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  1. Don`t get sick Roops, the mad fuckers have to pay fifty euro to see a GP, sixty if he`s sober....
  2. The part i couldn`t understand was the over the top faux upset and Cardiff fans weeping their fucking eyes out for a player who never kicked a ball for them, truly bizarre but strangely apt in 2019. On a brighter note... Brendan says to dab some on this on bhoys...it`ll take the pain away....
  3. British Hell`s Angels were innovators long before this current "Yankee love in" phenomenon and keen to mimic their menacing leather clad American cousins. Although culturally they shared little apart from their love of riding and buttplugs they did have something in common, y`all were all wankers to a man.
  4. At first glance this grinning little twat seems harmless and basically encapsulates all that a "modern man" should be according to hairy legged ugly feminists who tell us all whats best. His cheery little smile and boyish charm is completely devoid of any toxic masculinity and endears him to the public who trust him and make him a much loved celeb on British telly. It`s all a sham though , he is a cunt as is plain to see in the We Buy Any Car ads. Basically give your car away for fuck all is his message. While your being shafted Schofield tells us to play with a pet or spend quality time with some person, ignoring the sniggering from the arseholes loading your car onto the trailer. Don`t be taken in by these dishonest pricks, they are bastards and you Philip Schofield are the biggest bastard of the lot. £400 for a `97 Proton indeed.....
  5. Corporal Jones timing cunt indeed. Still, he`s not a patch on part time fairy and family let down Ronan Keating. His bizarre attempt at individuality on the classic Billy Ocean track to this day is still quite baffling... " I`ve got ssshummthing to tell you, i`ve got ssshummthing to shay" The signs were there from day one though.
  6. Scooters are for anyone below 12 years of age. Anyone over age and sporting a man bag should be administered a dogs beating by Panzy then given the keys to one of these. The car parks at GAA matches are full of them apparently...
  7. Christ. Looks like my mum cuts her hair.
  8. If this new coin weighs the same as a house brick i think neil lennon got one in his change last evening at the Edinburgh derby game. A couple of the match officials were struck too but unlike serial shit stirrer and 360 cunt lennon they managed to stay on their feet .
  9. Unhinged irish woman and attention seeker Sinead O` Connor has converted to the religion of peace, islam. At first glance looks like a good fit for the bi polar, self harming singer whose career has dipped somewhat but with 2 billion muslims in the world she should be able to shift a few downloads. Bad news for her tattooist however ( Year one, Gad`s Hill Independent Nursery School ) who now have to rely on Ed Sheeran and Conor McGregor for some custom. Have a listen to this toe tapper chaps.. https://youtu.be/VJ0RdoiSZgk
  10. Poor old Carol`s bingo wings were flapping about the other morning on a cool westerly, perhaps it`s time for a change saggy tits.
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