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  1. Hokey Gingers

    Grown men on scooters

    Scooters are for anyone below 12 years of age. Anyone over age and sporting a man bag should be administered a dogs beating by Panzy then given the keys to one of these. The car parks at GAA matches are full of them apparently...
  2. Hokey Gingers

    Brexit..the meltdown has begun

    Strangle wank ?? Oh dear....
  3. Hokey Gingers

    Money for nothing

    Christ. Looks like my mum cuts her hair.
  4. Hokey Gingers

    The new 50p

    If this new coin weighs the same as a house brick i think neil lennon got one in his change last evening at the Edinburgh derby game. A couple of the match officials were struck too but unlike serial shit stirrer and 360 cunt lennon they managed to stay on their feet .
  5. Hokey Gingers

    Shuada' Davitt. aka Sinead O`Connor

    Unhinged irish woman and attention seeker Sinead O` Connor has converted to the religion of peace, islam. At first glance looks like a good fit for the bi polar, self harming singer whose career has dipped somewhat but with 2 billion muslims in the world she should be able to shift a few downloads. Bad news for her tattooist however ( Year one, Gad`s Hill Independent Nursery School ) who now have to rely on Ed Sheeran and Conor McGregor for some custom. Have a listen to this toe tapper chaps.. https://youtu.be/VJ0RdoiSZgk
  6. Hokey Gingers

    Naga Munchetty

    Poor old Carol`s bingo wings were flapping about the other morning on a cool westerly, perhaps it`s time for a change saggy tits.
  7. Hokey Gingers

    Chris Moyles

    Fill me.
  8. Hokey Gingers

    Any cunt who doesn't open the window after a shite

    A couple were sitting at the bar in their local. As they both were sporting a deep healthy tan the barman enquired if they had just returned from their holidays. The bloke said they indeed had just returned but he couldn`t be sure of the location although he thought it was an island. " Rhodes....Crete??" asked the barman ""No...no...." replied the punter. "Cyprus...Majorca ??" " No....i don`t think so." The barman served some customers and returned minutes later. " Gran Canaria ..Tenerife ??" " No, not them. Tell me, what do you call that green plant that grows on the sides of trees and buildings?" " Ivy" replied the barman. The punter turns to his wife and says " Ivy, where did we go on our fucking holidays ? "
  9. Hokey Gingers

    Everyday bombs

    Obviously ignore this advice if your name is Bill, instead kick the backpack till the Ed Sheeran tickets fall out.
  10. I was reading an article about "Ken" just the other day. He reckoned with exercise, proper diet and a positive outlook he may live to well over a hundred years old, in fact reaching 109 was his target. Admirable, but i`m hoping the wooden cunt succumbs to Ash dieback or failing that gets whittled into a d.i.y taffy fleshlight by Bubba.
  11. Hokey Gingers

    Graduates to be detectives in 12 weeks

  12. Hokey Gingers

    Typical Paddy

    What brought Leo to Eire anyway?