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  1. When the punishment does not fit the crime

    Yes that's what he did. Twat.
  2. WOT, no Brexit plan!!

    Shut up you repetitive tedious cunt.
  3. Gordon Ramsey On Cocaine

    Powdered glass Wolfers. Don't forget the powdered glass.
  4. When the punishment does not fit the crime

    I will give you the benefit of the doubt and take it for granted that you know what a "selfie" is in the photographic sense. Now take a good long look at the photo then tell me what is wrong with this particular selfie.
  5. Gordon Ramsey On Cocaine

    The only thing I'd like to see the Ramsey cunt on is death row.
  6. WOT, no Brexit plan!!

    I didn't say I did whereas you earn money round the back between the bins with your gentleman friends.
  7. Good final lines to a novel

    And after years of practice, Eddie finally wrote something amusing.
  8. Bull shitting cunts.

  9. Lotto millionaire Jane Park

    Shouldn't that be a new complete and utter cunt?
  10. Unlikely Opening Lines To A Novel.

    As I said,it's about your limit. As are your posts here.
  11. Unlikely Opening Lines To A Novel.

    That's about the only car you can work on from what I've heard.
  12. Recycling Hitlers

    Like you do.
  13. Punkers message box

    Which is why he wants to contact Punkers.
  14. Joshua Boyle and family

    He speaks about the stupidity of his captors. I think the stupidity stops firmly at him the thick cunt.
  15. Being afraid to fart

    At least I had teachers you backwards inbred.