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  1. this irrelevant cunt has stated she is having a laugh during the coronavirus because of the clowns trying to save the country... if there is a God please let this normski loving champagne socialist get a heavy dose.
  2. There was a report that Kevin Bacon had coronavirus. But he's cured
  3. jesus wept, if anyone wondered what the effects of drink and drugs have during pregnancy, where did her daughter at the back of the photo get her massive forehead?
  4. you do seem to have a terrible inferiority complex, constantly trying to impress with your google doctor persona, you don't kid anyone, a fragile half wit at best.
  5. Fucking rubbish, asda suit wearing no mark.
  6. Eddie

    Andy Peters

    Watched good morning Britain for the first time for a long time this morning, how the fuck is that annoying bender andi fucking Peter's still getting work, the 'man' is beyond irritating and full of himself, for a man with not measurable talent whatsoever he is a uppity delusional cunt.
  7. Because lily Allen is no longer on social media Pen.
  8. Three teenagers have been arrested after an elderly couple were allegedly coughed at and assaulted in Hertfordshire. Police said the couple were approached by three males before one coughed in their faces in Paynes Park in Hitchin shortly before 1pm on Friday. One of the alleged victims, a woman in her 70s, sustained a black eye and was taken to hospital for a checkup before being released, according to a spokesman for Hertfordshire constabulary. A man in his 30s who tried to intervene to help the couple also sustained bruising to his face, police said, and his vehicle was attacked, although both the guardian and the bbc have failed to say that the hero that intervened was Tommy Robinson and all 3 of the teenagers were non white, one being a refugee with a knife crime offence on his record.
  9. So I did a massive shop earlier as there was a big delivery in . Bought loo roll, pasta ,bread ,Soup , hand gels the lot . My trolley was absolutely rammed full. Then I saw this old man behind me with only two things . He looked sad and said “I’ve only managed to get a box of Kleenex and a bag of nuts everything else is gone “😞 . I felt terrible . Here I am with all this stuff waiting in line and this poor old man had fuck all . So I did the right thing and said to him “go on mate , you go in front , you’ve only got two things 😬 .
  10. Unfortunately not true, since the wife found out about roops I am considerably poorer than you, just about hanging on to a very average house, keep it to yourself it's very embarrassing...
  11. Always wanted the lotus esprit from the bond film
  12. I have a petrol lawnmower and a small garden, no apologies
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