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  1. Personally, I think that the psychopath should be studied from arsehole to breakfast time. There are many different types of awfulness in humanity and these intra species predators need to be better understood. Robert Hare has done a pretty good job in Canada.
  2. Yes, a dreadful mess, not helped one jot by this bungling attempt at sanitising this apparently sinister deed. We will hear more, of that I am sure.
  3. cuntspotter

    Owen Jones

    This doesn’t surprise me. He strikes me as a rather loud , boring, shouty person, full of opinions that on occasion might be best kept to himself. Journalist, of course = utter cunt.
  4. It’s a good point , and one that will continue to tax sharper minds than mine. However, a paranoid psychosis is not a severe personality disorder in the manner that you seem to suggest. Your personality is deep rooted and with you always..slowly evolving. The paranoid psychosis can disappear ...through treatment, your enduring personality will remain. However, if you are wrong un .you’re still a wrong un. A person who is paranoid might kill, because of fear driven by the Psychosis, not because of sociopathic tendencies. The psychotic person can get well again....the grossly personality disordered remain so... and the public at large will be at risk.
  5. Aye, there’s owt as queer as folk.
  6. A dreadful business. As always there are the loud , uninformed masses who feel the need to take a side and then muddy the waters completely. These kids are dead because of the curious and self focussed motivations of the mother. They seem to think that this is as a result of mental illness.... could be, but she also might be a ruthless narcissist raging against having to be a lone parent of twins who has had a champagne lifestyle plucked from her grasp. I go with the latter. She will have an interesting life.
  7. I go along with most of this.
  8. I don’t think anyone wants to see people die needlessly but FFS common sense should tell us that we can’t continue to allow the unregulated admission of every dispossessed soul in the world. Anyone who questions this handwringing mantra is branded a slack jawed racist. Which of course, kills discussion and is, for the main part, why this country is in fucking shreds.
  9. I deny everything... I made it all up. I blame it all on the drink.
  10. Bastards, bastards.....you’re all bastards.
  11. You don’t need much range or accuracy for these things...they are street weapons ...rate of fire can be important. You don’t want to spray rounds everywhere, you only have to reload. Infinitely superior to the smg. On a par with the kraut schmeiser, easy to disassemble and clean. Not prone to jams or misfires. Whilst all firearms have their specific uses , your bolt gun would have been no good at Kolwezi... look it up.... or Ati.
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