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  1. God knows I love you frank, but I couldn’t possibly be friends with you as I would be your only friend, too needy by a country mile...
  2. I remember seeing you in the pub in cannon street, you was sitting about dead middle of the front bar on your own again.... lonely the world over 😢, give Eric a call
  3. Yes it was but she still charged me 60 euros, still it’s company Frank...
  4. She was a dial out, 60 Euros a night and made breakfast, Do you need the number?
  5. Solo break away again Fran?, nothing as pitiful as the lone dinner prodding away at a mobile phone for company, pitiful cunt.
  6. Cunts who start a sentence with this shit would not know what a hard days work looks like, once only used by slimy, condescending politicians I heard a cunt on the radio talking about how he has worked really hard to make his coffee house covid safe. The really hard work consisted of making the shop one way and supplying hand gel, give him a day down at the car wash...
  7. True but he does have a pair of white jeans , 26 inch waste and spiderman pants
  8. That spindly weakling has definitely got the hump, my guess sand kicked in his face on holiday again by a 14 year old...
  9. My money is the complete back catalogue of Genesis.
  10. Eddie


    I have asked numerous times and I have even withheld sex, however she is insistent that the ban lift needs to come from proper and I am not withholding sex from that stud.
  11. Starved of attention as a child I bet, numerous ‘step dads’ that mummy dragged home after a night on the gin, if you was lucky a smack around the head for wetting your bed, still any attention is good attention, fuck off you’re boring.
  12. Why do people in this day and age dislike people based on the colour of their skin??? Its Madness Gordon, anyway I went to my doctors today and he said I'm a paranoid racist! Well he never actually said that but that's what the black cunt was thinking.
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