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  1. There aren't many on here that despite slagging her off wouldn't empty their single barrel,pump action yoghurt rifle up her stench trench even though ginger bollocks has graced it.I know I fucking would.
  2. How would she know what Chris Martin smells like?
  3. In other news I just did a very runny shit.
  4. It's not funny,which by coincidence is a fair summary of his comedic abilities
  5. Do you reckon that if Tony Blackburn croaks it the headline will be 'Covideo killed the radio star'?
  6. He's worried because one of them is bigger than the other two.
  7. That's him,always got feathers in his hair the dirty bastard.
  8. Neil


    Apparently it makes your jizz more palatable,any ladies(or Punkers) care to confirm?
  9. Neil


    Anyone called 'Billy Joe' deserves to fucked with the rough end of a pineapple,fucking pikey cunt
  10. Where was Ant MacPartlin 9 months before she was born?
  11. Cheer up Marnie,why the mong face?
  12. Our local paper headline today is 'Norfolk deaths figure rises to 11'.....all this fucking bollocks for 11 deaths.I wonder how many deaths flu caused in the same 2 week period last year? 50?,100?,more?.These cunts have fucked up my plans for my 60th birthday this year and denied me access to my grandkids and probably fucked up my pension years so you'll have to excuse me if I'm a little bit pissed off by being tricked into believing that this is anything other than an organised pre-planned agenda.Fucking ,fucking cunts!
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