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  1. The risks are the same as they always were,following 8 pints of Guinness do you lift a leg and let rip risking follow through or do you rush to the khazi and release the hounds with paper in hand?
  2. She couldn't speak with my cock wedged in her gob,shame you cant stop her chatting with your pencil dick LOL
  3. I wonder if he's fucked that little posh tart off I'm a Celeb,no tits but worth spaffing your load on her boat.
  4. Neil

    Rick Stein

    His real name is Frank
  5. Just fly tip it,the cunts will still have to send some dopey hi-vis wearing dorks out to clear it.Cunts
  6. Some dopey looking cunt in a council van now turns up 10 minutes before the cart and drags the bins to the edge of the road so as not to put to much strain on these fucking snowflakes these days.Having said that I'd want 3 grand a week to do what these cunts do,no wait,5 grand a week.....and I'd have to think very hard about that too. Anyone that wears hi-vis is a grade weapons cunt,especially the pink ones.
  7. Have you been in a coma for 2 years?
  8. Neil

    BBC News

    Their web page is fucking disgraceful in that every day theres a heading relating to all things non white where the narrative is some 'oh woe is me' cunt bemoaning the fact that they're victims of the actions of everyday(usually)white folk.I had to look up what BAME meant after some fucking slope was bitching that the 'Asian' reference was too broad and didnt distinguish certain individuals from Taiwan, Japan china etc.Fuck them and fuck the BBC for spending my license money on giving their reporters the chance to give these cunts a platform.Ive got a new acronym for the cunts...COYSFA CHIP ON YOUR SHOULDER FUCKING ARSEHOLES
  9. Rum Red is an anagram of Red Rum
  10. Can it be when the gay pride cunts are marching please?
  11. Neil

    John Wayne

    Apparently they want his statue removed and the airport to drop his name because of what he said in 1971............ “I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don’t believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people.” “I don’t feel guilty about the fact that five or 10 generations ago these people were slaves.” Seems like he may have been Donald Trump in an earlier life. Yee-fucking-Haw
  12. You cannot claim to be mentally ill as to do so proves that you know what the fuck you're on about,the true nutters are away with the fairies,if someone claims to have mental issues then they're just an attention seeking cunt that needs guiding to the nearest train track to do society a favour. "Wibble"
  13. No, 'Free deepfried Mars Bar for every reader' was his favourite.
  14. Hi Mudbath,you're going to last about as long as one of my shortest wanks....bye bye
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