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  1. I’m bringing back fatty in the next couple of weeks, he never fails to disappoint.
  2. Or suing the nhs as he felt cheated as he didn’t win a contract, total shit cunt.
  3. isn't he a tax exile on his private island?
  4. Depends, does she have extremely large feet?
  5. The irony that the Ben Elton cunt can get the hump with a post made by someone he don’t know or will ever know is laughable, stupid wanker.
  6. Thank fuck for that, can’t wait to see the egg chasing fans at work who have built their entire weekend around winning the test. Now football, that would be different.
  7. Eddie

    How The Fuck

    What’s with this ‘just my opinion’ shit, have you turned into Red from the Shawshank redemption? Stick to your Ben Elton routine, mean, moody and a total bellend
  8. A consultant by the name of MR Burns is being paid £2,000.00 a day to advise the Welsh NHS on, ironically, ideas to save money. He has also negotiated to work one day per week from his home in Costa Del Sol, one of his big ideas on saving money, don't pay nurses for their break during a 12.5 hour shift. Mr Burns earns in one 8 hour day what a 1st year nurse will earn in 1 year, I just hope Smithers is OK.
  9. positive discrimination, what a load of box ticking shit this is, that’s the real racism...
  10. There is a Holocaust happening right now, The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians. historical insights and exclusive information for you Judy....
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