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  1. Neil

    Womens football.

    They all look like 'wide receivers' to me
  2. Decs,Are you a little tetchy because your lot are fucking bottling it in true scouse fashion?.Ive not seen anyone struggle to get over line so much since Dorando Pietri(fucking look it up).Useless cunts
  3. Was Max Clifford his publicist? To be advised to tell the little story of throwing someone in a canal to boost his biography sales was akin to Gerald Ratners gaff.Im sorry to hear he has aids though,I was rather hoping the cunt was already dead
  4. Neil

    Womens football.

    Which one is the 'tight end'?
  5. Glastonbury is full of drugged up hippies and stinks of piss and shit so in answer to your question,yes it's a lot like London
  6. Now his cunt of a manager has piped up and made himself look an even bigger cunt.Football people are the biggest cunts out there,no fucking morals whatsoever. They'd sell their fucking mothers if it meant winning a game.lying cheating bastards
  7. A cunt of the highest order... ..I'd fuck it senseless and then drown it......and then fuck it again before it got too cold.Take the little cunts off her before they turn into more publicity whore fuckwits
  8. My missus gets all uppity at this time and just keeps pestering me with questions and mathmatical equations....it's a testing period for both of us Just Fuck Off
  9. Substitute the little cunt? I'd have had him cleaning the kit and all the other lads boots.....with his tongue.......while whistling zip-a dee-doo-dah
  10. It better be,I'm taking my mum and she'll throw the cunts over the edge if its shite
  11. Agreed but its better when in Italy,In this country it 'aint the same.Sugar Beet do Brooklyn,now thats a decent imbibe
  12. I would never eat in an establishment like that but then the older I get the more fucking fussy I am.Rooftop Gardens this week for sunday lunch.It better be good otherwise they'll be getting a good cunting on Trip advisor
  13. I popped in to the Kings Head at Wroxham yesterday for a pint of San Miguel(funnily enough)..not a bad place but full of fucking munters and Essex chavs,the White Horse at Trowse got my patronage today,a pint of Coors(bubbly piss).Not a queer in site.As for fucking Hemsby,if they gave Norfolk an enema they'd put the needle in Hemsby
  14. I saw Jesus in a fresh turd that I laid this morning,I called my missus in to hsve a look and as she opened the shit house door,rubbed her eyes and exclaimed "Jesus fucking christ!" ,"I know" I said,"its a fucking miracle 'ain't it"
  15. Apparently over 700 million has been pledged already to rebuild the thing,imagine if Grenfell Tower had some stained glass windows or gothic architecture in it instead of just human beings?
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