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  1. No Gyps,I admit I'm a bit of a chauvinist but when it comes to mens sport they should butt the fuck out.I realise you 'gals' are more than just about shagging and cooking,things like..............err?...........................................................................ummmm?..................................................can I get back to you on this?
  2. Can I include mens sport in this?.Some fucking split-arse is now analysing the spin bowling of one of the Pakistani cricketers,They're flooding the football programmes as well,for fuck sake,know your fucking limits.I've said before give them their own channel and then we can all choose not to fucking tune in.I blame all the cooking programmes that have been taken over by men,lets give it back to them with a promise they'll shut the fuck up when it comes to mens sports.Deal?
  3. Those cunts make me fucking sick.
  4. Once a wanker always a wanker
  5. If it meant this cunt died from a prolapsed arsehole I'd administer the fateful fist,call it a public service but these cunts need exterminating.Ehy can't bat flu just attack the lefties and leave the good ones be.
  6. New album just out 'such pretty forks in the road ' check it out if you like that,not a duff one on the whole album
  7. Neil

    Shit Cunt Employers

    Have you been on the weed again you soppy cunt?
  8. Neil

    Caroline Flack

    You could quite literally 'fuck the arse off it'
  9. I may be an Arsenal fan but what they've just announced is fucking scandalous and the reason I might just kick football into touch for good.55 staff have been advised that they're going to lose their jobs due to the financial hit that has been caused by the pandemic,apparently they will save about £1.2 million a year by taking this action.All this whilst they are paying the biggest waste of skin Ozil £18.2 million over the next 12 months to sit on the bench...yes..thats £18.2 fucking million!! as well as negotiating to sign a 31 year old from Chelscum and pay the cunt over £30 million quid across 3 years.I hope the whole game goes tits up and they all fade into oblivion.They will not get a penny off of me ever agin.Despicable fucking shit cunts
  10. Neil

    Caroline Flack

    I see that they've deduced that she topped herself because she'd heard that she was definitely going to be prosecuted for assualting her boyfriend and that she feared losing her career and a media frenzy.I'm sure our gutter press cunts would have had a field day and that was going to be the case but I can't help feeling that if this was the other way round she'd have had the cunts eating out of her hand and milked it for every last penny and made another career out of it.Live by the sword.................or the rope
  11. Lunch breaks were endless,1 o'clock in the Three Tuns and that was usually that,strippers in the pub at Bow that I can't remember the name of (The John H Stracey? I think I might have made that name up but I'm sure it had something to do with boxing) and then fall asleep on the train and end up in Southend seven stops past home.Happy fucking days.
  12. Not banking,Lloyd's was the insurance capital of the world,we used to underwrite claims.One of the first claims I handled I had to ask the boss what 'emasculated' meant as it stated that the motorcycle rider was emasculated by the handlebars of his bike!,shredded his bollocks i'd have understood.
  13. I worked in Lloyds of London when I left school,the lutine bell was only ever rung when royalty visited.I learned how to get pissed,write a betting slip and how to play cards in the year that I was there,the rest of the time I wasted.Quite a laugh though having the fully dressed up doorman having to open the door for a spotty 16 year old every day.
  14. Thats what we should do to the fucking bat eating slopes now .Cunts
  15. That's quite funny,probably something like this
  16. breakfast AND lunch?...,you greedy cunt!
  17. Frank,what is your ulterior motive here? Are you just getting a kick from assaulting our ears with this turd or are you revelling in the demise of what quite frankly was a bang average pub singer in the first place?.Please tell me your pulling my fucking pisser.
  18. That says more about you than anyone else could say.
  19. His rendition of 'light my fire is truly fucking abysmal.If you need any further proof of what a cunt he is...........
  20. Why couldn't it have been him,his brother was wired correctly and yet it was he that went first.God, you're a cunt,take the fucking perverts first will you and leave the good ones alone. Fucl off
  21. I see the fat,thick cunts have been tempted out by by the scheme,Wagamamas had queues around the block in Norwich which sums it all up really.Talking of thick cunts,thank you to the EDP newspaper for pointing out that "The Scheme offers a discount of up to £10 per person,that means a family of 4 dining out could save £40"...well thanks for that you shit for brains cunts.
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