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  1. Hopefully this will be the end for The Donald- he comes across as bullshiting, uncaring, uninformed and with all the intelligence of a brain damaged bonobo with tertiary downs syndrome. But then again I'm probably underestimating how fucking pig shit thick most yankers are. If its found out the yellow cunts did start this on purpose then its time for every single one of the little cunts to be fried up in a big China sized wok with ICBMs as the fuel source.
  2. Play attention you hopeless fuckwits of Cunts Corner, old sweats and newbies alike- this is the standard of cunting which made this place great. No long winded waffle bollocks just a straight to the point tirade of filth and death by fire with the obligatory dig at the rancid nature of the subjects lady parts. If this Irn-Bur and meths swilling cunt posted here on a regular basis we could scrap the leader-board forever
  3. Nice one Edd, I'd like nothing more that this obnoxious cunt with a set of gnashers that wouldn't look out of place on a Gold Cup winner would to shuffle this moral coil ASAP. Preferably via having her stupid fucking head caved in with an iron bar.
  4. Good work lads, I feel the return of Rev is bringing the best out of you Neil, you serial raping cunt you Just to reiterate, Harry Hewitt is just a bloke like the rest of us and when he saw the picture below the only thing in his interbreed mind was spaffing a gallon of his ginger man gravy down that cleavage
  5. "Battering a dung hatch" Kipling, Keats, Wordsworth and Alfred Lord Tennyson take note you useless cunts
  6. The lipstick lesbos of grumble flicks are the cruellest lie of all time: 2 fit, feminine vixens going to town on each others voluminous tits and clean as a whistle haddock flaps. Yet in reality, as you clearly point out, a least one of the couple and often both, is/are some of the most hideous bush pigs ever to strap-on the plastic. What the fuck is it with the 80s flat top hair dos and the plethora of grotty fucking tats and why in gods name to other carpet munchers find these horrendous she-he beasts so alluring?
  7. With this enforced lock down I hope you're taking the time to thoroughly shampoo your gerbils so their in tip top condition for when all this nonsense ends. That is unless their currently in use of course?
  8. What with the massive soil loss and degradation the "50 more harvests" might actually be more like 30, unless corona kills off a couple of million. A combination of GM crops and organic techniques will be the way forward as well as switching to cultured meat, milk and eggs produced from bacteria using a hydrogen pathway rather than photosynthesis. https://www.monbiot.com/2020/01/10/saving-our-bacon/ Either that or cannibalism and grey squirrels
  9. Agreed. Release 1000s of non native birds in super abundance in a small wood and they'll hoover up anything they can- insects, spiders, slow worms, newts etc. Its true that in some areas, Eire for example, greys are decreasing and reds are returning due to pine marten predation and pressure and possibly due to goshawks. Below is a goshawk nest in the FoD where the genocide of these tree rats continues apace. https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/full/10.1098/rspb.2017.2603 https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/mar/07/return-of-pine-martens-could-save-britains-red-squirrels-say-scientists I've attended many lectures about the ongoing illegal persecution of birds of prey and mammals by the elite shooting set and its fucking shocking the slaughter that goes on. This is only the tip of the iceberg however. https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/advice/wildlife-and-the-law/wild-bird-crime/the-birdcrime-report/
  10. Paras Tab, it's Royal Marines who yomp you bullshitting twat. I here Jorry's got covid-19?
  11. I'd prefer lashing said anvil to franks AIDS emaciated body and chucking the job lot into a boiling vat of human shite and piss. Seems and fitting end for the rent boy lurking cunt to me.
  12. Humans beings exist in their billions- there's zero chance we'll go extinct what with every third world wallah and council estate dwelling scum bag shiting out cunt kids every other second. If you lived on an island and the thing was on fire what would you do- put the fire out so the island survives intact or concentrate your efforts on saving the humans that lived on said island? All efforts should go into preserving and reinstating the living world on a massive scale which life itself depends. Huge areas of the planet should be emptied completely of humans and our destructive ways and every country should sign up to binding measures to reduce populations sustainably over the next 100 years. If the same effort was made on these vitally important issues as was to comic relief, sport aid, pudsey the cunting bear, save the children etc etc so billions of pounds could be sent to the third world where most of it is wasted, stolen or lost, we wouldn't be up shit street. The tiny amount that does get to source simply allows the population to increase again and again because the daft cunts don't have to drink water full of human shit anymore and 12 of their 30 kids now survive to breed again. One can apply the same population dynamics in reverse to many of our bird species for example the once common cuckoo- they need a large population base and excess of offspring to sustain their numbers but with destruction of habitat here and where they winter they have now reached a critical mass where this is now impossible and extinction is round the corner.
  13. Half the universe down her massive shite spewing gob and the other half up her mangrove infested biff. This stupid, detestable buffoon should have been fucked off years ago yet its still able to hold high office and preach its waves of lies and ill thought out bullshite purely because she's a split arse and a dusky and gargled on Cor-Bins weak jizz years ago. Whenever there's a meaningful vote in the Commons the cowardly twat always has a migraine. Symptomatic of the times that such a stupid fucking cunt has a voice.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I'd happily machine gun the elite that know they can do exactly what they want in our denuded countryside that was once so rich with nature we've long since forgotten. Unfortunately we all suffer from shifting baseline syndrome so today's piss poor state of biodiversity is the new normal and never mind the moth storms of ones youth. In fact, I'd pack them into one of their Cotswold piles and set the cunt on fire, redistributing their ill gotten billions to the righteous As for your previous point; there is a constant supply of the underclass to suck up resources and for hand ringing liberals to cry about. The natural world, which is vital to sustain all life on planet earth, is on the brink of collapse however, so it's more urgent we save this. I hope you contract Ross river fever, get bitten by an inland taipan and have a funnel web sink it's fangs into your shrivelled ball bag- all on the same day Fuck off
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