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  1. No calling other contributors a nonce. Have 24 hours in the cooler. If you come back, get your act together.
  2. OK I am bored - thanks for the lols - Admins please delete me (I can't seem to self terminate).

  3. What was that? Was it the Chinese?

  4. Errrm... For how much longer are my posts having to be approved before I can use the site freely again?  This latest moderation tool is ridiculous & ludicrous! 


  5. I've heard enough of your cobblers for 48 hours. I think Mrs Roops has shown much patience with you. Presently, you are unbearable.
  6. OK 'eavensabove. I think you should rest for 48 hours. Don't post images containing bestiality again. Our host provider will not look on it favourably. We want to stay open. I have also curtailed your ability to upload images. I will remove that restriction in 7 days.
  7. Admin


    We are all truly obnoxious. Lower your sights. Supercilious wankers are not welcome here.
  8. Admin


    Fair enough, but not the five separate grasses yesterday.
  9. Admin


    And so are you if you keep reporting things continually.
  10. Admin


    24 hours off. You know that is not acceptable.
  11. Another load of repeat bollocks.
  12. Quite right I am. However, the limit of 10 likes is pre-set by InVision and not adjustable.
  13. Have you enough space left? If it is a file issue then it is not down to us poor cunts. If you want space made I can delete some of your uploads.
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