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  1. Neil

    Bob Monkhouse

    Channel hopping and I find some shit about this cunt from the 70's.....I thought Harry Hill was the most unfunny cunt ever but fuck me this cunt was even worse.What an oily cunt he was,I reckon his biggest achievement must have been avoiding operation yew tree.Very suspect to say the least.
  2. Neil

    Let Toys Be Toys

    I was always told that if you can't say anything nice then say nothing at all,leave her alone you pipe cleaner legged twat......please
  3. Neil

    Royal Wacky Races

    Now the fat cunt that broke her wrist is all over the local TV demanding an apology.......fuck off,you'll just have to eat your chips with the other hand for a while.Compo seeking whore.
  4. Neil

    Bob Monkhouse

    I preferred Skid
  5. Neil

    Bob Monkhouse

    Not according to Alan Brazil
  6. Neil

    Bob Monkhouse

    I've been watching the shit cunt for half an hour now and I'm still waiting for a laugh...as unfunny as Ken Dodd and as false as James Cordon.What a horrible cunt he was
  7. For 'car' should it read 'my missus?'
  8. Neil

    Gemma Collins

    She's a cunt,just like all the rest from this toxic genre of tv,the country is fucked,no not because of brexit but because people watch this shit thus encouraging cunts to keep on making more shit.She makes Jordan look like Rachel Riley.The only way I'd fuck it is if it meant she would fade away and never be seen or heard of ever again.....Call it a public service,someone's got to do it and if my country needs me then im here.
  9. Neil

    Royal Wacky Races

    Looks like a write 'orf
  10. Neil

    Captain's send off

    I didn't fuck 'em I just stamped on them......and they were all of consenting age
  11. Neil

    Captain's send off

    The only cunt worse than a dog is it's owner,especially the ones that talk to it like a child.The Vietnamese should be lauded for eating the cunts,
  12. Neil

    Cunts who put “sauce” bottle on the table

    Yes,and we all know the main ingredient Don't we? Wanker
  13. Neil

    21 kids and cunting

    Her fanny must be like a fucking wheelie bin,fucking doley cunts
  14. DNA defect...when will they fucking learn?.......A woman that can do mental arithmetic would be a start.....see,fucked before they pick up the arrows
  15. Neil

    Philip Schofield

    I wonder if he's ever seen Holly's gash?
  16. Neil

    Symphony Orchestra Conductors

    I was watching one of these cunts once in an outdoor arena and there was a terrible storm and lightning struck the stage and all the orchestra died except him,turns out he was a bad conductor I'm 'ere all fucking week
  17. Neil

    No speak the English .

    I had to sign in on a screen at the quacks last week and after the start page the screen offers a Union Jack with the prompt 'which language would you like to use?' I didn't catch the other flags option but my initial thoughts were "if you can't speak English,either learn or fucking die from your illness you foreign cunt".
  18. That is one sport where the women should be able to compete against men,don't think it'll happen though,might look a bit silly with no women able to even qualify for a tournament let alone win the fucker.
  19. So Bryan Cranston has been criticised for taking a film role playing a quadriplegic,this follows some no mark refusing to take on a LGBT role saying it was wrong to take jobs away from the real queers.Fuck me,what about all the queer cunts taking straight roles? This fucking shit needs to stop.
  20. Neil

    Beauty and The Flid

    Is that the 3rd verse to "We didn't start the fire'" by Billy Joel?
  21. May I suggest you call Decs regarding a car share because you two cunts are going to hell.
  22. Neil

    Beauty and The Flid

    I think she's like Ray Allen and working him from behind,which coincidentally is what I'd like to do to her.
  23. Neil

    Beauty and The Flid

    I reckon once the camera stops rolling she just unplugs the cunt and puts him back in his box for the night ,attention seeking whore.
  24. Neil

    Beauty and The Flid

    Was this in Flididelphia?
  25. Neil

    Beauty and The Flid

    I imagine the only way he could satisfy her is if she lay on her back with her legs in the air and he could jump in feet first up to his neck like a steam bath and start kicking his legs,it'd look like she was giving birth to the little cunt.