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  1. Admin


    We are all truly obnoxious. Lower your sights. Supercilious wankers are not welcome here.
  2. Admin


    Fair enough, but not the five separate grasses yesterday.
  3. Admin


    And so are you if you keep reporting things continually.
  4. Admin


    24 hours off. You know that is not acceptable.
  5. Noted. Now fuck off.
  6. Admin

    The Special Relationship

    Another load of repeat bollocks.
  7. Admin

    Driverless truck and car cunts

    Quite right I am. However, the limit of 10 likes is pre-set by InVision and not adjustable.
  8. Admin

    Fat Kids Trick or Treating

    Have you enough space left? If it is a file issue then it is not down to us poor cunts. If you want space made I can delete some of your uploads.
  9. Admin

    People who are a "bit of a character"

    Absolutely devastated.
  10. Admin


    I have managed to change the heart symbol, for the benefit of those who are literate. This will be the only reaction that increases ones reputation. There are two other reactions one can use, but they will not effect the reputation count. I have settled with this after wasting half a morning changing and altering and generally being a stupid cunt.
  11. Admin

    The Death of Bill Stickers

    The cooler door has opened. @Decimus you are released. Please don't fuck it up.
  12. Admin

    The next cunting terror attack

    I hope you didn't discriminate against his strongly held religious beliefs and allowed him to genuflect before he entered the cooler.
  13. Admin

    The last day of campaining.

    I have received campaign propaganda from the 3 main shit heads. It is a nailed on tory seat. The liberal prospective candidate is Uncle fucking Albert.
  14. Admin

    Cunts who follow Islam in the Uk

    As you know, I am not a jingoistic, submissive, brainwashed union jack waving idiot. I don't like the monarchy, the class system that it upholds and the fucking idiots that talk about UK plc like they own the shit hole, "it's my Country" etc... In reality they would only be used as cannon fodder if the need arose. I do believe in a set of laws that are adhered to by all, not circumnavigated by money, influence or religious beliefs. That is equality. I also believe people should be able to say their bit and others can reply, whether it is a religious nut job or a flag waving bigot. If I thought we were looking like a hate speech free for all I would intervene. If we were looking like a pro-Islam forum I would also intervene. Yes, some responses have not been thought out, no surprises there, but 2 or 3 years ago on these pages, the responses would have been far more extreme.