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  1. I can’t help being fat, queer and poor.
  2. Neither of those things. This stuff is far more potent than it used to be and is seriously negatively effecting the long term mental health of teenagers who habitually use it...
  3. Yes...I get all that.
  4. I guess we’ll see on this.
  5. Hmm.... Royal Navy...Royal Mail... Rpyal Mint.... National debt.
  6. Yeah... sorry about that.
  7. One wonders what her life is like?
  8. Is she a trafficker or a procurer.? I guess the devil is in the detail. Never underestimate the power of the procurer/ go between. These people drift around with the confines of their own snow globe. Insulated from the outside world. But.. the world has changed. I don’t think any of this is about Jewishness at all. But it’s all about wealth , power, self entitlement..... and in my view, blackmail.
  9. They went along to make sure he was dead
  10. Plenty of long grass up here...the strimmer is for the general tidying up.... and frightening chickens
  11. I’ll have to empty the fucking strimmer
  12. He fucking ought to be!!!
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