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  1. You're all missing the point,the biggest question arising from this is who in their right mind would fuck that? I fucking hate pikeys,especially the race card playing cunts that have just moved in to my village and by buying green belt land and putting a bogus planning application in for a stable(A stable is too food for these feckless cunts)and have emotionally harangued the local council into giving in. Utter fucking cunts.I hope they get cancer
  2. Oxford Dictionary meanings:Lovable Rogue...... 'A COMPLETE cunt who makes people's lives a misery at every opportunity,loved only by fucking slags and occasionally one parent(if known).Phrase commonly uttered at funerals and heard mainly by chavs and pikeys....also better known as 'A fucking horrible cunt'
  3. What was he doing in the water? Not the front crawl obviously.The average national IQ just raised a notch
  4. Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa
  5. I wish the cunt would declare himself a 'non singer' and just fuck off to oblivion,attention seeking shit stabbing whore
  6. He's a cunt and no mistake
  7. Neil

    Dick Strawbridge

    Stick Drawbridge up your arse(see what I did there?)
  8. I blame his mum,she told him to go down the mosque and while he was waiting he could go through a couple of magazines
  9. But not as bad as catching your mum wanking
  10. Making a mistake when you're 15 is getting caught wanking by your mum not fucking joining ISIS.Cunt
  11. All religion is a form of radicalisation and for that reason I'm out.Thank god I'm an atheist
  12. What about all those cunts in the 2 world wars,the murdering cunts have gotten away with it what with dying and all that,heroes my fucking arse! Next time I'm in London I'm going to piss on the Cenotaph
  13. I could happily spend an hour or so with those puppies,lather the fuckers up and enjoy the best soapy tit wank in town
  14. She'd get a full house from me,one in the gob and one up the rear whilst motor boating those jugs,lucky posh fucker
  15. The only question they should be asked is "Where's my fucking tea?"
  16. Or just shoot the cunt
  17. I think she's just gutted that baby backpack wont get any use now and the 14 day money back rule has expired
  18. Apparently it's labours fault??.....Personally I couldn't give a flying fuck
  19. They'll be wanting equal wages soon at that rate
  20. I'm not against the cunts killing each other but when the innocent get slain the cunts need hanging from a tree.Cunts
  21. These cunts are getting like ISIS,you never used to hear about them but you knew they were there but they didn't bother you.Now they're every fucking where being a pain in the arse,shouldn't have given them the vote.
  22. Reminds me of the story In the deepest south of America when a bus load of passengers were about to board and the driver said "we'll have no colour discrimination on here and for that there is no black and no white ,we will call everyone green ok?" everyone agreed and as they embarked the driver called out "Can we have light greens at the back and dark greens at the front"
  23. Oh yes,I digress,I almost forgot how fucking shit women's football is and how the media are trying to promote this bollocks.The female commentator is something to be heard(not!) I cannot and will not listen to the catterwalling of some cliche ridden tart and turn over at the first inane shrill .Having said all that and getting this thread back on track I reckon I've got 3 more in the old wank bank looking at this picture.
  24. 2nd right looks like she has a sore ring,ok girls calm down,I'll get to you all in good time
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