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  1. What cunts eh? I've always made sure kids are taught about sex from an early age,and does anyone thank me for it?, do they bollocks
  2. How the fuck can this gargoyle be up the duff? i thought the dyke was off solids?
  3. What has Monty Python ever done for us?..................Parrot sketch,Bit of a goer is she? nudge nudge,wink,wink,I used to get up in the morning half an hour before I went to bed. Anyway,is this the 5 minute debate or the full half hour?
  4. Pretentious bollocks....the cunt even named his son after a lift,twat
  5. They did 3 funny sketches and one funny film,bunch of public schoolboy cunts.If they did a sketch about this site it'd go "This sites not resting,its dead,its shuffled off its mortal coil and is no more,its fucking snuffed it!"
  6. I'm surprised the twat knows where the filler cap is,I know my missus ain't got a fucking clue
  7. He released this news on the sabbath,that sure was a dark sunday.
  8. Yeah,but I'd fuck his cousin in a heartbeat
  9. Now I know why they've always got long faces.
  10. Neil


    Best right-back Brazil ever had
  11. Fucking good job it wasn't the services near Rotherham,we'd never have seen the little cunt ever again.
  12. Did you see the half dusky cunt call Laurence Fox this on Question Time? No doubt the BBC will be finding a job for her immediately, fucking racist piece of shit.
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