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  1. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    I can’t tell you how much I fuckin love this song. The organ track makes my heart beat faster.
  2. Gordon Ramsey On Cocaine

    In my opinion Mr Ramsay looks like a man who has done a great deal of cocaine. His well known volatility certainly suggests it.
  3. Having a scrotty itchy arse crack

    No wonder the fucking drains are in the state they are.
  4. Car salesmen

    For fucks sake Dex.. don’t tell the fucking world!
  5. Car salesmen

    My word... what with stoptober and movember, you’ll be a new man by Christmas!
  6. The Rastus Coldsmoke Anagram Challenge.

    The only thing I can come up with is .. Thick Welsh cunt.
  7. Pens reinvention as a troll and choice of avatar

    Steady ... Gloucester boy.
  8. Having a scrotty itchy arse crack

    Wet wipes? Fucking wet wipes?
  9. Petrol or Service Stations

    Hello sailor
  10. Paranormal Investigators

    There’s a local group in the area ... at least it keeps them off the streets.
  11. Sally cuntbreed Jones

    Strange... I can’t hear the sound of sobbing.
  12. Sophie Stevenson

    What a fucking moron. And him? What a fucking Prince.
  13. No longer being able to wear heels.

    I’ve been having trouble for a while
  14. Car salesmen

    Put the bottle down.