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  1. No Judge, Asperger’s is high functioning.
  2. cuntspotter

    Uri Geller

    He’d have made a great living as a panel beater.
  3. cuntspotter

    Mary Lou

    Or at the bottom of your septic tank.
  4. cuntspotter

    Mary Lou

    The proportion of Prots to fenians in NI is getting lower and lower . Most of NI is very Catholic indeed.
  5. Fuck off. I need my misery.
  6. I broke down years ago. This desiccated husk of a man you see before you is all that is left of....... this dessicated husk of a man that you see before you.
  7. Yes...it’s great to be in the club!
  8. There is a lot more bile to flow under the bridge yet now the dup are jumping up and down.
  9. What people decide they want to do in the privacy of a hidden room , somewhere on the planet Zarg , is entirely up to them. But..... promoting deviant sexual interests and practises to youngsters who are more interested in lego is just twp. I think that the promotion of tolerance and good cititizenship are coterminus and can be arrived at in the same way. I suspect that this is not good enough for this growing group of men..... and it is almost exclusively men whose deviance has permeated every corner of their lives and they now shrilly screech it out as a new “norm” for society to absorb. Failure to do so is just evidence to them of your monstrous, nazi like desire to persecute anyone who is a bit different. What shite is that?
  10. You have obviously never been to Cwm
  11. 15 minutes in the car for me.
  12. So , here we are. Women , kids, pushchairs and vegan social workers. I sincerely hope this doesn’t turn nasty but the portents aren’t good. Pragmatically It’s a bit late for a people’s vote (part2) now. Anyway what do you put on the ballot paper.? Seriously? Not to mention the fact that this whole fucked up imbroglio was triggered by a democratic vote in the first place. The last thing we need is rioting, but, the juggernaut is out of control.
  13. No, quite right, this has been percolating for a while. I’ll bet people close to him will be able to tell you what an unsettling little bugger he is.
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