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  1. Shit up, you thick fucking cunt.
  2. Why the animosity Stubbs? She loves me is all...
  3. Me and roops have a thing stubbs based on sex, and sex only, do not concern yourself.
  4. Oh I thought you was on about the power shower imagination wank thing, probably ape didn't have any alcohol to drug his wife that day...
  5. What happened to ape pen?
  6. How do you know professor clump is fictional if you have no idea who he is?, no shit cartoon characters are fictional, that's a given....
  7. For some reason I imagine salty having a professor clump appearance and his mother looking like the woman from the Tom and Jerry cartoons, feeeeed me Seymour...
  8. Does your mommy wash herself with a sponge on a stick?
  9. Where are you wiz? you boring two Bob professional victim.

  10. Over their? I hope your published works were proof-read stubbs.
  11. Ffs pen keep up, ape spent the weekend in a shed getting his wife drunk so he could put his hands down her knickers, bit disturbing but each to their own.
  12. Agreed, thank you for the football update, couldn't give a fuck.
  13. Racist stubbs, I would like to say you're better than that......
  14. Ffs Frank, I have a nom poking fun at poor fat people using food banks, unbelievably its dying on its arse, a little help?
  15. I know I'm a prize catch, but please don't brag to the less fortunate members, its beneath us both.
  16. Eddie

    Food banks

    The need for food banks in this country is truly shameful, however having watched a BBC news video on the subject the clientele looked far from needing the help of Bob geldof, more the help of slimming world. Food banks appear to be used as a top up on the weekly shop, buy more alcohol with the benefits and pop down the food bank for the essentials, although when interviewed one of the sumo wrestlers was going to vote boris, stupid is a stupid does...
  17. A fucking weird perverted cunt that appears to be hanging around toilets waiting for children
  18. Apes right, Frank has lost the crowd, he is better off dead.
  19. Not any more Frank, only a video could save you now.
  20. Better on a exercise bike than clogging up the road riding 3 across, all cyclist are cunts full stop.
  21. When a lion tamer gets killed by a lion it’s very sad but not entirely unexpected. When 2 white, middle class, liberal, Cambridge graduates that think they can rehabilitate serious offenders get murdered by a Muslim extremist intent on the destruction of the western world (but was deemed fit and proper to go on one of their seminars) kills them and try’s to kill many others then it’s a real surprise. As horrible as it was there seems to be a certain type of irony here.
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