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  1. cuntspotter

    eruv hazerot

    Steady on there!
  2. cuntspotter

    Spacker John Bercow

    Bang on the fucking nail. He has got “shit” written all over him, the duplicitous little cunt.
  3. cuntspotter

    Gay cake appeal

    It was a fit up....
  4. cuntspotter

    David Carroll

    As reported on the BBC. Told his wife and her family that he had cancer...He didn’t. He took money off his mother in law so he could go to America for treatment... it turned out that he took a holiday. Anyway , his wife’s family rumbled the cunt and he has “had his day in court”. He was given a six months suspended sentence. I hope the spectre of his behaviour follows him around for ever. This man is a cunt.
  5. cuntspotter

    Autism Hour

    It’s quite interesting really... by the time you have read all the warning signs, your hands are dry. Result!
  6. cuntspotter

    Gay cake appeal

    Ah yes... quite so.
  7. cuntspotter

    Gay cake appeal

    Sound advice Wizza.
  8. cuntspotter

    Gay cake appeal

    Yes, to me, it is clear too. But it is apparent from the welter of spiteful and jeering postings on social media/fora all around T’interweb that there is a general lack of understanding of the bases on which this ruling was made. Hardly surprising in some ways as many people are only motivated by their dislike/disapproval of others and have little or no restraint or inhibition about expressing it.
  9. cuntspotter

    Gay cake appeal

    The more things change the more they stay the same. This “triumph of common sense” will cause more problems than it solves because it purports to enshrine the idea that you cannot tell someone else what they should believe or think ....... (tumbleweed) ....... which is precisely what the ill starred race relations act was seen as doing all those years ago. It appears that the law wants the penny and the bun. Whilst all these decisions are doubtless made to address difficult issues and improve things overall, all I see is groups of dissident and mutinous “dyed in the wool” bigots using this decision to foment unpleasantness and strife to make their point and get their own way. I understand ( but don’t agree) why this man, supported by his chums, brought this action and am glad (in a way) that it failed. But now , someone has to try and explain exactly why the action was overturned and precisely how and why this applies in this case and why it is different from others.
  10. cuntspotter

    Ministry of Suicide

    Disabled toilet.
  11. cuntspotter

    Sir Craig Mackey

    A couple of dull fuckers yammering on a “niche” website.
  12. cuntspotter

    Girlguiding Transgender cunty bollocks

    Although a bit strong, I think there is something in this. Kids are just kids and sexual awareness isn’t there. In the first 10 years or so.
  13. cuntspotter


    I was being an interested passer by.
  14. cuntspotter


    Stop digging.
  15. cuntspotter

    Sir Craig Mackey

    You are right. Our Police Service could take a few tips here and there.