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  1. I bet your trap door is just scar tissue by now, no feeling whatsoever since 1986.
  2. Fuck off too, any body that sticks up for wiz is probably in his child grooming gang, so eat shit pedo.
  3. Wiz, I hate you with ever fibre of my soul
  4. Fuck off you boring no mark sleep inducing cunt of a wank Stain
  5. Reported, no mention of family members, like I never mention your father pedo who abuses disabled children on the sunshine bus, shame on you both...
  6. Jamie Oliver's restaurant chain including Jamie's Italian and Fifteen prepares to crash into administration putting 1,300 jobs at risk, get the balloons out CB.
  7. Have you suffered a life changing brain injury?
  8. Of course not, terrible music,I have tickets for Jose Carreras, kenwood house, 16th June.
  9. Eddie

    Jeremy 'cunt' kyle

    Major, if you’re going to label someone a simpleton, at least get you’re and your correct, council flat rent arrears, piss in the lift cunt.
  10. Sunrise and kiss fm were illegal shit radio stations broadcast from shit hole tower blocks. You must be a council cake drug taker.
  11. Eddie

    Jeremy 'cunt' kyle

    Flid fight 👍😂
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