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  1. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

  2. Kevin Spacey

    Hollywood has been shit lately, they haven`t made anything watchable in years. I`ve an idea for a Dr.Who movie that would sell though. Streep and De Niro play two ageing senile white shites who rim anyone who has a bearing on their career or is simply an evil bastard. Their adopted sons, Ben and Damon are Afghan refugees who are typical fun loving jihadis who embrace the local Jewish community and act as mentors to the neighbourhood Girl Guide troop, organising camps and sleepovers. Polanski could be lured back to the US to direct the movie but only if he got to read bedtime stories to 14 yr old girls. Last time that happened though as he closed the book his trousers fell down and he tripped and fell entering the sleeping 14 yr old. Anyhow, the cast and crew could assemble in the Tardis and set the time and date to Sunday Oct.1st. 10.05pm Las Vegas at a country and western show across from the Mandalay...
  3. Starstruck wankers

    Cowell, Piers Morgan and Bill TD Stickers. A revolver. Two bullets. What to do. Yeah, shoot Bill twice.
  4. Amanda Holden, what's she for?

    A bit harsh there Neil, Ike says if you give Tina a cuff she`s golden...
  5. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

  6. People with a "funny" eye.

    This heartless prick adamantly refused to wear sunglasses and trampled poor Sadie`s paws into mush..the toot eyed bastard.
  7. I`m sick of the sight of that fucker, i`d love Boris to whip off his Hawaiian shorts after a chain farting 10k slog and gag her with his rancid sweaty gusset. Mid way through he could ask if her mouth was that shape from birth or was she dating Lukaku. Bastard.
  8. Mike Brewer

    I wonder if Edd is short for anything? Anyhow, here`s one especially for Mike to take for a spin.
  9. "Scatting"

    Sean and Deirdie, Irish Scat Champs 1972 just before a well deserved bubble bath. Deirdie always liked to present herself well for the cameras hence the racy blanket and neat side shade. Stunning. No apologies.
  10. Jim Hart

    Look at this cunt`s face and tell me this isn`t a man who has secretly watched the wife being regularly spit roasted by the Vicar and the Sexton. Even a cursory glace gives it away he`s sexually defunct and a floppy cocked failure, unable even to maintain a penetrative erection between the time he watches the 10 minute freeview and the top of the fucking stairs . This all adds up. If he was giving the wife what she wants they`d both be exhausted and out for the count . I can only hope and pray that a mosque opens soon next door to the arsehole and the call to prayers at daybreak shakes him out of his nightly stare at the ceiling fantasy of topping himself. Seed laden bread is a cunt. I`m the boss of my shit pipe not you, you "want away" bullet shaped fucker.
  11. Richard Branson

    Why this hypocritical, elitist "love everyone, no borders but stay off my fucking island" cunt was not carried off into the arms of Irma is a lamentable travesty. Ballooning bastard.
  12. Craft Bumf

    While flipping through the Freeview channels i never stop being amazed by the sheer tsumami of shite on offer for punters to buy. Dodgy fitness apparatus, cooking appliances which seem to promote eating shit " Does it do chips? " " Yes, and donuts too and with a wipe it`s ready for lard soup." It`s fucking unreal though for me the real unbelievable products are for cunts who craft. These weirdos will buy hundreds of pounds worth of laminators , die cutters and coloured paper at £20 for six sheets. Seriously? " Happy Birthday you cunt, see that card....it only cost me £8.37 and 2 hours to make." Pillock.
  13. Cunts Corner Software

    You can say that again..
  14. Moroccan cunts

    " For the last fucking time Dobbie, i can`t smell a dingy."
  15. More liberal bollocks