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  1. Neil

    Naga Munchetty

    Jesus fucking christ!..you are one boring cunt.
  2. I fucking hope there's no underpasses on route,we all know what those fucking chauffeurs are like.
  3. When she was pregnant she was rushed into labour when her dust broke.
  4. The only cameltoe I'd touch in that picture is the ones she's wearing on her feet! I've just fucking eaten you bastard.
  5. Are you trying to prove his point?
  6. I did my sex education before I attended school,Decs was home schooled.
  7. And now you've given Punkers a hard on LOL
  8. I sat here with my missus and uttered the words "Keith fucking Lemon,I'd rather have piles" and then that gray by name grey by nature cunt warbled a 15 year old song that was fucking boring then and even more so now.Friday nights? What the fuck happened? Pass me the bottle I need a fucking drink!
  9. Yes,he wandered into a local hotel,threw a couple of 6" nails on the reception desk and asked if they could put him up for the night
  10. Just got accosted by some cunt as I tried to leave the shop,I was quite prepared to offer him the change I'd just got from a 20 quid note but oh no,not acceptable."Sorry sir,I can't accept cash but if you could set up a monthly direct debit payment to keep the air ambulance flying that would be great"..I bet it fucking would mate but if you wont take my change you can get fucked you ungrateful whirly bird cunt.
  11. Based on the average weekly outlay that this government pays to fat,stinking,baby making chavs why don't they just say to every 18 year old girl that they'll get 250 quid a week and for every snotty little cunt they drop therir money goes down £100.That way they might start doing as suggested and swallow instead of shag and learn to take it up the wrong 'un and everyones a winner!. This world is fucking doomed,I popped into my local ASDA the other day(I fucking needed a shit OK!) and I was fucking shocked at what I saw.Feckless fucking slags everywhere.
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