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  1. Neil

    McCain Chips

    If you haven't seen their advert take it from me,they are utter utter cunts,No more oven chips for me the fucking wankers
  2. Neil

    Eni Aluko

    I know what your saying by i've always wondered what it'd feel like to get my balls in too.
  3. Neil

    Eni Aluko

    I'd let her suck me off if only to shut the daft fucking bint up.
  4. Neil

    Police speak.

    They locked a black bloke away for 12 months round my way for having no lights on his bike,they'd have sentenced him for even longer if it had been dark
  5. I'm sure I heard some 15 year olds mum on the radio today saying how relieved she was that this clusterfuck has now been recognised by our already over stretched health service as a genuine condition.Fuck me sideways,this cunt should have her child removed as well as her major organs.Yet another example of someone who shouldn't be allowed to breed.Sort yourself out you useless fucking cunt of a mother.He's 25 for fuck sake,try a bit of fucking discipline and say no you cuntstick
  6. Neil

    Eni Aluko

    Repeat bollocks,my nom was far better you Norfolk wanker.Im more concerned that you and I have somethng in common.....although I only have the standard 10 fingers.Back on topic,I'd shut the bitch up by ramming my rancid bell end into her squealing gob whilst fisting the life out of her already saggy ring piece.Finally,how come that these women on the whole are generally quite fuckable to the average Joe and usually wearing short skirts flashing a bit of thigh?,Equality obviously doesn't go as far as having some ugly fucking munter on there does it?.ITV are bigger cunts than the BBC in this instance.......oh and fuck off
  7. Neil

    'Ironic' song announcements

    Never got Kiss,overhyped American bollocks,any cunt that wears that much make up has got to like it up the 'arris.Motley Crew,Twisted Sister,Poison et al are all pussies not to forget the little bald mincer in Judas Priest.Ozzy would eat the cunts for brekkie
  8. Neil

    Brown shoes with a blue suit

    Frank,remember,you can't polish a turd
  9. Neil

    Brown shoes with a blue suit

    It was quite funny but then I am on the 8th bottle of San Miguel,whats your excuse?
  10. Neil

    Brown shoes with a blue suit

    Fucking hell Decs,Bill will be well pissed off now that you and Blubba are sucking each other off.Get a room you pair of fucking gaylords.Brown shoes? more like brown cocks
  11. Sartorial elegance?...fuck off you look like a phone salesman...and a right cunt!
  12. Neil

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    Yeah,yeah I know football's for irons,but the TV cunts have put screeching fucking women on debating the match for fucking fuck sake.I for one am not interested in listening to the cliched ramblings of some split arse who is only there to stop some silly fucking dyke piping up that there's "not enough women on TV" and to satisfy quotas to keep some knobhead spineless puppet in his job.Just fuck off my telly,I'm not bothered in what you have to say because its a mans game played by men(yeah I know..and poofs) and you know fuck all.The cunts are even invading the radio sports channels,just fuck off the lot of ya Emily Pankhurst was a cunt
  13. Neil

    Gig employers

    Anyone who works for a franchise is a cunt anyway
  14. I'l certainly be burying a stiff 'un very soon.
  15. My mother-in-law just died,I'm far from fucking miserable