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  1. Well i for one will miss Toby, he was excellent in Blade.
  2. Quite, and i`ll wager the lanky drink of waters old chap looks like a cheerleaders baton. Poor Abbey.
  3. Every time this cock showed up in the Young Ones you knew it was going to be rubbish for the next 5 minutes. He was a pioneer of shitness, an unfunny fly in the ointment and a yardstick against which i still judge foreign comedians and to some extent , eastern europeans, to this day. How this fucker kept a roof over his head and heaven forbid raised a family on the strength of his comedic acumen is fucking beyond me. He must have had a Dominos sign on the roof of his fucking Lada.
  4. #metoo Billy, writing the scores on their foreheads, drawing little balloon captions with "parp" next to girls bums. Fun times William...
  5. Probably my takeaway memory about dead boy is Caprice screwing her pretty face up at John picking and eating his snots. A bit rich as she apparently loved Arsenal defender Tony Adams bulling her up the dot. Great tits though....
  6. How is mum and dad keeping these days?
  7. I`ve been invited to a wedding do tonight Pussy and was wondering if you think this looks reasonably hetro ? PS. What does a drone sound like ?
  8. What do you mean, "in her day" you cheeky cunt ?
  9. As a lifelong One Direction superfan i am gutted to see my idol and yardstick of modern manliness Harry Styles camping it up at an attention seekers gala the other evening. Gaga was there with her enormous hooter as was every poof in the borough. Today i have a decision to make, burn my scrapbooks and book in for the laser tat removal or visit Dorothy Perkins online. Fuck you Harry.
  10. Hokey Gingers


    At the end of the movie " Contact " as Jodie Foster stares out into the vast starry abyss " For Carl " pops up on screen just before the final credits. I had always assumed it was for that fucker Sagan not an imaginary cat and will continue to do so. Good Day to you Sir..
  11. Donald Trump`s net worth as of 25/4/19 according to Forbes Magazine $3.1 B.The man is obviously a moron and hasn`t a clue what he`s doing Roops..... Four more years...Four more years !!
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