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  1. Now...y’see..I’d pick veg if I thought it would help.... but where are these jobs? How would you apply.? I’ll bet it’s a fucking mess...I was asked to go back on the register as a nurse.....I said yes...I’ve heard fuck all since. They couldn’t organise a lucky bag in a sweet shop. All this has been roughed out on the back of a fucking fag packet with no thought to detail.....what a bunch of utter.....utter cunts.
  2. cuntspotter

    Steve Coogan

    I thought they both seemed like nice girls....
  3. Yes, he is a useless, bumbling, cunt
  4. cuntspotter


    It was Sharon.
  5. Irony will eat itself. Perhaps i should go outside and clap.
  6. Let’s go on the lash.
  7. I’m going for G ..... Excellent at eliciting reactions from others in chat room silent movie foodfights.
  8. Couvades syndrome....phantom Male pregnancy.
  9. A ...sweaty .... charismatic man.
  10. Appropo my support of international women’s day.... and to continue this theme of Byzantine EU policy. I note that the abolition of tax of women’s sanitary products. This, apparently was a tax requirement of the EU. The money raised (about £62 Mill per year) was donated to charity. Why? What was the point of that?
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