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  1. I think that is probably the worst piece of acting a Londoner that i've ever heard.What did he say next? "In the hole!"
  2. Neil

    Windrush cunts

    What the fuck is wrong with this fucking country,we bring them over to enhance our economy and 70 years later want to send the poor fuckers back.What about rooting out the rag heads that ARE here illegally and fuck them off.Some of them cunts are here to spread hatred and we protect their human rights,I fucking despair.
  3. Neil

    YANK CUNTS DON'T DO IRONY (do they?)

    My mates in training for the world championship of internal combustion,he should win it,he's on fire at the moment Just fuck off
  4. Neil

    Changing a bulb on your car

    Who are trying to kid,you're still having trouble with light switches.
  5. Neil

    People Who Complain About Weather

    Wet?......fucking hell,when she had our second the midwife informed me when her dust broke!
  6. Neil

    People Who Complain About Weather

    Thats me then,I fucking hate this poxy country for its weather.If I could roll back 30 years I'd be off to a far warmer climate like a shot.Grey,wet and damp shit hole and I fucking hate it.
  7. What is it about car manufacturers who design a space that no fucker can possibly get their hands in to change a fucking bulb.Jeremy Beadle was ok as long as he was left handed but I get so fucking pissed off because it is virtually impossible to get anywhere near the fucking bulb holder if your hands are anything like fucking normal.Halfords advertise a free bulb changing service but you try ringing them with a Volvo or a VW and they soon tell you that's one model they don't do.German/Swedish cunts
  8. Neil

    Scarlett Moffatt-Cunt

    Ok I admit it,I pulled her in the top one and filled her with a copious amount of spunk in the second one.
  9. I was in Tuscany a few years back and some fat northern fucking monkey actually asked the waitress for HP brown sauce to put on his pasta.Fucking cunts do my head in when abroad they search out some fucking irish pub so they can get their fry up/fish and chip fix. I'd wager Bill that i've eaten in more fine dining establishments than most of the deep fried Mars bar eating fat cunts on here.
  10. Neil

    Eric Bristow

    It' amazing how some restuarants serve up their clams.
  11. Neil


    I'll wager neither has ever seen a fanny