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  1. cuntspotter


    This is nothing more than a fucking lab experiment involving mucus and gelatin.
  2. Yes....quite, Szasz was a man way ahead of his time.
  3. What we want on the telly is more chuffing and less botting.
  4. Well......I’ll think about that.
  5. He’s a cunt for being a barrister, not for despatching vermin getting at his chickens.... not a cunt.
  6. You’ll be the first fucker to start screaming when the wheels fall off the wagon. You’ll have to go on strike to get justice..oh wait...
  7. Everyone looking in on the same scenario......but each from a different window. The people have spoken, we have a Tory government with Boris Johnson at the helm. God help the poor, sick and disadvantaged.
  8. cuntspotter

    Arlene Foster

    A blind chauffeur? Fuck me, that’s a new one.
  9. Tbh...they amuse me. It’s like a second rate soap opera.
  10. Now you’re stealing my lines.
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