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  1. Wow you are all to picky, I for one would have a good night in with her...
  2. But my good news is true, why the anger, you should be pleased for me, smile 😃 and wish me well.
  3. Well that livened up your evening doc, although it was aimed at the propeller painter you clearly have a nasty jealous steak in you, I will be sure to update you further, just spreading a bit of good news 😊
  4. I could show roops the contract, if you really want to, if it’s true will you fuck off this site for good?
  5. Mine is true though ape, it’s a go end to the week 👍
  6. Ape I won a 1.4 million contract today, hope that doesn’t upset you 😂
  7. I am saying ape wears Asda suits with rubber soled shoes and drenches himself in old spice when he visits a berni inn, he is a real old git with no pension 😂 and drives a Ford Orion, which incidentally is immaculate. He washes it every Sunday.
  8. Er no because as stated I don’t work in a car place, roops has checked me out so she can confirm I have nothing to do with cars, isn’t there a few propellers that need painting?
  9. No, probably because I don’t work in a car supply place, idiot
  10. It's still more fun that reading apes posts about his childish pastimes and low paid job.
  11. Thank you, I'm stuck on the m25 and not feeling the love, to be honest I would love to snap one of your spindly legs then, using a permanent marker draw a line down the middle of your bald head.
  12. Withers you French weirdo, why are you hanging about watching young lads play with their toys? I bet you was watching concealed in a Bush...
  13. Savages, and they dress like shit in pj’s, always wear sandals and the women, well must be very difficult to decide what to wear everyday....
  14. I fucking hate Muslims, all of them bar none, although not as much as ape, adults that play with kids toys worry me.
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