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  1. RapeLawyers4You

  2. Good final lines to a novel

    And with 40 correct answers and no passes, Snatch finally won the Mastermind final.
  3. Bull shitting cunts.

    Looking forward to the after dinner speech. Although I believe anyone who would join the special forces for the wages and pension they receive, are indeed special needs.
  4. Bull shitting cunts.

    I'm a guest at the special forces club tomorrow Eric. Do you wish me to send your regards?
  5. Meterological Exaggeration

    Washing your hair? (singular)
  6. Richard Branson

    I think in a roundabout way, nocti is asking for a job at the carwash. Obviously he will have to give up his job as a steward on Virgin Airways the dirty beard loving homo.
  7. Richard Branson

    Not the most original retort, not even the classic drink bleach, 3 out of 10, whoever you are.
  8. Richard Branson

    I now take fatty to a back street vet, obviously he doesn't like the smell of piss and shit when he gets in the consulting room, but then again thats the vets fault for agreeing to see fatty.
  9. Richard Branson

    The man is 100% cunt.
  10. Richard Branson

    The Antichrist is suing the NHS for 80 million as Virgin was not awarded a renewal on yet another NHS contract, despite having over 400 other contracts currently in term. The grinning fucking fake 'underdog' beardy cunt is having the great British public over twice, Virgin Care Ltd, will not pay any tax in the UK in the foreseeable future. That’s because Virgin Care and its parent company Virgin Group is made up of 13 holding companies, some of them offshore, based in the tax haven of the British Virgin Islands. The cunt is privatising large parts of the NHS and does not even have the decency to pay tax. The company awarded the contract are a not for profit NHS foundation trust...
  11. RapeLawyers4You

    Are you sure it wasn't a hand/beak job
  12. Unlikely Opening Lines To A Novel.

    Let's face it Stubbs, you have absolutely nothing going on in your life whatsoever, even less than snatch, and he sits outside my shop in his blue three wheeled flid car for days on end.
  13. Liam Gallagher

    I blame the darkies...