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  1. Neil

    THE biggest cunt ever

    Not Frank's obviously
  2. If they start talking.......'click'
  3. Yeah,but she does give good head.
  4. Frank,you are a pale shadow of your former self and that wasn't much,either make a video or fuck off
  5. Neil

    THE biggest cunt ever

    Hand on heart Decs.I only saw the cunts picture on my PC homepage when I logged on.I didn't even know who,where or why the cunt was pictured.Anyone who watches that pile of shit and others of that ilk is a very,very big cunt too,just not as big as plastic bollocks here.I do have the odd guilty pleasure(TV watching I mean!) but this sure as fuck 'aint one PS when are you going in?
  6. Neil

    THE biggest cunt ever

    I honestly don't think this cunt can be topped.Rodrigo Alves is his name.Nothing else can be added.
  7. Neil

    Whitney Fucking Houston

    Her son was at work plumbing the day she died,by coincidence he too was fitting in a bath Ithangyou
  8. That Punkers is quality..........I am going to use that fucker as my own.Not bad ,4 years gone but you've finally made me chuckle
  9. Neil

    Cunts who drink bleach

    Welcome back Decs,why the bullish mood,Did Mrs D get spit roasted by the dirty spics again whilst you lay drunk in a sea of puke and kebabs?
  10. If strychnine tastes of fuck all then yes,she's been serving it to me since day one!
  11. Unless 6ft and 12 and half stone is deemed as fat these days then no,I don't think a pinch of salt once a day is going to kill me.Im sure she's thought many times about adding things to my grub but so far arsenic as well as fucking salt are absent.
  12. Neil

    Cunts who drink bleach

    Doubling your IQ to 36 would be a start
  13. Funnily enough I was just watching Frankie Boyle saying "The only reason Jordan married Alex Reid was that he was the only one strong enough to stop Harvey raping her" and that "following their divorce there has been a bitter custody battle over him but unfortunately one of them has got to keep him" I too have a defective spade after the handle snapped yesterday whilst digging the garden.
  14. Neil

    Jessica Fletcher, interfering cunt

    You're forgetting Dempsey and Make peace.Glynis would have got my DNA anyday of the week.