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  1. The other saturday morning there was a rerun i assume of a dating show on channel four, two men who looked exactly like each other flirting and mincing and it was only 11:30 am. Saturday morning tv come a long way from Zorro and Champion the Wonder Horse. UK TV 2020, what a shit show.
  2. For fucks sake somebody....anybody...petrol has never been so cheap..
  3. It`s a fascinating topic BC and old as time itself. If your interested this article may be of some help...Read Me.
  4. Edward old friend i feel events are gathering pace and quite soon we will swallowed up in a bloodletting spree and breakdown of our society. There`s a storm coming, we can see it, touch it , it`s here. I`ve gathered together a few things which i think are worth saving and plan to bury them in a " caucasian time capsule " in my local job centre, they`ll never look there. Space is the limiting factor but i`ve threw in an empty Guinness bottle, a bag of dulse, a flat cap and the entire digital back catalogues of Rocco Siffredi and Buttman.
  5. " but why do you need to own a semi automatic sporting rifle??"
  6. " Why do they never steal books?" Paul J Watson.
  7. He started on the BBC doing kids programmes and it looked like he was being groomed for the top. I`m unsure as to what transpired, i could hazard a guess he was bitch slapped by a Scottish child for that fucked up giggle he does but the upshot was he ran out & bought himself a Bullworker and transfomed himself from unlikable wanker into a detestable muscle bound gymoak. The kids couldn`t relate to him anymore as he was both imposing and threatening yet obviously poofy and camp. mixed messages, like a clown with a smiley face, you know its sinister and fake . Anyway, he moved to that other sanctuary for fakes ITV and has picked up the cheque every month for being Mr.Diversity and seems content with his lot. Well done Andrew.
  8. I`m just glad we got the rainbow back, hijacked by Steven Slackring and Diana Dildo and their ilk it`s great to see the multicoloured promise from God they`d never be another flood returned to its rightful place as harmless childs painting.assignment...and that...
  9. Slash, the stovepipe hatted, indoor sunglasses wearing ex legend & guitar God started this all off singing a duet with that bicycle from the Black Eyed Peas, one can only imagine the amount of cocks she has seen, probably more than the late Bernard Matthews. Given a choice of Fergies to fuck i`d opt for that incomprehensible Goven alcoholic over the slack ringed cock socket that is Duhamel. Osbourne has been a embarrassment for years, a shambling buffoon who can`t put his own fucking trousers on never mind dye his hair. Awful. Mind you, this cunt keeps him in the media..
  10. Funny chap, accents are brilliant as is the Asian lady in the audience. That is all........
  11. Whats his face is a stellar cunt, no question...however, if you watch the clip it`s hard not to credit the man as a master of his art. He makes carbuncle laden De Niro look like something that should have Danepak stamped on it. Four more years ya cunt....
  12. Well i for one will miss Toby, he was excellent in Blade.
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