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  1. Was that when radio rentals took your tv back? You could buy one on credit (maybe).....
  2. It’s ok fender has sent me the 100 quid....
  3. Shut it fender or I will post your face pic....
  4. Fuck off fender and go paint a wall thick fucking cunt....
  5. Cheltenham tips for tomorrow (from a really good source): Cheltenham tips.. 1.30 leaky tap, but only if its running.. 2.10 foundation., you can put your house on it. 2.40 creosote, its gr8 over fences..3.10 v-neck is a good jumper.. 3.30 ironing board, you can put your shirt on it. 3.50 dusty rug, never been beaten.. and i was excited about itchyfanny in the last but its been scratched. sorry absolutely shit....
  6. Fatty has managed to put his R8 into a ditch on the Hertfordshire/ Essex boarders, he has been given a red Audi A3 until his car is repaired. Can you imagine the humiliation?
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