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  1. more transgender people are waiting for a reversal op than those waiting for cut and shut. suicide rates are near 50% for gender change people, its about time we put a stop to this waste of nhs money and send these mentally ill people for therapy.
  2. prince harry goes to the google climate gig with all the other celebs, in a private jet, but gives his speech bare foot..... what a cunt
  3. Ted do not apologise, still the best first time post this site has ever seen, by a country mile.
  4. not as much as the co workers at "this morning" they have a whattsapp group called 'we hate phillip schofield' , slimy two faced gordon the gopher fisting cunt.
  5. she was a rancid, high maintenance old slag that would fuck anyone one over, or anything that moved, will carling is a fat cunt...
  6. Eddie

    You Know

    You know what annoys me Ape, people that work in petrol garages that think its fine to have a long chat with one of their mates after serving them, oblivious that people are busy and just want to pay and fuck off, minimum wage cunts.
  7. I have a unpaid ticket for parking in an Asda store over night in Hoddesdon, it's basically an invoice inviting you to pay, the latest demand is upping the anti, citing a recent court ruling, in the favor of the parking nazi's, although this man is not for turning...
  8. Eddie

    Most Haunted

    i knew that cunt, was the manager of the white horse pub in chislehurst, not a bad bloke for a mass murderer,,,,
  9. Eddie

    Provincial Chefs

    Rip off restaurants in general, I do like taking a girl up the OXO tower, however i digress, I once visited the oxo tower restaurant, having not eaten breakfast I was Hank Marvin, anyway went for the pork belly, imagining the lump of cheap fatty meat with crackling heading my way. When served it was the size of a matchbox with a silly offering of crackling perched on top. The master chef had dribbled some shit around the fancy plate and that was it. Fucking disgrace, hence a burger from the tea hut in Blackheath on the way home.
  10. gay Dracula eh, whats his line, I vaant to suuuck your cock?
  11. Eddie

    Martin Scorsese

    good call, another over rated film, along with taxi driver, both always gets the thumbs up, piles of shit.
  12. Eddie

    Martin Scorsese

    normal people watch a film until the end, after watching the film they offer an opinion etc, I know its hard for you to understand, what with you being a decorator, but most people have to watch something in full before offering an opinion....
  13. Eddie

    Martin Scorsese

    Coming from a painter and decorator that gets so annoyed by a total stranger on the internet that he takes his family on a day out to meet up for a fight, and even further, to ram home your low intelligence, you forsake your normal copy of the sun to buy a Daily Mail, so you could take a photo of the date, a rag no painter and decorator would ever read, just because you thought it would give you an air of intelligence....
  14. Eddie

    Martin Scorsese

    From the early 70's this cunt has made more money than the real scum bag wop gangsters he produces repeat bollocks films about. I have wasted over 3 hours of my life watching the 'irishman', total shit with the same old tired mob actors, Bob Deniro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. Oh thats' good gravy, and dipping bread in red wine, fuck off Scorsese and stop making over long, repeat bollocks films with the same tired old cast, I only wish you was in the real mob and you was taken to sleep with the fishes years ago... boring cunt.
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