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  1. Coriander

    As a herb it's a bit of a cunt,overpowers every fucking thing on the plate.Just had a perfect steak dish ruined by not a lot of the cunt.Fuck off you horrible green wanker
  2. Paula Williamson, world famous actress

    Did someone call?
  3. John "mad axeman" McLean

    How the fuck are they supposed to distinguish him from all the other fucking friutloops up there?
  4. Cheery cunts first thing in the morning

    I hope you pick the dirty fuckers shit up.5.30am,steaming turd in hand.Reasons to be cheerful.....not!
  5. Botox

    Never mind all that old bollocks Wolfster,head over to my latest in the music exchange and tell me that these guys aren't the dogs testicles.
  6. Botox

    Backwoods? Perhaps you need botox of the brain 'ol son
  7. Botox

    Exactly,vain Scottish prick who bullies poofs in kitchens.Despicable human cunt
  8. Botox

    Anyone (man,woman or freak)that is so vain and insecure deserves a 'Lesley Ash' fuck up.
  9. Botox

    Seriously?!.....I don' know what circles you frequent but I honestly don' know any men who have.What the fuck do they have botoxed?
  10. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    Zep have reincarnated
  11. Sheridan Smith

    She has definitely eaten a few pies and is doing a fine impression of her sidekick in Gavin & Stacey in that fat slag Ness.I'd give it one but 3 stone has got to be shed first
  12. Sheridan Smith

    Oily cunt,what a fucking wanker.Her and that cunt Corden having worked with each other have morphed into the shitest pair of insincere cunts going.Utter shit cunts
  13. Botox

    Any fucking woman no matter how pretty she is/thinks she is needs therapy.Why in the world would anyone think that bloating your chops looks good?.It looks fucking awful and ive yet to see any eoman that has improved her looks,on the contrary,they look horrible the fish faced slappers
  14. There is no God,the bible is the result of folklore from an age where people only knew what they could see.Its the work of an early fantasist story teller that suddenly realised the power of word could have when spouting a load of old bollocks.Brainwashing at its finest,If you read about such practices today in some far flung third world shithole you'd shrug your shoulders,call them thick cunts and carry on with your day.This allegedly happened 1400 years before people were dunking witches and if they floated they were innocent for fuck sake.Obviously the human race had evolved from the God bothering times that much that this seemed normal.Stick your fucking religious bullshit up your fucking arses.God,Jesus,churches,Any religion,all cunts Bless you all