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  1. Eddie

    Royal Wacky Races

    A yellow devil?, filth. I just had a lasagne shit, dropped the arse mince, wiped then an unexpected 2nd layer of arse mince followed by the 2nd layer of toilet paper don't know why but made me think of Bill.
  2. Eddie

    Royal Wacky Races

    I have to go at it ott, monumental is at my heals for the title of corners thickest racist....
  3. Eddie

    Royal Wacky Races

    He was a circle face fucking thief, a gang member and a drug dealer, the black community must be in shock that one of their very own would stoop so low, was he a promising footballer and everyone liked him?
  4. Eddie

    Alcohol Free Spirits

    I'm selling skag free skag if you're interested, it's basically brick dust and dog shit, £25 quid a kilo..
  5. Eddie

    Cheryl Cole Tweedy Versace the ugly slapper

    Come back to me I can help you. We have a mental health policy.....
  6. Eddie

    Cheryl Cole Tweedy Versace the ugly slapper

    You would do frank up the shitter....
  7. Eddie

    Brexit..the meltdown has begun

    I believe he works in Hollywood now, not the American Hollywood, the bowling alley place...
  8. Eddie


    Fucking pikey cunts don't even have a satellite dish.
  9. Eddie

    Brexit..the meltdown has begun

    We are leaving in name only, we will still be spending money on eu. projects and have already signed an agreement to help fund and be be part of PESCO the EU army, our paratroopers already have the eu badge on their uniforms, Mr Brockbank the senior civil servant who's 'KitKat' tapes were leaked also boasted that the plans would be kept secret from the UK public. Load of shit......
  10. Eddie

    CAR S. O. S.

    I hate the brown skinned chap firstly because every car he works on is the worse one ever and always a death trap, secondly and more importantly because he is brown.
  11. Eddie

    'Sir' Lenny Henry

    dawn french?
  12. Eddie

    Grenfell Tower

    breaking news, 4 illegal refugees are claiming they were in the Grenfell cardboard box that got burnt......
  13. Eddie

    Chocolate Chip Ginger Nuts.

    Wonderful news, had a soft spot for the queen of hearts God rest her soul, like the queen of spades even more.
  14. Eddie

    Romano Fenati

  15. Eddie

    Theresa May

    Finally she has topped the polls at something, the worlds worst dancing politician despite tough competition from George Bush, Boris Johnson and the late Boris Yelsin