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  1. Neil

    Lee Furlong the dirty scouse binrat.

    I'm looking but i'm fucked if I can see anything that may have the name Brittney
  2. Neil

    Lee Furlong the dirty scouse binrat.

    You're missing the point,a scouser that can spell....they'll make him fucking mayor when he gets back.
  3. Neil

    Emile Cilliers

    He should have just whacked her over the head instead of trying to let her down gently .
  4. Neil

    Michael Moore

    He wasn't a patch on his brother ,couldn't defend to save his fucking life the cunt
  5. Neil

    Lily Allen

    I see this vacuous cunt is up to her tricks again.|If youre gonna get your tits out then stop fucking whinging when they get photographed and put all over the web/papers,It's what you wanted to achieve after all.The upskirt pic with your gash on view was no fucking accident either you fucking slapper,having said that if you could see your way to letting me spaff on those tits and munch on your axe wound that'd be dandy.
  6. Neil

    Naga Munchetty

    I know this cunt has been on some other nom recently but she deserves to be nommed in her own right.Her voice is the most annoying monotone,boring fucking hum I've heard for some time.Nigel Mansell and Andy Murray take some beating but this jug eared lezzer lookalike grates my fucking gears massively. Apparently she's quite good at golf(mind you,women's golf is equivalent to a spacker trying to play sport) so maybe she could team up with Punkers and create a matching pair of tedious cunts.
  7. Neil

    Sexist tissues

    Or me?.......either way me thinks Billiam's been on the sauce
  8. Neil

    Silly cunts that die in a cupboard

    Own up......which one of you cunts has been taking pictures through my front window?
  9. Neil

    Sexist tissues

    I've kept those cunts going for years.
  10. Neil

    Keira Knightly

    Was she ever young?
  11. Neil

    eruv hazerot

    Punkers always goes for the tight brown instead of the easy pink.
  12. Neil

    Emile Cilliers

    Two attempts to get rid of the old hag he married and failed miserably both times,What a useless fucking slaphead,deserves all of the full length that Big Leroy is currently serving him in stir.
  13. Neil

    Keira Knightly

    What about Bedknobs & Broomsticks?,an old couple in bed with a couple of minors,It's the bit where Marple asks the boy to twist the knob.....I nearly kicked the fucking screen in, the dirty paedo cunts.
  14. Neil

    Shit in our food.

    She'd count as 1 of my 5 a day
  15. Neil

    Silly cunts that die in a cupboard

    Is there any chance you could come round my house and check my faulty hot water cylinder,It's in the upstairs airing cupboard.Thanks.