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  1. It'll be like being back at school,first thing every day?.....Assembly
  2. Yes,all very well but can we just all agree that she's a cunt?
  3. Perhaps her clothes perforated her colon after she ate them?
  4. The governor of the tourist board must also run the pathology dept,fucking devious slope cunt
  5. I await the four page pull-out special in the EDP,fucking soft cunts
  6. Do you think that she'd have done this if she had still been living the high life? I doubt it and that makes her an evil greedy,selfish bitch that should be hung.I'm not saying there's no such thing as mental illness but she's not mental,she's just a cunt that needs executing
  7. Hold her under the bath water for 2 minutes,if she drowns she's mentally unstable, if she survives hang the evil cunt.
  8. I hope 'Big Steph' gets hold of her and slashes her face and cunt with a rusty blade and then face fucks her with a shovel
  9. You do realise that you've just signed your own death warrant?...oh well,its been a blast.Laters
  10. Neil

    Football is fucked

    Scottish football,womens football,same thing
  11. 16 you say? That's another one past its use by date
  12. The stupid little cunt is off to New York by boat rather than fly so she can save the planet.Amazing how the boats leave no carbon footprint .....the stupid little cunt
  13. As she doesn't like waste may I suggest she lets me spaff over her tits rather than flush it away down the Khazi.
  14. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/konectbus-investigation-bus-driver-comments-1-6213125 Fucking good on yer mate,the country would be a better place if there were more like him....Oh and fuck off you liberal,lefty cunts
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