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  1. Why the fuck do women stand like this?.Just watched 2 mums collecting their kids from school having a chin wag in this pose.Most 'slebs' are pictured like this by the paparazzi which is ironic really because what got them in the papers in the first place was the fact that their legs were never closed. main-qimg-e8c281d8189e7878361e9665cce7aefc.webp
  2. Neil

    Most Haunted

    You should make your own version,we could call it 'Most Cunted'
  3. In Norwich city centre last evening came towards me a 6ft plus slim built gent complete with 5 o'clock shadow,green t-shirt,black tight leggings,sandals and a khaki mini skirt.....I fucking kid you not.
  4. Neil

    Tom Daley advert

    Just seen this for the first time,must have been his agents easiest sell,"well Tom,they want you to do an advert where you say how proud you are of becoming a father and that you love being (one of two) fathers" "What's it advertising?" "Fairy"..........you couldn't fucking make it up. Pair of cunts
  5. If there was a god Joss Stone,Tina Turner,Level 42,UB40,Jamiroqui and any Motown song would have never even been recorded
  6. Neil


    Some soppy cunt who got conned into buying a puppy from a puppy farm up here paid out £5700 in vets fees!!.What the fuck was this cunt thinking? I suppose if you're fucking stupid enough to buy a dog from Gumtree or some other god awful place you're stupid enough to then spend 20 times the amount on keeping the shit machine alive.Fuck dogs and all who own them,smelly flea bitten cunts.
  7. Neil


    Funnily enough I walked in from Earlham Rd last saturday morning and encountered 2 of the drugged up fuckers on the walkway over Grapes Hill,'Can you spare any change mate' was uttered both times.................................................................................neither of the cunts answered me,the tight bastards
  8. Neil


    What the fuck do women and football have to do with each other?.I believe there is some dyke fest going on somewhere at the moment but I have stayed away from any of it because it is complete fucking bollocks.Until they introduce a womens world cup where the matches are decided by who can bring off the opposition quicker by licking their twats whilst inserting a dildo up their arris I really couldn't give a fuck.Maybe if the games ended in a draw they could have a penalty lick off where the one that squirts furthest wins,now THAT I'd watch.
  9. Neil


    Add Norwich in the Premiership,Harry impregnating a darkie and Frank still fucking breathing and i'd never have believed any of it............Oh and salty Piss Flaps still fucking hanging about too.
  10. Thank fuck they're deporting the useless cunt,euro 96 was a fucking travesty,Darren Anderton should never have started.
  11. Neil


    She cost me a tenner at Ascot last week,fell at the last
  12. Neil


    Hunt will be PM by virtue of the fact that Boris is so fucking shambolic in every way.By the very fact that every single politician is an uber cunt we will always have a cunt in charge,just not a big a cunt as Boris
  13. Neil


    What a weasely cunt his neighbour is,I bet Jeremy chucked his muck when he heard this."I thought it was in the public interest " said the cunt as he counted out his filthy lucre from The Guardian.Weapons grade cunt.
  14. Neil

    Bike Wanker!

    Would you like a Boneshaker?
  15. Neil

    Bike Wanker!

    I went out on my new bike today,stick to the lanes I thought,don't want to piss off the drivers.Then I thought 'fuck it' those cunts hold me up during the week.Good job I live in a nice part of the world surrounded by decent people.Very curteous they were,gave plenty of room when passing and altogether a very pleasant ride. And before you ask,no I didn't wear lycra.It would have looked like I had a set of pool balls down my leggings and a pool cue in my pants Fuck off
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