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  1. Eddie

    Eric Bristow

  2. Eddie

    Mayor Khan

    London's Mayor says he is "angered and heartbroken" about ongoing deaths in the capital as he heaped further pressure on the Government about rising levels of violent crime. Sadiq Khan highlighted that crime had risen across the country since 2014 as he responded to calls he had not spoken out following the latest deaths. So since Khan became London Mayor in 2016 he has failed to tackle the problem, and is not taking any of the blame himself, despite having duties to create plans and policies for London to include Policing and Crime, and Young People. Unfortunately the reason behind the large majority of knife crime in London is Black culture. If Black lives matter are serious, they should be looking inward at their own communities. Its not a surprise that blacks make up 12% of the prison population but only 3% of the UK population, as over 50% of black kids are raised in single parent households, which is linked to crime and poverty. Murder in the black community is 30 deaths per million people, compared with 8 per million in the white community. It must be racism holding black people back, although Indians now earn on average the equivalents of whites, so it must be targeted racism... Until the black community take some responsibility for these deaths, and stop looking to play the blame game, the deaths will continue to rise.
  3. Eddie

    Nazi erm Nazis

  4. Eddie

    Nazi erm Nazis

    What next you original, funny cunt?, drink bleach?
  5. Eddie

    Nazi erm Nazis

    The BBC VALUES: Our values Trust is the foundation of the BBC: we are independent, impartial and honest. Audiences are at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in delivering quality and value for money. We respect each other and celebrate our diversity so that everyone can give their best. Although it is far from independent, impartial and honest, with the BBC, you are forced to pay for it by law, and therefore should it should report the news independently, not pick and choose stories that fit their agenda, independent channels / newspapers will put a spin on stories, however you have a choice to subscribe or not.
  6. Eddie

    Nazi erm Nazis

    Funny how this non story broke on the BBC at the time of the Telford child rape disgrace, although the BBC decided to send a camera crew to interview the girl with the hurt feelings but failed to EVEN report anything on the kids being drugged and repeatedly raped by the followers of the religion on peace for days on end. I would have liked to be at that meeting, should we cover the biggest pedophile ring with thousands of children being raped and drugged by followers of a cult, or a girl who was called a nasty name?, oh the girl was black by the way and the cult was Islam.
  7. Eddie

    Whitelist Requests

    although the primary reason is you are a rent paying pikey on a tight budget.
  8. Eddie

    When the fun stops

    No, I'm perfect, powder monkey. You ever though of going clean?
  9. Eddie

    Quaint village pubs

    Our village pub is fantastic, apart from the post office it's the only place in the village to spend money. We have charity quiz nights to raise money for the football/cricket team, the monthly news letter is compiled in a pub meeting with the village constable and they do a great Sunday lunch. Maybe you lot should move to a better area....
  10. Eddie

    Bud Light.... dilly dilly

    Out of likes Mc...
  11. Eddie

    TV socially engineering

    Apologists for Israel are at the top posts at the BBC, hence hardly a mention of the Telford kid rapists, although a 10 minute slot of a black girl at university in Northampton who heard racist language outside her dormitory door on the day the news broke...
  12. Eddie

    Misery at McDonalds

    Bill, stickers and Bill stickers....
  13. Eddie

    Misery at McDonalds

    Who is your top 3 worst?
  14. Eddie

    Misery at McDonalds

    Not all bad then?
  15. Eddie

    Here we fucking go again

    I liked the shout out from the solider of the religion of peace, "God is God I'll kill you all!"