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  1. Cheggers goes 'pop'

    .... and an awful way to go.
  2. Mafia Wives

  3. Will Ferrell Memes

    Yes.. will Ferrell is a cunt... and an unfunny one at that.
  4. My understanding is that the pathology report backed up the story given of the Childs injury. Sounds like incompetence rather than any institutional cover up. I’m not sure if the forensic science then would have been that advanced. Apparently Dearlove was a fucking horrible man to his wife and kids.
  5. The Special Relationship

    Yes, I kind of agree with this.
  6. Wolverhampton

  7. Damian Green

    Jesus H Christ.....
  8. The Special Relationship

    Frank ...... don’t go.
  9. Stephen Kinnock MP

    Mutter, mutter, mutter.
  10. Stephen Kinnock MP

    What a pair of cunts.
  11. Stephen Kinnock MP

    Fucking hell..... the crystal clear pronouncements of a latter day prophet. They all sold us out, but Kinnock’s fighting talk and hypocrisy put two fingers up to everyone. Mrs May is a hapless cunt sustained by a rickety party structure. Where the fuck has Cameron gone?
  12. Bruno Langley

    Bruno who?
  13. The Open Corner

    What a load of old bollocks.
  14. John "mad axeman" McLean

    He looks like my local vicar.
  15. The Zimbawe (sic) "Bloodless Correction".

    That young man has...... “issues”