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  1. Neil

    Light Sensitive Spastics

    Just ask the cunt to plug the lights in,240v and drool,a match made in heaven and job done
  2. Neil

    Sort your fucking acts out

    "No,I'm Brian and so's my wife"
  3. Neil

    BBC sports personality of the year

    And weigh it in first thing following morning
  4. Neil

    BBC sports personality of the year

    Hop,skip and a wink
  5. Neil

    BBC sports personality of the year

    Don't forget the spackers,I bet they have as long a segment on womens football(sic) as they do the mens.Some tart will be put forward for goal of the year to keep the balance and some poof will get an award for some shit and be let loose with a mic just to prove 'how far we've come'......A pile of televisual wank that will not see the light of day in my pad.Whoever the first shit stabber pro footieballer to come out is will have a job for life on the good 'ol Beeb.Perhaps they could have subsidised seats in the audience for all those unfortunate enough to be buggered by ex BBC employees,trouble is Wembley only holds 90,000. Cunts.
  6. Neil

    Cunts who swing

    Dom you mean 'prolapsed fannies' or Michael Buble?
  7. Neil

    Chapped Lips.

    Who's going to be the first to say 'Punkers has always got a chap on his lips'...............oh,it's me
  8. Neil

    Sort your fucking acts out

    No need,the Carribean's already here
  9. Neil

    Cunts who swing their arms while walking

    well he certainly wouldn't be able to swing his arms while walking ps back on topic you'll notice
  10. Neil

    Rainbow Laces Campaign

    As long as the devil is a black,lesbian pre-op
  11. Neil

    Rainbow Laces Campaign

    Nothing personal Roopsy but this is precisely the fucking lily livered leftie bollocks that is killing this country.They want to be part of 'normal' society so why can't they just do it fucking quietly instead of seeking attention by throwing hissy fits.We're never going to agree on this so don't bother replying.Thanks and have a nice day
  12. Neil

    Kevin Hart

    Aren't they?
  13. Neil

    Kevin Hart

    Grow some bollocks man,you've made a career out of telling jokes but as soon as the fucking poofs start getting upset you turn into a snowflake yourself.Just tell them to get fucked and get on with it.These queer cunts are being given to much airtime and voice,Just get on with your fucked up lives and ill ignore you and despise you in peace as long as you just shut the fuck up.
  14. Neil


    I got halfway through the 4th word!