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  1. The most scientifically attractive James Bond

    Dalton sucked ass. Keys and White`s attempt at a theme tune was unlistenable. Stick a blond wig on Craig and it`s Debbie Ash looking at you, "Q" i assume stands for queen. Fleming would be turning in his grave at this lot.
  2. Adult blokes who own lethal spiders and snakes

    Lets do this....
  3. Luke Goss

    Punkys laptop will look like it`s been covered in wallpaper paste.
  4. Branson's Hyperloop

  5. Nigel Farage

    Harsh words Stubbs. Thickness is relative as i`m pretty sure there are no asian rape gangs active in S.Armagh and if there were S.Armagh "social services" would be handing out free duct tape and late night mystery tours to the offenders.
  6. People you were scared of as a child

    Although made before my time i remember being scared of this when i was very young. I think it was the floppy ears.
  7. Cunts who can't handle a decent curry

    Punky will be out today with his chums chasing foxy all over Cheshire. Foxy drives a 4x4 and loves cock.
  8. People who don't have locks on their bathroom doors

    An elderly American couple decided to see out their twilight years living in "olde" rural Ireland. After viewing a few properties they came across a promising old house situated in the back of beyond. The owner gave them the tour, upstairs and down, showing them around the property. It seemed just what they were looking for. The American gentleman made Paddy aware they were enchanted with the house although something had struck them as odd. " Paddy, where`s the john?" Paddy led them straight down the stairs, straight out the back door and down to the bottom of the garden where a wooden structure stood. He opened the door and there was a bench seat with a large hole cut in the middle. The yanks seemed somewhat lost for words. "Gee Paddy, there`s no lock on that door!" Paddy replied " Well, i`ve lived here all my life, and my father before me, and his father before him and we`ve never had a bucket of shit stolen yet."
  9. The BBC's Perfect Christmas

    I`m going out on a bit of a limb here but this looks like the work of Peter North or a bus load of Asian men standing on a beer crate.
  10. The BBC's Perfect Christmas

    Edgy comedy duo off BBC4 for xmas. £147.00. Bastards.
  11. At this time of year please spare a thought for the 5% of the population who suffer silently from SAD . One would assume, wrongly, that with all the excitement and promise of Christmas and holidays ahead sufferers could muster a smile and be stoic but winter`s veil of dark and gloom is sadly too much to bear. I must confess to being a sufferer myself although my affliction is mild SAD. In fact vitamin D or special lightbulbs are not needed to cure me, only the news Bill has been thrown through the window of his Proton up the road on his face and ironically being driven over by a stolen council gritter with a failed asylum seeker at the wheel. 1..2... ha1.2..3, Knees up Mother Brown....knees up Mother Brown......
  12. Stephen Kinnock MP

    Remember the time his freckely fucker of a da slipped and fell on the beach squeezing and ultimately ruining his bollocks. Prat.
  13. Cheeky young lads

    Not true. Syrian cars go off with an unbelievable bang Rick. Where are you getting this duff info?
  14. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

  15. Kevin Spacey

    Hollywood has been shit lately, they haven`t made anything watchable in years. I`ve an idea for a Dr.Who movie that would sell though. Streep and De Niro play two ageing senile white shites who rim anyone who has a bearing on their career or is simply an evil bastard. Their adopted sons, Ben and Damon are Afghan refugees who are typical fun loving jihadis who embrace the local Jewish community and act as mentors to the neighbourhood Girl Guide troop, organising camps and sleepovers. Polanski could be lured back to the US to direct the movie but only if he got to read bedtime stories to 14 yr old girls. Last time that happened though as he closed the book his trousers fell down and he tripped and fell entering the sleeping 14 yr old. Anyhow, the cast and crew could assemble in the Tardis and set the time and date to Sunday Oct.1st. 10.05pm Las Vegas at a country and western show across from the Mandalay...