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  1. Richard Branson

    Why this hypocritical, elitist "love everyone, no borders but stay off my fucking island" cunt was not carried off into the arms of Irma is a lamentable travesty. Ballooning bastard.
  2. Craft Bumf

    While flipping through the Freeview channels i never stop being amazed by the sheer tsumami of shite on offer for punters to buy. Dodgy fitness apparatus, cooking appliances which seem to promote eating shit " Does it do chips? " " Yes, and donuts too and with a wipe it`s ready for lard soup." It`s fucking unreal though for me the real unbelievable products are for cunts who craft. These weirdos will buy hundreds of pounds worth of laminators , die cutters and coloured paper at £20 for six sheets. Seriously? " Happy Birthday you cunt, see that card....it only cost me £8.37 and 2 hours to make." Pillock.
  3. Cunts Corner Software

    You can say that again..
  4. Moroccan cunts

    " For the last fucking time Dobbie, i can`t smell a dingy."
  5. More liberal bollocks

  6. Triple Jumping

    Good luck to any cunt that watches athletics and reckons it`s all legit, i`ve lost count of how many cunts have been caught cheating or miss unannounced testing, National Treasures included. This retro awarding of medals malarkey shows promise though. I`m looking forward to officials on my doorstep telling me it should have been me that fucked Sandra and Alison back in `96 as technically it was me that got them drunk and bought the Chinese and not my fucking cousin.
  7. Nonces being paid by the old bill

    £10,000 you say, seems a bit pricey to me.
  8. Asian grooming trials

    There`s been talk of you hanging round the local mosque with your ankles out Pen. Hussy.
  9. National Trust facist LGBT cunts

    I`m not gay William but damn your eyes you`re making it very hard for me.....
  10. Fanny pH.

    Ever had the misfortune to slide south for a bit of a slurp around it only to find your timing is off by a few days ? You were hoping for roast chicken but ended up with a mouthful of corrugated iron. Upon realising your mistake your immediate retreat is halted abruptly by a forceful hand shoving you back into " Tinsville " until your tongue is stuck , via magnetism probably, to the roof of your mouth. Guarenteed your fillings are producing a voltage, i`m assuming around 9v , as it feels similar to licking a battery so in essence a fanny could power a smoke detector. Not nice. Yanks. In the UK we refer to the vagina as a fanny, you define it as the bottom. Your cunts.
  11. Pizzagate

    I love pizza. That said, to say it was wholesome and good for you would be a bit of a stretch. A bit like John Podesta`s art collection really.
  12. Carpark Car Door Cunts

    Dent puller is what you want.
  13. Chlamydia Wankerman

    Lovely woman Claudia, just don`t give her any matches....