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  1. cuntspotter

    People overly enamoured with japan

    Quite right too ...... no passengers.
  2. cuntspotter

    Random Seating

    Whizz air is ok
  3. cuntspotter

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Utter cunt. I am jealous of his youth and wealth.
  4. cuntspotter

    Fruit teas and Fruit Smoothies

    Some people will take anything for free
  5. cuntspotter


    Star gazing cunt.
  6. cuntspotter

    Celebrity NHS frontline tv programme

    We are all going to die....probably on a trolley in a corridor.
  7. cuntspotter

    Brown shoes with a blue suit

    Fucking hell..... Frank!
  8. cuntspotter

    Police speak.

    I remember a chap around my way drilling a hole in his head. Fuck knows why?oh how we laughed.
  9. cuntspotter

    People overly enamoured with japan

    The Japs.... sound work ethic.
  10. cuntspotter

    Sir Christopher Chope MP

    I think that his point... and that of others in this particular group, is that such legislation can result in people losing their liberty and so deserves a full airing first, having heard his explanation, I tend to agree.
  11. cuntspotter

    Sir Christopher Chope MP

    If only... the cunts are the pig shit thick who think there are easy answers to everything. Like....... sending back all the darkies.
  12. cuntspotter

    Sir Christopher Chope MP

    The legislation had not been debated. He, and a number of others sit in on a Friday to block rushed legislation that could deprive someone of their liberty. Once it has been debated there will be no objection.
  13. cuntspotter

    Brown shoes with a blue suit

    I certainly don’t.
  14. cuntspotter

    Graduates to be detectives in 12 weeks

    I’m waiting for the punch up to start.
  15. Bastards, bastards, you’re all bastards.