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  1. Hokey Gingers

    Everyday bombs

    Obviously ignore this advice if your name is Bill, instead kick the backpack till the Ed Sheeran tickets fall out.
  2. I was reading an article about "Ken" just the other day. He reckoned with exercise, proper diet and a positive outlook he may live to well over a hundred years old, in fact reaching 109 was his target. Admirable, but i`m hoping the wooden cunt succumbs to Ash dieback or failing that gets whittled into a d.i.y taffy fleshlight by Bubba.
  3. Hokey Gingers

    Graduates to be detectives in 12 weeks

  4. Hokey Gingers

    Typical Paddy

    What brought Leo to Eire anyway?
  5. Hokey Gingers

    Cliff Huxtable's a nonce

    " He says his names Punkape, reckons he has a big cock.."
  6. Hokey Gingers

    Dale Winton has died

    Indeed.A life long depressive the final straw came on hearing he had won a comeback part in a local production of "Paint Your Wagon" at the Tatsfield Working Men`s Club. His initial joy was short lived though on hearing they only wanted his arsehole to play the back of the wagon.
  7. Hokey Gingers

    Gregory Porter.

    This cunt sings jazz with a hat on indoors all year round. That strikes me as strange and rather creepy. I can only assume he has BLM tatts or a stash of weed under there. Not on son !!
  8. Hokey Gingers

    Ken Dodd is dead

    You bastards. Ken was generous to the last insisted he should be "harvested" after death...
  9. Hokey Gingers

    Ken Dodd is dead

    Ken will never be dead while the C4`s Fliddy Men make us piss with laughter.
  10. Hokey Gingers

    The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

  11. Hokey Gingers

    Steph McGovern of BBC Breakfast

    Fuck off Steph.
  12. Hokey Gingers

    The most scientifically attractive James Bond

    Dalton sucked ass. Keys and White`s attempt at a theme tune was unlistenable. Stick a blond wig on Craig and it`s Debbie Ash looking at you, "Q" i assume stands for queen. Fleming would be turning in his grave at this lot.
  13. Hokey Gingers

    Adult blokes who own lethal spiders and snakes

    Lets do this....
  14. Hokey Gingers

    Luke Goss

    Punkys laptop will look like it`s been covered in wallpaper paste.