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  1. cuntspotter

    Site update

    Actually ... this is wrong... it isn’t in the Koran, but it is lifted from The Gavin Maxwell book.
  2. cuntspotter

    Site update

    It depends where you are lifting it from . Yours is from the the English standard version, I am lifting it from the Koran as quoted in “a reed shaken by the wind” by Gavin Maxwell.
  3. cuntspotter

    Site update

    My misery is Complete... boings ‘n’all
  4. cuntspotter

    Site update

    A prophet is a man without honour in his own land.
  5. cuntspotter

    Site update

    Fucking shoot me now.
  6. cuntspotter

    Site update

    USA and uk ...divided by a common language. Due to a glitche in our providers system , the recent update went tits up during installation. It has taken then 9 hours to realise that they have been asking me for information that already have due to our agreement. Information that for some reason doesn’t match the information have. As you can see ... they have managed to sort it out in one second flat once they realised their error. What a bunch of useless , don’t want to get off their arse cunts they are.
  7. cuntspotter

    Dale Winton has died

    Poor old Dale , reduced to being nothing more than an item in the obituary page of woman’s weekly. Oh well.
  8. cuntspotter


    Logan Paul eh? Perhaps he came here to watch someone drinking bleach. As long as he wasn’t expecting it to be me.
  9. cuntspotter

    Stephen Lawrence. The saga continues

    There is no balance.it isn’t a perfect world. The police were absofuckinglutely U.S. the Met are utterly appalling and that is saying something when you look at some of the Provincial,police forces. Every murder is an outrage no matter what colour the victim. , no one should be more important than any other but it was the circumstances that made Stephen Lawrence’s murder so. If I were Afro Caribbean I would haven outraged too. I think his parents were remarkable in the circumstances although elevation to the Lords was tokenism gone berserk for his mum in my view. I would dearly love to know the extent of the Met’s mismanagement of the case. Was anyone sent down the road? I don’t think so.
  10. cuntspotter

    Scarlett Moffatt-Cunt

    I think he is walking up Kilimanjaro.
  11. cuntspotter

    Scarlett Moffatt-Cunt

    The only excitement I get nowadays is when I examine the contents of my catheter.
  12. cuntspotter

    Windrush cunts

    As long as he isn’t receiving messages from Allah to act like a cunt then everything will be fine.
  13. cuntspotter

    Windrush cunts

    Tell me about your father...........
  14. cuntspotter

    Windrush cunts

    I know.... fucking bizarre, or what?
  15. cuntspotter

    Windrush cunts

    His religion and race are not important. His actions as an individual are. If he was a cunt with cunty values then he could fuck off.