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  1. Stephen Fry

    Now that he's had his prostate removed does that mean his boyfriend can get another 2" deeper?
  2. More very bad news

  3. More very bad news

    I didn't know Pen had a lisp
  4. Minette Batters

    I wouldn't have a roll in the cafe with her!
  5. Minette Batters

    God forbid there's more than one of the cunts but what's the plural of an albertross then?...albertrees?
  6. Minette Batters

    I'm not into beastiality
  7. Minette Batters

    She looks like she belongs in a fucking farmyard,one of the last male bastions fall to the feminazis, whatever next? surely there's no such thing as a fucking poof farmer? or any that think they're a cow but really a bull I wished her mum had called her Fanny
  8. Cunts who leave abusive notes on Ambulances

    Collasped??...I'd fuck the dyslexia out of the stupid cnut
  9. Cock n Cunt butchery

    OI Cunts!,It's no skin off my nose!
  10. Racist BAFTA's

    The PC cunts have seen this word off,they're all 'Actors' now even the trans,bender,rug munching and not sure cunts as well.
  11. Racist BAFTA's

    I see that the wearing of a white rose is popular,some bullshit about harassment in the movie industry.I just find it a little ironic that most of the roses are pinned just next to a near full out pair of baps.The only reason some tart wears something like this is to have people stare at them,not a problem for me but don't go fucking crying "I'm not a piece of meat" when other men(and women) gawp at the fuckers.
  12. Thomas The Goose

    This story is exactly why I refuse to pay my TV license.Bent cunts employing bent cunts who write about bent cunts,Fuck them and fuck every one who reads the fucking shite that these bent cunts write.
  13. Accidents

    Milford Haven was razed to the ground,rebuilding costs estimated at £12.50 Yakky fucking dah
  14. Accidents

  15. Breast not always best

    I didn't claim it was mine,plagiarism at its finest.