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  1. Chinese jokes aren't funny They're hirarious
  2. Flat Earthers

    On their website it boasts "The flat earth society now has millions of members around the globe" Fuck off
  3. Middle-Aged Men on a Night Out

    Agreed,I'll be in physio for fucking weeks
  4. mine's even fatter,got her own postcode!
  5. Middle-Aged Men on a Night Out

    No I was busy with someones missus at a travelodge,hope she got home OK?
  6. Tesco ads

    Id afford her a Dirty Sanchez or if she was a good girl maybe even an Angry Dragon
  7. Jim Hart

    Can you appeal? I'll get my cassock
  8. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    Chill out you cunts!
  9. Tesco ads

    Did someone call?
  10. Being Unable To Unsee Something

    Now THAT I'd watch
  11. Being Unable To Unsee Something

    Exactly,and that's at 50% capacity,what used to flow in gallons now only available in pints! A double barrel shotgun with only one cartridge can still do some damage
  12. Being Unable To Unsee Something

    That could have been me typing that.Any cunt who misses work,holiday,sporting event or basically anything else to rush to see a fucking great gash the size of basketball can just get fucked,what's wrong with going on the piss and waiting for some cunt to phone you and tell you that the trouble has finally shat out your chavvy,worst fucking experience of my life(and that includes waking up bollockless).Fucking irons
  13. Spineless white people

    Tommy,Is that you?
  14. Spineless white people

    Bill,we're under attack,planet flid has released the mongs and they're headed our way.The head spackers are already here,I'm off to bed and hopefully when I awake they'll all have been re-spasticated to their own land.Wibble wibble