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  1. When the fun stops

    No, I'm perfect, powder monkey. You ever though of going clean?
  2. Quaint village pubs

    Our village pub is fantastic, apart from the post office it's the only place in the village to spend money. We have charity quiz nights to raise money for the football/cricket team, the monthly news letter is compiled in a pub meeting with the village constable and they do a great Sunday lunch. Maybe you lot should move to a better area....
  3. Bud Light.... dilly dilly

    Out of likes Mc...
  4. TV socially engineering

    Apologists for Israel are at the top posts at the BBC, hence hardly a mention of the Telford kid rapists, although a 10 minute slot of a black girl at university in Northampton who heard racist language outside her dormitory door on the day the news broke...
  5. Misery at McDonalds

    Bill, stickers and Bill stickers....
  6. Misery at McDonalds

    Who is your top 3 worst?
  7. Misery at McDonalds

    Not all bad then?
  8. Here we fucking go again

    I liked the shout out from the solider of the religion of peace, "God is God I'll kill you all!"
  9. TV socially engineering

    The women are all beauties in TV land with their black male model partners, living in a large immaculate house, wearing pristine designer clothes, booking a great holiday or lounging on a new sofa, the reality in Crayford at least seems to be fat pasty looking women, faded black leggings with VPL, pulled back greasy hair, big gold hoop earrings pushing a coffee colored kid in a bashed up pram, whilst expertly smoking a fag and jabbering in to a pay as you go phone on the to Iceland to 'nick' frozen chips.
  10. When the fun stops

    Quincy you old queen, your book recommendations are as awful as your dress sense. Silly old poofter...
  11. Topman pisses off scousers

    Bin dippers are the black lives matter of the Caucasian race...
  12. Stephen Hawking is no longer talking

  13. When the fun stops

    I am Spartacus
  14. Stephen Hawking is no longer talking