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  1. #metoo Billy, writing the scores on their foreheads, drawing little balloon captions with "parp" next to girls bums. Fun times William...
  2. Probably my takeaway memory about dead boy is Caprice screwing her pretty face up at John picking and eating his snots. A bit rich as she apparently loved Arsenal defender Tony Adams bulling her up the dot. Great tits though....
  3. How is mum and dad keeping these days?
  4. I`ve been invited to a wedding do tonight Pussy and was wondering if you think this looks reasonably hetro ? PS. What does a drone sound like ?
  5. What do you mean, "in her day" you cheeky cunt ?
  6. As a lifelong One Direction superfan i am gutted to see my idol and yardstick of modern manliness Harry Styles camping it up at an attention seekers gala the other evening. Gaga was there with her enormous hooter as was every poof in the borough. Today i have a decision to make, burn my scrapbooks and book in for the laser tat removal or visit Dorothy Perkins online. Fuck you Harry.
  7. Hokey Gingers


    At the end of the movie " Contact " as Jodie Foster stares out into the vast starry abyss " For Carl " pops up on screen just before the final credits. I had always assumed it was for that fucker Sagan not an imaginary cat and will continue to do so. Good Day to you Sir..
  8. Donald Trump`s net worth as of 25/4/19 according to Forbes Magazine $3.1 B.The man is obviously a moron and hasn`t a clue what he`s doing Roops..... Four more years...Four more years !!
  9. Lighten up fella those patriots are just playing dress up, look upon it as a warm up for The Pride march later on in the year, same punters swapping out dpm for feather boas , garish make up and inflatable dildos. On a professional level though i would recommend if you are intent on shooting firearms through crowds of people at night perhaps removing your dark glasses might improve your marksmanship. Just saying. On a brighter note at least the future is looking better. With the mass influx of African migrants into Eire hopefully in the not too distant Paddy will be a minority in his own land , sidelined and and ignored and then maybe, just maybe, these arseholes will finally fade away.
  10. Don`t get sick Roops, the mad fuckers have to pay fifty euro to see a GP, sixty if he`s sober....
  11. The part i couldn`t understand was the over the top faux upset and Cardiff fans weeping their fucking eyes out for a player who never kicked a ball for them, truly bizarre but strangely apt in 2019. On a brighter note... Brendan says to dab some on this on bhoys...it`ll take the pain away....
  12. British Hell`s Angels were innovators long before this current "Yankee love in" phenomenon and keen to mimic their menacing leather clad American cousins. Although culturally they shared little apart from their love of riding and buttplugs they did have something in common, y`all were all wankers to a man.
  13. At first glance this grinning little twat seems harmless and basically encapsulates all that a "modern man" should be according to hairy legged ugly feminists who tell us all whats best. His cheery little smile and boyish charm is completely devoid of any toxic masculinity and endears him to the public who trust him and make him a much loved celeb on British telly. It`s all a sham though , he is a cunt as is plain to see in the We Buy Any Car ads. Basically give your car away for fuck all is his message. While your being shafted Schofield tells us to play with a pet or spend quality time with some person, ignoring the sniggering from the arseholes loading your car onto the trailer. Don`t be taken in by these dishonest pricks, they are bastards and you Philip Schofield are the biggest bastard of the lot. £400 for a `97 Proton indeed.....
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