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  1. Eddie

    'Sir' Lenny Henry

    dawn french?
  2. Eddie

    Grenfell Tower

    breaking news, 4 illegal refugees are claiming they were in the Grenfell cardboard box that got burnt......
  3. Eddie

    Chocolate Chip Ginger Nuts.

    Wonderful news, had a soft spot for the queen of hearts God rest her soul, like the queen of spades even more.
  4. Eddie

    Romano Fenati

  5. Eddie

    Theresa May

    Finally she has topped the polls at something, the worlds worst dancing politician despite tough competition from George Bush, Boris Johnson and the late Boris Yelsin
  6. Eddie

    Pikey Cunts

    his recent portrayal of Othello performed at the globe brought the house down, and his lidl store opening at Croydon brought a few girls with jungle fevers knickers down.
  7. Eddie

    Pikey Cunts

    I've lost the eye of the tiger, I need to sprint along a beach racing Carl Weathers in a crop top, then cuddle in a non gay way in the breaking surf. That or start drinking heavily again....
  8. Eddie

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    they have, but they are albino's......
  9. Eddie

    Britons Who Want to Emigrate to Australia

    I am the only ed in the village. Fuck off.
  10. Eddie

    Alf Garnett

    I felt dirty and betrayed when I found out alf was Jewish....
  11. Eddie

    New York.....cunt wateringly expensive

    And I thought I was the only fake millionaire in the village...
  12. Eddie

    Trumps children

    So what if Trumps is separating children from the adults accompanying them to try and enter the US illegally. 90% of these children are not related to the adults with them. Surely this is the right thing to do until it's established who these people are with these children. The spin that the anti trump campaign has put on the story is of no surprise. Children separated from parents, yes but in only 10% of the cases, the answer to this minority is if you don't want to be separated from your kids, don't break the law.
  13. Eddie

    The arrest of Tommy Robinson

    He could be the saviour of the corner, wind you neck in, I like him.
  14. Eddie

    The arrest of Tommy Robinson

    Alright lads, Tommy Robinson is focusing on the wrong religion, he should be ranting at the lot that controls the media and banking system, the goat herders are fuck all.
  15. Eddie

    Eric Bristow