got worse. Isn't it time your cancer came back again?
  9. Lotto millionaire Jane Park

    I hear it's a gas
  10. Shitty Computers

    I'm with you on this one roops. Rick was right to slap killers ghastly northern arse for such offensive swearing on cunts corner. The silly twatish, shitcunt won't do that again. But drop you're vendetta against him though, this isn't the forum for such japes and we need a weekend off.
  11. Shitty Computers

    Give it up killer, you've got the moral high ground on this one, twat.
  12. The FlidSpack Game

    All good answers gentleman, but of course 15 to mong is correct. In 73 cunting pages I've only deviated from the rules on a few occasions, when the time was right for comic effect or to boil apes piss. The last one was neither, just boredom and to an annoying twat
  13. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Catholic Church "aids" Wouldn't want to use a condom and prevent another little cunt being born would we. With HIV or without?
  14. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Reported to Cheshire police for soliciting men for gay sex, renting your own arsehole and daylight robbery (the £3.50 you charge is a piss take) Expect a knock on your cardboard box this weekend lol fuck off!
  15. The FlidSpack Game

    The cripple factor?