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  1. cuntspotter

    The Independent Group

    I think we need a new party too. I suggest the Nation Forward party. Our supporters can wear brown shirts and Jodhpurs. We can put all dissenters into bonsentration bamps where they can be put to therapeutic work tasks....like rock hewing. Let’s have a rally and see who turns up?
  2. cuntspotter

    Shamina Begum

    Being of Asian origin and Moslem , this young woman is already batting on a losing wicket as far as the majority of commentators here are concerned. If what the papers say is true, and that is always a big if, that her parents have radicalised her in the first place, that places her even deeper in the shit. So, what I am about to say will not be popular. She may well be an unpleasant young woman with views that we find objectionable , indeed unacceptable. But, she is a British citizen... she is one of ours. If she gets home she needs to be investigated...a decision needs to be made about her stability, suitability as a parent and the milieu in which the child might be raised after all , she has presided over the sad and needless deaths of her first two infants.. She may keep the child, but she might not. Her husband won’t come here...he is wanted for terrorism offences in Holland...indeed she may be guilty of offences herself. Whatever, she should come home with that child and face the music........ is she a cunt? Absolutely.
  3. cuntspotter

    The Rt Hon Gavin Williamson MP

    A trifling individual of no worth whatsoever. A thoroughgoing cunt.
  4. cuntspotter

    Findlay Trigwell

    He’ll have a great time inside....shame it’s only for 30 days. It should be enough. We never get to hear all the evidence ...judges are pretty sharp.
  5. cuntspotter

    Dr Victoria Bateman

  6. cuntspotter

    Dr Victoria Bateman

    I don’t disagree with your first two points. But it doesn’t make his lack of insight ok.. He reminds me , in his absolute surety and certainty of his position, of John Enoch Powell. Another very strange man who was prepared to burn everything down just to prove his point. Beware of people who have to be right.
  7. cuntspotter

    George Fucking Ezra

    Uninspired pub singer.
  8. cuntspotter

    Liam Neeson

    Well , that sums me up perfectly.
  9. cuntspotter

    Dr Victoria Bateman

    Disagree... Rees-Mogg seems rather insightless. He courts controversy too readily to be anything other than an arrogant narcissist convinced of his own self righteous genius. People like him worry me . Put him in charge and watch the shit storm begin. He has some odd ideas...very odd.
  10. cuntspotter

    Dr Victoria Bateman

    In my view, this is just part of the endless point scoring that we have to endure on every communication canvas known to man, which is perpetuating and enhancing the social and economic divisions . Whilst I agree with Roop’s summary, I am rather sceptical about economic consequences. I think that that the ordinary working people are going to be faced with a real price, cost of living consequences. The rich will bob along, as ever.
  11. cuntspotter

    Raphael Samuel

    Life is so unfair. I suspect the case is a sprat to catch a mackerel.
  12. cuntspotter

    Will Young

    I’m not sure what, if anything is great about Great Yarmouth.
  13. cuntspotter

    The Welsh

    Sut wyt ti?
  14. cuntspotter

    Bob Monkhouse

    When he played for Ipswich town?
  15. cuntspotter

    Bob Monkhouse

    Who.. Alan fucking Brazil?... Black?