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  1. Neil


    As dense as as an elephants tampon eh? Thats priceless you spastic
  2. Neil

    Celine Dion

    Have you seen the state of this lately?.The bloke's a fucking disgrace,still prettier than Caitlin Jenner but fugly as hell
  3. Neil


    Interlect.......really? You thick as shit fucking dickhead
  4. Neil


    Big cunts you say? takes one to know one
  5. Dont care if they have or haven't, it's no skin off my nose
  6. Spongebob Squarehead
  7. Add a tan and you're a dead cert
  8. Has the cunt had a stroke?
  9. Neil


    I thought they all fucked close family members?
  10. I quite fancied it,something to hold on to whilst she chokes on a fat one.
  11. Taking my van into London? have you seen the fucking charges? fucking tory cunts
  12. I was in London the day after and I felt like stabbing the barmaid in the boozer that I was in,4 drinks £27 fucking quid!. Robbing tory cunts.I was in Wapping and the last time I was there many fucking moons ago it was like Beirut with every chance of getting shot or fucking mugged,now its full of hoorah henry's loaded with cash not duskies loaded with knives and ammunition.Fucking tory cunts.
  13. Never mind all that bollocks Decs,I want to know who cut David Liuz and Mustafis heads off,the useless pair of fucking cunts.
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