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  1. Neil

    Gino D'Acampo

    Wasn't he an Italian actor in something called 'Last of the summer vino?.....or was that Gino D'Compo?
  2. Neil

    John Stalker

    Hands free?
  3. Neil

    John Stalker

    I wake up with one of these most mornings
  4. Neil

    Cunts who confuse plus fours with plus twos

    The only plus two's you're interested in is the inches that Samual Umbongo stuffs up your 'arris
  5. Neil

    Shamina Begum

    She has the right to be reunited with her family and we should do all we can to make this happen.I will gladly volunteer to take her scummy cunt of a family to the airport to fly back and spend the rest of their today's together in the hell hole that is Syria
  6. Neil

    Joe Root

    That's exactly my point,publicity whore point scoring insread of run scoring...the fucking gaylord
  7. Neil

    Findlay Trigwell

    Sounds like a little hamlet down the road from Royston Vasey,Sounds like the little cunt would fit in well.Hope no one calls him a poor......horrible homophobes.
  8. Neil

    Joe Root

    Fuck up you pussy,Man up you cunt,Oh boo hoo he called me a batty boy.Go suck Andy Murrays cock
  9. Neil

    Women you fancy until you hear them speak

    Only if 'Whack' "Get in the van" doesn't work
  10. Neil

    Gordon Banks

    I imagine Pele called him a cunt back in 1970 as he made the best save ever(or before Jim Montgomery anyway).
  11. Neil

    Women you fancy until you hear them speak

    I try to get my knob in their gob quickly enough to stifle any of that fucking noise bollocks
  12. Neil

    Gordon Banks

    An all-round good egg,always kept an eye out for others
  13. Neil

    The never ending vigil for David fucking Bowie.

    Who choreographed that,Harvey Price?
  14. Neil

    The never ending vigil for David fucking Bowie.

    Romford Odeon 1972 then the cunt went all famey and killed off the best part if him.Is he still dead?
  15. Neil

    Emiliano Sala

    Cause of death has been revealed,what the fuck was he,elephant man?