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  1. I wear my heart on my sleeve Eric, i think she could be the one, anyway I have to get cracking, Roadkill has dropped off the car and it wont spray itself.
  2. I really, really hope that you do like me just for me, and its not a false love based on receiving a new car....
  3. Spoken like a true city Analyst, software platforms, alongside statistical algorithms, very sexy
  4. Roops new q5 is being delivered tomorrow, look forward to the video Norman.
  5. Doesn’t matter I will pm you
  6. Eric can you refrain from talking about big foots hairy please, although I was surprised to discover what great nick it was in, between me and you I think she has had it relined with the inside of a donkeys earhole.
  7. I’ve tried but I cannot reach my own cock Eric.
  8. Eddie

    Boo Hoo Blacks

    This cunt s nearly as well off as me Dec’s and still complains.
  9. If you see her in the flesh you would crawl over broken glass just to wank on her shadow.
  10. I like the cut of your jib, if you hate poofs and darkies and especially ape, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship
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