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  1. 'shithole countries'

    No. And I'm not your Brother,homeboy or any other ghetto word you can think off.
  2. 'shithole countries'

    You mean so far up her own arse to give a shit what anyone thinks,but that's royalty for you.
  3. 'shithole countries'

    Go fuck yourself you snivelling arse kissing cock sucker.
  4. 'shithole countries'

    She'll take time to frantically search the Internet, change the words so it looks like her own then post it here. Or in the slightest possibility she knows she is wrong then she will not reply to your post. That is a trait of hers. She can never admit she's beaten in a debate. She'll either ignore it or change the subject.
  5. 'shithole countries'

    Wolfers you should know my now that Roops is very rich, knows everything, has been everywhere and has written the Internet. She evens knows how much wife beater you've drunk just by logging on the site. She is a wonder of moderation. For she is just that, a fucking Moderator and nothing else. And an unbearable one at that.
  6. 'shithole countries'

    You'll be bang on target there Ratters. I don't know why but I just know.
  7. Nigel Farage

    Ok Killer, I'll say it for you. He's a twat yes?
  8. Nigel Farage

    I didn't mean you and you have always been fair and amicable in any exchange we've had. The problem lies elsewhere but I think I've made that quite clear.
  9. 'shithole countries'

    I agree 100% but you hate dogs which still makes you a massive cunt.
  10. Nigel Farage

    I'm just fucking pissed off with the "look at me I'm so much better than all of you" attitude of the jackbooted wanker. She's full of shit in my opinion and it's been pointed out by others that Google is her best friend along with Wikiroops.
  11. Nigel Farage

    Do I get another warning point for abusive behaviour on a site called cunts corner? Even you must admit it's stupid. Bollocks to her.
  12. Nigel Farage

    Still banging on about how fucking much you know and the stuff you have read that is not available to anyone else. Fuck off you utter boring bullshitter. I've said it before, if you are so intelligent and high and mighty why are you moderating a site like this? Want to cooler me? Do it you cunt.
  13. Employer Cunts

    Maybe a list of trigger words so he's not so easily offended. He's still a twat though.
  14. Employer Cunts

    Thanks for proving once again that Rick is someone who needs you to answer for him. Now your have the arse kissers putting you on a pedestal you must be pleased with yourself. If you want to cooler me then do it properly and while your there shove it up you hairy arse. Cunt.
  15. Employer Cunts

    7. No fomenting arguments or pursuing vendettas with other members. 10. Give time to for nominations to be discussed. Posts which attempt immediately to derail a thread either by attacking the poster or the nomination will be removed. Take Ding ,Stubby or any other cunt your pathetic little gang didn't like as an example and your all still here. Unfortunately. Fuck off.